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Chapter 10~ You and I…Forever

Looking at the stars from the window of her room in the blimp, listening to the radio, Tea sat silently on the bed. She was deep in thought and felt pain in her heart. The last duel was going to take place soon, and she didn't know whether she could go out of the room. She hadn't left to see any other duels, not even Seto's. But he didn't blame her. There was just too much to think about, also…she didn't know if she could face Bakura or anyone else, for that matter… everything just seemed to be going wrong and unfair. After so many years, she finally knew what her dream meant, and now that she knew, she wished she didn't. It was heartbreaking to see it, to see how it ended. But it wasn't all horrible, there were good moments, yet, the pain that she felt at the end was not something she liked. How could Yami be so…so cruel?!

"But was it really him? He was so different back then, the way he acted, those eyes…it was like he was a totally different person. Completely different from now," she told herself, not wanting to believe that Yami was really evil.

The last time she left her room was to see how thing were going. She saw Yami looking out the window and sulking. He was so depressed and he seemed to really have regretted everything that he has done. Tea felt…sorry for him, even if he really didn't deserve it. Tea knew that this was going to affect him in his dueling skills and he needed to win this tournament to save this world. The only thing Tea could think of doing was something she regretted. But was there any other way?


After watching Yami sulking for a minute, Tea decided that she had to do something or Yami would definitely lose concentration in his duels. The only thing she could come up with was to get the only person that could help…Bakura. She knew, after he had used it many times, that he was capable of erasing people's minds. She figured it out since she knew that she could have no other dream but the only one she has had for so many years. So really all those times that she thought she was with Bakura was all true. He just managed to make her forget, he was capable of doing that. So that was her plan, she needed Bakura to erase Yami's mind.

But how could she just go to him and ask him of that? After all that's happened. She abruptly stopped and thought deeply upon that. Could she ask Bakura for a favour after she said she couldn't be with him. That would be a terrible thing to do, but…the world depended on it. Yami had to win, no matter what! But…

"I can't do it. I can't ask him to do it. Especially when I know he hates Yami so much, and what would he care if the world was taken over by darkness…I can't ask him…" Tea said to herself, but unknown to her someone was behind her.

"Ask who what?" Tea was startled and quickly turned around to be faced with Bakura.

"Bakura…" she was speechless, what could she tell him.

"Is something wrong, Anzu?" he asked, his eyes were filled with worry.

"Tea…please, call me Tea," she told him.

"Sorry, Tea," he said before continuing, "so what's troubling you?"

Tea looked at Bakura for the longest time, and couldn't help but fall trapped in his eyes, the eyes she missed so much. After a moment or two, she decided that she would ask him. "Bakura, would you do…a favour…for me?"

"Of course I would, I'd do anything," he truthfully told her. Tea looked away from him for a moment then told him what she needed him to do. Bakura only smiled at her and left. She didn't know whether he agreed to it or not, but she regretted asking. Does he think maybe, she cares more about her friends than him?

*~*End F.B.*~*

About an hour after that encounter, the beginning of another problem had begun. Some child named Noah was responsible for the problem, but Tea could care less about him. She was just glad when it was all over. And during the time she was in Noah's virtual world, she had a feeling that Yami had forgotten everything. It was a hunch since he was dueling alright.

Tea sighed as she looked away from the glittering stars. Now looking at the wall opposite of her, she wondered what she should do. Really, all she wanted to do was cry, but that's all she had been doing. She was crying way too much, but she couldn't help it. She was sad on how everything turned out. She was sad that she couldn't be with the one that she knew she loved deeply. Even if she only met Bakura over a year ago, she felt she knew him for so many years…well not original Bakura, but the spirit. And it was true, she did know Y. Bakura very well, she was after all Anzu, but now known as Tea.

"I am, Anzu, but my name has changed into Tea. I have been reincarnated and now live a different life…but I wanted to live a life with Bakura, not like this. Not alone, not without him," she said with a small sob, "not like this…"


Y. Bakura looked the door to the room he was about to enter. It was Tea's room that he wanted to enter, but he couldn't make himself move. He was, in truth, scared. Scared that Tea will push him away, tell him to leave her. He didn't want that. He wanted to be with her no matter what! But, she didn't, or rather couldn't. However, he was going to try and see if she would change her mind. But the likeliness of that was slim.

'I know she won't change her mind, not as long as I have to share this body, but I can't stand this! Too many years I've waited…felt loneliness for too many years. I need her…' he thought as he raised his hand to knock on her door. He didn't move his hand, but held it there. He gulped, and taking a big breath, he knocked on his beloved's door.

He knocked softly, at first, and knew that she probably did not hear it, so he knocked harder. He waited for about a minute and soon heard someone walking to the door. When the door opened, he saw Tea gasp in surprise, probably because she wasn't expecting to see him.

The two stared at each other, saying no words, feeling very uneasy. Y. Bakura could feel himself beginning to sweat, and Tea was worried on what he wanted. With one big breath, Y. Bakura finally spoke.

"Tea, I want to talk to you, please," he said, looking away when he finished.

"If this is about…about that…I told you, I can't. I can't…" Tea had a really hard time finishing.

"I just want to talk, please," he said again. Tea thought for a moment and nodded her head.

"Alright," she agreed and moved to let him pass. He took another big breath and walked inside the room.

When he entered, he noticed that music was playing. He hadn't learned much of this modern world, but he thought it probably was coming from something called a radio, if he recalled Bakura telling him. The radio was playing some song he had, of course, never heard of, but that didn't matter he just wanted to talk to Tea. He looked over to her and noticed she was trying not to look at him. He sighed and sat down just hoping he could do something for her, for he knew that she was hurting inside like he was.


Seto sat in his room, as his brother slept on his bed, typing furiously on his laptop. He couldn't stop thinking about everything. After encountering Noah, and defeating him, he quickly forgot about it and went to thinking about the past. He was angry with Yami for sure, and he didn't think it was possible to hate him even more. The fact that so many people close to him had died was infuriating him. Especially that he lost his duel against him in one of the semi final duels, he wanted to make Yami pay so much, but there was nothing he could do. Tea wouldn't let him do anything, and he would do as she asked.

Seto sighed as he turned his head to look at his brother. At least this time his brother was safe and alive. And there was nothing that Yami could do to harm him, he was glad for that. Also glad that Tea wouldn't get hurt again. She can now live the way she has always wanted to without any fear or anything. But why was it that she was sad.

He had gone to visit her and found that she was crying. She refused to talk about it and he didn't pressure her to tell him. He knew she needed time, and he would wait until she was ready to talk to him. Hopefully it's nothing serious. It hurts him to see her like this. However, even though she was crying, he had told her a secret of his, revealing that he, too, had the same dream as her. At first she was shocked, but she understood why he didn't say anything. And the reason that he had, he didn't want her to worry so much about it. Well, at least the dream wouldn't haunt him anymore.

Seto sighed, he only hope everything will turn out alright at the end.

"Be happy, Tea, now that we are all back, we should live the years that was taken from us. No one can stop us now," Seto closed his laptop and walked to his sleeping brother, and smiled.


Bakura and Tea sat silently on the bed waiting for one to begin speaking. No one said anything for at least five minutes and as every second ticks, both felt uneasier. The radio was still on, playing a song, one that no one paid attention to. It was really hard for one to start talking, for what could they say? They were worried that the conversation would lead to their problem. Tea didn't want to talk about something she knew would hurt her and Bakura. But Bakura, he wanted to know whether there was a way to change her mind. Bakura cleared his throat and finally began to speak.

"Um…I had done what you wanted me to do…Yami has no clue what he has done to us," Bakura started. Tea looked at him, and gave a small smile.

"Thank you, I know I shouldn't have asked but the world needs him," she told him.

"It's fine, don't worry about it," he told her. Once he said that, the room filled with silence again, of course the only sound was the music playing. The song that was playing a few moments ago finished, and then some people were talking, announcing the next song. Bakura listens to this song, as it begin with a nice tune then started with the words. For some reason, Bakura paid close attention to this song, especially when he heard the first word.

*Loneliness is always looking for a friend

It found me once and it has been around since then*

Bakura really thought this song had defined the way he felt. Loneliness was what he had been feeling for the past five thousand years and it has never left him. But now that Tea was here, he thought that he didn't have to be alone anymore. But it didn't turn out that way.

Tea looked at Bakura as he looked at the ground. She knew he was hurting deeply, but what was she to do? The other Bakura needed a life, he was born into this world with his very own soul and that shouldn't be taken away from him. But it wasn't fair to Y. Bakura either. He was trapped for so many yeas just hoping to be reunited with his loved ones. But his dream was shattered, and in reality, so was hers. She wanted to be with the spirit, but that was impossible…it seemed that way.

"This song really reflects the way I feel," Tea eyes widened a little, as she looked more attentively at him. She listened closely to the song.

*Loneliness is never waiting by the door

It sweeps right through and it will never be ignored

Why, why was I chosen?

Why am I left without…*

Is that how he felt, so alone? If only she could change that, but she couldn't, and she realized too, that she was lonely as well. Yes, she did have her friends, but what of love for one person you would die for? The only person she could ever love was Bakura, and since she couldn't be with him, her heart didn't have love, it was lonely. But that possibly could never be as how Bakura felt, being in the darkness for so long. She's been in the shadow realm a couple of times and she knew what he must have felt being in there. He must have suffered through so much.

"You're not alone, Bakura. I'm here and so is everyone else. You don't have to be alone anymore," Tea said putting her hand on his shoulder.

"You don't get it!" Bakura growled, but not meaning to. He sighed when she retreated her hand and looked at him sadly. He started talking again, but calmly this time, "I have been in an endless nightmare for so long…all I could think about was you and the life I had. But slowly memories were beginning to fade away and I didn't want that! I just wanted to remember you, because that was the only way that I could go on."

*The love of my life, the love that I need

The love that they say is in life for free

The love of my dreams, the love that I want

Loneliness knows me by name*

"Bakura…I'm so sorry…" Tea whispered, looking down. He kneeled down to face her and raised her chin so that she could look at him..

"I don't want to live without you anymore. Your love is what kept me alive, your light is what kept me going. If I'm not with you, I will always feel alone. You are the only one that has ever made me happy. The one that has ever truly loved me. I need you're love to live like that again…" Bakura pulled Tea to him and embraced her tightly. He never wanted to let go, he just wanted to be with her.

"Bakura…" tears began to fall from Tea's eyes, as she snuggled closer to him. She wanted to push him away, but couldn't do it. It would hurt so much if she did.

*Loneliness knows everything I keep inside

My endless thought in the silence of the night*

"I always keep my feelings inside, but when I'm with you, I can't help but tell you everything," Bakura told her. Tea just stayed silent, knowing that if she didn't do anything soon, then she wouldn't have control. She couldn't change her mind, she just couldn't.

*Loneliness is the one who made me see

Ain't nobody else who can make a change but me

Why, why was I chosen?

Why am I left without…*

"I would do anything for you, Tea, anything. If what you desire is for me to leave you, I will. I will do as you ask, but you have to tell me again. Tell me that you can't be with me. I promise I'll do it," Bakura whispered. Tea couldn't believe what he was saying.

"Stop it, Bakura!" Tea looked into his eyes and let her tears continue to fall. "Don't make me feel this way. I need you too, I love you, I would do anything for you as well, but when it is out of my reach, I can't."

*The love of my life, the love that I need

The love that they say is in life for free

The love of my dreams, the love that I want

Loneliness knows me by name*

Tea kept on looking at Bakura, and they stayed like that for quite a while. No one knew what to say. Both felt the same way about each other, there was no doubt about it. But when things don't go your way, you will get hurt. The pain they felt inside was the truth of that. If they could not be together, then surely their hearts would be hurt for so long. Their love is their life, they needed it, it was their dreams, and they wanted it. But things don't go their way, so would they always live a life of sorrow?

*Life is more and that would be the vacant space

The cried out tears and a never ending maze

I have found what only loneliness provides

A strength within, knowing I will find…*

"The loneliness I have endured, has made my love stronger. Letting you go, I know I wouldn't survive," Bakura whispered.

"Bakura…" Tea embraced him crying loudly into his chest. She didn't want to let him go, this would be too much to take. She loved him too much, she needed him more than anything, but…

*The love of my life, the love that I need

The love that they say is in life for free

The love of my dreams, the love that I want

Loneliness knows me by name*

"Tea, I will always love you," Bakura held her tightly again, feeling and hearing her shake and sob.

"I love you, too, and I want to be with you…" Tea said, Closing her eyes, she knew what she had to do.

*The love of my life, the love that I need*

"But…" Bakura closed his eyes, he could feel tears forming.

*The love that they say is in life for free*

"I…" he felt one single tear fall, remembering the last time he had ever cried. It was the time he had lost her, and this time he knew…

*The love of my dreams, the love that I want*

"can't…" he knew he was loosing her again.

"If that's what you want…" Tea raised her head and looked into his teary eyes. She had never seen him cry before and she never wanted to. It only made her feel worse.

"I'm so sorry, Bakura," Bakura just looked at her silently, then smiled. Not because he was happy, but he smiled because he wanted it to be something she will remember. He didn't want her to remember him crying, so he smiled, and slowly leaned in and softly placed his lips on hers, knowing it would be his last kiss. As he kissed her, she kissed back, and he closed his eyes. A moment later, he retreated from the kiss, his small smile still there as he looked at her now. Slowly he closed his eyes and she knew he was gone, replaced with the actual Bakura of this time.

She held on to Bakura, since he wasn't awake due to the fact he was injured before all this. But she could have sworn she heard him say something, it was a whisper, but she knew she heard, "I'm sorry, Tea." Bakura had probably seen and heard everything, but she didn't say anything to the now unconscious boy. She slowly moved Bakura and with all her strength she was able to place him on the bed. She just stared at the sleeping boy, and without knowing it, she began to shake slightly. Soon afterwards she slowly went to her knees, and began to cry and shake uncontrollably, the very same way back then, when everything went horribly wrong.

"I never wanted it to be this way! Not like this! When I said those words…when I said those words "…maybe someday we will meet again…in another life maybe…" I wanted to meet you and be with you! But I can't…I just can't! I never wanted it this way…" Tea shouted to no one, but she whispered her last words, "not like this…"

*Loneliness knows me by name*


Malik, or rather Y. Malik, had been listening to everything that was going on inside Tea's room. He was, in truth, angry at how everything tuned out. Tea was right, everything wasn't supposed to turn out this way. They were supposed to be together and that was that.

'You seem angry that they didn't get together. Why do you even care?' good Malik asked.

"You wouldn't understand," Y. Malik simply told him.

'Try me,' Malik countered.

"Fine, you want to know, it's because…they are my…friends," Y. Malik admitted.

'Friends? I never thought you would ever say something like that. Sure, I saw what happened to you and them, but I didn't think you would feel the same way after so many years,' Malik told him.

"I don't know what it is, but after remembering everything, I feel like I'm slowly becoming what I was a long time ago…and my guess, it's because of Tea," he explained.

'Why?' Malik asked.

"I don't know and stop asking questions! I had enough of this! Tea and Bakura are supposed to be together, and it's all that damn pharaoh's fault. If he hadn't placed our souls into the damn Millennium Items, then we would have been reincarnated with the same souls and you, original Bakura, and Yugi wouldn't have existed!" Y. Malik said.

'Jeez, I'm kind of thankful that he did, because I sure don't mind living,' Malik told him.

"Be quiet! That's it, I can't stand being here, and I know I won't be able to stand that stupid pharaoh either! I'm not dueling against him," Y. Malik told his body partner.

'What?! You mean…' Malik trailed off since the other him stopped him.

"Yes, whatever, take back control of your damn body. But don't think you heard the last of me!" Y. Malik told him as he quickly changed with his counterpart.

"Well, I guess I'll have to take down the pharaoh myself then," Malik said.

'Don't think too highly of yourself. I know you won't be able to defeat the pharaoh. Even I wouldn't be able to, so you must as well face the humiliation,' said Y. Malik.

"We'll see," was the last thing Malik said as he looked at Tea's door, hearing soft cries within the room, and left to get some sleep.


Tea looked at her friends as they rejoiced. Yami and Yugi had done what they had set out to do, they defeated Malik. Tea was happy, but she felt she couldn't cheer with them, not after everything. As she watched her friends, she decided she would just leave, wanting very much to go home. She would have to wait however, since the airship still had not landed.

"Why don't you go cheer with them, Tea?" Seto asked, as he walked up to her.

"Don't really feel like it. I just want to go home," she told him.

"Would you like a ride home?" he asked as he took out his cell phone. Tea had finally told him why she was crying so much before, and he right now, he wanted to do all he could for her.

"Would you please," Tea said as she turned to look at him. He nodded as he made the call.

Tea only had to wait about ten minutes before the blimp landed, and when it touched the ground, she said goodbye to Seto, and left quickly. She didn't want her friends to be asking her questions, so she went as fast as she could. It didn't go unnoticed , however. Bakura and Malik, who had been talking quietly together, saw her leave. Bakura, who had healed in time to see the last duel, felt it was his fault that his yami and Tea could not be together. He felt sadden how things turned out as well, but what could he do? If only there was something he could do.

Malik, who everyone wasn't really comfortable being around and tried to ignore, looked at his new friend and knew what he was feeling. He knew he wanted to do whatever he can, but, to Malik, it didn't seem like anything could change. Well, that is until the unthinkable happened.

It was quite funny, actually, that the way to make things better was right in front of you. Three had two each, while one had the last. And possessing these items, well, it was sure to bring happiness.

As everyone on the ship walked out, some were curious as to where Tea had gone. Seto, being the one with information all the time, told them that she had left. Her friends wondered why, but they thought she was just overwhelmed with joy since Yami had won. But they were wrong and they didn't go further into the conversation setting their mind on that. They just smiled as they looked at each other, all just happy that they were saved from the darkness that would have been bestowed upon them. They all talked and laughed and when they had all, including Seto, Bakura, and Malik, had existed the airship, they were welcomed with a surprise.

There, waiting for them in the distance, was a lone figure. It was hard to determine who it was, but they soon knew when the figure walked up to them. For some, it was a surprise to see that it was Shadi. Being serious and emotionless, Shadi just stared at them. He moved his head slightly to see every person that stood in front of him, then without warning, he began to talk.

"I would like to speak with the ones who possess Millennium Items. If you would all so kindly step forward," Shadi requested. Yugi, who had taken the place of Yami awhile back, did as told without hesitation, but Bakura and Malik weren't so quick to do it. But they still went forward.

Bakura stood near Shadi on his left, Malik stood in front of Shaidi, and Yugi stood near Shadi on his right. As Shadi looked at each one, he was about t to speak, but stopped. Something was happening, the Millennium Items were glowing. The four boys took out all of their Millennium Items, including the eye and the necklace, and just watched in awe as the items shined brilliantly.

No one knew what was going on and no one was prepared for what was about to happen next. Without warning, the light of the Millennium Items engulfed the them, the three who had spirits, felt a bit odd. But they were going to feel quite surprised to see what happened next. As the light slowly began to fade, everyone who had witnessed the spectacle, were stricken with more surprise.

Standing beside Yugi, Bakura, and Malik, were each of their counterparts. Yami, Yami Bakura, and Yami Malik were standing there, with their very own bodies. And they were just as surprised as everyone else.

Many of them were whispering to each other, asking what the hell was going on. Even Shadi was confused and surprised.

"Not that I'm complaining, but what the hell happened?" Y. Malik asked as he looked at Malik, who was just staring with mouth opened.

"Not sure, but this isn't good if you're here," Yami said to him.

"Shut up, pharaoh!" Y. Malik shouted. Everyone was slowly getting out of their surprise and began to walk where the seven people were. All of Yugi's friends just walked up to him and looked at his yami and the others. What exactly happened? Shadi couldn't even explain it. Everyone began to talk loudly trying to figure it out, coming up with theories, only to have someone shout out a disagreement. It was a total mystery. Well, for most.

Y. Bakura looked at his hands as to see if they were really real. The hands he looked at where his, the ones he had five thousand years ago, his whole body was the same, even, as he touched his face, the scar was there. But why? He thought for a moment, and then it struck him! "…if ever the souls that reside in the Millennium items awaken from their slumber and are united with all seven items in a circle, a new life is given…" those were the words of the pharaoh, and now after so long he finally understood. When they were awakened, and the items were put in a circle, they were given a new life, their own life in a different time. They were alive again…and this meant…Y. Bakura eyes widen at the realization, he now had his own body, no longer did he have to share…

"What are you waiting for? You should go to her," Y. Bakura was knocked out of his thoughts as he looked at his light. He was right, he should go to her.

"Go, before I hurt you for making her cry so much," Seto said as he came walking toward them. Everyone else was oblivious to what was happening, since they were still trying to figure this all out. Y. Bakura looked toward them, and wondered if he should tell them why all this happened, but decided against it, since he really wanted to see Tea. He looked toward his other half and then at Seto, nodding his head as he began to walk away.

"Where do you think you are going?" Yami asked as he noticed the thief leaving.

"That's none of your business," Y. Bakura said as he continued to walk.

"Wait, I still did not say what I came here to say!" Shadi called out.

"Listen, if you were planning on taking my Millennium items, then just forget about it. I'm not giving them back," Y. Bakura told him as he still continued to walk.

"I wasn't planning on taking them. I only came to tell you to keep the Millennium items. And you can still keep them even if this happened, but I'm warning you, Malik and the pharaoh, that I do not want these items to be used for evil. I will know if you are causing chaos, so don't think of doing anything wrong," Shadi warned.

"Whatever," Y. Bakura simply said as he, again, continued to walk.

"I agree with him," Y. Malik said, as everyone looked at him and the place became silent. After a while, they all decided it was time to go home. So one by one they all left, and they knew they could sleep well tonight, even if there are two Malik, and were glad that the Battle City tournament is finally over.


"Master?" a voice in the dark called.

"If you came to ask what I plan to do, be patient. The time has not come yet. Just a little longer, and then I shall struck," another voice said.

"I understand, master," said the previous voice as he bowed and left his master.

"I waited so long, and now that you are back, I can finally achieve my goal! Yes, there is no one who will stop me!" the master cried out as he let out a terrifying chuckle.


'Now that I'm here, I'll never forget you.

Now that I live, I'm waiting for you.'

Tea sat on her couch , there was no noise in her lonely house. Not one bit. She herself was silent as well, she wasn't even crying. She probably felt that she could cry no more, but deep down she wanted to. She never thought it was possible to hurt so much. She never thought it was possible to love someone so much. And sometimes she wondered why it had to be her to suffer. No…not only her, but him as well.

None of it was fair, but maybe if she waited everything will turn out alright at the end. But as much as she wanted to believe that, there seemed to be some doubt. 'Some?' she thought, 'It's like I think there really is a chance to be together.'

Give me a sign, that you're still mine.

I need you, I love you, don't leave me behind.

Tea sighed lightly, wondering what she should do. She wondered what Bakura would do…would he ever forget her or go with another, or was he always going to be hers and she his. Possibilities for some answers worried her, even if he did tell her that he would always lover. It's just that, what if he does love another, what if he does forget her? Then what would she do, could she ever love another as well? No, she didn't believe that. She only needed him and she would only love him.

'You and I, we will always be together.

You know why?'

And for some reason, she believed it was the same for Bakura. He would only love her and need her. Believing this, she felt something deep inside that she thought was gone. Hope. Yes, she still had hoped that maybe, somehow, they would be together again…because in a way, she felt that they were meant to be, no matter what.

'Because we will never leave each other.

You and I, we have remained together…'

Tea looked out the window of her living room and just kept thinking. If only all this was nothing more than a dream, but she knew it wasn't, and it could never be. No, all this couldn't be a dream, like she thought a long time, only reality can be this cruel. But at least, she had a place in Bakura's heart as she did in his. And in a way, that made her feel a bit better, knowing that someone would always love her.

"I guess I can't say we will never be together," Tea thought for a moment, "we haven't really left each other's hearts, but it isn't the same."

'No darkness can ever conquer our light,

For we have conquered the darkness.

So now I lay here and wait,

knowing that we will be together…'

Tea sighed again, and laid down on her couch, still thinking. His face never left her mind. His touch, his smile, even his tears remained fresh in her mind. Tea slowly closed her eyes, and would want nothing more than to drift into a peaceful slumber. She could, too, now that her previous dreams no longer haunt her. But as soon as she was close to sleeping, there was a knock on her door.

"Who could that be?" Tea asked herself, as she opened her eyes and, not really feeling up to it, stood up to answer the door. When she reached the door, for some reason she had this feeling in her heart, almost as if the person that was on the other side was the cause of it. A feeling that would bring her nothing but sheer happiness.


When Tea opened the door, her eyes widen. Why was he here? Why did he look different? Why did he look like her Bakura? What happened? Tea couldn't understand any of it, she was even speechless, just trying to ask what she had in mind, but no words came out. Bakura talked instead.

"You said you couldn't be with me because I shared a body, but now that I don't, do you still refuse to be with me?" the way he asked was timid. Almost as if he were afraid that she would still refuse to be with him. And he would have believed that if Tea didn't speak a word. And it was silent, so his fears were becoming stronger.

Tea just stared at him, curious to know if he really meant what he said. It took her time to say anything, and when she spoke, she said, "But…how?" By her question, Bakura knew she believed him.

"Does it matter?" he asked her. 'No, no it doesn't,' Tea thought in her mind. She looked directly in Bakura's eyes and smiled. She let out a small sob, and tears were beginning to form in her eyes, but this time they were not of sadness, but of joy. The little hope that she had grew bigger, for now she knew that there was a chance to be together. 'No, not chance, we will be together,' she thought as she continued to look at Bakura, teary eyed. Bakura smiled back, and when he heard her take one big breath, he wasn't prepared for what she did next.

Taking a big breath, Tea closed her eyes, letting the tears fall, and when she opened them again, she cried out, "Oh, Bakura!" and she leaped into his arms. She embraced him, surprising Bakura with her action. She let out everything that she had been holding, crying and saying words that meant so much to Bakura. Bakura watched her happily as he embraced her as well, never, ever wanting to let go.

"I love, Tea," he whispered.

"I love you, too, Bakura," Tea whispered back. As they both stood there embracing, Tea had many thoughts in her mind. But there were three simple words that she thought were simple enough to tell the truth for them both. Three words that was similar to what Bakura thought so long ago. But it was her time to know it, the words that said how long they would be together, what they were, and what they will always be. She whispered so silently,

"You and I…forever."

*~*The End?*~*

*Yes it is the end…well not really, but it will be soon! Only one more part of the series and it will be completed!!! I'm so happy! Anyway, I like to thank you all again for reading this story, even if it was bad, but hopefully the next story will be better. Hmm, I wonder who will say the title in the next one (as you can se, it's a little trend they have going). Anywho, I must as well put the summary for the next story, so here it is:

"You and I…Eternally Forever"

At 17, most of Tea's friends left her. Yugi and Yami had gone to Egypt with Isis. Since Yami's memories had been erased, he now searches for clues of his past, Isis and Yugi helping him. Joey and Mai had decided to enter a tournament that was in America, and Serenity joined them since that was where she lived. They remained in America however, and lived their lives there. Tristan and Duke had decided to attend some college that was somewhere in the world, they weren't really specific when they left. She never heard form them again. So all that remained was Seto, Malik, his yami, who had asked to be called Marik so there was a difference between him and his other half, and Bakura and his yami, who refused to change his name, so his counterpart told them to call him by his last name, Ryou. At 18, Tea was married to Bakura. At 19, they had a child, a son named Yasuo.

Now everyone is 26 years old. All live happily and depend on each other, they were the group that was inseparable, and they believed they would always live peacefully. But things began to change when Tea began having strange dreams again. After 11 years of peaceful dreaming, she never thought another dream would haunt her. And what's odd is that a week later, her friends (Yugi and the others) come back. Tea doesn't say anything however, but she decides that maybe she should listen to her dreams, listen to the voice. It told her of only one thing, "Go to Egypt"

Confused, Tea still goes with all her friends. But the thing that worries Tea the most was what she might find in Egypt. Will it be nothing but trouble, or is it something more? She has a feeling it will bring danger to the ones she loves. But there was only one way to find out, and somehow, she felt her peaceful days are over.

*Well, are you interested? If so, hope to hear form you. I don't know when the next story will be out, but I'll try to get out whenever I can. Anyway, I thank you again for reading and I hope you have a nice day.