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Chapter 1

Eve learns about T.C.'s kidnapping. T.C. and Lexie bond.

Rebecca Crane coughed, then lifted her head. She had landed on some sort of beach/island. She closed her eyes and tried to block out that horrible moment, when that creep in the Jerry Springer mask, shoved her out of the airplane. What was all that about?

Now, she was stuck in the middle of nowhere! Her chances to snare Count Anthony DiMera were now delayed, and worse yet, she was not dressed for the beach! She had to look appropriate when the rescue plane arrived.

Rebecca tried to sit up, but she still had that stupid parachute on her back! Rebecca wriggled out of it, just as a screaming Teresa and Austin landed, some thirty feet away, down the beach some. Rebecca snickered. Teresa was such a baby!

Meanwhile, a crying Teresa Lopez-Fitzgerald was helped out of her parachute, and up on her feet by Austin Reed. She clung to him and began to sob. Austin set her away and cupped her face in his hands.

'Teresa! Teresa I need for you to listen to me! We're going to be fine, okay? Look, Rebecca is just down the beach there!'

'So what, Austin?! She's just as helpless as we are! And clueless at that! God Austin, I don't think I'd be alive if you hadn't just appeared beside me in the air....I didn't even know where the string was...'

She then began to cry again. Austin pulled her into his arms.

'It's okay. It's going to be alright. You're just scared. But you're okay now. You're okay.'

Teresa sniffed. She did feel somewhat better in his arms. She closed her eyes, thinking briefly of Ethan. She then opened them and looked up at Austin.

'What are we going to do now?' she asked.

Austin looked up at the sky. Julian and Eve came floating down together. It looked as if Eve had just hung on to Julian during their fall. They landed about fifty feet away from the two of them. Austin then looked down the other way at Rebecca, who was squinting in their general direction.

Teresa turned and watched the pair land on to the sand. She and Austin ran over to them.

Eve disentangled herself from the parachute, then helped Julian out of his. He stood up, as did she. His eyes were flashing.


'I know, Julian! What I did was stupid. But I just couldn't sit back and do nothing while everyone else was being thrown out of an airplane!'

'You could've been killed!'

'So, could you!' Eve retorted.

'I was wearing a parachute Eve, you weren't. You could have been killed.'

When Eve had watched Julian fall back out of that airplane, it was as if a part of her had been ripped in two. Her jumping out after him had been like instinct, and yes, that instinct could have killed her. But luckily, Julian caught her and screamed at her through the wind to hang on. And that's just what Eve did when he finally pulled his parachute.

'Alright, Julian. I get it. Can we just forget about it and work on getting out of here?' She looked around and saw Teresa and that guy running up to her. Rebecca was walking towards them, some distance away.

But Julian reached out and turned Eve back towards him.

'We can forget about it, when you stop putting yourself in constant danger. Why did you leave my estate?'

Eve looked him up and down.

'You want to talk about that now?'

'For God's sakes, Eve! I found you beaten up in the DiMera house! Your cheek is swelling as we speak!'

Eve reached up and touched her cheek, wincing. She wouldn't have even remembered that it was supposed to hurt, if Julian had not reminded her.

'I was there to pack my things and go back to Harmony. I had decided it was best to find my husband and children.'

Julian let go of her. He found that answer more than a bit disconcerting. Eve could see that he did.

'Julian, I had to let Whitney and Simone know that I was alive.'

'And T.C.?' he asked, knowing she wouldn't have found him anyway, but still, Julian had to know if Eve had any residual feelings for him.

'It was my intention to work things out with him then. But now that I remember everything, I can't forgive what he did.'

Julian raised a brow. He knew it! He knew it the whole time! Eve had caught T.C. and Liz doing something illicit! Finally, Eve could see that T.C. wasn't the paragon of virtue he had been pretending to be, all of this time!

Julian reached out and pulled Eve into his arms. He then began to whisper against her hair.

'You don't know the sheer hell I went through, thinking that we would never have a chance for happiness.'

He then set her away from him. Eve's eyes glistened with tears.

'We don't know what we may face on this island. Wild beasts or some other predatory danger. I don't want you putting yourself in anymore peril, do we understand one another?'

Eve nodded. Teresa and Austin approached them. Teresa glared at Julian. She didn't like his putting his hands on Dr. Russell! Teresa secretly believed that Julian took advantage of Dr. Russell or raped her a long time ago. Whatever happened, it was obviously all Julian's fault!

Eve turned towards her and hugged her. Teresa sighed. Dr. Russell and Grace Bennett had always been like second mothers to her. For the first time, since she found out her mother was missing, she felt as if things were going to be alright.

'Tell me about Whitney and Simone, how are they?' Eve asked Teresa.

Teresa nodded.

'Simone his holding up. She's staying with the Bennetts and Whitney is...'

'Simone is staying with the Bennetts? Why? Where is T.C.? Does Liz have anything to do with this?' Eve asked, firing questions at her.

Teresa looked at Austin, who frowned, then looked behind him at Rebecca, who was still making her way towards them. Julian saw her and began walking towards her. He really didn't want to be around when Eve found out T.C. was missing!

'Teresa? Why is Simone staying with Sam and Grace?'

Teresa held Eve's hands.

'T.C. was kidnapped. Along with another woman.'

Austin cut in.

'Oh, my mother told me that that would've been Celeste Perrault. Hi, I'm Austin Reed, I work for Crane Industries.'

He stuck out his hand towards Eve. Eve shook it lightly, while processing what she had just been told. Celeste and T.C. had been kidnapped together? Why was Celeste even near T.C.?

'Hello, Austin. I'm Dr. Eve Russell. Uh, tell me, who else is missing? I mean, a police officer told me that Lexie and Abe Carver had been kidnapped as well?'

Tears shone in Teresa's eyes. Eve became alarmed.

'What? What is it?'

'My mother! She's gone too!'

Eve's mouth dropped open! Pilar had been kidnapped as well?! Why on earth would Tony have kidnapped her?!

Austin broke in again.

'And John and Marlena Black.'

Eve began to back away from them.

'Teresa, I just saw John and Marlena the other night at the hospital! And how does your mother fit into this?'

Teresa pursed her lips.

'We found out that my mother...and my father, were FBI agents.'

Eve stared at her wordlessly. Pilar and Martin were government agents? She hadn't known Martin long before he disappeared. But Pilar an FBI agent? All of this time? Eve shook her head.

'Well, when do they think Pilar was kidnapped?' Eve asked the pair.

Austin grasped Teresa's hand. He could see that this was painful for her to talk about. He answered Eve.

'Right around the time Abe and Lexie disappeared. Look, let's see if we can find a shelter or something, okay?'

Teresa nodded. Eve nodded as well. Teresa and Austin began to walk off towards a jungle area. Eve glanced at Julian, who was comforting a distraught looking Rebecca. She then stared out at the sea.

Her mind went back to the day before the planned DiMera barbecue. Eve had been wondering about Celeste's whereabouts. Lexie hadn't seemed anxious or anything, when she told her that her mother was out of town. So, Lexie probably had no idea her mother was missing at that point.

That meant that Celeste had to have been in Harmony. But why her AND T.C.? Had Celeste gone to Harmony to see him? Did she know him?

Eve turned and began to walk after Teresa and Austin, who were farther ahead. Eve then thought about the last time she laid eyes on Abe and Lexie. She had been waiting for Abe to show up to pick up Theo out of the garden. And he never showed. Then Tony told her that both Lexie and Abe had been called away, because of a death in Abe's family, something that that rude police officer, discounted right away.

If Pilar disappeared with Abe and Lexie, then Pilar had been on the premises. But Eve never saw her, she would've remembered that. She rubbed her hands together, as one thing began to become very clear. Every person that was gone, had some sort of connection to her. It was very possible that Tony had vanquished these people, because somehow, they learned of her true identity.

That brought Eve to John and Marlena Black. The last time she had seen both of them was the night Tony was rushed to the hospital. The night they agreed to take care of Theo. Theo! Who was taking care of him?

Eve looked up at Teresa and Austin, who had stopped at the entrance of the jungle. They appeared to be waiting for everyone to catch up. Eve ran ahead.


'Darling, think! There is not going to be any rescue plane.' Julian warned Rebecca. He had one arm around her, while looking up ahead at the others. Eve appeared to be okay, and Teresa had the Reed fellow to help her out. And, in the end, Rebecca was his wife, of sorts.

'Of course there will be, Julian! We are both important people! So everyone else up ahead there, would be in really deep you know what, if we had not been kidnapped as well!'

Julian stopped her.

'Rebecca, no one is going to find us if the DiMera's don't want us found.' he told her. Julian was now suspicious of Tony DiMera as well. He had begun this whole nasty business, but it sounded as if his father Stefano had stepped in to keep things from falling apart. But now Julian wondered if Tony was even really in coma! Maybe he sensed he was about to get caught, and cooked up this elaborate health problem to buy him time!

Rebecca's mouth tightened.

'The DiMera's? What has happened here, Julian? Tell me right now why we were kidnapped and treated in this manner?!'

'Well Becky dearest, you do take your chances when you deal with that family. Surely you remember that bad business some time back with...'

'But Tony DiMera was never the man that his father was! Julian, I am getting the very bad feeling that you were trying to marry me off to a criminal!'

'No, darling! Never!'

'I don't believe you, but we'll discuss that later! How did Eve end up here with us? I thought she was being taken somewhere else?'

Julian frowned.

'She jumped out of the plane after me. In a small way, I found her gesture really rather endearing.'

Rebecca quietly glared at him. Julian decided to get back to the former subject at hand.

'Rebecca, we were not given parachutes, and tossed out of the sky just to land on an island. Someone, most likely Stefano DiMera, will do his best to keep us here. Why, I wouldn't be surprised if we found the others.'

Rebecca's eyes widened.

'You mean like Pilar and T.C.?'

Julian nodded grimly. The last person he wanted to run in to on an island in the middle of nowhere, was T.C. Russell! But, if they did come upon the other missing people, now would be a good time for Eve and T.C. to clear the air. For it was better for his nemesis to learn sooner, rather than later, that Eve would not be returning to civilization with him as his wife.

Julian focused in on Rebecca.

'Come now, let's hurry and catch up with the others.'

Julian pulled on her hand, and Rebecca allowed him to lead her towards the others. She frowned at the jungle. This would not be good!



Pilar walked over to her locker that stood against a palm tree. It read AGENT PILAR LOPEZ-FITZGERALD in big words across it. She shook her head everytime she saw it.

That had just been one of the many surprises that she, and the others, had found, when they landed on a beach, some distance away on the other side of the island.

Lexie Carver had screamed the whole parachute ride down. It was Pilar's opinion, that her husband, Commander Abe Carver, wanted to slap the hell out of her, while they were plummeting from the sky. Pilar suspected he wanted to slap her now! The two were barely on speaking terms, and their fights were embarrassing to watch. Especially since both of them, blamed one another for putting their infant son, Theo, in danger.

Pilar tried not to think of her own children, and how much they had to be hurting over her disappearance. Spence probably had had to level with them, about her, and their father, working for the government. She just hoped that her family would understand why she kept that secret from them.

But, she couldn't afford to think about that right now. Tony DiMera had obviously wanted to out her, thus the label on her locker.

Pilar opened the locker that was assigned to her. Tony DiMera had become as sophisticated as his father. Their every need was met by hulking men wearing voodoo masks. They provided drinks and snacks. There was also an elaborate bar/ snack stand, a few feet away from Pilar's locker. They also had elaborate huts, some ways back in the jungle. Everyone had their own, with comfortable beds.

The only saving grace, if one could find anything good about being kidnapped and thrown out of a plane, was T.C. Russell's presence here. She felt as if she had a friend on the island.

The day Pilar, Abe and Lexie landed on the beach, the three of them decided to hunt up some sort of shelter, never imagining it would be provided for them. As soon as they reached the entrance into the thick forest, there were wooden signs, beckoning them along, telling them to step here, or not to go over there, until finally, they reached a whole other beach, one that almost looked like a resort, 'Gilligan's Island' style.

The first people Pilar and the other laid eyes on, were Celeste and T.C.. T.C. had been dressed in a tank top and shorts. He also wore an eye patch. Pilar had run into his arms, relieved to see that he was alive. Lexie had rushed into Celeste's.

It was then that everything came out. Pilar told T.C. that she had seen Eve at the DiMera's. When he didn't seem surprised, Pilar looked to Celeste, who apparently told him everything she knew. Her eyes then had moved to T.C.'s hand, which had a fresh bandage on it. Apparently he had tried to take on two of the guards, as a way of escape. He had failed miserably.

Everyone told their tale as to how they ended up there. Abe suspected that they would have company, as more people discovered Eve's true identity. They were right.

John and Marlena Black were a surprise, but not a shock. The DiMera's were always trying to find a way to stick it to that couple, and the Bradys.

Pilar reached into her locker and took out her sun block. What bothered her now, was what had bothered her from the beginning of this saga. Where was her beloved Martin? Was it possible he was on this island as well? Was it possible he had been here all of these years?

Pilar closed her locker and looked around. They had all been provided with proper beach wear. John, Marlena and Abe sat apart from everyone else, in lounge chairs on the beach. Pilar then looked at Celeste, who was over by the bar, sipping a drink and staring into space. But the most interesting twosome was Lexie and T.C.. She was peeking under his eye patch. He touched her hand. Pilar smelled trouble! For with each day that they spent here together, T.C. seemed less troubled by Eve's plight, and more concerned for Lexie's.


'It doesn't look so bad. You said one of the guards said something about surgery?' Lexie asked, gently replacing T.C.'s patch over his eye.

'Yeah, but the thought of some mad man working on my eye, makes me uncomfortable as hell.' T.C. admitted, trying to keep up with the conversation. Lexie was dressed in a cute red tank top and white shorts. She was so lovely, no, T.C. thought, Lexie was delicious to look at!

And he knew his growing feelings for her were wrong. Eve was alive and in Tony DiMera's clutches! And the fact that his wife had amnesia explained why she didn't make her way back to them.

At the same time, the way Abe Carver treated his wife sickened him! So she made a mistake! Tony DiMera was her brother, she was just trying to show him a little loyalty, though, it had been at his own expense as well.

T.C. watched as Lexie stared over at Abe, John and Marlena. Marlena and Abe were talking. John's eyes were on Lexie and T.C.. T.C. sniffed. Let that John Black punk say one damned word! He wasn't about to let Lexie take anymore abuse!

'I'm sorry that things are so bad between your husband and you.' T.C. offered, secretly wondering if Abe Carver choked on some sand, would T.C. then have a chance with Lexie? God! T.C. had to mentally pull himself together! It had to be this island...or the drinks, that had him contemplating murdering another woman's husband!

Lexie looked back at him and smiled.

'Thanks, T.C. I guess I can't blame him. If I had just told him the truth about your wife, none of this would have happened. You'd have Eve back, I'd be with my son....'

Lexie choked, a tear slipping down his face. T.C. sat up and gently wiped the tear away.

'Now you can't go thinking like that. We will get off this island. You will see Theo again.'

Lexie sniffed and smiled at him again.

'I can't tell you what your forgiveness means to me. I mean, Eve is your wife. The minute I knew Tony was interested in her, I should've called you myself.'

'What's done is done. The past is the past. Let's just concentrate on trying to survive around here, okay?'

Lexie nodded. Suddenly, one of the voodoo masked waiters, opened up his cell phone. He nodded, then hung up. He pulled a gun out of his shorts, then walked over to T.C. and Lexie.

'Let's go.' he said, pointing it at T.C.. 'The doctor is ready to look at your eye. You're presence is also requested.' he added, looking at Lexie.

Celeste stopped sipping her drink. John nudged Abe. Abe turned around. Marlena stared as well. Pilar joined Celeste at the bar, watching as well.

Lexie looked at T.C., who looked uneasy. She had a feeling about who the person was that wanted to see her. Lexie laid a hand on T.C.'s arm.

'Let's go, T.C.. It will be alright. I'm right here.'

T.C. nodded. The two of them stood up, and were lead off through a passageway in the jungle. Abe turned back around. John and Marlena looked at one another.

Over at the bar, Celeste shook her head. Pilar stared at her.

'T.C. told me something about someone wanting to fix his eye.' Pilar noted, watching Celeste's reaction.

'Alexandra is not needed for a doctor to fix T.C.'s eye. With the proper equipment, she could do it herself.' Celeste said gruffly.

'So, why do you think Lexie is going along?' Pilar asked her pointedly.

Celeste clammed up. Pilar gave her a dirty look.

'You know, Celeste, the time for secrets is over. Look where we are? So if you know something, now would probably be the time to share!'

Celeste rubbed one of her hands.

'This whole thing is not completely Tony's doing. I know a Stefano DiMera's world when I step into it. And we are here.'

Pilar was silent for a moment. She then spoke.

'So, you think that Stefano summoned Lexie, correct?'

Celeste nodded.

'Well, maybe that's a good thing. She can talk some sense in to her father. Maybe she is the only person that can get him to let us go.'

Celeste laughed shortly.

'Maybe. But not all of us will be leaving. There's no way he's letting John, or especially Marlena, leave of their own free will. As long as T.C. Russell doesn't try to lay claim to Eve, he may get out of this alive. I can't say about you, but I do know that Stefano has never liked Lexie being married to a cop.'

Pilar didn't answer. But she did pose another question.

'Celeste, you said you know Stefano's world. So you know everyone that has been in it, correct?'

Celeste shrugged.

'I suppose I would know most everyone, yes.'

Pilar pulled something out of the back pocket of her shorts. It was a picture of Martin. She slid it across the bar to Celeste. She looked surprised, but picked it up and looked at it.

'He would be older now, but have you ever run across him?' Pilar asked, trying to hide the desperation in her voice.

Celeste began to stare at the photo, then stopped, staring at something behind Pilar. Pilar turned and looked.

There were figures coming towards their section of the beach. From Pilar's estimate, about five. She looked over and saw John, Marlena and Abe slowly rise from their chairs. Celeste slid off of her barstool.

'It looks as if more people discovered Eve was alive.' Celeste commented wryly.

Pilar nodded. It did indeed look as if they would have more company. She began to walk towards John, Marlena and Abe. She then squinted.

One of the people looked like her Teresita! Pilar began to run. John tried to reach for her and missed! He looked back at Abe, Marlena and Celeste, who had joined them as well.

'We don't know who those people are from this far away! She shouldn't be alone!' John yelled.

But Celeste raised a brow.

'Pilar isn't a fool. And I do think she recognizes at least one of them, indeed.'

Abe looked at his mother-in-law.

'Where did Lexie and Russell go?' he asked.

Celeste took a deep breath.

'T.C. is getting his eye looked at. Alexandra is visiting with her father.'

Marlena gasped, and turned to John. He pulled his wife into his arms. They could only pray that Stefano's ardor for Marlena had cooled in recent years.



Fox pulled up in his Jaguar in front of the Russell house. He looked over at Whitney, who was staring at the front of the house. Her expression was one of sadness.

Fox rested his hand over hers.

'Are you sure?'

Whitney nodded.

'This is where I need to be.'

'Whitney, I love you.'

'I know you do, Fox.'

'No, I don't think you do. This situation is turning out to be far more serious than Chad ever let on.'

'He didn't know, Fox...'

'And I'm not blaming him. But you could end up disappearing just as easily as your father or Pilar. There's no rhyme or reason as to who's disappearing.'

Whitney had not thought of it like that.

'I need to be with Simone, Fox. Whatever our troubles, we are sisters.'

Fox grabbed both of her hands and squeezed them.

'I will arrange for Simone to stay at the mansion with us.'

Whitney looked unsure, but Fox was determined.

'Whitney, I didn't want to say anything, and add to your burdens, but my father, he went on a business trip to Salem.'

Whitney frowned.

'Okay. What's going on, Fox?'

'I don't know. I haven't been able to reach him on his cell. I'm worried that he's gone too.'

Whitney gasped! God! Julian too?! This was beyond horrible!

Whitney touched Fox's face.

'I'm sorry, Fox. But maybe he's just busy and...'

'Whitney, my father and I have become very close lately. And he's not the type to not answer his phone..unless he's been separated from it.'

Whitney sucked in a breath, removing her hand from his face. It didn't seem like anything was a coincidence anymore.

'Alright, Fox. I guess I see your point. I'll come back to the mansion with you.'

Fox smiled and kissed her hand.

'Good. I'll hire a security team. I will also send someone to the Bennetts over there for Simone.'

'What if she doesn't want to come?' Whitney asked, suspecting that would be the case.

'Then you can feel safe knowing that she is living under the Chief of Police's roof.'

Whitney nodded slowly. He did have a point.

'Okay. We'll go back to your home. But I want to see Simone and the Bennetts. And Miguel...I need to know what's being done to find my father and the others.

Fox nodded his agreement, then turned his car around. He then parked in the Bennett drive-way.