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Starfire nervously shifted in her seat at the kitchen table, contemplating her planned events for the day. She set her elbow on the table and rested her head in her open palm. Outside, it poured, a deluge of tiny droplets refusing to cease pummeling the unsuspecting Earth and its inhabitants. With her remaining hand she grasped a fork, picking at the remains of her salad with it, unamused. She glanced over at the immense window to her right, and sighed as she saw the tiny streaks of water spill carelessly down it. She sighed and began to slowly push the tiny, edible plants about on her plate. She failed to notice she was unconsciously spelling something...R-O-B...she was halfway through the 'I' when she realized what she was doing, and in a wild panic sprung from the seat and flung the plate halfway across the room. It came in contact with the wall and shattered into a thousand pieces. "Hey Star! I heard a crash, you ok?" Cyborg called from the living room. Starfire fixed her hair, which had scattered about in her mild pandemonium, and replied. "Yes, I am fine! Thank you for being concerned of my well being!"

She floated to the other side of the kitchen, knelt, and gingerly began cleaning up the shards. As she tidied up her mess, she grinned slightly, thinking of what she was doing. "Robin..." she whispered, nearly inaudibly. The name sent a sharp, cold pang to the back of her neck while simultaneously causing her cheeks to flush with a deep heat. She was concerned about this in the beginning, but after some research, she realized it was a normal occurrence. Starfire was confused on what to call her new, exciting emotion-she knew she liked him more than a friend, but also knew not to go as far to call it 'love,' knowing she was not there yet. ("But dangerously close." she gleefully said to herself.) She settled on calling it a deep, deep admiration. Starfire nodded. That was the perfect title. She picked up the last of the discarded glass and dropped it in the trash.

"Well, that has kept me busy for a few minutes. Let me see if the other Titans would like to do something, or else we might have many more broken dishes." She smiled and walked into the living room. Beast Boy sat cross- legged on the couch, clutching a red controller that was hooked onto a game console. His eyes had glazed over, giving the appearance he had died in that position, but it was apparent he had not, as his fingers were rapidly pressing several random buttons. His tongue peeked out from between his tight, now bloodless lips. Cyborg was sprawled out on the floor, cheering on the tiny, crudely animated man on the screen as he leapt over obstacles and dodged enemies, whilst firing blasts of his own. "Hello, Beast Boy. I see you are currently preoccupied, but I was wondering if perhaps you would like to-how do you say it?-hang out with me?" she asked innocently. Beast Boy's eyes, still glued to the screen, did not respond to her presence, but he grunted in reply. "Sorry, Star, I'm on the 82nd level, only 12 more levels and I'm halfway done! I'll be sure to beat Robin's" she blushed at the name and eyed the ground sheepishly, "high score in a good 5 days!!" he exclaimed. "He hasn't blinked in 3 hours!" Cyborg cried, amazed. Suddenly, he heard a faint 'beep' coming from his arm, and checked where it had come from. He saw a tiny gauge was nearly empty and he, knowing what this meant, rose, stretched, and headed for the corridor.

"Gotta run, guys, I'm low on power and I've gotta re-charge." He casually waved and made his way to his room, but Starfire hurriedly zipped next to him. "Would you like me to keep you company while you re-charge, Cyborg?" she inquired. "Nah, that's alright, Star. I usually shut down completely when I re-charge; it saves battery and I last longer!" he said with a shake of his head. "Then, perhaps I can wait for you to complete your task!" she cried. Cyborg, again, shook his head. At this point he had reached his quarters, and turned to her with one hand on the door. "Thanks for the offer, but my charging can last a few hours. I could be out the rest of the night. Hey, I'll see ya around." Before Starfire could interject, he disappeared inside, and she could hear a slight electric fizz as he plugged in. She sighed, and continued in her quest for a companion.

She reached Raven's bedroom door quite shortly after her brief conversation with Cyborg and raised her hand to knock on the metal covering. Her hand jarred for a moment. Part of her was thinking, "There really is no point to this. It is not likely Raven will want to do anything other than hate the world." But other part of her, the ever-optimistic much larger side, said the complete opposite. "Aw, give Raven some credit! She is your friend and deserves a chance to show herself!" Starfire, with a newfound confidence, inhaled and knocked on the door. She heard the sounds of stirring inside and the weak approached of footsteps. Raven creaked open her door and peeped her face out slightly, un-shrouded from her usual cape. "What?" she asked emotionlessly. Starfire beamed, ever the optimist, and sweetly began. "Hello, Raven! How are you doing today? I was wondering if per-" "No." Raven cut her off quickly and closed her door, locking herself inside the dark, dreary place it was. Starfire sighed. "Well, I walked into that one." She muttered.

There was one last Titan left in the Tower, and the thought of HIM and HER alone gave her shivers. She felt an incredible sense of joy with the thought of it, and anxiously rushed to locate him. After a few minutes of searched, she was just about ready to lose hope and smash another plate out of sheer boredom when she heard stirring in the gym. Cautiously, she tip- toed to the entrance, and poked her head into the doorway. Sure enough, there he was, pounding a large punching bag with all his might. As Starfire watched Robin train, throwing punches and kicks at all possible directions, she couldn't help but feel..well, feel something. It was a kind of flutter in her heart, a meld between pride, awe, and impressed. She felt weak in the knees, and felt her breath catch in the throat, much like when a die-hard fan gazing upon their beloved lead guitarist at a concert, fingers gracefully sliding up and down the slender neck with ease. (A/N: TYSON!!!!!! *swoons, then faints. Recovers, rises, and brushes self off.* Sorry, that reminded me of one of my fianc├ęs, Tyson Ritter, lead vocals and bassist of one of my favorite bands, the All American Rejects. Perhaps you have heard of their deliriously catchy hit "Swing, Swing?" Anyway, they rock, and Tyson is one of the most gorgeous guys I have EVER seen, with the most beautiful, perfect blue eyes in the whole world. *sighs* Hope you can check them out, but remember TYSON IS MINE!!!! I CALLED HIM!!! Sorry..well that was a pointless rambling.erm.yeah.Tyson..) Robin grunted and sent another hard blow to the stuffed bag, sending it flying backwards on its chain. Beaming at his victory, he placed his hands at his hips triumphantly, neglecting to notice the bag soaring back at him with an even higher speed. It crashed into his gut with an "Ooof!" and he careened backwards, nailing the wall and landing hard onto a pile of weights.

After a few moments of groans, Robin popped up, infuriated. "DAMN YOU, PUNCHING BAG! You may have defeated me yet again, but I WILL conquer you, MARK MY WORD!" he shouted, pointed an accusing finger at the lifeless object. From the corner, he heard a meek giggle, and he turned to find the source. He knew his face morphed to a color as red as his shirt when he saw Starfire leaking titters from between the fingers that clasped over her lips. "Uh..h-hey Star. Um...ho-how long were you st-st-standing there?" he asked. Starfire noticed Robin's unusual stutter, something that rarely appeared but did tend to surface now and then. It was always linked to his blushing, they seemed to go hand in hand, but she couldn't figure out why. "Long enough to observe your riveting conversation with the punching bag." she replied with a grin. Robin couldn't help but smile too, Starfire always had that affect on him. She sauntered casually to the punching bag and wrapped her arms around it, leaning on it slightly. "God, I wish I were that bag right now..." Robin abruptly thought, but shook off his oncoming wave of emotion immediately. "What were you doing in here, Robin?" she asked, stating the obvious. "Eh, I was just training, but the stupid bag manages to smack me every time! I swear, I think they're plotting revenge on us and FIGHTING BACK. Y'know, we could document this on TV and make it a sleazy reality show on Fox! We'll make BILLIONS!" He feigned an evil look and began drumming his fingers together, then pretended to twist his long, invisible mustache, as all evil villains eventually do. His stutter vanished as quickly as it appeared, Starfire noted. She laughed at his antics, nearly snorting, and griped the bag tighter incase she would stumble in her fit of laughter.

"So, what brings you to this side of the Tower, Star?" he questioned. She grinned wildly and began to sway with the bag. "Well, I was wondering, if..perhaps..you and I could hang out, like normal teenagers. I would be delighted to see some of your Earth customs." Robin seemed to lose all his color and scream blood red all at once. "Y-Y-You mean you and m-me? T- Together? Alone? J-J-Just hanging out?" And it was back. Honestly, Starfire hadn't the faintest idea what triggered Robin's speech impediment. She looked to him with pleading, jade eyes. Jade, immaculate eyes that beckoned Robin, they were so inviting, so enticing, he couldn't stop himself from saying, "Ok." Starfire squealed in joy and bounced up and down slightly, and Robin chuckled at her as she acted like a kid who just found out Baskin Robins has 32 flavors. "What do you want to do?" he asked, perfectly. No stutter. Starfire was baffled by this, but decided to contemplate it later. "It is up to you, though I recommend not entering the living room, Beast Boy is attempting to defeat your high score, he has not blinked in more that 3 hours." Robin laughed and nodded. "Yeah, like he'll even get CLOSE to my score. Alrighty, then, let's see...what to do? We could watch a movie; I've got a TV in my room." Starfire agreed, and they set off to Robin's den, or nest, if you wanted to make a pun.

Starfire was impressed. She had never entered anyone's room other then her own. Sure, she had the occasional peek inside Beast Boy's once or twice, but never actually went inside. Robin's uniform seemed to be the theme; the walls were painted a deep crimson with a thick black stripe running horizontally through the middle. Yellow curtains were draped over the window, and a bright green rug settled on the floor. There were a few assorted posters lining the walls, mostly of random 'bands', as Robin called them. A few clothes were lying limply about, on furniture or the floor. It seemed Robin never cleaned up after he changed and made no use of his large walk-in closet, which, unsurprisingly, was nearly empty. She noticed another door, this once a bright yellow, which lead to a simple bathroom, completely white, a lone red tower on the brink of slipped from its countertop to the floor. The shower door was ajar, perhaps from the morning, and a small pool of water rested at the foot of the sink. He had a fairly big bed, with a red comforter and a few yellow pillows, ebony sheets popping out from beneath. It was pushed into a corner, offering only one available exit. Robin's room was much larger then she had anticipated.

Robin knelt to view his video collection and slid his finger along the titles, deciding which to watch. "Um, do you like action?" he asked. "Hee hee, I get enough action everyday from the team!" she snickered. Robin joined her with a slight chortle. "Good point-hmm..well I'm not watching that sappy kissy-kissy goo goo crap, that stuff makes me wanna hurl. I don't even know why this is in here!" He pulled a copy of "Titanic" with only his index finger and thumb, and tossed it aside, disgusted. "Do you like comedy? I've got this great movie called "The Naked Gun." Absolutely hilarious. I've seen it 74 times and it STILL cracks me up." Starfire nodded. "But how can a gun be naked? It does not wear clothes to begin with!" she exclaimed, confused. Robin laughed to himself and popped the movie in the VCR. He flopped down on his bed to view the screen, and Starfire did the same. They sat next to each other, mostly in silence, other than the frequent burst of laughter from Leslie Neilson's moronic character.

"It's a classic story; boy finds girl, boy loses girl, girl finds boy, boy forgets girl, boy remembers girl, and girl dies in a tragic blimp accident over the Orange Bowl on New Years." His date looked sympathetic across from him. "'Good Year?'" she asked. "No, the worst." he responded.

Robin howled with laughter once again as the oblivious Frank Drebin made a fool out of himself on the screen. Suddenly, he noticed they was no adorably infectious giggle beside him, the one that made him smile no matter what the mood. He turned away from the screen and looked down, and what he saw turned him crimson. Starfire's head lolled on his chest, her ginger hair slipping down her brow and into her closed eyes. At one point in the night, Robin perched himself atop his pillows, backing himself into the corner. Somehow Starfire had managed to fall asleep quite comfortably resting on him, scrunched a bit between his legs. He wasn't sure when this happened, it must have been when he was absorbed in the movie. "It can't be that late." he muttered to himself. He glanced at the alarm clock on his bedside table. 3:44 AM. Ok, maybe it was. Robin turned back to Starfire, feeling his blood race to his cheeks. She looked so peaceful, so happy. She even smiled when she slept. Robin, a torrent of emotions, didn't know how to react, but DID know he never wanted this to end.

He brushed a lock of her soft, silk-like hair away from her face and tucked it behind her ear. She began to shift in place, and Robin's hair stood on end. Starfire sighed deeply, and ever so softly, murmured something. "Robin..." His eyes widened in shock, and a spasm in his arm caused his hand to jerk backwards. She inhaled deeply and nuzzled herself deeper into his chest. "Mmmm....you smell like..sweet red plums and..grilled cheese sandwiches." she mused in her half-sleeping state. Robin smirked, that was a new one. Odd, but new. He then felt her slender arms snake their way around his waist and lock together, a new blush sneaking up on him. She pulled herself in closer; her unconscious state seemed to be reenacting her secret desires. What was he to do? He smiled, his heart racing. He smoothed down her perfect mane, letting his fingers caress every strand. Then, inspired, he removed his cape and draped it over her for warmth. Robin wrapped his arms around Starfire's tight, toned waist, leaned his head against the wall and let his eyes slowly close to sleep, with a wonderfully, deliriously jocund, love-struck smile playing with his lips.

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