Sugar and Spice

Summary:  The battousi is a woman? Her name is Kamiya. What does she want? Himura's death. Kamiya always gets what she wants…


Sugar and Spice.

And everything nice;

That's what little girls

 Are made of…

Her Birth

It was raining hard and it showed no signs of stopping. Every time Kamiya Syaoran would look out of the window all he could see was water dropping from a cloudy sky. He was the innkeeper at a small inn, but he had no occupants of late.

His wife's screams could be heard from all corners of the house. She was in labor with their only child. They were miles away from any doctor, and he refused to leave her side. To be honest even if a doctor was next door they wouldn't have gone to him. The Kamiya's were of modest status, and would have no money to pay him.

Kamiya Kim was in much pain. If she had know that it would have hurt this much, she never would have agreed to have it. Then she pictured an innocent soft baby in her mind, and realized that the pain was worth what she'd be getting in the end. She could faintly hear her husband telling her to push one more time, because he could see a head…

-An hour later-

Kamiya looked down at the small bundle in his arms, and then looked at the slumbering woman at his right. They would be identical had been the same age. His eyes rested on his wife lovingly for one more second, but he soon turned back to his lovely daughter. The child, who he had named Kaoru, had her eyes wide open. Most babies were sleeping for their first couple of hours of life, but not his. This told him that she would see much in her life.

The next morning, when the first ray of light jumped into the inn, the baby Kaoru could be heard voicing her hunger. Her mother woke from her fitful rest and gathered her breath-taking daughter into her arms, and feed her the milk of her body.

A year later


Kamiya Kim growled frustrated and defeated. Her husband refused her pleas to get a job. He argued that her place was in the home, raising their child. "Our child needs her mother." Kim was angered by her husband's accusation that she would be any less of a mother to her baby, and told him.

Being the kind man he was Syaoran instantly apologized, but still said no to work.

Kim couldn't understand her husband. Not very many people had been coming to the inn, and they barely had money to live on. Kim would rather get on her knees and scrub someone else's floor, than see her family suffer. Syaoran was not very healthy as it was. He claimed that it was just a little cough, but that little cough had been getting worse for the past year. She feared for his health, and told him that if she got found work that they would have money to take him to the doctor. Finally, after much graveling and craftiness on her part, her husband agreed.

"Hello. What would you like?" Kim asked the customer that came into the Akabeko. The young woman smiled at the waitress, and said that day's special. Kim nodded at the woman, and went to get her order filled. She walked down the hall, but heard a little voice.

"Mommy!" Kim felt something on her leg, and saw a child with ocean like eyes staring back at her. Kim smiled at her daughter and went down on her knees and looked straight into Kaoru's face. The child of five's hair was all over the place, and Kim straightened out the mass of black hair.

"What are you doing here, Kaoru? Where's daddy?"

The girl's innocent eyes looked excitedly at her mother, before saying, "Daddy said I could come, if I promised to come straight here, and I did it all by myself!" Kim couldn't help but smile at her enthusiasm.

"Do you want to come help me waitress?" Kaoru jumped at the chance to be near her mother eagerly, and went to help her serve the food. They reached the young woman again, and Kaoru placed the bowl in front of her.

"Here you go ma'am." The young woman was thinking deep thoughts, until she heard that angelic voice. She looked down, and saw a pint-sized version of her waitress. The woman smiled down at her.

"What's your name, little girl?"

"My name's Kaoru. What's yours and why do you look so sad?"

"Kaoru!" Her waitress came over and scolded her child. "Don't ask such questions! It's rude."

"No, it's okay." The woman interjected. "My name is Chicharu, and I'm just a little sad. I had a little girl like you, but she's gone." She smiled sadly at the angelic face again, and the Kaoru smiled back.

"Maybe I can cheer you up? When I'm sad I play with my daddy and that always make me feel better." Chicharu shot a questioning look at the girl's mother, and Kim smiled I  approval, and so Chicharu played together for a while, and Kaoru was right, she did feel better.

Kim's shift ended and she went to collect her daughter from the other lady. Both Kaoru and Chicharu were reluctant to stop their game, but Kim promised that they could play together again, if Chicharu didn't mind. Chicharu said she would, and Kim gave her their address.

Chicharu watched the mother and child head home, and felt very envious. Her child was dead because of a senseless act, and this woman's child was allowed to live. How was that fair? Evil slowly began to take hold of her heart, and soon the memories of her daughter were replaced with those of her small time with Kaoru. Soon, she thought of nothing but the blue-eyed child, and her mind would not let her sleep until that child was hers.

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The first chapters tell her life before she started learning swordsmanship, and then her training, then becoming battousi. That is the first part of the story. The second will be when she meets Kenshin face to face.