Ash and Misty 4-Ever and A Day Ash was in the hospital when he awoke with Misty next to him. He smiled when he saw her. He was hoping she would be awake be she slept soundly. He looked at the clock and saw it was about 6:00AM. He watched a little quiet TV until she woke up. When she did she was surprised to see him up this early. He never woke up before 7:00. She looked at him and slowly got up and crept over to him without him even noticing. She leaned over him and kissed him. When they broke the kiss they were both very happy. Then he remembered why he was there. He looked at misty and asked if she was ok. "I'm fine. How are you feeling Mr. Hero?" "I'll be ok as long as you're here. Just the Tracy walked in with Rebecca behind him. They smiled at the couple then Pikachu cleared his throat. They looked up surprised. "How are you Ash?" asked Tracy. Then Rebecca walked up to him and asked if he would like anything. He smiled at his caring friends and said " I'll be ok you guys. The doctor said I'll be outta here in about an hour". Everyone started talking again as if nothing had happened. Then Ash looked up and lightly reminded everyone "Where's Vaporeon". "Here" said Misty holding out a pokéball. He opened it and a tear stained vaporeon came out. They saw each other and when ash smiled Vaporeon licked him and laid on his lap. After Ash got out of the hospital everyone celebrated by going to a party they the town was having for spring's beginning. The group went to the mall and split up. They met in an hour after buying new clothes for the dance and party. Misty got a pale blue dress with spaghetti straps and put her hair down. The dress was short and came just above her knees. Rebecca got a light purple dress that was kinda short but fit her perfectly and a set of barrettes to match. The boys each got nice tuxedoes and a present for the girls. At the dance little did they know that Team Rocket was taking a break from work and they wore nice clothes for the same party. Jessie wore a daffodil yellow dress with white roses imprinted on it. James wore a white tux with a light yellow rose in his lapel. Everyone was enjoying the party. It was time to dance. Ash and Misty immediately headed for the dance floor to win the best couple award. Tracy, Rebecca, Jessie, and James followed suit. They were having a great time when a slow song came on. Tracy and Rebecca left since they didn't feel right dancing like that when they weren't a couple. At the end of the song everyone came onto the floor waiting for the prize to be announced. "And the winning couple is.... (suspense filling the room)......Ash Ketchum and Misty Waterflower. Will the winning couple claim their prize?" The announcer saw them make their way to the front. "You have just won a cruise across the ocean. It'll be a 4-day cruise with all expenses paid. Will you play the last song please" he said to the DJ. The DJ played and the couples made a circle around Ash and Misty. They danced and talked until the end of the dance. Back in the room they packed to leave on the cruise the next day. Ash decided this would be the best time to give her the present he bought for her. He handed her a velvet box. When Misty opened it her eyes grew wide and watery. She ran up to Ash and gave him a long passionate kiss. When they stopped he took the silver locket with a picture of them on one side and him with Pikachu on the other and clasped it around her neck. They were lost in a sweet embrace when they were interrupted. They blushed and let go. They finished packing and went to sleep excited about the next day.