The Unwanted Saiyan

Part Eight

Chi-Chi spent the next several days still absorbing her talk with Goku. She never thought her husband would lose control of himself like he did. He always was so sweet and innocent. She never knew he had this hidden anger in him. It was out now and he was doing his best to prove to Chi-Chi he has more control of it now than before. She saw it herself that Kakarot was defeated, but a part of her was still afraid.

She then thought about seeing Goku as a Super Saiyan. Naturally, she was startled to see this transformation. Then her surprise turned to amazement seeing his hair and eyes change color like that and seeing his muscles expand in size, was startling. The more Chi-Chi thought about it, the more she was beginning to realize how attractive she was becoming to his Super Saiyan form.

'Strange,' she thought in her musings early one morning. 'I'm still attracted to him as ever before but I'm still scared. We've gotten so comfortable together lately. I've accepted his hugs and kisses without any fear, but when it comes to making love I still shy away from the matter because of Kakarot.' Chi-Chi closed her eyes.

'He's not here anymore. Kakarot is gone. Kakarot is never coming back. I saw him be defeated. I saw the expression on Goku's face when he talked to me about his feelings as a Super Saiyan. It's over. Goku's back and Kakarot's never coming back. The only way I can get over this for good is that I make love to Goku again. That will forever banish any fears of Kakarot. There's difference to how Goku and Kakarot make love. With Kakarot he was lustful and seducing. With Goku it was sensual, loving. I always felt love from Goku, not Kakarot. It's the only way our marriage can ever be the same again. I have to swallow my fears and do it.'

The bathroom door opened and Goku stepped out wearing a towel. He was getting ready to leave for his daily training for the Androids. She watched him as he lazily dropped the towel on the floor and pulled on his boxers. Chi-Chi shook her head. She could teach him some things but still there were habits of his she didn't think she could ever change.

Chi-Chi sat up in bed and folded her arms over her legs. "How often do you take breaks? You don't overwork Gohan do you? He's just a child."

"Gohan's tough. He can take it. Sometimes when I say it's enough for the day, he still wants to keep training. That's my boy," Goku said proudly.

"Sometimes I think he's too much like you," Chi-Chi commented. "You're both stubborn and can fly away from me where I can't get you. I need to learn how to fly." There was a knock at door. It was Gohan ready to leave.

"Are you ready to go, Dad?" Gohan asked outside the door.

Goku, now fully dressed, tied his belt around his waist and walked over to the bed to give Chi-Chi his ritual kiss goodbye. Chi-Chi decided to add a little more to the kiss, sending Goku a message.

Goku expected a simple kiss on the lips but what he got was something different. Chi-Chi locked an arm around his neck and found his lips in a slow sensuous kiss. Her tongue pushed forward seeking access that was willingly granted. Goku returned the kiss passionately, exploring the warmth of Chi Chi's mouth. With her free hand, Chi-Chi ran sensual caresses through Goku's shirt, touching the ripples of his chest. The action caused Goku breath to quicken and him to pull Chi-Chi closer than him.

"Dad?" Gohan knocked again softly. "Are you asleep?" Gohan opened the door and saw his parents locked in an intimate embrace, lips on lips and hands all over each other's bodies. This put to rest any doubt and worries Gohan was having about his parents. "Oops."

Hearing Gohan, Chi-Chi pulled away from Goku. In the past, Chi-Chi was embarrassed to be caught by her son, but this time she wasn't. She wanted to send a message to her husband and by the way he reacted to the kiss, Chi-Chi believed it got through.

Goku looked back and saw Gohan. "Oh, hey. Let's go, Gohan. I'm ready." He rose and looked back at Chi-Chi a curious look on his face. "I'll see you at breakfast." He saw that special look Chi-Chi gave him when she wanted to be with him intimately.

"Dad," Gohan interrupted. "Aren't we going? We've got a lot of work to do."

"Uh, sure, Gohan," Goku said reluctant to leave his wife. He turned around and walked out the door. 'What's Chi-Chi up to?'

As Chi-Chi prepared for breakfast, she was seeing that making love to her husband would put any rest to her mind about Kakarot. The kiss was a definite sign her decision was a right one. Chi-Chi decided that now would be a good time she and her husband spend some time together alone and reconnect with each other. Just the thought of it, made her blush. However, if they were going to be together like she had planned, she knew that Gohan couldn't be around. With breakfast cooking on the stove and over, Chi-Chi went to Gohan's room to pack a few things. The weekend was a day away so Chi-Chi thought Gohan could spend a weekend with Piccolo. She had grown comfortable having the Namek around and learned he wouldn't hurt her son. He had sacrifice his life for her son, proving he wasn't as bad anymore.

Goku and Gohan returned home for breakfast three hours later. Gohan was excited to eat the meal that awaited him and his Dad, but Goku was still thinking about the kiss his wife gave him. It was so sudden and unexpected. She hadn't kissed him like that in a long while. Breakfast was simple with Goku and Gohan quickly eating the food Chi-Chi had prepared for them.

When they were preparing to leave to resume training, Chi-Chi called out to them. "Wait, Gohan. I have to give you something."

Gohan saw a large backpack on his Mom as she approached him. "Mom, what's that?"

Chi-Chi sat the backpack down in front of Gohan. "Gohan, I thought you could spend the weekend with Piccolo. You seem to like him so much. I have your books so you don't miss out on your studying and I have some extra clothes for you. So, you go and have a good time with Piccolo." Chi-Chi went on and on about the things she brought for Gohan and Goku couldn't help but wonder what was Chi-Chi thinking. She never voluntarily let Gohan camp with Piccolo. Gohan didn't think anything was wrong since he was overjoyed to spend the weekend with Piccolo.

Goku told Gohan to go ahead and leave and that he'll join him soon. With Gohan in the air heading back to the training site, Goku looked back at his wife. "Why are you sending Gohan out for the weekend?"

"I thought you and I could spend some time together alone," Chi-Chi answered modestly.

"Really?" Goku was surprised.

"Yes. I think we should spend time alone without any distraction to really connect again. I want to try, Goku. I think I'm ready to be with you."

"Are you sure because last time--" Goku was silenced when Chi-Chi pressed her lips upon his. Chi-Chi closed the gap between her and her husband and moaned softly as her body pressed against his. This action caused Goku to kiss deeper, exploring his mouth in Chi-Chi's. Hearing more pleasing sounds from Chi-Chi, caused Goku to go further as he allowed his hands to explore her body like he did earlier that morning.

Chi-Chi pulled back from Goku with a satisfy smirk on her face. "I think that's proof enough."

Goku's eyes were glazed with desire. "I…see," he said after a heavy breath. "Can we go now?" Goku asked hopefully.

Chi-Chi laughed. "No, you have to wait until after dinner. It won't be long, and you can't come home before that. I'm going to cook a nice dinner for us and afterwards we can really spend some time together like we should."

Goku immediately understood what Chi-Chi meant and for once he wasn't anxious to come home to eat. He went off to train with an exciting look on his face. At training, Goku seem more excited and eager as ever to train. The closer it neared dinnertime, the more excited Goku seemed. When it was time for him to leave, Goku told Gohan that he was going to stay home the next three days and that he enjoy his time with Piccolo.

As Goku flew the quick journey home, Goku was famished but he desired Chi-Chi more. Opening the door to her home, Goku saw a feast of food on the table full of all his favorites. Goku's mouth watered at all the food that awaited his stomach, but Chi-Chi wasn't anywhere in the room.

"Chi-Chi?" Goku called and headed upstairs. "Hey, Chi-Chi," Goku called again. He opened the door to their bedroom.

Chi-Chi was zipping up her dress. She wasn't wearing her purple dress Goku saw at breakfast but a sleeveless, white dress decorated with red roses in a left asymmetrical pattern from her shoulder to her waist. The dress looked a little fancier than her others. Goku like it, especially how it revealed her legs from her ankles to her knees. Chi-Chi's hair was removed from the bun she normally kept her hair in, leaving her dark hair loose down to her waist, making her look more prettier than this morning.

"You're early," Chi-Chi accused Goku.

"Only about ten minutes. I was excited."

"I wanted to meet you downstairs so I can see the look on your face when you saw dinner and me," Chi-Chi said approaching him. She took his hand in hers. "It doesn't matter. You're home now." Smiling, Chi-Chi led him downstairs to eat dinner.

Dinner was eaten in comfort. Chi-Chi had planned dinner by candlelight but she knew Goku wouldn't understand she was trying to create a romantic mood. He would ask why she doesn't turn a light on so they won't eat in the dark. Goku quickly ate his food, rarely noticing the looks his wife was sending him and when he did, he blushed and became even more excited as he thought about what would happen later.

After dinner, Chi-Chi cleaned up the dishes while Goku took a shower in their bedroom to wash off the dirt and sweat he got from training that day. After his shower, Goku stepped out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist and one in his hair as he dried his spiky black locks. Chi-Chi entered the room and paused seeing him. She smiled at him, blushing slightly. "Did you have a nice shower?"

Goku dropped the towel he had in his hair on the floor and approached Chi-Chi. "It was fine." He ran his hands through her hair, playing with the loose locks. "I like your hair being down. You look very pretty."

Chi-Chi and playfully slapped Goku across his chest. "So, you finally noticed."

Goku laughed. "I did. I just didn't think to say it now, but I really mean it. You look pretty." He stared into her black eyes and saw happiness and love in her eyes.

Chi-Chi was touched by Goku's compliment. It was rare he ever say anything about her looks. It never meant he didn't think she was pretty all the time. It was the way he was. When he says something, he just assume Chi-Chi would know he always mean it. Chi-Chi moved first as she raised herself on her toes to kiss Goku.

Goku eagerly opened his mouth to hers, welcoming her sensual exploration and returning the feelings she was giving to him. As they kissed, Goku's hands slid slowly together up and down her body, where he began to gently massage her body through the fabric of her dress. Chi-Chi's hands were on a journey of their own as they rubbed the ripple of muscles on Goku's chest.

Goku worked to lower the zipper on Chi-Chi's dress pushing it down to her waist and moving her closer to the bed. Goku removed his lips from Chi-Chi's and worked on her neck as he gently pushed Chi-Chi on the bed and help Chi-Chi in the removal of her dress. With her dress gone, Goku maneuvered himself on the bed with his body moving on top of hers.

That's when Chi-Chi's body froze up. Feeling Goku's body on her like this, she felt it was Kakarot all over again and that caused her to panic. Chi-Chi pressed her hands on Goku's chest and pushed him off her. Chi-Chi sat up and looked at Goku frightened.

"No. Stop. I--I can't," Chi-Chi panicked.

Goku looked at Chi-Chi surprised. "Oh…" Least to say, Goku was disappointed but he didn't want Chi-Chi to see that. "That's okay." He saw Chi-Chi shaking so he put an arm around her to put her at ease. "It's all right. You don't have to now."

Chi-Chi shook her head and started to cry. "No, it's not right. I thought I was ready and I'm not. I'm attracted to you but I still can't be with you. I'm still scared." She quickly got out off bed and left the room.

Goku started to go after her, but decided not to. Instead, he tried to figure out what went wrong. Everything was going well today up until this moment. She told him she wanted to make love to him but a part of her was still scared. Something was holding her back. Chi-Chi was anxious to be with him until this very moment. He didn't move too fast because Chi-Chi was kissing him just as eagerly as he was. She was helping him get her dress off but when he got on top of her, she panicked.

'Was that it?' Goku wondered. He thought back to when his Kakarot personality took over his body. When he lost to Kakarot and he was having sex with Chi-Chi, Kakarot was on top and in control of everything, moving at his will and pace, forcing himself on her. 'Maybe that's what's wrong. Chi-Chi may never want to be with me again.'

Goku got her robe and left the room. She left their room half naked so she had to be cold. He found Chi-Chi in the living room still crying with her hands buried in her head.

Chi-Chi sat up when she felt something on her shoulders. She pulled her hands from her eyes and saw Goku placing her robe on her. Chi-Chi admitted the cloth was comforting since she was getting cold in her bra and underwear.

"I thought you might need this."

Chi-Chi wrapped the robe around her body. "Thanks." She wiped the tears away. "I'm sorry, Goku. I thought I was ready and I panicked."

"Don't worry about it."

"Easy for you to say. Some romantic night this turned out to be," Chi-Chi said ruefully. "I planned everything carefully, thinking it would be a perfect night and it turned out to be a disaster. I don't know what's wrong with me, Goku. I want you so badly, but a part of me keeps holding back."

"I think you're putting too much pressure on yourself, Chi-Chi. When I was Kakarot, you suffered a lot. I violated you in a terribly way. It's going to take time." He tilted her face to his so Chi-Chi could see the truth and sincerity in his eyes. "Don't do this for me. Do it for yourself. I can wait. I'll always wait for you."

Something about the way Goku looked and sounded when he said that did opened something in Chi-Chi. Everything was suddenly becoming clear. "You're right. That's it."

Goku became clueless. "What's it?"

"What you just said, Goku, about how you would wait for me. Kakarot wouldn't wait for me, but you, Goku, would. I've been going about this all wrong. I kept telling myself that if I make love to you, everything will be fine but I didn't see that I have to be comfortable first. When we were upstairs, I was forcing myself. I wasn't ready but this time I am. I know I am and I know we'll be fine and it's all because of what you said."

Goku really looked confused. "Really?"

"Yes," Chi-Chi said happily throwing her arms around Goku. "We're going to be all right. I love you so much. I trust you and I trust myself. I forgive you for all that has happened because I knew you would save me and you did from Kakarot. We're going to be fine. " Chi-Chi sealed her words with a kiss. The longer the kiss continued the deeper it became for both parties as they made themselves more comfortable with Chi-Chi slowly pushing Goku down on the sofa as she continued to make love to him.


A mile away, Gohan was reading his history book near a fire. If he knew his mother, when he got back he would have to take a test. Piccolo was meditating when he heard a strange sound. He stretched his hearing to discover it was coming from the Son home.

Piccolo rolled his eyes and groaned. 'Again? This is the third time tonight. Don't they have anything better to do?'

"Piccolo, I'm going back home."

Piccolo looked at Gohan surprised. "What? Why?"

"My Mom forgot to pack my biography book on Akira Origami. He's a very important guy and mom told me a lot of questions were going to be on my test about it."

'Great. It would have to be me to stop the kid from going home and see his parents mate.' "Get it tomorrow."

"Why can't I get it now? Mom and Dad are sleeping."

"I doubt that, kid," Piccolo said smartly.

"Why not? It's past ten. We always go to bed early." Gohan explained.

"Just forget it! If your mother didn't pack that book, then she's not going to give you that test! Akira Toriyama can't be that important!" Piccolo growled.

"In my history book, he is. I have to get that book," Gohan explained.

"No, you know don't. You're not having a test. Your father will see to that."

"You think so?" Gohan asked. "I guess you're right. Dad always found a way to get me out of studying. I'm tired anyway." Gohan pakced his books and took out his sleeping bag. "Good night, Piccolo"

Piccolo's hearing continued to pick up the sounds coming from the Son's house. 'It won't be a good night for me.' "Good night, Gohan."

The End

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