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Dragonball V:Season Two

By XZanayu

Chapter 14

Our heroes have returned home after a victorious battle against the Darkness, but not without worry over Valis still being unconcious after arriving back home and also a question about the appearance of the unknown eight-star dragonball.

After three days, Valis finally awakens to find Piccolo floating beside her bed in deep meditation. She smiled softly.

"Piccolo." she said softly as not to startle him.

Piccolo eyes snapped open to be greeted by beautiful twin emeralds and a smile. He lowered himself to the floor, sat on the side of the bed and pulled Valis into his arms in a fierce hug.

"Thank Kami. You're finally awake and okay." he said.

"I'm fine." she replied while snuggling deeper into his embrace.

They stayed like that a few moments longer when they sensed a dozen or more ki signals approaching their home. Valis giggled.

"You're not the only one whose noticed that I'm awake, I see." she said with a huge smile on her face as Piccolo released her from his embrace.

Piccolo chuckled. "You go ahead and get a shower and dressed while I'll attend to our guests."


They share a quick kiss before going their seperate ways. Valis to the bathroom and Piccolo outside to wait for the rest of the Z family to arrive.


"Hey, Piccolo!" Gohan shouted, leading the rest of the Z senshi and to the front yard of Piccolo's and Valis' home.

"Hello, everyone. You arrived just in time. Valis is up and should be ready in a little bit, so come on in." Piccolo said.

Everyone went inside and was greeted with the most delicious smells.

"FOOD!!!" Goku yelled and ran for the kitchen.

Vegeta shook his head. "Baka."

And followed said baka and everyone else into the large kitchen where they found Goku trying to dig into the food that was prepared and sitting on the island. The word trying.

"Come on, sis! Just a taste." Goku whined, realizing he couldn't get to the food on the island because Valis erected a sheild around the food to keep Goku away from until it was ready to be served.

"Lil' brother, go into the dining room and sit down and wait until the food is brought out or no chocolate cake for you." She said, taking the roasted vegetables out of the oven and putting them into a serving bowl.

"No fair, sis." Goku pouted.

Valis glared at him and Goku finally relented and went into the dining room following the the rest of the men while the women helped Valis to take the food out to the dining room table.

Everyone dug into the fabulous meal and as the girls retired to the family room to start making plans for Piccolo and Valis' upcoming wedding, the boys went outside to enjoy some much needed down time at the olympic size pool.


Three days later, the wedding was on the way. It was held at Kami's lookout and Dende was ask the officiate the nuptials.

The lookout was beautifully decorated in the colors of sky blue and white. The wedding was being held outside since it was a clear,breezy, sunny day. Piccolo was dressed in a white suit while Gohan, his best man, and Goten, the ring bearer and Vegeta, Trunks, Krillin, Tien, and Chao-zu were dressed in sky blue suits. Tenshi, Mai, Yuki, Bulma, 18, Pan, and Marrion as the flower girl were dressed in white dresses and all were in the respective places awaiting the entrance of the bride.

The doors of the lookout opened and out stepped Goku dressed in a white suit with a radiant Valis on his arm. Valis was dressed in a mermaid-style, strapless dress embroided with sapphires and diamonds throughtout the dress and train. She wore a pearl choker around her neck, a diamond tennis bracelet on her wrist, tear-drop sapphire earrings and a diamond tiara. She looked absolutely stunning.

Goku and Valis arrived in front of Piccolo. Goku lifted the veil over his sister's face and gently kissed her on the cheek and lowered the veil back down and handed her over to her future husband then took a seat. Piccolo and Valis stepped up to the alter where Dende was and the wedding started.

Everything seemed like a dream to Piccolo and Valis who only had eyes for each other as Dende spoke. They both answered I do when asked and recited their vows to each other and placed their rings on each other's fingers.

"And by the power invested in me as Kami, I, now, pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your wife Piccolo." Dende said with a smile.

Piccolo lifted Valis' veil away from her face and the two kissed each other to the applause of their family and friends.

The reception was held at Daimao Estates in the back yard. Chi Chi cranked out a huge and delicious feast for the wedding party. Goten caught the garter and Tenshi caught the bouquet. Everyone was having a blast. Soon, Piccolo and Valis went inside to change clothes to leave for the week long honeymoon on New Namek. Piccolo wore his gi, cape, and hat while Valis wore a white, spaghetti strapped sundress.

Everyone wished them a safe trip and hugged and kissed them goodbye while tossing white rose petals on them. Piccolo and Valis ran to the edge of their home. Piccolo carried three capules in his belt that held their clothes and other necessities. They turned around to face their family and friends, put their arms around each other, said goodbye and instant transmissioned out.


On New Nameck, Piccolo and Valis were greeted with lots of fan-fare when they arrived. Since, the Namecks knew they were coming there, they planned a celebration and a special dinner for the newlyweds.

Piccolo and Valis graciously accepted the dinner invitation, but only planned to stay for a short while so they can get to their vacation cottage far away from any Nameck villages for some privacy. They accepted gifts that was given and only ate a little of the meal provided since they were still full from the wedding reception back on Earth.

They said goodbye to their hosts and everyone in the village and decided to fly to their cottage 300 west of the nearest nameckian village. The cottage rested in a evergreen valley with a crystal clear blue lake sitting directly behind the cottage and large lush trees provided shade from the sun.

The couple arrived to their secluded cottage.

"Finally we're here." Valis said when they landed and took on the beautiful scenery.

"Nice." Piccolo said.

He picked up his wife.

"Now, I believe its a custome to carried the bride over the threshold, correct?" he asked her with a rare smile.

"Yes, it is my love." she replied, resting her head on his shoulder.

Piccolo approached the door and it opened on its own. He entered the cozy living room and put her down and held her hand as they took a tour the rest of the cottage. They reached the spacious bedroom with King size four posted bed with blue drapes, a large walk-in closet, a dresser, two nightstands, and bay window with a gorgeous view of the lake. The two jumped in the bed after a long day to relax a little.


*Lemon Warning*

That night, after unpacking their clothes and putting away the wedding presents from the Namecks to take back home to Earth. Piccolo was sitting up in the bed, shirtless and nervous as he awaited his wife to emerge from the bathroom.

The door opened and Valis stepped out in a red, see-thru, baby doll teddy with matching thong, her hair loose and shining, with a seductive smile on her face. Piccolo blushed as he stared at the vision who belonged to him. Valis held out her arms to her husband. Piccolo stood and walked over to her and pulled her into his arms. They stared at each other for a moment and kissed. It started off gentle, but soon became passionate.

Piccolo picked her up without breaking the kiss and walked to be the bed and placed her on the bed and climbed over and above her and started to kiss again.

Valis had her arms wrapped around his back. Piccolo's hands stroked down her sides until he reached the hem of the teddy and pulled it up and off of Valis, exposing her bountiful breasts to the air and his loving gaze.

His hands gently cupped and squeezed them causing Valis to softly gasp and arch up. Valis parted her thighs, allowing Piccolo to rest between them and gasped again when she felt his cloth covered erection against her stomach. Piccolo kissed her again while fondling her breasts. He continued to kiss and lightly bite down her neck towards her breasts. He took one nipple in his mouth and gently started to suckle. While one hand continue to fondle the other breast, the other travel down her stomach to slide inside her thong to stroke her nether lips.

"Pi-piccolo.." Valis moaned as she arched up into his touch. "Please...please..."

Piccolo smiled and removed himself from Valis to stand beside the bed, looking down at her. He gently removed her thongs, finally revealing her wonderful body for his eyes to feast upon.

"So beautiful." Piccolo whispered to her causing her to smile gently at him.

Piccolo removed his pajama bottoms and Valis softly gasped at what she saw.

'Holy! Is Piccolo hung!' she thought, looking at his cock. Piccolo was well endowned underneath his pants and no one knew it. Well...no one, but her.

Valis sat up and turned to face Piccolo's cock. She went the urge to taste him. She gently licked the mushroom shaped head which earned her a soft hiss from Piccolo. Deciding that he liked it with his response, she licked licked the shaft to base and back to the tip of the head. She, then, began sucking on the head and slowly ease her way down, taking in more than half before her gag reflex kicked in.

Piccolo slide his hands into her hair as he moaned at the sensations traveling throughout his body as she continued to shower him with. Valis continued to suck, lick, and kiss his cock. Enjoying the earthy taste of her husband. As much as Piccolo enjoyed the attention he was recieving he wanted more. He gently pulled his wife away.

"Piccolo?" Valis asked confused.

Piccolo simply smiled at her and pushed her back on the bed as he crawled over her. Valis backed up a little to allow him so settle between her thighs. They kissed, their tongue caressing each other. Piccolo broke the kissed and leaned up to spread his wife thighs a little wider and leaned down again to taste his wife. He gently lick her nether lips and heard her gasp. He smiled and eagerly dived into her core with his tongue.

"Ah....mmm...uh..Pic..piccolo. So good." Valis moaned with her hands on his head and grinding against his mouth and tongue.

Piccolo genly and carefully slid a finger inside her while he licked and sucked on her nub, driving her crazy with need. Piccolo added two more fingers inside her and Valis couldn't take it anymore.

"PICCOLO!" she screamed as she arched off the bed and shivered as she slowly came down from her orgasm.

Piccolo crawled back up to kiss her. Valis tasted herself on piccolo's lips and tongue and was turned again. Piccolo broke the kiss so they can catch their breaths. Piccolo stared into the emerald depths.

"You ready?" he asked her.

Valis smiled and nodded. Piccolo smiled in response and gently eased the head of his cock inside her. Valis gasped and her muscles tensed, squeezing and releasing piccolo. Piccolo waited until she relaxed and continued to push his way inside until he reached the thin membrane that signaled her virginity.

"I'm sorry." Piccolo said and thrust his length fully inside her, taking her virginity.

Valis gasped in pain,squeezed piccolo's arms and tears fell from her eyes. Piccolo gently wiped them away with his thumbs and remained still to allow her to adjust to him being inside her. Soon, the pleasure overtook the pain and she kissed him.

"You can move now, my love." she whispered in his ear.

Piccolo kissed her and gently started thrusting at first until he felt her returning his thrusts. Piccolo lost it and began thrusting harder and faster, loving how wet, hot, and tight she was.

"Ah...m-more....uh....piccolo..." Valis moaned.

She couldn't stop touching him all over his body. The pleasure she was feeling continued to grow stronger and more intense.

"So good...so tight....Ugh!" Piccolo groaned as he continued to thrust even harder, loving the screams Valis gave with each one he gave. He could feel they we're both close to their climax.

"Close piccolo-chan....so close!" Valis panted.

Piccolo took one of his hands and stroked her sensitive nub and that was all it took to send Valis over the edge into sexual bliss.

"Piccolo!" she screamed in total ecstasy as her internal muscles clamped down tightly on him. She sunk her teeth into her husband in the space between his neck and shoulder connected, marking him as her mate.

"Valis!" Piccolo grunted as gave one more hard and deep thrust as he released his seeds into the tight heat that gripped and caressed him so lovingly. He too, returned same bite mark to Valis, marking her as his mate.

He collasped on top of his wife to join her to slowly recover from their freefall to ecstacy. Valis wrapped her arms around him as they both regained their breath.

Piccolo leaned up and kissed her softly before gently removing himself and rolling over and landing on his back. Valis cuddled up against with her arm and head resting on his chest and one leg thrown over his. Piccolo pulled her closer and kissed the top of her head.

"Wow. That was incredible. Where-?" she began to ask when piccolo cut her off.

"From Gohan and I'm telling you now, if and when, we have children, you're gonna be the one to explain sex to them. I never want to ask Gohan about sex again."

Valis laughed when she pictured Gohan trying to explain sex to her husband and his reaction at what was being relayed to him.

"Well, look at it this way. Better Gohan than my lil' brother." she said with sleepy smile.

"Don't remind me." as he yawned.



"I love you." she said as she drifted off to sleep, followed by Piccolo soon after.

Throughout the night, she and her husband made love constant until finally sated and satisfied in the early morning hoursof the next day they slept. An hour later, Piccolo was suddenly awaken when he sensed an unknown ki signature close by. Not just close by, but it seem to be right beside him. He looked at his wife whose ki was normal and calm due to fact that she was sleeping. The unknown ki signature's point of origin seem to come from Valis' stomach.

Piccolo's eyes widened. He gently placed a hand on his wife exposed belly since they were both still naked under the covers and sure enough, there it was. It was a faint, but very strong ki signature. Piccolo looked like a fish. His wife was pregnant with his, no, their child. He was about to remove his hand when he felt another ki signture right next to the first. Twins! They were going to have twins! Piccolo was so excited he started to wake up his wife to tell her the good news, but then decided to let her rest. He would tell her when she woke up.

A father. He was going to be a father! And Valis ,their mother! They were going to be parents! Piccolo could barely contain himself. He pulled his sleepy wife closer and she snuggled closer to him. He smiled down at her.

"Thank you." he whispered and stayed awake. Waiting for his wife and mother to be to wake up to tell her the wonderful news.


So ends season two of Dragonball V. But, stay tuned for DBV:Season Three where we meet the twins and learn about the eight star dragonball!! And thanks to everyone one that read and review the series so far. I ask that you stay with me and this growing series!