Sugar and Spice

Summary- The legendary battousi is a woman. Her name is Kamiya Kaoru. What does she want? Himura's death. Kamiya always gets what she wants.

Sugar and Spice

And everything nice

This is what little girls

Are made of…

Chapter one

Kamiya Syaoran was sweeping out some of the rooms in his inn. He whistled a happy tune and did a little jig. More customers were starting to come, and that meant more money for the family. He heard the joyful laughter of his daughter and he looked up and saw her and Chicharu playing in the yard.

It did his heart good to see kaoru smiling. Chicharu seemed to make his daughter happy and vice versa. The young woman had been coming over a lot and he often wondered if she had a family. He knew that her child was dead, but what of her husband? Did he mind that his wife was playing with a little girl, instead of tending to the home? Did she even have a husband? There was something about her that made him uneasy. It was the look in her eye; it spelled trouble, but his Kaoru was happy, so his hands were tied.

It was almost Kaoru's fourth birthday. Everyone in the town knew and loved the blue-eyed child, so a great party would be thrown on her behalf. The kamiya's finacial state was no secret, and the town's people offered to throw it at the Akabeko and the Kamiya's gratefully accepted the offer.

It was the day before the party, and Kaoru wanted a new kimono for her birthday. "Mommy? Please may I have one? It's the only thing I want! I promise to be a good girl!" Kim eyed her daughter warily, it was well known that Kaoru could only be well behaved for moments at a time. Although she tried, Kim could not say no to that little face. What was one kimono anyway?

" I suppose that would be alright." Kaoru jumped inot he mother's arms with an excited "YAY".  Kim spun her around for a bit, then set her on the floor. Kim was about to pick up her money purse, when she heard a loud thump, then an agitated groan. She ran to the source of the noise, only to find her husband struggling to get to his feet. She went to him and heaved his arms over her shoulders, and dragged him to their room.

"What's wrong love?" Syaoran looked upon his wife with hazy recognition. He was quite a mess; his upper lip had a thin line of sweat forming on it, his head was unbelievably hot, and he was trembling. His teeth chattered and he could barely speak.

"I am fine.   Just   a  little fever…" He managed to spurt out. This was the third time he had collapsed and was burning up. Kim was going to let him down play his illness anymore. She got a basin and filled it with cool water, and dabbed it on his face and neck. She wrapped him in covers, and made sure he was comfortable.

Kim heard little footsteps, and knew it was kaoru. Knowing it would upset her to see her daddy so sick and pale, Kim went to close the door, but the girl had already seen. Kaoru screamed and ran away, frightened. Syaoran tried to get up, but Kim pushed him back down.

"She'll be fine. I'll go and see about her." Kim swept out of the roon, and went searching for her. Finally, she saw her standing under a cherry tree. She had her arms around Chicharu's leg, and was absently fiddling with a sakura blossom. The brown haired woman was patting Kaoru's head, as the girl sobbed. Kim silently approached them, and Chicharu's head shot up and Kim was met with black eyes.

"Syaoran…isn't feeling well. Kaoru's just a little upset. I was supposed to take her shopping for a Kimono, and I was hoping you could-"

"Take her? Of course! You get take care of Mr.Kamiya. I don't mind watching her." Kim smiled at this, and reached for the money pouch, but the younger woman declined. " It will be my treat, for letting you let me spend time with Kaoru."

"No, the pleasure was all ours."

"Oh! Look at this one Chi-san!" Kaoru picked up a kimono with her pudgy fingers, and thrust it at her friend. The kimono was light pink, with dark blue rose petals floating to the bottom. It was adorable, and it would look cute on the girl.

"Would you like this one?"

"Yes! Yes! Please?" Urameshi Chicharu giggled at Kaoru's energy. Her little girl was really something. Chicharu instantly reprimanded herself for claiming Kaoru, again. It was getting harder to distinguish this sweet little girl from her own little one, Tomoe. They were so alike, too alike. Her mind was twisting evilly, and Chicharu didn't try to stop it. Thoughts of her daughter were becoming few and far between. Kaoru wasn't hers, but she would be.

Short chapter and I'm sorry! I have a ton of homework and lots of other stories. I didn't want too much time to go by without writing something. The next one will be better and it should be long considering what's to come.