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Starfire sat on the shore alone, her arms curled around her long, shapely legs. She had removed her shoes and sat in the cool sand, the clear, pristine water gently lapping up at her feet. The sun had long since sank deep into the horizon, leaving a trail of incredible, glittering stars forlornly chasing after it. She giggled as a chilly wind elegantly combed her scarlet locks, and rubbed her arms' lack of warmth. She gazed in awe upward at the sky, sighing as her thoughts drifted away. She found herself focusing less on the scenery, and more on him. Her cheeks flushed pink and she smiled, watching in wonder at the stars radiating perfectly, but in no way were ever as beautiful of bright as Robin's eyes. Starfire sighed, absentmindedly tracing something in the sand with a discarded piece of driftwood. She cooed in delight, admiring her work, and shifted her emerald gaze up to the heavens.

~A star up in the sky

Goes slowly passing by,

The lights below,

They spell out your name~

Robin aimlessly walked around the living room, beaming as he contemplated. The boys followed him with their eyes, growing more and more irritated as he paced about. His walk was almost hypnotizing, once you started watching you couldn't pull away, and this annoyed the boys to no end. "STOP!!!!!" they yelled at the same time. Robin promptly ceased and stared at the males confused, but would not let up his smile. "Sorry, guys." he apologized. "I'm just so excited! I've been planning what I'm going to say all day long and I need to tell her and AH I CAN'T WAIT!" he said, a bit too giddy for his taste, and he resumed strolling all about the room. With this, Beast Boy and Cyborg slapped their foreheads in frustration.

Robin was rambling all about how wonderful it felt and had circled the couch 6 times. Raven looked up from behind her book and glanced at the floor. She was pretty sure a faint hole was beginning to form where Robin had been pacing. "I just wish I knew where she was! I need to tell her now!" he ranted to his unenthusiastically listening friends. Cyborg sighed and propped his elbows up on his knees and let his head fall into his open palms. "No shit, Sherlock." he muttered under his breath. Raven was getting aggravated by the Boy Wonder as well, it was getting increasing harder to concentrate on her reading with his moronic accolade of Starfire, he just went on and on and on and on..........a dish exploded in the kitchen. She took a deep breath, calming her nerves and subduing her emotions, and slowly used her power to guide Robin's feet unknowingly to the window. He hadn't even realized it, until he collided with the glass and smashed his head into it, tumbling backwards in pain.

"Aow-wo! I have lost more brain cells this week it's a wonder I can still speak!" Robin fumed, rubbing his head. "More like a pity." Raven mumbled behind the hardback. Beast Boy snickered and glanced over at her with a smile. Robin blatantly ignored them and peered out the screen before him and into the everlasting night sky, and saw a small, silhouetted figure resting on the shore. He beamed and immediately rushed out the door, tripping and landing flat on his face before he reached the door, but he leapt up and exited with a look that could only be described as love- struck.

~You're comfort on my mind,

And you're with me all the time

And lots of feelings I

Can't explain~

He got outside unharmed, slowly approaching the growing figure, smiling. He reached the tip of the beach and pulled off his shoes to feel the tiny crystals sift through his toes as he walked. Starfire's shadow grew larger as he moved in. Even with her back to him, he knew she was smiling, and in the soft moonlight she seemed to shimmer in radiance. Robin reached her and was suddenly struck with an arrow of apprehensiveness. He felt his throat tighten and his palms sweat. "What if I do this wrong?" he subconsciously thought, and contemplated turning on his heal and venturing off in the other direction. His heart raced, and he took a deep breath and cleared his throat. Starfire perked up, startled by the sound, and turned to be greeted by a spandex-clad pair of legs. She felt a chill run down her spine, and she looked up to confirm her suspicions. He was there. She smiled brightly at him and rose to her feet, brushing the sand particles that had gathered along her body. Her smile, it made him melt right there on the spot, and all trepidation he felt not 2 seconds before seemed to just wither away. "Hey." she whispered. "Hey." he replied in the same hushed tone. For many moments they said nothing more, because at the time it wasn't even necessary.

~I won't spend another night alone.

I won't spend another night alone~

Robin took a step towards the brilliant eyed girl with a beaming face. "Star, I've been meaning to talk to you." he said finally. She tilted her head. "Oh, really? What about?" she responded with a grin, knowing exactly what he meant. He sighed and innocently bit his lower lip. "About, us." Starfire nodded, hiding her excitement extraordinarily well. "See, lately, things between us have been......different. In a good way.......a very good way." he added with a grin. She listened intently to the boy, but he said nothing else for some time. He didn't want to demolish how perfect that moment was, the salty sea air fluttering through her hair, the faint starlight reflecting off her shimmering eyes, her smile. That was all he ever needed, and he was happy. This girl had honestly no idea how much he meant to her.

~Out of every girl I meet,

No other can compete,

I'd ditch them all for

A night with you~

Robin absentmindedly smiled, if possible, wider than he was a moment before. He took a step in towards the girl, gradually closing the slight gap between them. He took a second more to admire how lovely she looked in the pale moonlight before opening his mouth to speak again. "Well, this is the thing Star, I really, really really like spending time with you. You're smart, you're funny, you always know exactly what to say, and you're.........beautiful." he said the last word as if his voice caressed it like fine cloth. He inhaled deeply and took another step in, and ever so slowly, reached out his hand and gently fingered her long, elegant locks. Starfire watched his skilled fingers move gracefully and with ease, and leaned in towards him to make his task less strenuous. "Star." He spoke so softly the sound of the shifting sands could be heard over him. He finally spoke again. "You-you are a huge part of my life and.........I have no idea what I'd do without you."

~I know you don't believe

You mean this much to me,

But I promise you

That you do~

Starfire smiled and cupped a hand over Robin's palm, still saying nothing. Robin grinned and tried to continue, but his mouth moved wordlessly and nothing came out. The misty sea air began to slowly envelop them, as if wrapping them in their own personal blanket. Amidst the misty oblivion, Robin could distinctly see the 2 fiery jade gems that were Starfire's eyes. So bright, so optimistic, he could gaze into them forever. She glanced down, and almost immediately upon breaking eye contact the fog lifted away. Robin could care less. She was with him, and that was all that mattered.

~I won't spend another night alone.

I won't spend another night alone~

Starfire moved in closer to the Boy Wonder, delicately holding his hand that had caught itself in her hair. She realized she had not said a word since he began, she didn't want to. She would let him speak, tell her expressively and fluently his feelings and wait for her to do the same. She may get confused easily, but she wasn't stupid. She smiled brightly at him, picturing the scene; Robin would stare at her expectantly, wait for a speech about how much she cared about him, secretly freak out thinking she didn't feel the same, and then she would laugh and calmly explain that she didn't need many long, elaborate words to express herself. In fact, she only needed 3.

~If I had one wish this is what it would be,

I'd ask you to spend all your time with me

Then we'd be together forever~

"I can't see a damn thing!" Cyborg whined, cupping his two hands on either sides of his eyes, blocking out any excess light the tower mockingly beamed down on him. Currently he was pressed against a window, trying desperately to get a good view of the two teens on the beach from his far-off Tower view. Unfortunately, with the fog lifting and sinking what seemed like every 3 seconds, such a feat was not so simple to accomplish. Beast Boy, carrying a giant bowl of popcorn, entered the room with a large smirk, pulled up a reclining chair next to Cyborg's complaining position, and stuffed a handful of the junk food into his mouth. "Whaddid I miss?" he asked his friends, various pieces of white and yellow food particles spraying off in every direction. "So far, nothing. They're just........STANDING! And nothing else! Man, they better get some action, and soon! I gotta pee!" he whimpered and clamped together his knees, nervously bouncing up and down. He glanced over at the green boy, anxiously shifting his weight from one foot to the other and holding his hands over......the area that relieved such anxiety. "Ooh, popcorn." Cyborg said, quickly forgetting of his plight, and stopped his dance to grab a fistful of the salty snack, which he promptly shoved down his throat.

Raven groaned and slammed her book shut. She was not going to deny it, this was ANNOYING. "Don't you have anything better to do?" she muttered. "Nope! Not a thing!" Beast Boy cheerily replied, and popped another piece of popcorn into his mouth. She rolled her lavender eyes and kicked her feet up on the coffee table. "Could you at least give them a LITTLE privacy?" she requested, getting more and more irritated by the second. "Ooh baby, bring on the action! Let's go! I'm hoping for cheap porn!!......uh......not that I ever WATCH that stuff.......a-hem.........WILL YOU DO SOMETHING ALREADY?!" Cyborg shouted, pounding the window with his immense fist. Raven was fed up, and with gritted teeth she raised a hand and both the boys went flying backwards, their flight forcefully broken by the opposite wall. Beast Boy left a body-printed large dent in it and slumped to the floor, moaning, while Cyborg's head managed to lodge itself in the plaster. He screamed, but it was muffled by the pipes coiled around his face. Raven smiled, satisfied, and cracked open her book once again. But, before she lost herself in spells and incantations, she briefly glanced out the window at the 2 shadows along the shore. She breathed a laugh and began to read.

~We'd buy a small house in South Central L.A.

Raise lots of kids then we'd both join a gang

Just as long as we're together~

Back on the shore, Robin was innocently tugging on Starfire's strands, until he reached the end and his arm flopped to his side. He cursed inwardly, kicking himself for letting go when he wanted to hold her so badly. He sighed, and decided to go on with his speech. "Star, basically, all I'm trying to say is.........I care about you. A lot. You mean everything to me, and in all honesty, I'd be completely lost if you weren't around." His voice was like a whisper, so soft and faint it was amazing Starfire could hear it. She inhaled curtly, only to release it in a laugh. She smiled, the light reflecting off her lips and teeth. Robin waited for another reaction for 10 long, agonizing minutes, actually it was 10 long, agonizing seconds, but who was counting, anyway? His smile faltered when she did nothing, and a slight sweat broke out on his forehead. "Um.........so...........you wanna say anything?" he asked bluntly, and slapped himself on his sweating brow on how incredibly conceited that sounded. Starfire giggled and took one final step in, tenderly wrapping her arms around Robin's crafted waist. He was startled by her forwardness, but all the same beamed with delight. "Robin, to tell you of my feelings, I only need to say one thing." She leaned in, pressing her forehead against his, staring longingly into his hidden eyes.


~The things you make me wanna do,

I'd rob a Quick-e-Mart for you.

I'd go to the pound and let all the cats go free,

As long as you'd be with me~

Robin was stunned..........did she just say what he think she did? Love? It was a dark and confusing emotion, but the fruits of its ways could be very promising. His breath caught in his throat as he contemplated the word, still shocked, and stared intently into her dancing emerald eyes. He finally found the words to speak, but only after a long pause. "You-you love me?" he murmured in disbelief. Starfire giggled in response, which he took as a yes. His pulse raced, the world was spinning, everything blurred before his eyes as his one true desire was confirmed. He wished beyond wish it was true, and last night he had believed it, but now, hearing those words from her, words could not describe how overjoyed he was. His arms immediately slipped around her slender waist, holding her so softly that she never wanted him to let go. "I love you." he whispered into her ear. The words came so freely, he never felt anything so easy come from him in his life. She smiled, and tilted her chin upward to passionately kiss him on the lips. His hands moved from her waist to her face as he tangled his fingers in her ruby hair, never breaking. Kissing her, finally, REALLY kissing her, it was surreal, pure, utter ecstasy. They were walking on air, floating together, and suddenly everything was perfect, moving with an indescribable grace, and as long as they were together, it would stay that way.

~I won't spend another night alone.

I won't spend another night alone~

Starfire slowly pulled away, shifting her arms up to Robin's strong shoulders, and playfully glanced to the side. Robin returned it and followed her gaze, seeing it lead to her 'artwork.' It was beautiful, pure and sweet and gentle. A tiny wave washed over her piece, and despite the sandy texture, it did not fade away. This is what it said; encased in a heart, etched into the damp sand in perfectly crafted letters read STARFIRE AND ROBIN, FOREVER., The second he saw it, it was all he could do but glide his lips serenely across hers again and again. She returned it, holding each one like it was her last. This was the way things would be. They remained there all night, wrapped in each other's arms, and despite the cool sea breeze were contently warm the entire time. It was not until the misty fingered dawn broke the charcoal sky and day-break awoke the city that they returned to the Tower, hand in hand, and even still, the sand design did not disappear.

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