The Smooth Criminal

He dances and spins along
Life a blank
Horror indecisive
His soft finger touches her cheek
Tongue, lips, breath, warmth
It's all there
But shouldn't be.
He slips away
His task is done
You choose-
Machine or Human?
You choose for yourself
What you want him to be
And he will become it.
Drawing unseen blood that
And thereby disarms
An inexperienced woman
Would fall for it.
He is what you want him to be
And he is all the better for it
You want what you can't have
And find it in his
Perfect chiseled face
Masking the crude machinery
Stealing away what shouldn't have been taken
He doesn't realize
What he's doing.
Stealing with sin
As a programmed action
You've been hit by
You've been struck by
A smooth criminal.