I am five thousand years old. One might imagine I am only eighteen. I am blonde haired, blue eyed and beautiful. But for five thousand years I have hated, loved and killed many. I remember every detail of every second that flashed before all my senses and can see my own past in photographic memory. I am a vampire. I am Sita, or Alisa or a million other names I have used in the past. My birth name is, in fact, Sita. I drink blood to full fill my cravings yet I don't drink it to live. I get hungry for food just like any other human. All though, I fear I am as far from being human as one could get. I don't shy from a cross, in fact I wear one, nor does sunlight affect me. I quite like the feel of sun, although I cannot fight to my full potential under it. This is the same with the cold, although I do not like the cold. I am still stronger then any ten men put together. This, I believe is traced back to the origins of my creator, Yaksha, who was a close descendent of the snake.

Yet after all my life, I have come to grow bored of it. I crave for an end so my soul can pass on. And now I can have the very one thing I wanted from my life. Before I was transformed I had a husband, Rama, and a daughter, Lalita. After Yaksha made me into one of him, I was never allowed to see my loved ones again.

And now I stand on the brink of time where time itself does not exist. I can make two choices. I can return to five thousand years before the time I live in now and be with my family or I can return to my life, with no loved ones or friends. Forced to live a life of solitary. Yet I have seen what the future holds, if I choose to return to my home, and that feeling makes me sick to my stomach.

It is now I must make my decision, and I pray to my lord, Krishna, that it is the right one. And I pray for a second chance