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Chapter I

"Hey Yugi, pay attention."

"Hmmm...Oh right." Yugi studied the cards laid out before him, before choosing his next move. He could have beaten Joey three times by now, but his mind kept wondering from the game. Almost without realizing it his gaze drifted over to one of the empty desks to his right, his mind racing with questions, wondering what could be wrong with the desks usual occupant to keep him away for so long.


"Hey Joey you're late." Yugi said as he twisted in his seat to face the person who had just walked into the classroom. "Class is going to start soon and we won't have anytime to...Oh, Seto.....what are you doing here?"

Giving Yugi an irritated look Seto just snorted in reply before moving toward his desk. He continued to ignore Yugi as he took his seat and began to read a book that he had pulled out of his pack.

/Good going Yugi. Why wouldn't Kaiba be here? He is in your class after all./ Yugi chided himself softly while he slowly slid his head down to rest in his arms on his desk. Half closing his eyes he continued to study the figure to his right. Taking in the slight tremors that ran through Seto's body as he took a shallow breath and the unusual paleness of his skin. His brow knotting in a bit of a frown Yugi slowly straightened and watched Kaiba more closely, confirming that indeed Seto seemed to be laboring slightly for breath. Worrying at his lower lip he wondered what could be wrong with him. Feeling a light stirring of emotion coming from his millennium puzzle Yugi sighed softly before getting up and making his way over to where Kaiba was sitting.

"Kaiba....?" Yugi asked nervously, before stopping. Seto Kaiba continued to read his book as though Yugi wasn't even there. Feeling a tinge of discomfort Yugi hesitated before continuing. "Kaiba, you don't look so well....are you feeling alright?"

"I feel fine." Was the icy retort given to him.

Flinching a bit from the tone of Kaiba's voice Yugi thought that it might be best to just leave him alone, but the stirring of emotions coming from his millennium puzzle and the consciousness behind them demanded that he stay. Swallowing his feelings of discomfort he decided to continued.

"Are you sure? Maybe you should go home and rest or see a doctor...." He was abruptly interrupted by the sudden sound of Kaiba slamming his book down on his desk and rising up to tower nearly three feet above Yugi.

"Look, I said I was....."

"Hey, Yugi!"

Surprised they both turned to see Joey Wheeler, accompanied as always by Tristan, enter the classroom with a big smile on his face. Completely oblivious to the tension that filled the room he walked up to Yugi draping one of his arms around the shorter boys shoulders.

"Sorry I'm late Yug, but Tristan here had to take forever. So, now that I'm here lets say we begin that duel you promised me, huh."

"Sure, Joey...." Sighing inwardly to himself Yugi let Joey lead him back to his desk. Glancing back over his shoulder once to see Kaiba scowl irritably before righting his chair and once again taking his seat. /Sorry Yami..../

Throughout the rest of the day he could feel Yami's consciousness moving restlessly within the millennium puzzle. He knew that Yami was still angry with him for letting Joey lead him away from Kaiba without finding out what was wrong.

/Look, I said I was sorry.../


Sighing inwardly at his other Yugi attempted to focus on what the teacher was saying. She had just asked a question. Silently he pleaded that she didn't call on him to answer, since he was too busy apologizing to Yami to hear the question in the first place. He stiffened slightly as her gaze landed on him, then let out a little sigh of relief as it moved on.

"Seto Kaiba, please answer the question."

Turning slightly Yugi watched as Seto nodded almost imperceptivity and started to rise from his chair. Just as he reached his full height his right hand came away from his side to gently grip the desk as if for support. Closing his eyes, Seto took a shaky breath before he started to speak.

"The answer's....." Closing his eyes again Seto shook his head as if to clear it. "The answer's........"

"Seto..., Seto are you alright?" the teacher asked, concern lacing her voice.

"I'm....I'm fi...fine....." Was all Seto managed to whisper before his vision went black and he started to fall towards oblivion.

Without realizing what he was doing Yugi was out of his chair and grabbing for Seto's body before it could hit the floor. Fear lacing through his mind he grabbed a hold of Seto's waist and tried not to be dragged down by the dead weight leaning on him. Suddenly he could feel Yami's consciousness overtake his own and let his other take over completely. Yami's slightly taller frame and build had less trouble handling Kaiba's body and laid it gently onto the floor.

"Oh my, Téa go get the nurse now!" The teacher called as she ran over to where Yugi kneeled by Seto's body. "Seto! Seto open your eyes!! Open your eyes damn you!!!!" Without second thought she lifted her hand and sent it flying towards Seto, slapping him hard enough to leave a red imprint of her hand across his face.

As the rest of the class sat dumbfounded and shocked at what just happened and what the teacher had done, the teacher found herself being shoved rather violently away from Seto by a really pissed off looking Yugi which made the class go into an even further state of shock.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Yami screamed outraged.

Sitting in a heap on the floor the teacher continued to whisper to herself, the same soft mantra over and over. "This is not happening, this is not happening, the school is going to blame me and my ass is going to get fired, and the school's going to get sued, why?, why won't he open his eyes?, why?....., this is not happening, this is not happening...."


"Hey Yug!!"

Started Yugi snapped his attention back to the present. He could feel a slight blush of embarrassment cross his face at being caught daydreaming as he looked at his friends.

"Sorry Joey, I was thinking....Is it my turn already?"

"Yug its been your turn. Where were you anyways?"

"Nowhere, just...thinking." Yugi replied as he studied the game. Pulling another card from his deck he heard a voice whisper. //Finish it.//

"I call upon the power of the Black Magician."

"Nooooooo...Yug!!!! I don't believe it! You just killed me!! Just like that!!!"

"Sorry Joey."


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