Chapter one

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It was a hot summers day in Port Royal. Elizabeth was sitting next to the window while running her fingers up and down a golden chain that had a diamond ring dangling on it that Will had given her before he set out with his new crew that he had found when they were in Tortuga.

Elizabeth was happy that Will was finally doing what he wanted to do, which was explore the seven seas. Only she was lonely, and could not stop thinking about what he said before he left.

~*~*~*~*~*~*Flash Back*~*~*~*~*~

"Elizabeth.....I love you very much, and I want to give you something before I leave". Will pulled out a golden chain, and dangling at the bottom of it was a diamond ring.

"Oh Will! Its beautiful!"

"Yes, uh I've been meaning to ask you something as well..." Will got down on one knee, and put the chain onto Elizabeth's hand.

"Elizabeth...will you....will you marry me?" Elizabeth's eyes widened and a little smile came across her face.

"Oh Will! Of course I will!".

Elizabeth giggled and wrapped her arms around Will, "I love you Will", she whispered into his ear. "Aye", Will said back. Elizabeth took the ring off the chain, and put it on her finger.

"Elizabeth, please don't wear the ring until I get back. Just wear it around your neck, because I want to be able to see you wear it everyday, and while I'm away I won't be able to see you".

"Of course Will, I shall wait, just come back soon and don't let anything happen to you...please." Will gave Elizabeth a final good-bye kiss, and walked aboard the ship. He waved as the ship sailed out of the bay.

~*~*~*~*~*~*Back to the present*~*~*~*~*~*~

" Oh Will come home soon", she whispered to herself. She sighed as a silent tear ran down her face. Elizabeth stood up and walked to the door. She took one last look out the window, and walked down the stairs.

"Ah, lovely day today isn't Elizabeth?", her father asked. He looked up and saw how depressed she looked, his smile quickly turned to a worried look. "Elizabeth? Is everything alright?". Still holding the chain she looked up and saw how worried her father looked. She quickly put on a little fake smile.

"Yes father, everything is fine....I'm just a bit tired. I think I might go back up stairs for a little lie down."

"Aren't you hungry? Do you want a little lunch first?".

"No thank you father, I'm not very hungry".

" Alright, just be back up by super", her said in a teasing way. Elizabeth let out a little fake giggle, and turned around and rolled her eyes. She walked back up the stair to her room, and plopped down onto her bed. "Damn dress", she thought as she tried to get comfy. "It's too big to even turn over sideways!".

"Miss Swann! Don't lay down! You'll wrinkle your dress!"

"The dress will be fine Rosa, besides I don't care if it wrinkles a little because I'm changing for super anyway".

"Yes, but miss you just got the dress and you know how hard it is to get the wrinkles out!". Elizabeth sighed and got up. " How about I just wear my nightdress for now then".

Rosa helped Elizabeth change into her nightdress, and after Elizabeth dismissed Rosa. Once again Elizabeth plopped down onto her bed. She looked up at the ceiling, and started making pictures with all the lines on the ceiling. About seven minutes later she fell asleep.

When Elizabeth awoke it was dark out, yet still very hot. She sat up and could hear the servants walking back and forth; down stairs bring the food to the dinner table. "Another boring night eating with father", she thought. She walked to the window and saw the lights from all the houses outside. On the far left was the tavern where all the whores and pirates went. Then suddenly a sneaky little smile came across her face. She ran to the door and locked it. Then she ran to the closet, and started look through all the clothes.

"Ah ha! Just what I was looking for!". She pulled out the old white shirt and tan pants that she had worn when Barbosa's men attacked the Navy ship. Elizabeth put the clothes on and walked to the mirror. She was not pleased with how it looked; then she ran back to the closet and pulled a black vest off or one of her dresses. "Perfect", she said with a smile on her face. Then she grabbed a piece of ribbon and tied it around her hair. She didn't look like a high class young woman anymore, she looked like a decent pirate.

Elizabeth quietly walked to the window, and climbed down a tree outside the window. Once she got onto the ground she ran all the way to the tavern with a smile on her face.

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