This chapter was fun to write b/c I got to use my computer to describe it. If you can guess what kind of computer I have you get a.. a... a hug! Yay! And I'll put yer name in the next chappie. Ima going to have a sort of riddle at the end describing something random, and all you readers get to guess what it is. If you get it right you get.... Well read and find out!

Ah, The Inventions Chapter 2: Curiosity Killed The Inu

Inuyasha wandered into the living room. His eye immediately caught something shiny on top of a black box. It was flat and circular and had a little hole in the middle. Ignoring the box, he was drawn to the reflective surface of the flat object.

"Oooo." He said, creeping over to it and nudging it a little. "Kore wa nan desu ka?" he asked to no one in particular.

Putting one of his claws into the hole and picking it up carefully, he found that the other side wasn't nearly as shiny. But it had writing on it. 'Mononoke Hime'

"Spirit princess?" He questioned out loud. "Is that what this is? A 'Spirit princess?'"

He read the smaller print. "DVD, Dolby Digital Surround Sound. Full feature Film. Japanese and English. Miyazaki...... Ehh?" He scratched his head cutely before turning it back over to look at himself on the shinier side. It made rainbows on the ceiling so he tipped it and made the reflections dance all over the walls.

Kagome walked in the room just then. "Kagome, what's this?" He asked innocently.

"That's a D-V-D." She said the name slowly. 'Man, is he cute when he gets curious.'

"D-V-D...?" He tasted the name. "What's it for?"

"I'll show you." Kagome said before walking over, taking the 'DVD' from him and putting it into the black box. She then turned on the 'T-V' and pushed some other 'buttons' on each box.

A picture appeared on the screen and showed some words in front of a moving picture.

"This DVD is a story told in pictures, it takes place in your time period I think." Kagome said, leaving it on in hopes that it would occupy Inuyasha.

"Sugoi..." Inuyasha mumbled as he sat on the couch, watching the 'DVD'

Kagome couldn't have been more mistaken that Inuyasha would be occupied by the movie. Something in the corner soon caught his eye. It was a white dome and it had kind of a silver stem coming out of it, which held a flat, rectangular thing with a black surface and a white frame. On the front of the dome, Inuyasha recognized the shape of an apple in silver. In front of it sat another flat, rectangular object, which this time, seemed to have little squares in it. And then next to that even, there was a white oval shaped kind of bubble. (guess what that is!)

He crept over to it, his eyes immediately diverted to the board sitting in front of it. On each square there was a different character. He poked one and it went down. He poked a few more, and the same thing happened. Suddenly, the dome made a noise and a black thing came out of the front.

"What's that?" He poked it a little until he was sure that it wasn't a demon or something.

He pushed a few more squares and it went back in. "Amazing." He mumbled. He went on to inspect the oval bubble. He poked the top of it and it made a little clicking noise. The black surface before him suddenly flashed and turned into a weird picture, and the computer began to make funny noises.

He could recognize one of the things that was in the picture, in the background there was a picture of kittens. It was good thing that Kagome had explained these 'picture' things to him. He accidentally moved the bubble and was surprised to see something move on the picture. He nudged it again, and again he saw something jump across the picture. He took a hold of it and found he could control this thing around the screen.

"Sugoi!" Inuyasha hadn't had this much fun in a long time!

He pushed down the bubble again and it made the same clicking this time. Something square and white popped up in the corner. He could read what looked like a list. "About this Mac.... Get Mac OS X Software.... System preferences..."

"What are all those... and what's a 'Mac'?" He drug the bubble over the top of the surface to find other similar lists. An item that was on the list was 'favorites' and he found he could drag the bubble all the way down to it. He let go of the top of the bubble, which he just realized he was still holding down. And the 'favorites' thingy flashed blue and opened some sort of white box.

Another list.

"Blah blah blah..... 'Inuyasha'?" He saw his name somewhere near the bottom. "Kore..."

'Maybe if I just put this bubble thingy on it... and push down...' (he's a smart doggy, what can I say?) He did that, nothing happened. He did it again and suddenly he was staring himself in the eyes. It seemed to be a picture of him. "How'd I get in there?" He asked.

Kagome had just come in the room and was watching him, amused. She was also marveling at how fast he seemed to be catching on to using the computer.

"What you're using is called a 'Com-pu-ter.'" Kagome spoke up.

Inuyasha repeated her words, still mesmerized. "Com-pyu-terr"


That's all for today! On to the riddle.

What is this object that I am describing?:

~It is about 3 cm by 12 cm by 6 cm, maybe a tad smaller

~The top surface is white and the bottom surface is metallic silver.

~On the surface that is white, there is a small grey rectangle

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