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*~*You and I…Forever*~*

Chapter 1~ So many Memories


Now that I'm here, I'll never forget you.

Now that I live, I'm waiting for you.

Give me a sign, that you're still mine.

I need you, I love you, don't leave me behind.

You and I, we will always be together.

You know why?

Because we will never leave each other.

You and I, we have remained together…

No darkness can ever conquer our light,

For we have conquered the darkness.

So now I lay here and wait,

knowing that we will be together…



She was running…where? She didn't know. As she ran, she soon stopped, and everything around her stopped as well. She stood there arms wide open…expecting what? She didn't know. But then, there was the arrow, coming so quickly. What was happening? She never knew. As she stood there frozen, she heard someone calling, someone so distant, but yet so near. Who was it? Again she didn't know. But she felt connected to this person, like she knew him from so long ago.

"Anzu!" she heard. The voice was that of a male, and who he was calling, was a name she never heard before. 'Anzu,' she thought, 'is…that my name?' She never understood any of this. But the man kept calling that name…and all she was doing was standing there, and that arrow drew closer and closer. Then her eyes went wide, what was going on...but she could never understand, for a huge flash of light appeared. All she could remember was the arrow and the voice of that man before the light devoured her.

Tea shot up screaming and sweating. She was breathing hoarsely, trying to calm herself down. Tea wiped away some of her sweat and lay back down on her bed. She was dreaming the same dream she dreams every single night. It haunted her, never making any sense to her. It always begins the same and ends the same. All she knows is that she is some person named Anzu and she falls in love with someone, but the problem is she doesn't know who. Every time there is a person, their faces are all blurry, and sometimes she feels like she knows them. But she didn't who they were; she couldn't even remember the names.

It was always the same for Tea; she would go to sleep, have that dream and would always wake up six in the morning screaming because some arrow was coming toward her. It's been like this for years, what was worse, her parents worried about her. It was bad enough she goes through, what doctors claim to be, seizures. But Tea didn't think that was her problem.

Ever since Tea was about seven years old, she always began to see things and go into some trance, which looked like seizures, but that was because Tea began to twitch and her eyes were so blank, and she claimed that someone was there talking to her. What Tea wished, though, was that she could remember what happens during these attacks, but she never does. She knew, however, that this illness she has is connected to her dream. She didn't know why she felt that way, but she just knew.

Tea sighed and looked at her clock, it was 6:14a.m.; she had only woken up fourteen minutes ago. 'Well,' she thought, 'no point staying in bed.' Anzu sat up and got out of bed. First she decided to take a shower, which she did every morning, and then get ready for school. Tea has never been late for school once, mostly because she always wakes up two hours before school starts. Sighing again she got everything she needed and went to the washroom.

After one hour, Tea was ready to go to school, but it was still early, so she just sat down on the couch and watched television. She never really watched any TV, but she had nothing better to do. She sat there, trying to find something good on, but nothing seems to attract her. So after ten minutes of surfing the TV, she turned it off and sat in silence.

"I wish mom and dad were here then I'd have someone to talk to," Tea told herself. Her parents were away on a trip that they had planned for so many years. They insisted that Tea went with them, but Tea knew she couldn't leave, especially since school was close to the end. Tea was in grade nine right now, but soon will be in the tenth, about three more months to go until she finished this year. Her parents understood that education was important, but they worried about Tea, especially since she was ill. Tea told them not to worry and that she will be fine. Her parents were hesitant, but Tea told them they had planned this trip for too long and they needed it. So they left and would be back in one month.

Tea sighed as she sat for a few more lonely minutes. 'I must as well go to school,' she thought to herself as she got up and went to get everything she needed. Once she had her bag and her lunch, she put on her shoes and grabbed the keys to the house. When she was about to open the door, someone knocked on it. Curious as to know who it was she opened it and was happy to see who it was. It was Seto Kaiba, one of her best friends.

"Hi, Seto!" Tea greeted as she walked out of her house and locked the door.

"Hi, Tea, I came by to give you a ride. I know you always are awake early in the morning, so I thought you want to ride to school with me," Seto explained.

"Oh, thank you, Seto. I actually wouldn't mind a ride. But then we will be there very early," Tea pointed out.

"Yeah, I know, but it's not like we have anything better to do right now. Besides I have some homework to finish," Seto said.

"You too, I didn't understand it and I was going to ask you for help," Tea smiled, at least she had something to do.

"Alright, I'll help you. I didn't do it since I was too busy with other work. It's quite simple really," Seto bragged.

"Well sorry that I'm not a genius like you," Tea teased, Seto just chuckled.

"Whatever, now let's go, we've been standing here like fools," Seto said as he grabbed Tea's hand and dragged her to his limo. Tea has been in his limo many times before and she loved it. It was very comfy just being there. Seto had a limo because he was the CEO of his own Company called Kaiba Corp, which made Seto Kaiba a multimillionaire. Tea didn't care, however, if he was rich or not, she liked him for who he was. Many people see him as a cold hearted bastard, but no one knew him like she did. He had a terrible past and she knew that it affected his social life, but somehow she was able to get to know him very well. She saw the kindness in him, she saw past what people saw and got to know the real him.

Tea looked at him and thought about the first time they met. It was a long time ago, but she remembered it very well. Seto saw her looking at him and unknown to her, he thought about the day he met her. She was looking at him like she was now…it was all clear in his mind.


An eight year old boy walked into his new classroom, having nothing but a frown on his face. The teacher who was looking at the students work looked up to see him there. She smiled as she got up and walked toward him.

"You must be the new student. I am Ms. Ling, and I welcome you to my class," she told him as she held out her hand to shake his. The boy shook it reluctantly, and then followed her as she walked to the middle of the calls. "Students, please quiet down, I have some news for you all," Ms. Ling said as everyone in the class stopped what they were doing and looked at their teacher, "we have a new student. His name is…"

"Seto Kaiba," Seto said, his frown still on his face.

"Yes, Seto Kaiba. Now I want all of you to be nice to him and make him feel welcome in our classroom," Ms. Ling told her class. She looked around the classroom and tried to find a seat for the boy and found an empty one beside a browned haired girl. "Tea, please raise your hand so that Seto could sit beside you."

The browned hair girl raised her hand and Seto walked there quickly taking his seat. Tea looked at him and an image flashed before her eyes. She gasped, but then shrugged it off.

"Class, continue the work you were doing and Tea, please instruct Seto what we have to do," Tea nodded her head and looked at Seto who was trying to mind his own business.

"Seto…" Tea looked at him and another image flashed. She ignored it again and began to tell Seto what to do. As she talked, many more images flashed before her, and she knew it was her illness that was acting up. She didn't know why it was happening now; she rarely had it when she was at school. She thought it had something to do with Seto, but there really wasn't any explanation to why.

"Is something wrong?" Seto asked annoyance clearly in his voice. Tea was staring at him and she didn't know that until he snapped her out of her thoughts.

"Oh…I'm sorry, I was just thinking," she told him as she looked away. Tea didn't know why, but she felt like she knew him, like she has seen him before. Tea felt like she really wanted to get to know him, so she thought of becoming his friend.

What Tea did was talk to him non stop, telling him things that he didn't care about. He was annoyed by her and somewhat surprised at how this girl acted. The way she talked to him was as if she had known him for a long time. He tried ignoring her, even tried to loose her, especially during recess. But no matter what she was there, trying her best to befriend him. When it was the last recess, he had had enough with her. He turned around to looked at her and just saw her smiling.

"What is it that you want from me?!" he spat out. Tea didn't flinch, but another image just flashed as he looked at her and then she felt like she couldn't control herself.

"I…" Tea eyes became empty, and she stared at Seto, continuing to speak, "I want to be friends…"

"Well, I don't want to be friends with you," Seto said meanly. He soon noticed the way she looked at him, her eyes blank.

"I feel…I feel like I know you…Seto Kaiba…you feel lonely, you're parents are gone…" Seto gasped, 'how did she know that?'

"How did you know that?!" Tea kept staring; images just appeared before her, seeing things she couldn't understand.

"Your brother is…all you had left…" she kept going. 'Had? What is she talking about?'

"I still have my brother, and how in the world did you even know about him?" Seto looked at her, wanting answers.

"You're lonely, Seto…I don't want you to be…I want to be your friend, to take away the loneliness" when tea said that her eyes went back to normal and she shook her head, trying to shake off whatever she felt.

"I don't know what you're talking about…" Seto paused as he saw her start to shake.

"No, it's starting…" Tea held herself; she couldn't control her body as it began to twitch. She looked up to see Seto, who she didn't know was there until now and said, "my medication, give it to me. It's in my bag, please get in for me." Seto didn't hesitate as he grabbed her purse and looked for whatever she asked for. When he found it, he grabbed two pills, the amount she told him, and grabbed her so she wasn't moving much. He grabbed her face, and put the medication in her mouth. She swallowed, which was hard without water, but she was able to get it down her throat. Seto held on to her, feeling if he let her go, she would start shaking again.

After many minutes, Tea was calm and began to breathe normally. When she knew she was completely fine, she got out of Seto embrace and stood up slowly. Seto looked at her confused, wondering what just happened.

"What was that all about?" Seto asked.

"I'm sorry, Seto, did I say anything odd or do anything?" she asked as she looked at him with teary eyes.

"You said something about being friends, and you talked about my family…how did you know about my parents and my brother?" Seto asked, he was in a way scared of this girl.

"I'm sorry I don't know…I don't remember what I say or do when I go into those states. It's just the beginning of my sickness…and I'm sorry, if I did anything to hurt you…" Tea looked away and let tears fall down her cheeks. "It's because of this illness, I don't really have any friends…I try to distance myself from everyone, and I don't know what I was thinking of trying to become your friend…It's just that I feel like I know you…"

"That was something you said…but why do you feel that way. Tell me what's wrong," Seto didn't know why he wanted to know all this, but maybe, maybe she was someone he could trust…it was a feeling. Tea turned around and looked at him, and then began to tell him everything. When she was done, Seto understood most of what happened, but some things were still unclear.

"I'm really sorry for everything…I won't bother you anymore. I probably was very annoying, just blabbering on and on about things you don't even care about," Tea told him as she got up.

"No…its okay…Tea?" Tea looked at him, curious to what he wanted to say. "I want to be your friend…" Seto couldn't believe what he was saying, but he couldn't deny it to himself, ever since he walked into the classroom and saw her, he felt the same way she did. He felt he knew her, and he knew he could trust her in any way.

"Really, Seto?" Tea was surprised with what he said, but she was happy.

"Yeah, I want to be your friend too." Tea smiled and then hugged him, something he wasn't expecting, but didn't mind. Seto was actually kind of happy, this was his first friend, and well…he felt like they were friends a long time ago, but he felt like he needed to protect her form something…or rather someone. He hugged her back, and decided to ignore all his thoughts and try his best to be a good friend, and knowing himself, Tea probably was going to be his only friend.

*~*End Flashback*~*

Seto was still looking at Tea; she was oblivious about it since she was in her own world thinking. The way she just sat there was almost like when he met her, her eyes were so emotionless right now. He hoped she wasn't about to go into one of her trances. As he kept looking at her, sometimes he wondered what went over him when he told Tea that he wanted to be her friend. He always felt the way they became friends was kind of…well, he couldn't find the word; it either ranged from odd or sappy. He didn't regret, however, of ever becoming friends with her. Ever since they met, he has told her everything about him, that's how much he trusts her. He has been protecting her and making sure she would always be out of harms way. He felt it was his responsibly and something he owed her for being there for him.

"Tea?" Seto asked, getting her attention.

"Yeah?" she responded.

"Did you have the dream again last night?" Seto knew about that dream the day after they had become friends. He tried to figure out what they could possibly mean, but like Tea, he had no clue.

"You know I did, I always have it," she answered.

"You still have no clue what it means?"

"No," Tea said simply. Seto stayed quiet after that. Everyday he would always ask about that dream, and everyday it would always be the same answer. He was surprised to know Tea never got upset for him asking everyday, he guessed it was because she knew that someday she would figure it out and when he asked then, she would be able to answer him differently. Well, it was a thought.

After a few moments, they had finally arrived at school. To both, it was almost like it took forever, but it actually only took five minutes. Both quickly got out of the limo and walked together into the school to finish their work, or talk about anything that came to mind.


"I hate being a new student, people look at you with pity," a boy with white hair said to himself as he was preparing himself to go to his new school. He was in the dining room of his new home eating his breakfast. His father has already gone to work and now he was alone in his house…well not entirely alone.

/Will you hurry up already with your damn food!/ said a voice in the young boys head.

'Why do you want to go to the school so badly? What is it that you're looking for?' the boy said in his mind.

/I already told you, the ring has sensed another item around this city. I have a feeling that it is in that school you are going to. Now hurry up and get to that school immediately!/ the voice said.

"Alright, alright," the boy said, and if people were around they think he was crazy since it looked like he was talking to himself. "Let me just ask something."


"Why is it that you're in this item of mine? How did you get in there anyway?"

/I don't remember/ the voice lied. He knew exactly how he got there. As he slept in what was known as the Millennium Ring, dreams would always come to him. They plagued him with memories that he longed to forget, for they were hurtful memories. What hurt the most, however, was that he couldn't remember the faces of the people he did not wish to forget. They were becoming a blur to him and it scared him that one day he would forget them completely, the people that he longed to see.

"Are you sure?" the boy said.

/Of course I'm sure, so don't ever ask that question again. Got that, Bakura!/ the voice yelled at the one known as Bakura.

"Yeah, I got it. One more thing, though, what do I call you? I mean, I have had this Millennium Ring for two months now and you haven't told me your name," Bakura said.

/You already know my name/

"I do"

"It's the same as yours, but if you want to call me something else call me Yami B. Now shut up and finish your damn meal/ he yelled.

'Okay,' Bakura thought simply. He was kind of shocked that this voice had the same name as him, it was very odd. He really wondered what the voice in the Millennium Ring was, was it actually a person, or something else? He didn't know and couldn't ask, not after he made the voice angry. So he just shrugged it off and ate his breakfast, but he couldn't help to think on how this voice will affect him. Will he ever be the same?


It was almost time for school to start, people were now entering the classroom and Tea had already taken her own seat, one that was far from Seto. During school, Tea never talked to Seto, mostly because no one knew of their friendship. That's the way Seto and Tea wanted it, a secret friendship that no one should really know about, since many people would probably think of stupid things like Tea is only fiends with Seto because of the money, or Seto and Tea are a couple. They didn't want anyone talking about them. Tea didn't even tell her other best friends, Yugi, Joey, and Tristen about it. They would actually freak if they knew, well…mostly Joey and Tristan since both of them didn't like Seto.

Tea sat quietly reading a book and soon was greeted by her friends as they noisily came into the room. "Good morning, Tea, how are you today," a short boy asked, known as Yugi. Tea has known him since she was very young, and they didn't become friends until the beginning of this year. He was small for his age, but he was very nice and kind to others.

"Good morning, Yugi," she answered, "I doing fine. Hi, Joey, hi Tristan."

"Hey," both Joey and Tristan said at the same. They were friends with Tea ever since the beginning of the year too. All four had become wonderful friends and cared about each one dearly. But even though they were her best friends, she never told them about her dreams or her illness. That was something she felt she couldn't tell them.

The three males took their seats; Joey sat in front of Tea, Tristan beside him, and Yugi in front of Joey. They talked as Tea just listened. She soon fell into her thoughts and wondered about her dream. In some ways she felt like Yugi and Joey were a part of it, as well as Seto, but she never told him that. It was something about their eyes that reminds her of something. Actually it's mostly Joey and Seto's eyes, Yugi…she felt something about him, but something within him, she just didn't know what. As she kept on thinking the teacher came into the room.

"Settle down class and get your books out," Mr. Tahiishi said, "now before we begin, I want to introduce some new students, three in all." The class looked at him wondering if he was joking. Three new students? That was a lot in one day, especially since school was almost over. The class began to babble, "Settle down, class, let me get them."

The teacher left the room and son came in with three males. One had long white hair with brown eyes, another had brown hair with blue eyes, and the last one had crimson red hair with green eyes. "Now the one with red hair is Krade Liv, he came here from Hong Kong, and the one with brown hair is Ren Trape," Mr. Tahiishi said, Tea didn't pay attention, but when he was about to say the last persons name, she looked up and gasped. Images flashed quickly before her and her eyes soon became empty once again.

As the teacher said the name of the last student, Tea said it as well; she mouthed it at the same time, "Bakura Ryou"

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