He didn't know where the feeling of peace and warmth was coming from but it was pulling him up from the darkness he had descended too. He clung to the darkness. He didn't want to leave. Because if he did he would have to face the fact that everything was gone.

His life, his everything, was gone. And all he wanted now was the darkness in which he resided. He was safe here, here he could not hurt, and he could ignore the pain of loneliness.

Hollow pain hit him and he gasped for breath. It was as if fire had hit every single cell in his body. They were trying to wake him, this he knew, and he fought it with everything that he was.

His light was waiting for him and he wanted to join him.

"Please Love, come home to me," was whispered in his ear over and over again. He couldn't tell if it was a real or imaginary voice but it drew him.

He didn't want to fight the voice for it was his everything calling him. So, he followed it whichever way it called him to go.

My heart conjures

My mind thinks

My fingers feel

My thoughts

My dreams

My voice

"Please don't leave me here alone," he heard whispered lovingly in his deaf ear. He felt a shiver course through his pain filled body. He forced himself not to cry out from missing the comfort of the arms that belonged to that voice.

The voice that was all that he missed, his life, his everything.

In the dark of the night I reach for you
Reach into the stillness that you left
And the darkness overtakes me
And I dream no more
I am as I have always been

"Please don't leave me alone. I need you here." Was sobbed into his hair as he felt the arms around him. Arms that could not be. He was dreaming then. He liked this dream. He could live in this dream.

He could hear the poems that his lover had whispered to him as he moved over his body night after night. They were a way for him to express his feelings to him, something he had always had trouble doing. He wondered why he could hear him whispering them so clearly and why the arms around him felt so real.

He gasped as a new pain hit him and the darkness lightened around him. NO! He was going to his life they couldn't bring him back.

You are the air that I breathe every morning

You are the light that I read by each night

You are the drink I quench my thirst with

You are the food that sustains my hunger

You are my life

You are my everything

"I love you"

Pain like he had never felt before hit his heart. The voice was sad and final, as if, saying goodbye.

He couldn't leave that voice or those arms. He fought the darkness he had embraced mere seconds before. He fought with everything that he had left. He wasn't sure if it was enough but fight he did.

A great gasp of breath and the darkness finally broke and his eyes snapped open. He glanced around fuzzily nothing in focus. He felt the arms around him and heard the voice sobbing in his ear. He opened his mouth to speak but no sound came out.

Although he uttered no sound the person holding him sensed something different and lifted himself to stare incredulously at him. He could move no parts of his body and his voice did not seem to work so he tried to say with his eyes what he could not say with words or do with his body.

He smiled at his light, his everything. He smiled his want, his need, his reason for breath.

And he knew from that glad cry and the tight hold that he had received the message.

He sighed and fell into a deep restful sleep. They could talk when he next awoke.

Everything Else Could Wait.


Thank you all for reading. This is the end of this story. The poems are mine but the characters all belong to JKR. It does not matter which one the POV this story was about as it could be true for either of them. Once again, thank you for reading.