. Arranged . Love .


. I . The Betrothal

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This story that I'm about to present to you is probably way different from all my other stories, well to me anyway.

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Summary: Meet Matt Ishida. A 21-year-old lead singer of a band called the Teenage Wolves. I guess you can say he's a multimillionaire. His life was going along perfect, he was about to get married to Sora Takenouchi, who is well-known for her clothing designs. So what's there wrong? (A/N: Except for the fact that this is starting a Sorato.) His parents just announced that he's betrothed to a singer/model/actress Mimi Tachikawa. Will Matt go back to his first love, or is this brown-haired angel giving him second thoughts?
(Note: Since Matt is 21, Mimi is 20.)

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A blonde sat in the edge of the plane staring out the window, and sighed deeply. He was headed to New York City and was about to meet his future wife for the first time. He couldn't believe his parents would sink this low on arranging him his marriage and future. Even though it was two weeks since they told him it felt like it was yesterday.


"Matt, son I'm really sorry but you have to break your whole engagement with that Sora Takenouchi girl." His father announced.

"Wait what? I thought you guys liked her. What's wrong with me marrying Sora?" Matt asked.

"Matt, honey it isn't because we don't like her." His mother started. "It's just that well, it really hard to say really,"

"Matt you're arranged to get married." His father said.

Matt stared in disbelief at both his parents. T.K. stared at Matt and his parents, and soon decided to leave. Because he knew that there would be fighting and shouting in the household. Nobody noticed the door slamming shut.

"Since when," Matt managed out.

"Since you were born," Nancy replied.

"And you were planning on telling me this when? Mom for crying out loud," Matt shouted.

"Matt, lower your voice down the neighbors will hear you." Nancy warned.

"Matt, marrying Mimi Tachikawa will be good for you. We know her parents since your mom and I was little. They have a good back ground, and what do you know she's a singer just like you and she models and I heard she acts too." Richard explained. (A/N: That's his dad's name.)

"Maybe you guys could write and sing together." Nancy said.

Matt stared at his mother. "Are you nuts? Mom, dad look I know you mean well but I don't want to marry someone I don't know. I just proposed to Sora! Why can't I marry her she has a good background. She-- she designs clothes."

Nancy looked like she was on the verge of tears and left the room and Richard just shook his head slowly.

"Son, we knew should have told you earlier about this, and when we found out that you proposed to Sora, we knew we had to tell right away. Matt just please give Mimi a chance, If not for me, then at least for your mother." He said before leaving the room as well.

End of Flashback

Matt leaned against his chair. He still loved Sora. He still couldn't believe her face when he told her.


"Hey Matt, what did you call me here for?" Sora said as she was about to hug Matt. But he pulled away.

"Sora, I can't marry you anymore." Matt said looking at the other direction avoiding her eyes.

Sora felt tears coming. "B-but why, I thought that you lo-oved me."

He took one last looked at Sora and just wanted to comfort her. "I'm engaged to someone else." He said and left without a second glance.

End of Flashback

Matt placed the seatbelt around his waist as his pilot announced that they would be landing soon. Matt didn't actually agreed to marrying her, but his parents and her parents agreed on making him and Mimi spend some quality time together at their future household. Matt couldn't believe when his parents told that he own a mansion with Mimi. His and her parents thought that since the two were engaged, why not buy them a house. So anyway his parents and her parents agreed on making them spend some time together, exactly two/three months before the big day. And if the two can't stand each other before their wedding, their parents agreed on letting them go.


A Brunette sat at near where people departed from their planes. She tried hard on concentrating on the magazine she was reading but the tears couldn't take it much longer. She threw magazine down and ran through the bathroom. She found an empty stall and began to cry. She would never forgive her parents on controlling her life all the time. She would never forgive herself on what she did to her love.


A brunette got down on one knee and presented a velvet box.

Oh god, please no, Mimi thought.

"Mimi I've known you all my life, and I love you with all my heart. And I want to make this permanent. Mimi Tachikawa will you marry me." He asked.

Mimi wanted to scream yes, but she already agreed with the arrangement with her parents. Mimi cried. "Tai, I-I *sniff* I'm so sorry I can't see you anymore." And with that she ran out of the restaurant and out of his life.

End of Flashback

Mimi cleaned the fog out of pink sun glasses and dried her tears. She glanced at her watch and noticed that in five minutes, she would meet the guy she was going to spend the rest of her life with. She cleaned up her makeup and look for any smears. She got up and placed her glasses on and left.

Good thing he has a private jet, it would be easier to spot him. She thought.

Mimi stood next to her limo and looked around and found the plane she was looking for. It had the word Ishida in the side of the plane. After about a few seconds she spotted a blonde coming down from the plane followed by people carrying a few suitcases. Well at least he has a sense of style. Mimi thought.

She saw him look up at her directing and felt herself stiffen.


Matt finally got off the plane and headed down. He felt eyes on him and looked up. He honey colored brunette eyeing him. She wore sunglasses so it was hard to see her eyes. She wore a pink stretch shirt that showed her curves perfectly with a jean jacket over. She wore a miniskirt that was about how many inches above her knees and a pair of knee high boots. Well at least she's cute. Matt thought. Matt smiled and headed over to where she was standing.


Mimi noticed him walking her way. He finally reached her and held out a hand.

"Matt," He said shaking her hand.

"Mimi," she replied. She couldn't help but noticed his blue eyes. She was too deep in thought she didn't notice him staring at her, and when she did she got annoyed. "Will you stop staring at me like that; you make me feel like I'm some kind of animal." Mimi said.

Matt raised an eyebrow. "Well sorry for checking out my fiancé. Besides you were the one looking at me."

Before Mimi could reply Matt interrupted. "So where do I put my stuff?"

"In the trunk," Mimi replied.

Matt took his handbags from the pilot and placed them in the trunk.

Mimi and Matt got in the limo and were sitting across each other.

"Pierre home," Mimi directed.

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