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The Silence was uncomfortable, as Angelique's gaze shifted from Logan to Ororo. She knew that the question would create some tension, but she had no idea that it would be so thick.

Ororo seemed to avert her eyes every time that she made eye contact, and Logan would only grunt every two seconds.

"Was it really that bad?" she asked softly, taking another sip of her tea. Tante Mattie had always said that tea relaxes people, but it wasn't doing was it was supposed to. "In all o' m' dreams, Ah'd see glimpses of... people in pain..."

Logan looked up, as she continued. "Was Ah th' cause o' their pain?" she asked.

Ororo shook her head. "N-no, child... your... your gifts were different, yes," she started, unsure of how to continue. "But you were making progress, you were close to attaining control."

Angelique could only frown, confused as to what her mutation was, and why the woman would not inform her of what it was.

"Look, Ah don' need y' t' treat me like Ah'm some chil'," she replied curtly. "Y' tol' me t' ask, an' Ah did. Ah expect t' get some answers in return."

Logan smirked, relieved that her spunk had not disappeared. It made things that much more simpler. He felt his connection to her strengthen, and he cleared his throat to tell her the truth.

"Look, Stripes," he started. "You want to know what your mutation is, right?"

Ororo looked at Logan in horror. Surely he wasn't about to do what she thought he would. Rogue was happy, didn't he see that? Logan advanced on the southern belle, and was nearly touching her, when Ororo stood up.

"I'm sorry to cut out time short, and I apologize if we didn't answer your questions... but I'm afraid we have to leave," she said quickly. "Professor Xavier is expecting us. We'll return sometime next month."

Angelique seemed confused, and angered. How could they just leave? She had a feeling that the woman was hiding something, but what could it be.

Could Remy have been right? These people were not her family at all... they were just people whom she knew once.

"But 'Ro..." Logan started.

"Angelique, we shall return next month, with Professor Xavier," she said slowly. "Your question just caught us off guard. It will be hard to accept, and I believe that it would do you better if we brought a couple of your friends as well as the Professor, just in case."

Angelique nodded. " Certainment," she said unsure of her answer. "Mais... before y' go... what is mah name?"

Ororo stopped and turned around. "We didn't really know your real name, child."

Logan nodded sadly, " We knew you by a codename. Only Chuck really knows what your name is."

Angelique sighed, she wasn't getting anywhere. "What was mah codename?"

Logan smirked. "Rogue."

With that, Ororo and Logan left the LeBeau mansion, leaving a frustrated girl sitting in the living room.

She was no closer to her goal than she had been. She still didn't know her real name, she didn't know her mutation. She didn't even get the chance to ask any other questions.

'They stayed for ten minutes' she thought, and wondered if that was longer than their stay during the time they had left her in the LeBeau's backyard.

"Y'Okay, Cherie?"


Remy had been in high spirits as soon as he left his father's study. He was finally going to be free of Belladonna. No mistaking, the girl was nice on the eyes, but that was pretty much all she had to offer.

'Well... maybe dat an' she's good in de bed' Remy thought.

But that was over. Remy was a player, yes, but after a while... all the girls seemed to look and feel the same. Belladonna was the best out of them all, but she was still just another girl.

Angelique, was completely different.

He loved her with all his heart. And he was overjoyed that she would be his for eternity. There would be no other for him. And God help any man who tried to get his fille.

He walked through the hallways with a grin on his face, looking like he had just stolen the biggest diamond in the world.

Passing by the living room, he spotted Angelique alone, sipping on a cup of tea.

"Y'Okay Chere?" he asked, walking into the room.

Angelique barely acknowledged his presence, but Remy knew that she heard him. He sat down beside her, taking the cup from her hand. He caressed the back of her hand with his thumb, knowing something must have happened.

'If Remy sees les deux encore...' he began.

Angelique stirred in his arms, and he gazed down into her eyes. He immediately drowned into those emerald pools, swearing obscenities mentally at the couple who had caused her so much torment.

"Rem, Ah'm back where Ah started," she whispered, leaning on his shoulders. "All Ah got from dem was a codename."

Remy frowned, "A codename, Chere?"

" Oui," she replied. "Rogue."

Laughter filled the room, and Angelique could only look at her friend strangely. "What is so funny?" she asked, standing up and placing her hands on her hips.

Remy smirked at the angry woman before him, noting that she looked even more radiant when she was angered.

"Rogue. Don't dat mean 'thief'?"

As they looked at each other, they broke down in a fit of laughter at the irony. True, Angelique didn't get much from her first encounter with her 'friends', but they would return.

Though, she wasn't about to tell Remy that.


Logan couldn't understand why Ororo had bailed out. They were barely in there for ten minutes, and the look Rogue gave them had broken his heart.

" 'Ro, tell me again, why we left Stripes back there?" he asked. "I thought we were to bring her back with us?"

Ororo sighed, and nodded. "I know, but didn't you see her? She was happy... much happier than she had been in the institute."

Logan grunted. "We'll see how happy she'll be when she remembers us. I can practically hear the fans in the MedLab."

Looking out the window, Ororo decided to ignore Logan's last comment. Rogue had been happy. She could touch, and she had a family... but she also had family back in Bayville. Kurt would be crushed to know that his only sister would never be able to remember him.

And what if Logan was right? What if her memory returns along with her powers. She would feel betrayed, and she may never trust anyone again.

Everything would rely on their next visit. And hopefully it would last much longer than the first.

Logan, on the other hand felt differently from Ororo. The only thing he saw in Rogue was the confusion, much like he did when he had become conscious after being experimented on by Essex.

But he wondered if Ororo was right. Rogue had been able to touch. Was it possible that the only thing that kept her from attaining that control was trust? He knew that she never really trusted anyone in Bayville. What with the knowledge of Mystique being her mother, and having used her like a puppet.

Or was it just the knowledge of her power that kept her at bay?

Maybe Ororo had done the right thing after all. If Rogue remembered her powers...

The happiness she had would disappear.

'How the hell did things become so complicated?'


Author's Note: Oh wow... that was different. I had planned to have them tell her, but that kind of threw me off. I mean, there were endless possibilities to what could have happened...

Rogue could have remembered and her chances with Remy would have plummeted... or not. We never really know.

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