Chapter 10 If you want to know what happened last time read it. We join Ash and Misty in their room at the pokémon center. They have just eaten dinner and Misty is about to tell Ahs about her dream. Let's listen in on them. "So Misty what was so scary about the dream you had last night?" asked Ash concerned for Misty. "Well we were in a stadium with lots of people watching us. You were dead on the ground. Pikachu and I tried to get you to get up but we couldn't. I started crying when a dark figure told me that only a miracle could save you and laughed in an evil way. I looked up and a gold twinkle lit up then I heard you call my name and then I woke up screaming. There was a note on the nightstand. Here" She reached in her pocket and handed Ash the note. As Ash read the note his eyes grew wide and he understood why she didn't tell him until now. "Wow" was all he could say. Misty started crying thinking about how true the dream might become. She was scared and Ash tried to comfort her. She cried herself to sleep in Ash's arms and on his bed. Ash fell asleep not long after trying to make sense of the dream. The next morning they woke in each other's arms. They noticed that they were being watched by Rebecca and Tracy, who seemed to think that something happened. "It's not what you think" they yelled and just ignored them for the rest of the morning. After breakfast Ash and Misty exchanged glances with everyone else and they knew not to pester them this morning. Everybody walked outside to the park. Tracy and Rebecca went off to record on the wild pokémon while Ash and Misty watched their pokémon play in peace. They watched as Pikachu was IT, then Squirtle, and last Psyduck who was IT for a long time. All of a sudden they heard a few familiar voices. "Prepare for trouble" "And make that double" "To protect the world from devistation" "To unite all peoples within out nation" "To denounce the evils of truth and love" "To extend our reach to the stars above" "Jessie" "James" They jumped out of the bushes and in front of Ash and Misty "Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light" "Surrender now or prepare to fight" "Meowth, that's right" "Not you again. You can't have Pikachu" Ash yelled at them. "We aren't here for the wimpy Pikachu we're here for you" they yelled and pointed at Misty. Ash grabed her arm and tried to pull her behind him but Meowth scratched him temperarily blinding him. They took off with Misty as Weezing spread a smoke screen. They had gotten away but not before an Officer Jenny spotted them and came to help Ash. They searched and searched but eveyone felt like all hope was lost. Everyone but Ash. He cried and hoped that misty was ok. Will Team Rocket's plan work/ Will they get Pikachu? Will we ever find out? Hope So!!! :)