AN: This isn't a typical story I'm writing here. Well, for me it's not. It's a little darker and serious because I'm delving into both Goku and Kakarot's personalities here. We all know Goku's personality--light, happy, cheerful and friendly. I'm thinking that Kakarot, the Saiyan he was supposed to be had he not got hit on the head as a child is the complete opposite of Goku. You'll get to see both as I switch the person speaking from Goku to Kakarot and vice versa. When I finished writing this several months ago, I noticed that there was no way I could post it without giving it the R rating. It was too dark, serious and violent, not to mention the sexual content so I trim it down, removing a lot of the detail and explicit contents that were too R rated and left a lot of things implied and it's suitable to a PG-13 rating. I'm still hesitant in posting it, and as you read it in this chapter and later chapters, you'll see why I'm not posting the R rated version.

If you're wondering what gave me the idea for this story, it was the episodes "Transformed at Last" and "Explosion of Anger." It should be airing Wednesday and Thursday of next week. I was looking at it on my DVD when I first got it a few months ago and I remembered back to when I first saw it on CN in 1999. I was freaked to see Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan for the first time. I never saw him so upset before and it was something else to see him transform. In "Explosion of Anger", Master Roshi was telling Yajirobe that he sensed a great change in Goku, saying he found the mother load in power and it's so powerful that it's uncharted territory for Goku, meaning it could be good or bad for him and that Goku was struggling to hold on to the man he is. So, I started thinking, what if his new powers as a Super Saiyan triggered the Kakarot side, his darker side to come out and Goku was still struggling to hold on to the man he is even after he defeated Frieza because if you remember, Goku was very upset with Frieza after he became a Super Saiyan and battling that inner turmoil to kill him or not.

The Unwanted Saiyan

Part One

Chi-Chi stood there with the sword hovering above the man below her. She couldn't believe what she was doing. She couldn't believe what had happened. Goku, her husband for nearly a decade lied on the ground unconscious. If she slammed the sword down, it will pierce his heart. Around her were Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Yamcha and even Yajirobe lying on the ground deeply wounded and or unconscious. Chi-Chi held the sword above her husband, wondering what to do. Should she kill him or not?

"What are you waiting for, woman?" Vegeta croaked as he held a hand on his injured right arm. He was badly beaten. His body was so weak, he couldn't stand up. He was on his knees. Bruises and cuts covered his face and body, his clothes in tatters but he was the only one other than Chi-Chi conscious. "Kill him! Kill him, now! Before he wakes up and destroys us all!"

Chi-Chi cried. "I can't. He's my husband. I love him."

"Woman, if he loved you, if he was your husband, would he have done this?! Would he have done what he did to you?! No! The man you knew as Goku is dead and if I weren't so injured, I'd kill him myself! So, I'm ordering you to kill him now!"

Chi-Chi looked down at the man. He looked as innocent as he always looked when he slept. Vegeta's words of 'Kill him! Do it before he kills us!' kept ringing in her head.

Maybe if I said something earlier, things wouldn't have gotten so out of hand. Maybe if I opened up more, this wouldn't have happened. I guess it all started when Goku came back from Yardrat. He was so happy and cheerful, unlike the man that was lying before me, but even then I suspected something was wrong.


Chi-Chi took the roast out of the oven. It was done along with the beef stew. Chi-Chi sighed restlessly as she thought about Goku. He was gone for over a year now and he still hasn't return from wherever he was. He had defeated Frieza so what was taking him so long to come home? Was it her? Was he scared of her? The last time she saw him was in the hospital where he snuck out on her to go to Namek. She was so angry with him for leaving, but then she became worried with him and Gohan after learning about Frieza and all she wanted to do was get Gohan and maybe help them out.

'I would've gotten myself killed along with Krillin and what good would that have done?'

Chi-Chi glanced out the window and her heart skipped a beat. She moved closer to make sure she wasn't seeing things and she wasn't. Goku was standing outside with Gohan and Piccolo, looking around at the home he had not seen in a long time. Chi-Chi rushed out of the kitchen and slammed the front door opened.

Goku turned around and smiled. "Hey, Chi-Chi!"

"Goku!" Chi-Chi screamed and ran out the house laughing and crying at the same time. Goku held his arms out for her. Chi-Chi jumped into his arms. "Goku, you're finally back!"

Goku hugged Chi-Chi. "Yeah, I'm back!" He then picked Chi-Chi up and spun her around laughing along with her before he settled her back on her feet and scooped her back in his arms for a kiss.

The kiss was a sign something wasn't right. Oh, I enjoyed it. It reminded me of the kisses he would give me when we were alone, before the whole Saiyan ordeal. I felt his hands all over me. Another reminder of the old times, but when I felt his hand caressing my rear end, I knew this wasn't right. I enjoyed the feelings the action stirred in me but I felt we were exposing too much to our son, which Goku knew I was vehemently against, and I had forgotten Piccolo was there. I put Goku's hand around my waist but he moved it again to my bottom. At the time, I thought Goku missed me as much as I missed him so I let the matter drop.

Chi-Chi pulled back in need of air. "Oh, sweetheart, I've missed you so much."

"I've missed you, too, Chi-Chi." He hugged her close to him again. "I don't ever want to let you go."

"Then how will I finish dinner?" Chi-Chi asked jokingly.

Goku laughed and released Chi-Chi. He told Gohan to go inside so they could eat and told Piccolo he will see him later. After dinner, Goku took a shower and changed out of his Yardrat clothes and into a pair of pants, undershirt and shoes. He and Chi-Chi got into an argument. Actually, Chi-Chi did the yelling not wanting Gohan to train with Goku and Piccolo for the Androids. After accidentally getting knocked through the wall of the house and tree, Chi-Chi had a changed of heart and allowed Gohan to train.

With the matter settled, the family sat on the sofa telling Goku what had happened the past year he was gone. Goku explained what he was doing on Yardrat and told Chi-Chi about the Instant Transmission technique he learned. Goku and Chi-Chi put Gohan to bed and then headed to their own bedroom. Goku watched as Chi-Chi had trouble getting undress since one of her arms was in a sling.

"This isn't going to work."

Chi-Chi looked at Goku confused. "What isn't?"

"I'll be back," Goku said and vanished with his new technique. He appeared a minute later with a bean in his hand. He gave it to Chi-Chi.

"A senzu bean," she said. "I wish you thought of it sooner," she said before putting it in her mouth. Not a moment too soon, she was healed. "Thank you." She unwrapped the bandages on her arm and head.

As Goku watched Chi-Chi undressed, he began to realized it's been a while since they've been engage in certain activities. He grabbed Chi-Chi suddenly and kissed her hard. The kiss caught Chi-Chi off guard but then she kissed back. His hands were all over her and Goku began tugging at her clothes, working at a frenzy pace to get it off. Suddenly, a loud tearing sound was heard in the room. Chi-Chi pulled back and saw her dress was ripped asymmetrically from her shoulder to her waist.

"Goku!" Chi-Chi yelled. "Did you really have to rip my dress like that?! Kami, I'm gonna have to sew this and--" she was cut off when her husband kissed her again.

He was forceful again and Chi-Chi used her strength to pull back from him. "Goku, I know it's been a long time, but please…take it slow."

Goku's expression softened. "I'm sorry. It's just that it's been a while since I've been with you."

Chi-Chi smiled. "I know how you are feeling, but let's not get too excited. Look how you ripped my dress. That could've been my arm."

Goku caressed the side of her face and softly spoke. "Chi-Chi, you know I'd never hurt you."

"Just like today when I was slammed out of my house and head first into a tree," Chi-Chi said walking from him and sitting down on the bed. "Just like when you left for Namek behind my back and then when we tried to wish you back, you told us you didn't want to come home. Did you realized how hurt I was when you did that?"

Goku sat beside her. "Today was an accident. You know that. I know you understand that I had to leave for Namek. If I didn't, Gohan and Krillin wouldn't be here now. As for Yardrat, I had to learn this technique. It will benefit us in our fights. It will help us against the Androids." He moved closer and started kissing her neck. "You do understand that, right?"

"Yes," Chi-Chi whispered. She leaned into Goku's kisses. He was slowly awakening the desire in her. She was starting to realize just how long it's been since she was last intimate with her husband, too.

"Let's not argue tonight. It's been so long. Please?" Goku pulled the straps of her slip down and kissed the newly exposed skin.

Chi-Chi didn't want to argue that night either. She turned so her whole body was facing him and smiled. "Okay."


Chi-Chi lied in bed the next morning wondering what came over her husband. He was very animalistic, wild last night. She put the blame on the year apart and the fact that the last time they were intimate was before the Saiyans. She enjoyed herself. There was nothing to complain about. It's just that he was never so possessive or dominant. Whenever she tried to please him, he would push her back and let her know he was in control.

Even then I should've suspected something wasn't right. Goku was never like that, but once again I blamed it on the time apart. Last night was the first time he wanted me to call him Kakarot--his Saiyan name. He never like that name. He told me so when he was in the hospital. He didn't want to be a Saiyan or acknowledge anything from his heritage but whatever happened from when he left to go to Namek and came back home, he must have accepted the Saiyan name and he loved it when I called him that.

Chi-Chi looked at the clock and knew it was time for her to get up. She didn't want to. She was exhausted but her family needed to eat and it was up to her to cook for them.

Chi-Chi tried to get out of bed but Kakarot locked a tight hold on her. "You're not going anywhere, woman."

Chi-Chi rolled over angry. "Goku, where did you get that barbaric attitude from? Who are you to call me woman?"

"You are a woman," Kakarot said sharply.

"I am, but I'm your wife and you always call me Chi-Chi. Not woman like some Neanderthal. There have been times when you have called me 'honey', 'hon', and occasionally 'babe' but never woman."

Kakarot rolled his eyes. "All right, all right. I won't call you woman." He pulled her close to him. "But never forget that you are mine," Kakarot said and nibbled Chi-Chi's neck.

Chi-Chi laughed at him. "You certainly are in a playful mood. Seriously, Goku, let me go. I have to fix breakfast for you and Gohan. Besides, don't you have to get started on your training today for the Androids?"

Kakarot pulled his mouth from Chi-Chi's neck and looked at her in the face, as if thinking about something. "You're right. I must prepare for the Androids. I won't let a robot or some stupid virus kill me. I am a Saiyan. I'm stronger and tougher than that. I must train."

"I know," Chi-Chi said regretfully. "It's gonna be lonely without you or Gohan in the house much. With you concentrating on your training, we will have to push aside having more children. You know I wanted a big family."

Goku's expression softened and he looked at Chi-Chi sympathetically. "I know. We'll get all that done once the Androids are defeated. Give me three more years, Chi-Chi."

Chi-Chi sighed, giving in. "All right. I have to go take a shower and get breakfast started so you can train."

Kakarot grabbed Chi-Chi's wrist. "No, let the boy train with the Namek for now. He probably haven't done any training in this time of peace. He needs to catch up if he wants to handle me in my new power."

"Goku," Chi-Chi said surprised. "That boy is our son, Gohan. What is wrong with you? You never talked like this before." Chi-Chi touched his face concerned. "What happened to you in space? It's like it changed you."

"If there was any change done, it was for the better."

"It's for the worst if you ask me," Chi-Chi said pulling out of his hold and getting out of bed. She put on her gown and robe. "I thought you should train now, but I think you should wait a few days before you train so you can get more settled being back on Earth and calm that swelling ego of yours."

Chi-Chi closed the door on him as she left their room. She decided to take a shower after breakfast. She felt she had to get away for a little bit so Goku could think.

Chi-Chi hummed to herself as she took out many kitchen utensils as she got breakfast started. She had forgotten about Goku's strange behavior once she got the pancake mix, eggs and milk out and started mixing them together in her large mixing bowl. 'Maybe he was hungry,' Chi-Chi thought. 'After breakfast, Goku should feel a lot more like himself.'

That was when she felt a pair of hands on her rear end and a mouth on her neck, suckling gently. Chi-Chi's breath caught in her throat. "Goku?"

"Hmm?" Kakarot asked.

"What are you doing?"

He chuckled wickedly. "I think you're smart enough to know what I'm doing."

"Goku…I have to get breakfast started."

"Mmm…I want you for breakfast," he said wrapping his arms around her.

Unaware of any of this, Gohan hopped down the stairs ready for his training for the Androids. "Morning, everyone. Ready for training, Daddy? Oh." He stopped seeing his parents locked into an intimate embrace. Gohan didn't know what his parents were doing or why his father was touching his mother like he was. Whatever the reason he was doing it, he was causing his mother to moan and move closer to his Dad. Gohan never heard that sound come from his mother before.

Aware they weren't alone, Kakarot pulled his lips from Chi-Chi's neck and glared at Gohan. "What are you doing here, boy?!"

At the mention of Gohan, Chi-Chi pulled away from Goku, her face red in embarrassment. "Gohan."

Gohan jumped. His father never directed that much anger to him since he had turned into a Super Saiyan and ordered him to leave the planet Namek. "I…I, uh, thought we had to train."

"You go and train with Piccolo today. I'll join you tomorrow. You need to warm up for my training because it will be vigorous," Kakarot ordered.

"Uh, okay," Gohan said and quickly scampered out of the house. From the look on his father face, his father looked as if he could kill him.

Kakarot watched as Gohan left and turned his attention to Chi-Chi. "It's just us now."

"Goku, what's wrong with you?" Chi-Chi asked surprised at her husband's attitude to their son.

"Nothing's wrong with me. Why do you keep saying that? I don't want to train to today. I want to be with you. I've been away from you for too long. Can't you understand that?"

"I…do, but your behavior…" Chi-Chi said still not believing how her husband had just acted with their son. "It's…not like you. You never called me 'woman'. You never call Gohan 'boy'."

"I'm fine. I just want to be with you now," Kakarot said and kissed her again. He pulled back and opened her robe. "Now, where were we?"

"Goku, what about breakfast?" Chi-Chi asked.

"I told you," Kakarot said as he removed her robe. "I'm having you for breakfast."

I suspected something was wrong with Goku, but I thought he was badly influenced on what happened in space and needed a few days to settle down or maybe I was just as aroused as he was and didn't care at the moment. Why didn't I see something was happening? Maybe I didn't want to see it, but somewhere deep inside me, I knew and I should've said something but it was too late when I realized things were getting out of hand. I didn't know then, but this was the beginning the end of it all.

To Be Continued