Time for Story Weaver to do what he does best. Welcome to the first chapter of Lover's Quarell

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Chapter 1 The Arguement.

A report had come to Max's house To get the details on the heroes who saved the world. Everyone who helped at some point was there.

Who was the most vauable member of this Group?" asked the reporter.

" I was." said Max " If it weren't for my inventions, the quest wouldn't have gotten off the ground."

"No, I was." said Monica. "My knowledge of the future and my ability to tranform into monsters is what helped the group the most.

" I was the one that recuited everyone so the originpoints could be restored!" said Max.

" I was the one that risked life and limb talking with monsters to get the info we needed!" said Monica.

" My skills were more important!" said Max.

"No mine were!" said Monica. They glared at each other with anime style lighting bolts. Then they just turned around and stompted away.

" I guess I'll come back later." said The reporter. And with that the whole news crew left.

"What was that all about?" asked Sheriff Blinkhorn.

" Just a Lover's Quarell." said Donny.

"She's so stuck up! Just because she's a princess doesn't mean she's the center of everything. I don't know how I put up with her on my quest to save the world and two time periods." said Max.

He's so Arrogant and Immature! He thinks because he can make Junk into Into bigger junk, he's above the rest of us. I Don't know why the Earth Atamiala choose him in the forst place! I wish I never meet him!" said Monica.

" These two lovebirds odvisously need some help. Whose with me?" asked ????

"ME!" shouted everyone present.

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