Shadic's Escape Chapter 1-2

So far, this is my favorite fanfiction I ever wrote, but I'm still writing it... Bah, you get what I mean! It's (hopefully) got some humor, seriousness (is that a word?), action (YEAH BABY!!!!), some other stuff that I don't know what you would call it, oh, and alittle lovey dovey (gags, sorry, just not my favorite thing). OK, I'd give ya a summery, but A) what fun would that be? You gotta read on to find out! and B) I've gotta go to bed...darn it... So I'll stop stalling, I really REALLY hope ya'll like this story, I work to make it as good as I can. Pwease comment. *Does the puppy-dog face.*

"Sir, the experiment is beginning to awaken," said a man to the leader of GUN.
"Good," the leader smiled, "vital signs check?"
"In full health," replied the man.
"Excellent," the leader jeered, "how long till it gains full consciousness?"
"Uncertain. But it is capable of surviving in the open air now," the man informed.
"Release it," the leader ordered. The man reached for his walkie- talkie.
"Release experiment Project Shadow Beta," he told whoever held the opposite walkie-talkie. The leaders smile became a grin.
"So it begins."

In GUN's lab, scientists were frantically running about, typing away at computers, decoding DNA patterns, and checking notes. Against the wall was a large glass tube with an unconscious form of a hedgehog floating in a pale green liquid. Wires covered the hedgehog's body, which monitored body functions and read out all of the results on each of the computers. The scientist who received the order over the walkie-talkie began typing a series of commands on the main computer. The pale liquid started draining out of the glass tube. The hedgehog's body color was revealed to be silver with blue rings on it's ankles and upper arms, blue tipped quills, and a blue marking on it's stomach. As the liquid drained the hedgehog slouched to the bottom of the tube, the liquid dripped of it's fur. The glass tube retracted into the ceiling. After checking the read-outs of the hedgehog's vital signs, one of the scientists contacted the GUN leader.
"Everything went smoothly, what do you want us to do?"
"Place it in the recuperation center under close surveillance. This experiment is far to valuable to fail," commanded the leader.
"Yes, sir," the scientist turned to another worker. "Remove it's wires and take it to room B-6. Stay with it and keep the leader informed,"
"Right away," the female worker gently disconnected the many wires from the hedgehog's body. With surprising strength, she lifted it onto a cart and began pushing it to room B-6. The hedgehog's left arm dangled limply off the edge and swayed with the motion of the cart. The woman took an ID card from around her neck and slid it into the lock of room B-6. The door slid open and she pushed the cart in. After the entered the door slid back with a light click. The room was warm, bright, and the walls were white. The woman gently dried the hedgehog with a soft towel. When satisfied that the fur was only slightly damp, she sat herself in front of a computer. It would be her job to record the experiments profile in the systems data-base.
"Lets see. Classification: Project Shadow Beta; species: Hedgehog; gender: female; mission: confront Hedgehog's Sonic and Shadow; name:--" she stared blankly at the blinking curser. A name? She reached for her own walkie-talkie.
"Sir, the records require a name for the hedgehog,"
"Name it whatever you want," the leader said shortly.
"Alright sir. Out," she turned off the walkie-talkie. Resting her head on her hand, she thought. Smiling, she typed the name that came to mind: Shadic. She heard a quiet moaning sound and slight movement behind her. Looking over her shoulder, she saw Shadic starting to sit up. Shadic looked around with unfocused, bright purple eyes. She flexed her fingers and arms. She turned her gaze to the woman.
"Where, am I?" her voice was hoarse from it never being used before.
"You are home,"
"Home?" Shadic looked around again with more focused eyes, "Who are you?"
"My name is Nena. Your name is Shadic,"
"Shadic?" she whispered to herself. She silently sat, confused. Nena contacted the leader again.
"Sir, I have named the hedgehog Shadic. She is fully awake,"
"I'm on my way,"
"Nena, whose coming?" Shadic asked.
"The leader of the project,"
"What project?"
"Well," Nena didn't know how to tell Shadic the truth, "you, are the project,"
"So...I'm just, a project? What happens to me now?"
"The leader should answer your questions," as if on que, the door slid open and a man walked in. He looked at Shadic with cold, hard eyes. She could tell already that she wouldn't like this man.
"So, Shadic is it? I've waited a long time for you to wake up," Shadic made no reply.
"Sir," Nena spoke up, "she'll need a physical,"
"Yes, I am aware of that. Shadic, come, I'm sure you have many questions," opening the door, he watched Shadic get up and walk past him into the hallway. He grinned, his creation seemed strong.