FanFic: Fire Demon in Love?!?!

It was a hot summer day in the middle of July. A pretty girl, about 20 to 22, was resting on a tree stump, catching her breath after a long bike ride. The girl was wearing a gray skirt and a blue-gray halter-top. Her long, sweeping black hair tied back in a ponytail. Lizzie wiped her forehead with the back of her hand and started fanning herself, hoping for a breeze.

"Look, Kurama, seems as though this ningen has gotten herself overtired!" a voice was snickering behind her. "Perhaps we kill her and put her out of her miseries."

The girl looked around to see who was speaking. Two boys were coming towards her, a short, black-haired, red-eyed boy and a tall, red-haired, green-eyed boy. It was the shorter one who had spoken.

"Come now, Hiei! You don't just throw away a life because it's a bit rough!" This was the taller on speaking in a very cool voice.

"Kurama, you read to many books. Stop lecturing me."

The two came to where the girl was resting. She noticed the short one had a bandana wrapped around his head. He looked like an arrogant boy, yet Lizzie was somehow attracted to him.

"Please excuse my friend, miss. He's a bit ignorant." The taller boy was speaking to her. "By the way, my name is Kurama. This is Hiei. What is your name?" He reached out his hand in greeting.

"Me name's Lizzie. Lizzie Capontee." She looked at them quizzically while shaking Kurama's hand. "What may I ask is a ningen?" They seem normal enough. They couldn't be.. No! I'll not think of it! She let go of Kurama's hand.

The two boys looked at each other as though battling within. The red head seemed to be pleading to share, while the shrimp seemed to be telling him to not too. The taller of the two turned back to Lizzie and it clearly looked as though the midget-dude-guy won.

"What do YOU want to know for? And how did you get so tired? Get chased by a Youkai speed demon?" the midget inquired. Obviously he was feisty for his size, which happens to be 3 inches shorter than Lizzie. Kurama merely sighed and nodded for her to answer.

Lizzie wasn't sure what to say. Perhaps 'Yeah! A big, 90 foot tall Speed Yoke-a was chasing me!' or 'Nah! Just practicin' for a game.' Yeah right! I'll tell the truth. Mamma always said that honesty is the best policy! "No. I wasn't chased by a Speed Youkai. I was biking." At the quizzical look on the shrimp-dude's face she added, "It's a human thing. Most Youkais don't know of it."

The boys were staring, mouths agape. " know about demons?" they said in chorus. She simply nodded in answer.

"It's nice to meet another human who knows of Youkais! As I said my name is Kurama, I'm a.." "Kitsune-Youkai. I know. I saw the tournament. Nice victory. You're a Fire Demon, right, Hiei?" At this, Hiei froze looking slightly up at the now standing Lizzie.

"C-correct. Are you a-." Hiei stared at her with a strange look on his face. "A demon? Like Kurama is, I mean." Lizzie looked Hiei in the eyes then glanced at Kurama who happened to be snickering.

"Why yes. Yes, I am. Well, sort of.." She fidgeted with a locket that was hanging around her neck. "I'm a Wolf Hanyou. Half-Youkai." She wiped her head again and muttered, "Boy I could go for a swim.."

Hiei was looking at Lizzie with an expression of utmost pleasure, but before he could say anything, Kurama began snickering again. "What the hell's so funny, Kurama?"

"Nothing. Just.. We better be going, Yusuke wanted to see us." He turned and started off. "Nice meeting you, Lizzie."

"Same, Kurama!"

"There's a lake about a mile that way," Hiei said indicating the direction. "Nice meeting you." He followed Kurama.