Title: The Road Less Traveled

Author: Christy AKA FallenAngel AKA Girlfearless

Disclaimer: Don't own it, never will, wish I did.

Summary/Authors Note: Okay the main pairings in this story are Sonny/Emily, Jason/Brenda and Lucky/Gia (maybe Alexis/and and original male character), if you don't like any of those pairings it might not be a good idea to read on. Although you'll be missing out on a good story (I Hope)! The next thing you need to know is that Carly died in childbirth with Michael, I have nothing against the character, actually I like her a lot, she just didn't fit, Michael survived and is living with Jason. Courtney doesn't exist. Nikolas and Liz got together and are now married and living in Greece, but they will both make appearances later—and all is not what it seemed with them.

Next, the whole dead Ted incident went down differently: Lucky never showed up at the hotel, someone else did (you'll find out who), and Ted worked for the FBI, but he still died. I'll try to get most of that explained in this first chapter. Also, Emily disappeared that day, and no one has known where she has been since (it's been 4 years), they looked for her, but no one found her. Gia still saw her that night and that's how she and Lucky met, she was trying to help find Emily and they fell for each other. After a while everyone went on with his or her lives, reluctantly. (Emily is also being aged for this; I'm saying she was 19 when the dead Ted thing happened so that would make her 23 now. I know that's still pretty young in comparison to Sonny. If that bothers you, again, you might not want to read on.)

Brenda showing up in town went down pretty much the same way; she still married Jason, because he didn't want Sonny worrying about her. After a while they fell in love and they are now thinking about having a real wedding, though they are still married. No one really knows who kill Luis Alcazar, though most think it was a competitor they never heard of and NOT Sonny and Jason. Alexis and Sonny never slept together, so the baby was never born, also Kristina (the adult) didn't exist. Alexis still works for Sonny. Lucky works for Jason and Sonny. Brenda runs Deception, Gia is a model there and they are good friends.

Okay, I think that's all you need to know. If anything confuses you just ask, it can be kind of hard keep the consistency's together with semi-alternate universes. And now on to the story!

"Are you ready for this?" Thomas Marks asked as he glanced at the girl, woman really, who was standing next to him.

"Yes. No," Emily Bowen-Quartermaine looked through the one-way window and stared at the men in front of her, Lucky Spencer, Jason Morgan and Sonny Corinthos. All pieces of a past life that she never really left behind—a life the she was about to be thrown back into. But it was her choice. Wasn't it? "I'm just worried you know, it's been four years since I've seen anyone from Port Charles. I don't know how I'm supposed to do this…I mean they're gonna be angry, and the have every right to be, but we need their help, right?"

"Yes we do," he answered as he started to open the door to her future. Before he twisted the knob, he turned to her and said, "If they can't forgive you and understand why you're doing this. Why you have to do this, then they aren't worth your time anyway and no matter how much we need them, you're the one who has to live with them, you're the one taking the risks. So if your not ready for this we can wait, I mean we've waited four years what's a little while longer gonna matter."

"Oh it'll matter. None of them are very patient men, I'm actually surprised Lucky hasn't begun bouncing off the walls, and Sonny looks like he's gonna kill somebody if he doesn't find out what's happening soon. Let's just get this over with, I'll be fine…as long as none of them decide to kill me," she said the last part under her breathe as he swung open the door and she let him walk in first.

Sonny looked up, abandoning the spot on the table he'd been staring at for the past few minutes, as the man they'd seen in the halls earlier walked through the doors. He was tall, probably over six foot and he like he hadn't shaved in weeks, though it was probably closer to days, not at all what he envisioned an FBI agent to look like. He seen a couple in his time, and this guy looked more like a criminal. His dark blue eyes only served to add potency to the don't-fuck-with-me look on his face. He was built fairly well, lean with a runner's body. Before he could continue his critique Sonny notice someone else walk in behind the FBI-guy, a woman, who actually bared a striking resemblance to—Emily? What the hell was this? Before he could ask Jason was on his feet.

He wasn't expecting this. Anything, but this. The President of the United States could have come walking through the door and he would have been less surprised than he was to see his sister. He hunted for her after she disappeared, spent years of his life searching around the globe for any sign that she was alive and now, after he'd finally stopped, she'd fallen right into his lap.

"Emily?" He bolt out of his chair and crossed the room to her. He wanted to ask what was happening, where she had been, what she had been doing, but before he could get any of the words out of his mouth she threw her arms around him. The only thing he could think to do was return the hug and hold on for dear life. For a second he thought it was some horrible dream and when he woke up she would be gone again, lost forever…and that was a thought he couldn't take, so he held on a little tighter.

"Oh…you wouldn't believe how much I missed you Jason," Emily said as she sobbed into her brother's shoulder. "I'm sorry, God I'm so sorry. I…I should have called you, told you that I was okay, done something. I'm just so sorry I put you through this, and the family and everyone. I'm just really sorry."

"It's okay, whatever it is, it's okay. We'll help you. I'll get you out of this," Jason said as he allowed her to cry a little longer and then pulled back to look at her. She was still his little sister; grown-up, beautiful even, but definitely Emily.

"Have I mentioned how sorry I am?" She asked one more time, before pulling away and walking across the room to give Lucky the same treatment she has just given her brother.

"Hey brat, how you been doing?" Lucky asked as she stepped into his arms.

Same old Lucky, Emily thought as she smiled and melted into his arms. She knew she could count on him not to hate her when everything was said and done and they all knew where she had been for four years, and what she had been doing, but for now she would just keep it light. "Me? Oh I've been great, you?"

"I've been great too, got a job working for your brother and Sonny. They pay well and let me beat the crap out of people, sometimes Jase even let's me…" Before Lucky could finish Sonny cleared his throat to remind everyone that there was still an FBI agent in the room and work to be done.

"I hate to interrupt, but there is a reason we are all here," Thomas said sensing Sonny desire to get down to business. "So if you would all take a seat I think we can get started now."

This was it, the part Emily had been dreading ever since she realized that this meeting was going to have to happen. She was about to lay their story out on the table and pray not only that Sonny would help, but also that none of them would hate her for what she was about to do. Oh yeah…this would be great fun, just the stuff a good reunion was made of.

"Okay so what are we doing here," Sonny asked with a hint of annoyance in his voice. He didn't want to sound impatient, but when Emily Quartermaine walked through the door, the situation went from bad to worse. What the hell was she doing here, now, and why was she with an FBI agent? There had to be an explanation for all of this—maybe not a good one, but and explanation non-the-less, and he wanted to hear it.

"Well…to put it simply. The government needs your help for once Mr. Corinthos," Thomas could tell that Sonny wasn't gonna buy the layout that easily so he just jumped right it to the things that Sonny would receive from working with them. "Look we're not trying to get you to turn over on any of the members of the five families or anything, as a matter of fact this has nothing to with any of your…associates at all. At least not the ones your on friendly terms with."

"Then why are we here," Sonny asked, still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

"We need your help taking down Joseph Sorel, and before you start to argue, just listen. If you help then we will throw away all of your FBI files and start over, everything we have on all three of you and your business will go down the drain. Next, nothing that you do during this investigation, whether it's pertaining to it or not can be used against you in court, which essentially means that while you help us with this, you have free rein. Don't let it go to your head, though; we don't want any unnecessary deaths or anything. Also, you'll be getting rid of one of your competitors, and help us put a few assholes in prison."

"So let me get this straight," Lucky replied flippantly. "We help you with your…whatever, and in turn we get our records cleared and are allowed to do anything we want as long as we don't go around shooting people for no reason. Not to sound rude, but what's the catch and why is Em here?"

Emily looked into the eyes of all the men in the room. First her best friend, Lucky Spencer, he had been her rock when her mother died and she ended up with the Quartermaines. He was the first person who really saw her, and that meant more to the he would ever know.

Second her brother, Jason Morgan, he was her protector and best-friend when Lucky wasn't around. She knew he would always be there for her, and believe that she could do no wrong, God how she wished that was true.

Next Sonny Corinthos, the key to this plan working, if he didn't agree to work with the FBI…to work with her, then four years of her life would be unceremoniously washed down the drain. They really had nothing on him to make him help; only the a few promises that she wasn't even sure would be kept.

And last Thomas Marks, her mentor, the man that had kept her from certain death more than once, had he not been brought into this operation, there would have been no one to stop her every time she'd wanted to quit. She wanted so badly to please him, but knew that it wasn't required, she could walk away from all of this right now and he wouldn't blame her. And the government couldn't do a damn thing about it, he made sure of that when he kept them from bringing her in all the way and making her a full agent, as far as the rest of the world was concerned she was a civilian runaway, not even a blimp on the radar. Looking at all of these men she realized that they represented her past, present, and future, and the only way she would get all of those things back was if she moved forward, and in that moment the choice was made.

"I'm here because I've been working with the FBI on this case for the past four years, I know more about it than anyone does, with the exception of Tommy over there, and he really only pretends to read the files he's given," Emily let all of that information sink in before continuing on, in the last four years she had become a master at pitching the deal. And no matter how close she was to these people, this was business and she was making a pitch and praying to any deity listening that they would buy it. "And I guess you could say that the catch is the case itself. You see, we're trying to take down and international prostitution and pornography ring."

"No offense Em, but prostitution and pornography. I don't get it. I mean I'm not exactly of fan of women selling their body's on the street either, but you can't really expect to stop it internationally, and pornography, well that got me through high school," Lucky replied being his usually smart ass self. Emily and Tommy weren't amused.

"Usually Luck, I'd agree with you, but you don't know the whole story," Emily said as she got up and pulled a manila folder off the table in the corner of the small interrogation room and threw it in front of them allowing pictures of about twenty girls all looking to be under the age of seventeen to fall out. "You see those are the prostitutes and the stars of the video's that are being made. You still think it's no big deal?"

How about lying to your friends and family, dumbass, she thought as she watched Lucky and Jason's faces change. She was definitely going to hell for this.

Lucky turned his head in disgust and Jason made a small sickened noise in the back of his throat, while Sonny seemed to be keeping his concentration all on Emily. He didn't need to see the pictures to know all of the girls in them would have to be dead by now, that's the only way the FBI could know who they were. He could also tell by looking in Emily's eyes that there were was probably more to this story and he wanted to find out what it was, but his mind was made up, he'd definitely be helping the FBI on this one.

They all sat in silence for a couple of minutes, before a frightening thought occurred to Jason and he almost couldn't even ask the question. "Em…how did you get involved in this case?"

"It's not what you think," Emily said turning understanding eyes to her brother. It's worse, she thought to herself. In actuality she couldn't remember what happened that night between the time she left the rave and the time she woke up, but there was really no reason for her too. She was sure nothing had happened to her during that time and all hell was gonna break loose when they realized how she could be sure about that. But there was no reason to worry about that just yet, so she just told them what she could. "I'm sure you all know what happened at the rave with Juan and everything. Well, to get back at him I decide to start flirting with some guy, who turned out to be an FBI agent. I was flirting with him and when I began to get tipsy Ted, the FBI agent, took me to his room to keep me safe. He didn't want anything bad happening to me, but he couldn't blow is cover either."

"That didn't end up mattering too much though because somehow Sorel found out who he was and killed him, and then set me up with the body to make it look like I did it. The next day the FBI came in and told me what happened, and then they explained that I would need to lay low for a while so Sorel didn't suspect anything. A while turned into week and a week turned into a month, eventually I realized that I wasn't going anywhere."

"So what have you been doing to help the investigation so far?" Sonny asked and Emily shot daggers at him for interrupting her, but she really couldn't work up to being too bitchy about it. He was asking a good question.

"I'll field that one," Tommy said interrupting Emily before she could talk. "Mostly she's been setting up some dummy accounts and making it look like there is someone new in Port Charles interested in joining the business, that's where you come in. We want you to infiltrate Sorel's organization and get to the guy at the top, Andrejs Nikolai. Emily has been working the other end of the operations Nikolai's more legit business holdings. She's been showing her self at the right party's saying the right things to get in good with him. So by the time she show's up in Port Charles on your arm he'll already know who she is."

"Okay now I have a few more questions. First what do you mean on my arm? Second how do I convince people that I all of the sudden want into this business when for so long I've denied any part of prostitution and pornography, especially with little girls involved? And third, what's to say that Sorel won't remember Emily and tell Nikolai who she is?"

"By on your arm I mean she will be posing as your mistress, you will let everyone believe that you were on vacation and you saw her. Obviously recognizing who she was, you pursued her to see where she had been and in the course of finding out you fell in love with her. The next part will be a little harder and that's why we've been setting up the dummy accounts, to make it look like you're not all of the sudden in the business, but that you have been for a while and are just now willing to let others know of your interest. Now you will make it clear that you personally have no interest in the young girls, but are willing to make money any way that you can. And it won't really matter if Sorel does recognize her; it's all been set up so that the story looks completely real. That night he put a drug in her system that has a very interesting affect on the memory of the person taking it—he believes he knows that there is no way she could remember the night. The only reason she knows what went on is because we were there to intercede. So he will just think that she wandered off, lost her memory for a while, and you helped to bring it all back to her except that night."

"Why do you need Emily to do this? Why can't you get one of your other agents to go undercover? And for that matter what exactly will she be doing," Jason asked, suddenly very angered at the thought of putting his baby sister in danger, even if she was a grown woman now, to him she would always be his little sister.

"Jase," Emily grimaced as she realized if she didn't soothe his fears, he might actually try to hit Tommy and that would just disintegrate into two pig-headed men going at it until one of them needed a doctor. "This is all my choice no one is making me do anything. I want to help. And no, they don't expect me to sleep with him, remember I'm supposed to be Sonny's mistress. They just know that I'm his type, I know more about this guy that anyone does, he tends to become obsessed with 'taken' women and as Sonny's mistress I should be guarded at all times. He won't be able to get to me, and even if he does, it's been four years Jason, I've grown up and I'm perfectly capable of protecting myself. They wouldn't send me into this situation blind; I did have to go through FBI training before I went under the first time. I'll be fine."

"Alright, now that all of this has been settled there's on more catch…"

"And why wouldn't there be," Lucky laughed as he interrupted Tommy.

"As I was saying there's one more catch, I have to pose as your silent partner Sonny. It's the only way the Bureau would approve the operation, so I'll be coming back with you. Once we get to Port Charles you can have your lawyer look over the terms of the deal and we can get to work," He said as he got up and walked to the door, and the he turned back around­­—"One more thing, I need you all to agree to this. I know Emily is in, but I need the rest of you to say it, it can't be an order from your boss I need to know that you want to help and that this will be confidential."

"Fine," all three men said, and that sealed the deal. The town of Port Charles was about to be shaken to its core, not only was Emily Bowen-Quartermaine coming home, but she was doing it on the arms of the most powerful man in town. This was definitely gonna be a bumpy ride.