Summary: During a mission in New Orleans, Louisiana, Rogue managed to slip out of danger's reaches as the X-team encountered a harsh trap set by a group of unnamed mutant-hater vigilantes. The X-team managed to get back to Bayville, however Rogue was not so fortunate. Roaming the outskirts of the New Orleans Bayou, she meets the son of a very powerful man who manages to get her involved in a feud between two rival guilds.

Author's Note: Hey all, I know I have the habit of starting new stories when I haven't finished my other ones, but I can't help it! My muse keeps talking to me at night when I have a pen and a piece of paper!

Disclaimer's Note: I do not own the X-Men nor any of its characters. I merely own the plot, which I write as I go.

…- mental conversation

"…" - normal conversation



Everyone! Retreat! It's a trap!

Rogue barely had the time to dodge a bullet aimed at her, carving a deep wound on her arm. The X-Team were trapped by morbid mutant haters that carried cages, tranquilizers and other various sorts of weaponry.

' Worthless power' Rogue thought bitterly as she used Storm's flight to her advantage. It would wear off soon, and she'd be powerless against an army of humans with long range guns.

Head for somewhere Safe! Meet back at the Blackbird if you can!

Rogue scoffed at Jean's commands. Since Scott was temporarily out of duty, being in Hawaii, the obvious replacement was Ms. Perfect Grey.

'No time to be jealous' Rogue reminded herself and flew towards the forest. Growing up in the Mississippi bayous, she was used to the dark, dank environment. It sent chills of excitement racing up her spine.

Rogue, where are you? Jean's voice snapped inside Rogue's mind.

I'm somewhere in the bayou Rogue replied, levitating from the ground, keeping her nervousness down. It had irked Rogue to find that she had complete control of other people's powers, yet she had no control of her own. Her skin was still a danger to everything and everyone that had life. Yet, she could call up people she had absorbed and their powers for a short time.

She used Storm's flight to prevent snapping any twigs that would alert anyone of her presence.

We can't wait. The mob found us. We'll be back. Keep safe!

Rogue scoffed as she called up Wolverine's sense of hearing. She heard the high frequency of the jet and the creaking of its gears. 'Some family' she thought bitterly.

Using whatever powers she could summon, she tried to blend in with her environment. Using Amara's mutation, she kept herself warm as he sat comfortably up on a branch of a large Oak tree. With her X-Men uniform, she could blend in with the black night and the dark green of the leaves.

Wolverine's sixth sense flared up and warned Rogue of uninvited guests. She used Storm's flight once more to hover higher in the tree, above the crowd that soon formed. With Logan's help, she heard snipets of their conversation.

" Y'sure y'saw somet'in' here, Rem? Mebbe y'eyes jus' play a trick on y'."

By the sound of their accents, they were local Cajun men. Rogue observed every one of the men in the crowd. There were only 6 of them, but one stood out even in the dark. She couldn't pinpoint just what it was… but the man was special. He wore strange fingerless gloves and donned a worn out trench coat. Rogue could see something metallic, like a stick or a rather large pen.

" Oui, mon frere. Dese eyes be good fo' nights, let Remy see better dans le noir."

'So his name is Rem?' Rogue thought. She cursed quietly as Storm's powers were weakening. Rogue had only touched Ororo for less than three minutes, so her powers could only surface at a limited time. Logan, however… had been less afraid to touch Rogue, even when she had no gloves on. Rogue assumed that she could summon Logan's powers for far longer than anyone else's.

" Assassin?" one of the other men asked

" Non, une fille."

The man, which Rogue now called 'Rem', turned towards her hiding spot as she slipped, dropping less than gracefully on a branch, causing it to move slightly.

To most, they would have dismissed it as the wind, but to the men below Rogue, they knew better. 'Rem' looked straight at her, making Rogue wonder if he had seen her. Then she noticed the strange coloration of his eyes. They seemed to glow like rubies that glimmered in the sun.

" Il y a fille dans les arbres," Rem said to his companions. (translations: There is a girl in the trees)

Rogue mentally beat herself for taking Spanish instead of French when she was in Mississippi.

" Dans une arbre? Etes-Vous certain? " (In a tree? Are you certain?)

" C'est un assassin?" (Is it an assassin?)

" Je suis sûr, mais elle n'a pas eu l'air d'elle flottait" (I'm not sure, but she looked like she was floating)

"Flotter? Peut-être ces yeux du vôtre jouent des tours sur vous." (Floating? Maybe those eyes of yours are playing tricks on you)

"Bien quiconque elle est, elle est sur notre propriété." (Well, whoever she is, she's on our property)

Rogue was so engrossed in attempting to translate, she failed to notice the glowing playing card in 'Rem's' hand.

" Désolé ma petite," the man said. " Y'be trespassin'"

Logan's quick reflexes soon went into action as the playing card made a small explosion next to the branch that was holding her up. Rogue hoped Storm was fully rested and flew from her hiding place, revealing herself to the 6 men that gaped at her.

" Mon Dieu... c'est un ange," Rem exclaimed as Rogue hovered above them, trying to stop the ringing in her sensitive ears.

'Maybe if I act stupid, they'll think I'm mute…' Rogue thought, hoping that they didn't have guns with them.

"Non, son un fantôme!"

Before anything else could happen, a dagger shot from behind the darkness and flew towards the eldest man in the group. 'Rem' threw another one of his cards, which Rogue dodged easily in the air.

'Ya can't play th' same trick on me twice, ya bone-headed Cajun!' she thought, playing her mute act.

The card exploded behind her, it knocked her from the air. She noted that it created a larger explosion than the first one. As she fell on the ground, 'Rem' caught her gingerly and held on tight.

Rogue grunted as she pulled off her gloves and touched his bare face. She felt her imprinting powers pull on his energy as well as his memories. She tried to hold on longer, only to have the other men pull her away from 'Rem'.

She took a rock and accidentally charged it with the same power that 'Rem' had done before. Before she got the chance to throw it, 'Rem' tackled her to the ground, causing her to hit her head on a tree trunk. Rogue could feel her consciousness slipping away, her body feeling heavy and limp.

" Sleep tight, p'tite. When y'wake… y'got some explainin' t'do."


Author's Note: I know… Rogue is better than that… and the rest of the 5 guys just practically stood there. I hope this will get better soon…