The Letter

Kagome finished her task, placing the last scroll over the seam created by the two pieces of plywood nailed over the well. She knew he would try and follow. It was done now, The Shikon No Tama was complete, Naraku destroyed and Kikyou's soul freed to rest. It was time for her to return to being what she had been years ago, a normal girl of the twentieth century. There was no place there for her, or here for him. "Forgive me, Inu Yasha." She whispered her fingers brushing the rough wood. She climbed off the well and heard a paper crunch under her feet. Looking down she picked up the, obviously ancient scroll. "Grandpa must have left it in here, when he tried to seal the well." She looked over the scroll, to make sure that she hadn't damaged it, and saw her name written on it. Breaking the seal she read.

Dear Kagome,

I don't know why you sealed the well. I guess you thought it was for the best. It's been thirty years for me, I know that for you it's most likely been only a couple of days at most. I tried everything to find a way to get back to you. Nothing worked, obviously, you're reading this. Miroku is going to put a ward on this for me so you won't find it till you seal the well. They got married, Sango and Miroku. He never groped another woman, their kids are great and actually accept me as an Uncle. It's kinda funny to me, I never thought I'd have a place to call home and you gave that to me. Now, I have nieces and nephews. Shippo, the little runt, he's still just a kid but we spend a lot of time together. We talk about you, hunting for the shards and other stuff. He told me yesterday he thinks of me as his second father. I still don't know what to think of that. I really wish you were here, you always did now what to say to the runt. Kaede died about ten years ago. She just didn't wake up one morning. I still remember her as the brat at her sisters side. Sorry, maybe I shouldn't have written that. I've probably made you cry again huh? I just wanted to let you know, my choice was then and is now you. I remember you said there was a noodle place right across the street from your school. If I'm still alive in your time, I'll be there everyday when school gets out. If you want to see me that is.

Yours forever
Inu Yasha

- - - -

She stood outside the noodle shop, scared to go in scared not to. How much had he changed? Taking a deep breath she pushed the door open. It was darker inside than she thought it would be.

"Kagome!" She looked towards the voice only to see a red headed teenager sitting there. "It's me Shippo."

"Shippo?" Suddenly she was enveloped in a hug. "But I thought, the letter said..."

"He died about twenty years ago. He told me to keep the meeting for him, said he'd know if you showed up or not. Don't cry, Kagome. That jerk always made you cry."

"Thank you for letting me know Shippo, come by the shrine sometime. I have to go." She ran out of the little shop.

"Happy dog boy." Shippo said as the man stepped from behind the screen.

"It's better this way runt. Go get my cane, it's time to go home. She doesn't need to be burdened with a blind old dog like me anyway. Let her remember me the way I was. Is she still beautiful?"

"Yea, Dad, she is."

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