Amethyst Blizzard: Ok, this fic just sorta came to me when I was playing "Serious Sam" (don't ask) on my computer yesterday. Blood and guts spilling everywhere, somehow I managed to think about attics and what it would be like to be stuck in one for the night, with that one guy. (ya know what I mean)

Anyway, this fic is only going to be a few chapters long, so don't expect much out of it, but it is a little different from my others.

The story's practically about the school library's attic and Ryo has a somewhat scary obsession with it. He takes Rika up there and they just happen to get stuck in there for the night. A lot can happen in twelve hours, thank you very much.

Floramon: It sure can and knowing my former D-Angel, now known as Amethyst Blizzard for some strange reason, I know she will thoroughly torture Rika and her feelings, like she always does.

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The Attic That Night

Chapter 1: The Day The Ladder Just Happened To Fall


I looked over at him. He was smiling; smiling like everything was going to be fine. Smiling like all of this wasn't his fault. Smiling like he didn't have a clue this was going to happen. Of course he knew. He had been planning this all winter. Just to get me alone. Alone, in an attic of all places. The attic of the school library. This was his entire fault and all he could do was smile his perfect smile. His gorgeous, incredibly adorable, irresistible smile that had me completely immobilized.

No! I will not let my incredibly stupid, hormonal emotions get the better of me, I just won't. I shook my head, furious at myself for even letting it get this far. Ryo's older, smarter and wiser than me. Although, if he were smarter then he wouldn't have done all this, cause there's no way in hell that I'm gonna let him get away with it.

Well, I guess I should explain what actually happened. Sit down cause this may take a while. Takato, Henry and me were fighting this big, ugly Digimon, Cyclonemon. Anyway, Renamon had to Digivolve to Kyubimon to dodge his Arm Bomber attack, but when he took her by surprise from behind, and he enveloped Guilmon and Terriermon in deadly heat, Cyberdramon showed up, along with Ryo, and destroyed the yellow dump truck. That's Cyclonemon, by the way. If you've ever seen that guy, you'd know what I meant.

Anyway, after the fight, feeling slightly embarrassed for not being able to beat that guy without him, we made our way to the park. There, we had a brief meeting about the manifestation of the recent attacks, with Ryo, mind you. Then we kind of just split up and went our separate ways. Takato and Henry went home and I just stayed at the park, absently staring into the lake, watching my reflection stare back at me. I wasn't prepared for what happened next.

I had no idea he was even still there, let alone standing behind me. The thought chilled me. Anyway, he came and sat next to me and he asked me the strangest thing. "Have you ever wondered why the school library is a lot taller outside than inside?" I stared at him, utterly confused and even a bit scared for his health. Had he completely lost it? I replied a simple no, partly because it was the truth and partly because I didn't want it to go any further than that. However I wasn't in control of the conversation or of his mind and he grabbed my wrist gently and pulled me up with him. That's one thing among many others I hate: not being in control. It gives me an unwelcome feeling of insecurity.

Anyway, I looked around and realised Renamon must have left because I saw no sign of her. I found Ryo leading me throughout, but incredibly I made no effort to resist him, which is very odd because normally I would've pulled away by now. He kept leading me, through the park, through the streets until we finally made our way to the school. Disgusted at my thought of wishing it had lasted longer, I wrenched my hand free and looked at him expectantly. He explained he wanted to show me the library outside and inside, to see the comparison in height.

Now I was really confused. We were at the school on a holiday, no less, and about to break in to the library just to see the differences in height. Was he crazy? Yep. The next move he made was climbing over the fence and unlocking it from the inside. The gate swung open and there was Ryo, grinning roguishly at me. Was I crazy? Yep. The next move I made surprised even me. I walked right through the gate and over to where Ryo was standing. He grinned wider and gently closed the front gate. I followed him to the library then I realised it was open. He had been here before and figured out the alarm combination so he wouldn't be caught. Clever.

To cut a long story short, we were both now temporarily or permanently, depending on whether or not you want to tempt fate, stuck in the attic because of him. The ladder we were using to get up here "accidentally" fell down just as Ryo had climbed up here. Perfect.






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