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Chapter Fifteen: Jumping Into Tomorrow

Her eyes flickered open only to reveal honey colored pupils that seemed to glow brighter as she fully came awake; her eyes easily making out the pitch black room.

"Aoshi-sama," whispered a raspy voice as the new vampire kicked away the blankets that had imprisoned her in a cocoon of warmth.

Moving her legs over the side of the bed, the teenager raised her ki enough so that the room would rid her of the sudden rush of cold air that greeted her when she stepped on the cold carpet, which was suddenly warming up. Walking over to the empty wall, the girl raised her ki and quickly walked through the awaiting Waterfall Shower and then the Clothes Screen when the wall vanished to reveal a small room in the back and screen waiting for her.

Reopening her eyes, she smiled when she felt that she was now in a pair of blue jeans and a plain white t-shirt. Misao only giggled when she saw her reflection in a mirror that appeared before her; she noticed that even if she was a vampire she could still see her reflection and that her fangs were clearly visible as well as her keen cat-like eyes.

"I'm actually a vampire…. I wonder if the others will notice when I walk out…. I better hide my features, they might not be too happy knowing that I slept with someone that I barely met…but then again I did know Aoshi-sama a millennia ago," said Misao with a grin as instinctively she closed her eyes and mouth.

Giving her self a mischievous grin in the mirror, Misao bonded out of the bathroom and walked out of the automatic doors before skipping downstairs. If she hadn't noticed Tsubame and Yahiko's distinctive ki, she would have used her newly required speed to race down but she was sure that the two would quickly notice her.

Slowly creeping into the kitchen where she was sure the two were eating, the older teenager prepared herself to attack when Yahiko's words stopped her from surprising the two. So instead, the novice moved her back towards the wall near the kitchen and waited for them to finish before barging in.

"Do you really believe what Kamatari and Takasugi told us earlier?" asked Yahiko; Misao could tell that his mouth was obviously full from the way that his words came out so choppy.

"Eat with your mouth closed Yahiko! But seriously, I don't know who to believe…. But they are our friends, and I trust them with my life but…. How would two normal humans know about the actions of powerful vampires that not only have an advantage in skill but in the business world as well? I mean…we didn't even know about that," Tsubame's voice easily drifted to Misao's ears, and she was sure that the younger girl was thinking deeply about what her friends had told her today.

"True, but those two have a lot of connections! I'm sure that if we asked one of the vampires about what happened then they'd happily tell us," Yahiko spoke loudly when he finished swallowing his dinner.

"But that's rude! Do you really want to go up to one of them and ask, 'Hey, did you guys really leave us to die 1000 years ago?'? It'd be inconsiderate on our part as well; you know that they wouldn't have just left us to die! If Himura-san didn't love Kaoru, then do you really think that he would have gone this long without getting another mate? I will admit that we're all connected though," said Tsubame.

"Do you think we should tell Misao about what happened to Yanagi and to Kaoru when she returns?" asked Yahiko, the pitch of his voice rising a bit in excitement.

"What about Yanagi?" Misao asked as she made herself noticed by going into the kitchen and smiling innocently as the two jumped and nearly dropped their sandwiches on the floor.

"Nothing," answered Yahiko quickly when Tsubame nudged him in the gut.

Misao only narrowed her eyes at them as her mind tried to remember any images from the Ritual that looked like Yanagi, but she wasn't quite sure because of the turmoil her mind had been going through while they connected themselves to each other permanently.

Walking over to a food dispenser and grabbing an orange juice, Misao sat down on the kitchen table and looked at the two seriously as they sat down across from her uncomfortably.

"I know that you're lying so you can just tell me what happened to Yanagi," said Misao as she slowly opened the lid of the bottle and took a sip of the orange liquid.

Exchanging glances, Tsubame only nodded to Yahiko.

"Well…. Yanagi's dead…his death was all over the news," replied Yahiko as he shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

"By a vampire," added Tsubame quickly.

Misao raised a brow at them as the two bowed their head and stared at the table, ignoring their half finished sandwiches.

"You don't think that one of…." Began Misao but stopped when the two nodded, a guilty look spreading across their faces.

"Aoshi and Battousai were a bit…jealous when they found out about…" stuttered Yahiko uneasily, he really didn't want to blame them but there wasn't really any other explanation.

"He killed by a sword and not many use swords anymore…except for..." started Tsubame, but she didn't really want to finish.

"I don't believe you," said Misao as she stood up; she wouldn't believe that Aoshi would be so jealous as to kill one of her friends, especially not after what they had just been through together.

"You have to understand that we don't believe it either, but all the facts point to one of them," said Yahiko as he stood up as well.

"Why would they? I mean…they're the most powerful beings in the world, what would one human be to them?" asked Misao as she shook her head.

"Kaoru was human, and she means more than anything to Lord Battousai," reminded Tsubame as she stood next to Yahiko.

"That's because he knew her a life time before…. They all care for us because they knew us when we were vampires too," said Misao, trying to comfort herself from the fact that her mate could have done such a degrading thing.

The two stepped back as Misao's ki flared enough to explode one of the nuclear celled bulbs. They were sure that there was something about the girl but they didn't dare question her in her state.

"Where's Aoshi-sama?" demanded Misao as she walked over to them.

"H-he said that he'd return within the hour," said Tsubame, flinching as another bulb blew up and shattered on the ground in a heap of glass.

"I said where," repeated Misao as her eyes seemed to flicker gold, her strides holding a hidden power as she advanced on the two confused teenagers.

"W-we don't know! Aoshi only said that they were going to go to the Temple, but we don't know which one," answered Yahiko quickly when Misao clenched her fists.

"I'm going out," informed Misao as she turned on her heel and walked towards the door.

"Going out in those clothes and without protection? Are you mad? There's a huge battle near Metallic Kyoto, you'll get killed! Aoshi told us to tell you to wait for his return," said Tsubame as she raced over to her childhood friend.

Misao froze as she said Aoshi's name.

"He'll come back," reassured Yahiko confidently; he felt a connection to the vampire and he was sure that Aoshi was going to come back in one piece.

Tensing her shoulders, Misao only nodded before turning around with a bright smile on her face.

"I'm sorry you two, but I just had a rough night. So, why don't we grab something to eat and watch a movie while we wait for the others to come back?" asked Misao as she practically glided into the kitchen again.

"I'll bet you a huncon that something happened between her and Lord Aoshi," said Yahiko as the two followed the older girl into the kitchen.

Tsubame only turned to him and smiled before shaking his hand.

Dear my love, haven't you wanted to be with me
And dear my love, haven't you longed to be free

"This isn't good…. Kaoru's either hiding her ki or they placed her in a very powerful barrier, I can't sense her," said Tokio as she heightened her senses.

Saitou did the same as he drove down the streets around Metallic Kyoto and was glad that the other six vampires had finished off most of the monsters. They had been searching for Kaoru and her kidnapper for half an hour. If Anji and Aoshi hadn't arrived to take the twins home, then they doubt that they would have left the temple.

"How do you think that someone got into the Temple of Six Arches? The entire place is guarded by spells and barriers; Shishio couldn't have gone through," said Tokio as she turned to face her husband.

"The person that went through used a certain crème that adsorbs ki; the ground near the entrance of the temple had footprints. The crème must have been made to absorb both the person's ki and the barriers so that it wouldn't get to the person, and at the same time cover the owner's ki," said Saitou as his hands tightened on the steering wheel.

"Where do you think that the kidnapper could have gone?" asked Tokio as her eyes went back to the road and the buildings.

"I don't know, but it must be a tightly secured place if Battousai hasn't found his mate yet," stated Saitou.

"What I find strange is that Kaoru's ki has grown; we should have been able to find her by now."

"She must be hiding it."

"Why would she? Wouldn't she want to be saved?"

"Because Battousai is going to be running blindly into a trap."


"Think about it, why would Kaoru not want to be found? From the events that happened in the past we both know that Kaoru loves the vampire enough to die for him."

"Then that means that she'd put his safety before her own…."

"I have a bad feeling that it's going to be raining blood tonight."

"Oh Kaoru…."

If you want me,
Come and find me

"He sure is taking his time in saving his mate," complained Tomoe as she sat on her knees near the large machine in the center of the circular room.

"The message that was sent should reach him soon enough," reassured Enishi as Shishio helped him move the machine into the shadows so that when activated no one could see it attack the center of the room; the exact spot where Tomoe was seated now.

"What did you put in it?" asked Yumi, turning her head to face the men as she stood to the right of their captive calmly.

"We said that we'd kill his mate if he didn't bring both of the katanas," answered Shishio as he stood back to admire his work.

Enishi let out a chuckle before walking over to Kirei, who had her head bent and was looking at the tile decorations as if it were the most interesting thing in the world.

"You must be something remarkable if Battousai waited for you for 1000 years. Too bad that you'll never see him again after we send him to the future, but don't worry, we'll make sure that you die slow and painfully on tape so that we can show it to him when he arrives a century from now," laughed Enishi darkly as he moved his hands to Kirei's chin and forced her to look into his eyes.

"I mean nothing to him and he means nothing to me. He's merely repenting for what he did a millennia ago," seethed out Kirei with a low growl in the back of her throat.

"So you're admitting that you're a whore?" asked Tomoe with a grin as she walked over and looked over Enishi's shoulder.

"It wasn't I who slept with him, and it wasn't Battousai who slept with her. The ones that fell in love with each other are Kaoru and Kenshin, not Battousai and me," corrected Kirei calmly as she stood up straight and met Enishi's blue-green eyes with her own ruby red ones.

"What are you talking about? Are you trying to say that you're all separate beings?" asked Yumi with a snort.

Kirei only grinned.

"You've obviously gone mad. Your mind probably collapsed from gaining so much ki in such a short amount of time," said Enishi calmly as he turned away from her, his shoulders tensing when the young vampire laughed.

"You're pathetic Yukishiro Enishi! Do you really think that if you send Battousai to the future and kill me, you're going to live the rest of eternity in peace? When he comes back and you show him my death, do you actually believe that you'll be able to stop him from going mad and killing you even slower than you killed me? Battousai is growing stronger, and the more people he kills, the more powerful he becomes. Those monsters that you placed all around here are just going to die by his sword, and once they do he'll drain them of their blood. By the time he arrives, he'll be at least ten times more powerful than he was before. You're lucky that he doesn't know where you are…yet," said Kirei with a smug grin as the others stared at her in suspicion and disbelief.

"Liar," hissed Tomoe as she slapped Kirei across the face, causing the younger vampire leave her head to the right.

Turning her head back towards Tomoe, Kirei only smiled at her.

"I'm not going to call for him; no matter what you do to me," whispered Kirei as determination filled her lava pits.

"Leave her alone, Tomoe!" snapped Enishi when she was about to slap her again.

Tomoe only glared at Kirei before turning around and walking over the time machine, her hands crossing over her chest as she whispered about all the ways that she could kill the girl.

Kirei only watched as the other three vampires went about on their own business as they moved to leave the room.

"No," Kirei whispered as her eyes grew wide.

"What did you say?" demanded Shishio as all four of the vampires faced her, their own eyes widening as a blue light engulfed them.

"He's close…" whispered Kirei as she watched her own weapons pulsed and radiated a blue glow that lighted the entire room and reached out towards the open ceiling that led out into the night.

Kirei only closed her eyes as she felt her mate's ki grow the closer that he came; their swords had called out for one another.

"Get into your positions! Tomoe and Yumi, I want you to get out of the room! Shishio, you activate the machine when the weapons are out of his hands. I'll lure him in," said Enishi seriously as the others did as they were told.

"Battousai…you fool," said Kirei as her bangs covered her eyes.

I believe in you
I'll give up everything just to find you

The road back to the mansion was a long and quiet one as Aoshi, Megumi, and the twins drove in the same vehicle; Anji, Dr. Genzai, and Tae in another. They had decided that Saitou, Tokio, and Kenshin would look for Kaoru while the rest made sure that the twins got back home safely. No one had spoke about how their leader had looked when he found a note near the entrance of the Temple of Six Arches.

"Where did Ken-nii go?" demanded Ayame, breaking the tense atmosphere in the car.

"Lord Battousai is looking for Lady Kaoru," answered Megumi as she looked back at the two from the passenger's seat through the rear view mirror.

"Where did she go?" asked Suzumi as she looked into Megumi's eyes through the mirror.

"Because…Lady Kaoru is playing hide-and-go-seek, and Lord Battousai is trying to find her," Megumi lied as calmly as she could, but her voice faltered. Deep inside she was worried about Kaoru's safety and she didn't know if her Lord could handle Kaoru being in such a bad situation; if he were to lose her again then who knows what he'd do.

"You're lying," stated Ayame blandly as she crossed her arms over her chest angrily.

"Yeah, where is Ken-nii and Kao-nee?" asked Suzumi as she remembered how their cousin had said that Kaoru was once their cousin as well.

"You can't lie to them Megumi, they're the children of two of the oldest and most persistent vampires that have ever walked the Earth," reminded Aoshi as he looked gave Megumi a side long glance before refocusing on the road and avoided the zombie body parts that littered the ground.

Turning around to face the girls, Megumi only sighed and smiled at them weakly.

"Kaoru got captured by a very evil man, and we have to save you from this man and his evil followers. Lord Battousai is trying to find her and bring her back home safely like we're doing to you guys. Your parents will be very happy when they see you again," said Megumi as she tried her best to sound reassuring, but a part of her still had doubts.

The girls only nodded before falling silent again.

"I just hope that this time Kaoru will return," whispered Megumi as she faced the road again and stared out into the pitch black sky.

I want to heal you
I want to save you from the dark

"We're home!" shouted Sanosuke as the six entered the mansion and jumped when someone in the living room screamed.

Chou, Kittra, Soujiro, Shura, Katsu, and Sanosuke ran into towards the sound and couldn't but fall onto the couches laughing at the scene that they saw. They flinched when another scream reached their sensitive ears, but this time it was a yell of shock and surprise.

"What happened to you guys? You guys looks like you barely escaped a slaughter house," said Tsubame as she saw the groups' injuries, wounds, and tore up clothes; most of the men barely had their shirts in one piece.

"You guys need a bath," said Yahiko as he pinched his nose for emphasis and waved his hands in front of his face.

"Well…you three need to stop watching scary movies! For a moment there, I thought that a whole bunch of girls were being chased by rats," teased Sanosuke as Yahiko glared at him.

"It wasn't our fault! We had on surround sound and that killer popped out of no where and decapitated the dude!" complained Yahiko in defense.

"Dude?" asked Chou as he turned to the older vampires who were all laughing.

"What's so funny?" asked Misao as she turned off the movie.

"That's such an old word that hearing such a new generation say that is…well just plain funny," explained Sanosuke with a grin to Yahiko, who was rolling his eyes.

"I say we all get washed up and then meet here for a little talk," said Shura as she took her husband's hand and led him up the stairs.

The others only nodded before joining them, leaving the other three to discuss what could have happened to the six.

"They were obviously in the fight that we sensed in Metallic Kyoto, but why are they so beat up? I mean…their wounds were deep; their ki must have healed most of their other injuries," whispered Tsubame as the three sat on a single couch with Misao in the center.

"From the ki that we felt earlier, there were probably thousands of other creatures there. I don't think that even the world's strongest creatures could go up against that many by themselves," said Yahiko as he rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

"Is there something on your mind Misao?" asked Tsubame worriedly as she saw her friend's solemn face.

"I-I'm not really sure…. I just have a very bad gut feeling about something," said Misao truthfully as she rubbed her temples with her right thumb and forefinger.

"A bad vibe is never a good thing," commented Yahiko as Tsubame shook her head in agreement.

"Do you think that something could have happened to…Kaoru?" asked Misao, but mentally slapped herself for thinking like that.

"Kaoru's a strong person, and if anything happens, she always has Kirei to help her," stated Yahiko, but a part of him began to think twice about his own words.

"I guess you're right…" said Tsubame quietly.

The sound of doors swooshing open indicated that the vampires were coming downstairs.

"Let's not say anything about this before them," said Misao as the other two nodded.

Kaoru…you better come back alive this time! Thought Misao as she looked down at her hands and prayed that the gods would watch over her beloved friend.

I can't live this life
Without you by my side

The skies were growing darker as the minutes ticked by, and the blood that stained the ground was slowly drowning into the dry earth. Each second that passed was another second wasted as a river of red flowed through Metallic Kyoto, taking thousands of screams and bodies with it.

The music that was played began to grow as one by one a creature fell, and one by one they were drained within a milliliter left of their blood. A loud ringing noise echoed through the silent night, its sound just as deadly and sickening as the resonance of metal against flesh. The night was alive and active, even if there was nothing left but the darkness itself; the darkness in eternity has raised itself from the shallows depths of Hell and befallen upon the unsuspected world.

Suddenly a vibrant indigo light penetrated the black skies, bursting through the gray clouds and towards the forgotten stars. Followed by the light was a large increase in power as the atmosphere grew thick and threatened to suffocate those that were careless enough to roam the deserted streets at this time of night.

"Kaoru," the name dripped from its owner's lips like blood; a deep longing filling the whisper that seemed like a yell because of the muted silence that loomed in the air.

Just as quickly as the light had appeared, it vanished from the sky.

Here in the shadows
I'm safe, I'm free

Ruby eyes flickered from blue to amber and then back to red as lavender bangs shielded them from her captors. She knew that he'd come for her, knew that he was walking straight into a trap, and she knew that she couldn't do anything to stop him; he was too damn stubborn! A pang of guilt washed over her as she realized she'd be watching her mate's demise with her own eyes and she couldn't do anything about it. Even if she screamed for him to turn around and that it was a trap, she knew that he wouldn't leave without her. She didn't care about her own safety, she cared about his and in turn she'd be caring about the welfare of the entire world. If Battousai were to vanish then the world would go into chaos and it'd be all her fault; she didn't want to see anymore innocents die.

The swords haven't tasted blood yet, so they're not strong enough to break the chains for us. Spoke Kirei to her other half who was still sulking over what might happen.

You want to escape? It's too late now…he's already on his way and by the time we get out…he'd have already arrived. Responded Kaoru gloomily.

But when we've escaped there's still a chance that we can save him! We just have to keep him from getting into the center of the room. No matter what happens we can't let him penetrate our minds, or our plan won't work. Kirei added with a pinch of hope.

Why don't we just tell him through our minds? Kaoru inquired, but couldn't help but feel a bit better that Kirei was actually caring for her mate.

Then he'll be even more stubborn and want to save us! You know he won't leave us here in their clutches. Even if we break our bonds and tell him, those four probably have a back up plan. There's bond to be some other type of trap in here if Tomoe and Yumi left; they're probably watching us through some type of miniature camera. Reasoned Kirei; she was always the one that thought the most logically.

Kaoru fell silent at that and out of curiosity, her blue eyes began to scan the room for any sign of nuclear power but furrowed her brow when she didn't feel any. There had to be some time of nuclear power of a machine was located within the room; her mind began to race when she didn't feel anything from the large time machine either.

They're probably using batteries or another item with potential energy; they wouldn't want Battousai to find the machine, now would they? We can't tell him about the machine either, or he'll search for it and that'll only make the two that are watching use whatever backup that they planned. Added Kirei as Kaoru searched again, and gasped as she saw the faintest red light against the walls; it was blinking so quick that she would have missed it if she had blinked.

How do we stop him? Panicked filled her body as she asked her other half for a solution.

First off, we have to get rid of these binds; just follow my lead when I turn things over to you. It won't work if you're not willing to do something that you'll never forgive yourself for, but if we're going to save him and the world you'll have to.


"Kirei," the single word threw her back into reality and red eyes met relieved ruby ones.

"Battousai…." Whispered Kirei as she saw her love stand up straight and realized that he had to have jumped in through the top of the dome and into the sphere room.

Looking him over, she only gritted her teeth as she saw the two katanas by his side and restrained from biting her lower lip as she saw his red katana pulse and the soul within the white one quivering from being so close to its owner.

"Kirei," repeated Battousai as he stepped out of the shadows and nearly stepped into the center if a loud voice hadn't stopped him.

"Welcome Battousai," Tomoe's voice of what was supposedly an intercom echoed off the stone walls and caused the older vampire to clench his fists at the familiar voice.

"Let Kirei go; I brought your damn swords," growled out Battousai as his eyes searched the room, searching for the source of the voice.

Kirei only balled her fists when he didn't see the machine in the shadows that was coated with that crème that Shishio had used to penetrate the temple. From where she was standing she couldn't see Shishio who was supposed to be by the machine either.

"As Tomoe said, welcome to our hang out Battousai. Place the weapons down and we'll let your precious mate go," Enishi's low voice boomed all around them as he stepped out from the shadows.

Before the strongest being in the world could comply, Kirei's words stopped him.

"Don't! Just turn around and leave!" shouted Kirei as she struggled to get out of her chains.

"Not without you," said Battousai as he took the weapons from his waist.

"NO! Leave! I don't want you here, just go!" yelled Kirei as she shook her head and closed her eyes; he couldn't put the weapons down or Shishio would zap him into the future, but if he kept them then the other vampire wouldn't risk losing the weapons as well.

Battousai only stared at her confused.

"Place the weapons down or you'll never see your mate again!" roared Enishi as he glared at Kirei, he couldn't let her drive the man away; they needed the weapons to become immortal.

"Battousai...I'll never forgive you if you do as he says! Are you going to stoop that low and follow orders from your enemy?" demanded Kirei as she met his own eyes with hers.

"But…." Began Battousai but she cut him off.

"I don't want to hear about it!" cried out Kirei as she flared her ki for emphasis and in hopes that the pressure of her ki would break the chains.

Battousai only took a step forward towards the center to cross to her.

"Don't get any closer! I hate you! You're a disgrace to all vampires! How could you risk losing the lives of billions for your own selfish reasons? Was that how it was all those years ago; when you first mated me? All you wanted was to use me to get more powerful! Leave me alone, I don't ever want to see you again! I h-hate you," said Kirei as tears trailed down her cheeks; her head shaking as she tried desperately for him to understand that he had to leave for his own good.

Enishi only stared dumbfounded at Kirei before looking back at the other vampire.

"I don't believe you…. Tell me what's going on, why are you acting like this?" demanded Battousai as he moved closer but only stepped back when she yelled at him again.

"Don't you understand? I hate you, and I've always hated you! I hate you for turning me into a monster, I hate you for killing, and I hate you for coming here, for not forgetting me and letting me go. I hate you, Himura the Battousai," snapped Kirei as she pulled on the chains and glared at him; forcing her emotions to vanish from her eyes and face as she coated her voice with venom.

Battousai only shook his head, refusing to believe her cruel words as he fell into the shadows, causing Enishi to sweat.

"Drop the weapons! Drop them and you can take back your woman!" shouted Enishi as he walked half way towards the center, trying to make sure that their plan worked.

"No! Even if you do it, I won't return to you! I won't," said Kirei, determination filling her icy depths as she realized that she was close to saving the one that she loved.

"Will you really let her die Battousai?" asked Enishi when Battousai didn't move.

Amethyst eyes replaced amber ones as Kenshin looked up and smiled weakly when he met sapphire orbs instead of flaming red ones.

"If you love me Kenshin, you'll let me be," whispered Kaoru when their eyes locked and tears began to flow down her rosy cheeks.

The clang of metal on the floor magnified in the tense atmosphere as Enishi grinned and Kaoru's eyes widened in horror.

"I'm sorry," whispered Kenshin as his blood terraces covered his eyes and his body slumped.

"See you in a hundred years, Battousai." Cackled Shishio darkly as he adjusted the time machine to point to the vampire.

"Kenshin!" shouted Kaoru.

A blinding light of blue and white engulfed the entire room and shot up into the night as a scream followed afterward. The force of the blasts caused the vampires and their contraption to ram into the wall, not only destroying the machine but some of their bones as well.

"Enishi!" cried out Tomoe as stone twin doors opened to reveal the two female vampires as they rushed in, coughing as the smoke threatened to suffocate them.

"Lord Shishio!" cried Yumi as she waved the smoke away from her face.

"She was trying to warn me…" whispered a voice from somewhere in the center of the room, it was so low that none of the others managed to catch it.

Dark laughs penetrated the walls and caused the two girls to smile when they realized that the two male vampires were still alive and well enough to laugh, even if they couldn't seem them through the denseness of smoke.

"I didn't listen, I was too blinded to realize that she was trying to save me…" said the same low voice.

"What was that?" asked Tomoe as she squint her eyes, trying to find the source of the words through the gray fog that was created by the destroyed machine.

Yumi suddenly screamed and held onto Tomoe's arm.

"Let go of me!" shouted Tomoe, but froze when she followed Yumi's finger that was pointing to the spot a few meters from where Battousai once was.

A red light was visible and caused the four vampires' blood to freeze. Their eyes widened into saucers as a smoke cleared to reveal a vampire with deadly orbs even redder than the Red Moon.

"B-Battousai…" squeaked Yumi as she instinctively moved back towards the door.

"If I have to suffer for another century, then everyone will suffer for another century."

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