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                                                                                         Kaeleer: SaDiablo Hall

Saetan opened the door to his study, making sure there wasn't any cleaning staff ready to complain that they hadn't finished yet. Sensing no one inside, he quietly eased into the room and made his way over to his desk. He winced as he saw the pile of important papers and notices that he hadn't had time to attend to since the coven and boyos had descended for a second whirl-wind summer. As he eased into his chair he called in a glass of yarbarah and a witchlight to heat it. He settled in to do the neglected paperwork and slowly sipped the blood wine. While relishing the silence that had fallen upon the hall since Jaenelle had left for her yearly visit with the aristo Blood in Little Terreille, Saetan couldn't help but notice that the vitality that the Hall had been infused with since the beginning of the summer had faded, and he missed it.

 Saetan responded to all the papers that he could, but he also placed more aside for Jaenelle to respond to when she came back. Smiling as he placed another letter, this one from the town of Agio in Jaenelle's pile which had rapidly outgrown his, he barely registered the sounds coming from the corridors outside his study. Therefore he was slightly surprised as a huge BOOM erupted outside his door but he didn't worry as he next heard the worried voice of a young Warlord saying "Karla, I don't think that Uncle Saetan would appreciated being interrupted, especially as we did come back early-"

He sighed as the door burst open and Karla, Morghann and Khary strode in closely followed by Kalush. After Kalush a more sheepish Aaron and Morton came in; they stayed back to fix the door which had been halfway blown off its handles by whatever spell Karla and Morghann had performed to break the lock Saetan had placed upon it. Saetan put down the spectacles he had been wearing, steepled his fingers and said dryly,"Karla, may I remind you once again that I do not appreciate having my doors blown open, if you have the urge to do some destruction I do believe that I set a section of the North Tower apart for the coven for that exact purpose. Please blow up stuff there, not in my study."

Karla did not look contrite. "Oh sorry, Uncle Saetan. I'm sure that Morghann, Kalush and I can fix it after we talk with you."

"Don't bother," said Aaron wryly as he and Morton rejoined the group huddled around Satan's desk. "It's fixed."

Saetan got right down to business, "So I suppose that the reason why you six came back early from Luthvian's will be explained in our 'talk'?"

Khary put on his best distressed face. "I think we were too much for her; she kept yelling and having to fix headache brews; I'm sure we probably helped shorten her lifespan by several hundred years." He, Morton, and Aaron exchanged smirks.

Morghann said acidly, "Luthvian's a bitch."

"Agreed," answered Saetan. "But did you actually learn anything while you were there?"

"Well," said Kalush thoughtfully "We learned that pink is the best colour to use as dye if we want to ruin a widows weeds and that pickleberries make a very interesting-"

"Nevermind," said Saetan hastily as he stifled a groan inside. Most of the coven and the boyos had gone back to their home territories while Jaenelle had her visit with Little Terreille's Blood and would return to the Hall when Jaenelle did. But Karla and Morton were exceptions. In a self-imposed exile, Karla did not feel comfortable going back to Glacia while her Uncle Hobart still ruled and Morton supported her decision. In fact Saetan did as well, he believed Hobart was dangerous and it was better for Karla and Morton to stay under his guardianship rather than return home. The coven and boyos took turns inviting the Glacians to their homes or staying at the Hall to keep them company. This time it was Khary, Morghann, Aaron and Kalush who had remained. Except for Kalush, who was usually well behaved (for a member of Jaenelle's coven) it was a rather explosive combination. Saetan eyed the young Queens and the boyos as he considered what to do with them. He had sent them to Luthvian's for a few days because he thought that she could teach them some more obscure points of the Craft and that she would be able to control them; as she had a powerful personality herself. Obviously not.

"So what should I do with you since there are no more places that I can send you? Andulvar has absolutely refused to take you to Askavi after last time and he has warned Draca and Geoffry to not at any time let you in the Keep. And now that Luthvian's out of the question… I assume that you would not like to remain at the Hall for the rest of the week?"

Karla smiled a huge smile, "Don't worry Uncle Saetan, we have plans. Is it okay if we go into to town for a couple days? We need to go shopping."

Saetan looked at them cautiously. Go into to Amdarh for a couple days to go shopping? Why, that almost sounded like the innocent fun of normal young Blood. "What mischief do you have planned in Amdarh?" he asked suspiously.

"Why Uncle Saetan, we're hurt," said Khary mock sadly, "We just want to go into town, we have nothing planned like that at all, swear to the Darkness."

Saetan looked around the circle of young faces that gazed at him hopefully. "All right, you can go." After all he had unleashed Jaenelle there before and the town survived, how much worse could these six be? Squeals of joy came from the girls and wide grins from the boys as they all piled on top to give him a hug. Then, chattering excitedly, they left the study at an alarming speed.

Several seconds minutes later Andulvar came in the door grinning as he watched Saetan try to flatten down his mussed hair. "What did you agree to?" he asked. Saetan answered "I said that they could go into Amdarh for a few days."

Andulvar raised his eyebrows. You're letting that group of sixteen and seventeen year old queens and warlords go to Amdarh?"

Saetan nodded.

"Mother Night," said Andulvar resignedly.

Before they went their separate ways Karla gave a wink to her fellow consprirators; they all winked back as they went to their rooms to pack the supplies for the trip.