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Sita has chosen to stay with her present day life in the 21st century. Yet something has gone wrong. Sita wasn't meant to come back to the present. She was meant to go back and live out her stolen past. Now her decision has cost her, God's plan has been breached and she is paying for it, with her soul.

Sita's soul has been reborn into another and now she has to find it, and send back into the past where it belongs.

But an evil knows of her plan, knows how to stop her, and knows every single move, Sita will make. Sita will come up against the most powerful being of this world and only her lost soul, is the last hope.

A/N : Guys please please read, I will put the good 'ol Lizzie crew in very soon. They will all play key roles. Sita, if you haven't read the Last Vampire series, is a 5000 year old vamp. But she aint like the ones in buffy cuz she's cool and has a soul and all. She is also fat stronger with the ability to read minds, control minds, fly, hypnotise, and has the strength of over 20 men and is almost immortal. She can hear a pin drop from two miles away. So as u can see she is a really cool character. So yeah, just please read it. I hope you all enjoy it:)