A/N: Once again, another plotless, sappy, romantic ficcie. XD But you just gotta love

the sappiness! I mean honestly!

Doncha just love the title? Doesn't it sound romantic? LOL

I wrote this story because I love how people act when someone's sick. They're so sweet

and kind and in my own twisted sort of way, I think it's rather romantic when someone

gets sick and their significant other cares for them... XD I'm such a weirdo. But enjoy

the fic anyhow! :D

P.S. I realize that Harry's story about his childhood sickness is overly pathetic and

very, very unlikely...but hey. It's my story. :D

Well...Jeez...I hadn't quite expected all the negative reviews about the kiss. o.O Oh

well, so I have odd tastes compared to everyone else... I honestly hadn't thought about

the fact that Harry had just thrown up. I figured, 'he's washed his mouth out, what's it

matter?' Oh well... ;P


Harry sat down on one of the plush, comfortable chairs of the common room rubbing

his stomach gingerly. It had been aching for about an hour now…ever since they'd eaten

dinner. Fred and George had slipped something into his soup and he'd been extremely

squeaky sounding for a half an hour, which sent the twins into hysterical laughter, of

course. Ron had tried to hide his sniggering unsuccessfully, and Hermione had been

giggling behind her hand as well. Now, however, the effects had worn off, and Harry had

begun feeling strange. His stomach started aching, and every once in a while it would

give a twist, or a lurch and he felt as though he were going to be sick. He sighed and

closed his eyes grimacing as his stomach gave an especially strong pitch. "Harry?" a

concerned voice broke into his nauseous cloud of vision.

Harry looked up and gave a weak smile, "Hey, Gin. What's up?"

She sat down on the floor in front of him, her firey curls glowing in the

firelight. "Are you feeling all right?"

He nodded, "I think I'll be okay… I just feel a little sick…"

"It's probably from Fred and George's experiment…there were some allergens in

it…" she said worriedly. "Hey! Ron c'mere!" she called. Harry closed his eyes, barely

managing to keep down his dinner with another strong lurch of his stomach.

"What's the matter, Gin?" Ron asked and then glanced at Harry. "All right,

Harry?" he asked concernedly.

Harry shook his head. "I'm just feeling a bit ill…"

Ron frowned, "Fred and George's prototype…it had eagle claws in it… Some people

are really allergic to it…maybe I should take you to the Hospital Wing…" He started

forward but Ginny stood up.

"I'll take him Ron. You have to study so you can pass your transfiguration exam,"

she said.

Ron nodded slowly, watching Harry carefully. "Okay…okay Gin, take him to the

Hospital Wing and tell Madam Pomfrey you think he's having an allergic reaction to eagle


"It's all right, Ron. I can do it," she said, and pushed him back towards the

table where he'd been sitting with Hermione.

Harry clenched his mouth shut, ignoring his pale, clammy skin. He was sweating and

the turns of his stomach were getting worse. "Gin…" he moaned. "I'm gonna be sick…"

"Come on Harry," she said soothingly, helping him up. "One step at a time…"

They made fairly quick time despite Harry nearly throwing up twice in the hallways.

Ginny led him into a bathroom and he looked around in confusion. "Gin…one of us can't be

in here…"

She smiled, "It's Myrtle's bathroom…she doesn't mind. Besides, no one ever comes

in here really except for us four."

Harry nodded and then suddenly pulled away from her banging loudly into the first

stall. Ginny cringed as he began throwing up. She moved into the stall and gently put

her hand on his back, rubbing it soothingly. She felt his back and shoulders tense as he

heaved up everything he'd eaten. After a few moments, his shoulders slumped and loosened

as his body ran out of energy. He sat leaning on the toilet as he breathed slowly in and

out, his limbs weak and clammy. Ginny backed out of the way as he stood up weakly and

went to the sink bending over it to rinse his mouth of the acrid taste. When he finished,

he remained leaning on the sink, breathing carefully. Finally he looked up into the

mirror at her reflection. "Thanks, Gin…" he said softly.

She gave him a small smile, "No problem…that's why I came… Ron wouldn't have been

able to comfort you…it would have been awkward… Besides, Mum taught me that everyone

likes to have somebody with them when they're sick for support."

Harry flinched, exhaling deeply, "I guess so…that's the first time anyone's ever

been with me when I was sick." He sank down on the floor, still feeling weak and trembly

from being sick.

Ginny frowned in concern and walked over to him sitting down beside him. "Your

aunt never sat with you when you were sick?"

Harry let out a harsh laugh. "Are you kidding? I had strep throat when I was eight…

the school nurse sent me home with a temperature of one-hundred and three point two, and

when I got home, my aunt and uncle were furious. They locked me in my cupboard and I had

to sneak out at night to get water… It's a miracle I didn't die…"

Ginny looked at him in horror. "Oh Harry…I'm so sorry…" she put her hand on his,

looking genuinely upset.

Harry gave an embarrassed smile, "It's okay. It doesn't matter… Thanks for staying

with me…"

"Of course… I would do anything for you Harry…" she said quietly. Harry looked at

her surprised. It struck him just then as she stared intently at the stone floor, how

utterly lovely her firey curls were, and how her cheeks had such a healthy blush to

them… She was really very beautiful… Without thinking, he gently reached out and took her

chin in his hand and leaned forward, kissing her tenderly on the lips. The kiss lasted

mere seconds, but a fire pulsed through his veins and he opened his eyes quickly to see

her reaction.

She looked stunned beyond words. "H…Harry…?"

He flushed, suddenly feeling ashamed. "Sorry…I don't know…I don't know what came

over me… Just—"

He was silenced by a gentle return of his gesture. Ginny leaned forward, and he

slid back pressing against the base of the sink wall, one of her hands on the floor and

the other gently caressing his face. Harry melted into the passionate kiss and put an

arm around her waist his fingers tangling through her hair and brushing the nape of her

neck. When they broke apart they stared at each other breathlessly.

"Thanks Gin…for everything…" he murmured and then drew her head back to his gently.