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warnings: Satoshi + Daisuke, Dark + Krad, angst, sap, some AU in the past (obviously), PG-13
notes: This one beta-ed by Kaori and Tiggy, thank you all...!!
special notes: italic: characters talking to their alter ego, [in brackets] memories

* * * * *

Part 1

That night it was raining. The moon however, shone brightly in the dark sky; it hung beautifully without the accompaniment of little twinkling stars around it. The tall dark silhouette of the museum stood gracefully beneath it, like a masterpiece. The patter of the rain could be heard as Hiwatari Satoshi stepped out of the museum building, checking the security once more before getting himself ready, waiting for the mysterious kaitou.

Dark had sent the challenge to the police nearly two days ago, and everything was set. It had been a long fight, Satoshi remembered, but it would come to an end, he was sure of it. But his mind wasn't entirely in place at the time.

He sighed for almost the tenth time that night, something that Krad had realized even before he did.

Thinking about him, aren't you, Satoshi sama? Satoshi could hear the golden-haired demon whisper inside his head. He could almost see the smirk that crossed Krad's lips as he heard the voice that taunted him almost every day. Not wanting to amuse his alter ego, Satoshi remained silent, though he knew that it was pointless, he knew that Krad could read his mind if he wanted to.

You're wondering whether he'll come here with Dark, aren't you? Krad started again, That Niwa boy did not look to well today at school, did he? Are you afraid that he'll catch flu if he comes here tonight?

Satoshi glowered to himself. It's none of your business, is it, Krad? he said coldly.

Ah, am I touching a nerve here? Satoshi could hear Krad laughing mischievously now, that maniacal laugh he heard in his nightmares every night. The nightmare where he saw Daisuke killed by his alter ego.

Shut up, Krad.

"Sir," Inspector Saehara called from the back, "Everything's ready now if you want to make the last inspection..."

"Hai." the young detective nodded. He followed Saehara senior to the main hall, passing some policemen that bowed politely to him as he passed. "I see that you have some weaknesses you haven't covered..." he said with a cold calm tone that sent shivers up Saehara's spine.

"Eh?" Saehara blinked. "You want me to add some more people, Sir?" he said meekly, though he muttered under his breath.

Satoshi just stared at him with his expressionless face, "We won't have time to call the station, just wait for my orders..." With that he climbed the long stairs that lead to the attic, leaving a very pissed off Saehara senior downstairs.

My, my... you think you can catch the thief tonight, Satoshi-sama?

I don't ask for your opinion, do I, Krad?

Ah! Are you still mad about the last time I threw your precious Niwa-kun from the fourth floor of the museum? the blond smirked.

If Krad was someone else who could just stand before him, Hiwatari would have struck him in the face and killed him. But he wasn't that lucky, Krad was part of himself. The other self he didn't know, the dark-side of him that he couldn't control? Could he?

Don't you dare touch him. Satoshi made a cold remark, but he also knew that only a miracle could make Krad follow his words. He could only pray that he would have the strength to push all the feelings down inside of him tonight and catch Dark with his own two hands without turning to Krad. If Krad showed up… He didn't want to know what might happen...

Got you now, Satoshi-sama... but remember, the game isn't over yet… before he dies...

Before the blue haired boy had the chance to yell at his alter ego, the lights went out. He heard Inspector Saehara yelling at his officers. Somehow Satoshi knew that a thief who called himself Dark Mousy had stolen the art piece already.

Satoshi ran up every second stair and reached the top balcony in almost two minutes. In his experience, Dark almost always escaped through the attic and tonight wouldn't be any different. He pushed the attic door open with his shoulder and almost immediately fell to the floor. He tipped his glasses back to the bridge of his nose and finally he saw him.

He saw the black clad kaitou with black wings behind his back, standing proud against the background of the full moon up in the sky. There was a lazy smile playing across his lips as his eyes met Satoshi's. The rain wet both their bodies, but Satoshi couldn't care any less. He was finally face to face with his target.

* * * * *

It's Hiwatari! Dark, let's run! Daisuke almost shrieked out as he saw Satoshi appear under the moonlight glow. Run, now, run! Daaaaaark!!! he glowered as his alter ego didn't respond to his whining.

Dark only gave a lazy smirk, grinning wildly to his host as he did so. He could almost see Daisuke's face turning red. Ow, c'mon, Dai-chan... I thought you wanted to see your boyfriend tonight? the thief teased mercilessly.

Cut it out! I'm serious! You don't know what will happen if Krad shows up! Daisuke's panic was getting worse. It wouldn't be the first time Krad had blasted him with one or two energy balls; or if he was lucky, the maniacal blond would only shove him against the wall and whisper death threats.

Heh, you made your point, Dark snapped, the dark wings on his back spreading graciously to the dark sky, ready to fly. But then...

"Not so fast..." Strong hands suddenly pinned him from behind, stopping the violet-eyed thief from moving. Dark yelped as he felt Hiwatari's hands starting to handcuff him. Again. Shit! How did he get here so fast?! He tried to struggle free from the grips; he never could figure out how the young detective was able to trap him with his handcuffs, even before Krad showed up.

Daaaarrrk... Daisuke started to panic, Get us out of heeeeerreeee...

With one swift movement, Dark shoved the other boy away from him. But the handcuffs on his wrists weren't helping. He hid the stolen jewel under his garment. He could just hand it to Hiwatari now, but that wasn't what the young detective was interested in. His goal was not to take back all the stolen art pieces, but to capture him, the legendary thief. It was in his bloodline. The Hikari. Shit!

Shit, I can't use it for a trade… and Emiko-san would kill me anyway if we did that... Dark scowled at the thought.

Dark, you're not thinking of giving back the stolen jewel, right? Daisuke guessed. Actually he thought that it would be a good idea, maybe that way they could just run like a rabbit from the spot before Hiwatari turned into Krad or something...

No, I'm thinking to trade you for my freedom. I bet he'll be interested, ne, Dai-chan?

Shut up.

"Looks like I win tonight, Dark." The cold statement from Hiwatari made the redheaded boy shiver. Hiwatari's eyes were so different when he was playing detective and thief with Dark. But why did those eyes always look so warm and caring as they met his...?

"Not so fast, creepy bastard..." Dark leaped to a higher place, "With!" He called for his partner. The dark animal spread its wings behind Dark's back. He almost succeeded in getting away, escaping from the sight of the blue haired boy, when he felt a sting on his back, something burning him. He felt himself falling, black feathers flying like a rain covering his eyes. And that shrieking voice…

"WITH!" Dark cried out as he saw his partner return to its minimum size, wincing at the pain it just received. He could hear Daisuke screaming With's name in his head.

"Damn you, cree--.." The kaitou turned around to face Hiwatari. But his eyes grew wider as he saw the figure standing behind him.

Hiwatari Satoshi was nowhere to be seen...

He was replaced by a white-winged figure, with that malicious smile on his lips, and a pair of golden eyes that looked straight at him as if they could read his mind. The figure that was more graceful than an angel itself. But Dark knew too well that the man standing before him now was not an angel...

"Krad..." Dark whispered.

* * * * *


Krad stared at his opponent with those thoughtful eyes. His palm started to create another white energy ball as his mind concentrated. He gave the small fur ball on the attic floor a mocking glance, and then smiled evilly as his eyes saw Dark's expression.

"Why are you so surprised, Dark? You knew that I'd be here, didn't you?" he said coldly, eyes never leaving Dark's as he spoke. The rain started to drip down his long golden hair. Somehow it brought him the deja vu from hell. Waiting... waiting... waiting for someone who would never come...

"Damn you," Dark muttered and with an incredible speed he rushed to Krad's side, almost succeeding in giving the angel a good blow.

Krad laughed as he dodged the strike, white wings spread graciously. "Well, well... not so smooth without your wings, are you, Dark?" He smiled graciously, "..or is it too slippery for you to stand?"

The words just made Dark even angrier as he remembered about With. He threw himself at Krad and took both of them rolling to the floor. Krad still had that smile upon his lips as Dark pinned him down.

"I hate rain..." Krad said thickly, his breath mingled with the kaitou's. His eyes were raised to the sky, the drops of rain wetting his cheeks. Dark almost thought that the golden-haired demon was crying. "It had been raining for three days in a row that night..."

Dark gasped in surprise and pulled back, jumping to his feet. Violet eyes met golden; Krad could see that the man in front him was trembling slightly. "What's the matter, Dark Mousy? Don't tell me that you've started being nostalgic?" he said with a mocking gesture, yet again creating an energy ball in his hand.

The dark-clad figure was caught off guard as the energy ball struck him without further warning and blasted him to the safety bars on the edge of the roof.

"Shit!" Dark cursed as he tried to stand, but it was too late. Another light ball struck him as soon as he got to his feet. Scarlet colored liquid dripped from his forehead as he tried to open his eyes. He caught a glint of hatred in those beautiful golden eyes in front of him before the world went dark.

* * * * *

Daisuke suddenly realized that he was in big danger as the body he shared with Dark returned to his own shape. He blinked his eyes a few times and saw Krad laughing into the darkest night when he saw him lying there instead of Dark.

"It seems that the gods have answered my prayers..." Krad said suddenly, walking even closer. "Looks like tonight is your turn to die, Niwa Daisuke..."

Daisuke tried to edge away, but realized that he was in no position to do that. Only two more steps and he would fall from the roof and this time there would be no With to rescue him. He tried to stand up and hung back, waiting for the chance to run from the maniacal blond.

"You have anything to say before you die, Niwa Daisuke?" Krad smiled coldly, "I promise I'll tell your parents about your death. The Niwa family..." Somehow the way Krad spoke his family name made the redheaded boy shiver. There was hatred in that tone.

"Y--You killed With!" were the only words that left Niwa; he stepped backwards as Krad got even closer to him. His eyes glanced over at the sight of his poor pet on the floor, bleeding. But then he saw the animal writhing in pain. He was alive... With was alive...

Krad's eyes followed his and saw With. Daisuke swallowed hard as the blond started to create another energy ball, ready to toss it at the small animal. "Nooo...!!" Daisuke lurched forward, shoving at the blond with one swift movement. Only to have himself pushed to the bars, and he fell...

Krad's strong hands had easily thrown him from the roof; he could only hold on to the bars as his body hung in the cold night air forty feet above the ground. His hand hurt like hell as he clung on to the cold steel bars, blood starting to drip from his fingers. Krad stood before him, watching him with those sullen eyes. Cold...

Daisuke felt his vision getting blurry, he couldn't feel his hand anymore. All he could feel was his body being dragged downwards as he fell; he was flying through the air, seeing the full moon in the sky...

Is this the time for me to die? he asked himself, closing his eyes and remembering...

Okaasan... Ojiisan... Dark...

Harada san...

Hiwatari kun...


* * * * *

Satoshi felt something tickle him awake from his deep sleep. That strange coldness that always crept up his body every time he thought that he was lost. Krad... he realized; that strange feeling belonged to his other self. Who would have thought that inside the cold mask of the fallen angel there was a heart that hurt so badly? Satoshi didn't understand all those feelings inside, but it was mostly filled with hatred.

Betrayal, denial, hatred…

He will come.. he will come... Flashes of memory came without invitation to Satoshi's eyes. He didn't know those memories, they weren't his. A familiar golden-haired youth was standing under a tree on a rainy night, golden eyes looking up to the sky. The moon looked so beautiful. Satoshi didn't recognize the warmth he saw in the teen's eyes. Something he'd never seen before in Krad's eyes. The boy was cold, for he was folding his hands across his chest. But he didn't move from where he stood. Waiting... waiting... I will wait for him... Because he promised me he'd come...


And then everything became clear again. Satoshi realized where he stood, still inside Krad's mind. His eyes couldn't focus on the scene yet, but then dimly he felt the rain falling on Krad's face, wetting the golden-haired head. He collected all his strength in an effort to fully awaken. He knew that he couldn't control Krad's power even if he was conscious, but he had to try...

If he tried to hurt Niwa...

And his heart shouted as he opened his eyes to see with Krad's vision. Daisuke was there, holding on to the bars while the rest of his body hung down into empty air. Satoshi gasped in surprise, but realized he couldn't make a move to help the smaller boy even if he wanted to. And then somehow, Daisuke lost his grip and fell.

A strangled cry escaped Daisuke's throat as he fell through the air. Satoshi didn't know where the strength came from, but he felt himself reaching out to the surface, pushing Krad deeper into his mind until he could barely hear anything from him.

You're a fool, Satoshi sama... He doesn't feel anything towards you...

But Satoshi didn't hear that one last sentence as he jumped from the attic, trying to catch the smaller figure in his arms. As they both flew in the cold air straight towards the ground, the name escaped his mouth.



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