I'm In Love.

Written by: Kristi/Jennie

A/N: Only seen 2 episodes: 3 and 4. The first one I saw my dad decided to watch with me. Total embarassment. He thought it was pretty good. Don't kill me! Just RR! But no flames!


Has it always been this way? This..girl...this...woman I've spent most of my time with...has she felt this way? It's funny. Once you say goodbye....you realize how great something is. How much you...love them. Why did I feel that way with her? She was a pain, she embaressed me. Hell, she kissed me in front of everyone during rehearsal. But I never realized....how much I felt this way. It's so strange.
I had dreams....dreams about her...after she left. I remember falling asleep in class, and Ninnamori told me that I kept on mumbling her name. I think I'm in love.

But I got a message the other day. I heard her voice, like she was talking to me from the sky.

"I'll be coming, so you betta be ready!" And then a giggle. I've been waiting. For a long time. Maybe today, I think, and it never happens. So I've forgotten about it until now. It's so stupid. Love. Hmph.

I sat on the top bunk, where she used to sleep. I sighed, and found a strand of her hair. Oi. Am I thinking so much that I'd actually put this in a jar and keep it by my bedside-Oh god yes. I am amashed of the way I'm feeling. It's pretty pathetic, this thing called love.

Baseball practice. Memories. Swing the bat. Father. And her. Argh. Haven't I gone through enough pain? I winced. Everything was darkening. I swung the bat, the ball flew through the air, and I blacked out.

A familiar smell filled my nostrils. Curry. Extra spicy. I opened my eyes. There she was, looking over me, a rediculous smile on her face.

"I told you I'd be coming!!!" she said, and planted a huge kiss on me. I was startled for a second, but then, I felt as if I was dreaming. And then she let go. "Naota."

"You're...you're back?" She smiled.

"I am?"

"Haruko?!" The alien girl smiled a jokingly retarted evil smile.

"Yep!" I don't know what came over me then, but suddenly, I flung my arms over her shoulders and embraced her as if I'd never let go. She raised her guitar....

And then I awoke. Yeah, it was great to have her back. But I forgot about her damned guitar.

"Argh....my head." Haruko's face popped out from the top bunk. "Dammit, woman, stop using my head!" She smiled and stuck out her tongue.

"When Ta-kun has a such a cute head, Haruko cannot help but make it cuter!" Haruko smiled and rubbed my bumb playfully.

"Stop, that hurts."

Haruko smiled evilly and laughed. "You know, maybe Haruko should give Ta- kun his kitty ears back!"

I looked up. "That's not funny."

Too late. I felt them sprout up, and Haruko grabbed me by the shoulders and dragged me up to the top bunk.

"But you look so cute in kitty ears!!" Haruko said, and put her arms around my waist and pressed the back of my head against her chest.


"Hmmm? Does Ta-Kun want more Curry?"

"No thanks." I said, and jumped down from the bed and put my big ugly hat on.

Ninnamori walked into my bedroom. She noticed Haruko, and glared at her.

"You again." she said, but Haruko was busy massaging my new cat ears, like she did before the play.

She laughed, "Ta-kun likes his new cat ears, doesn't he?" Haruko said, and massaged them harder. They were tickling like crazy, and I felt heat rising up and laughter in my throat. Ninnamori sighed and walked out, but turned back.

"I'm having dinner here, just to let you know."

"I kno-giggle-w. You're staying here tonight t-giggle-oo."

Ninnamori smiled at that, and walked out to wash her hands for dinner.

Haruko smiled. "Does Ta-kun like her?"

"Maybe." I said, and sighed. I felt myself slumping my head into her lap, and she cradled my head and brushed her lips against my forehead.

"Does Ta-kun like Haruko?"

"Uhh..mm....a little bit."

"That makes Haruko happy. Does Ta-kun want Haruko to be happy?"

I looked over at her. "What are you getting at?"

She just shrugged and smiled and looked at me with those firey amber eyes. But they had..softened. I think she was crying. I still don't know.


"Does...Ta-kun..want Haruko to be...happy?"

"Yes!" I burst out. I didn't want her to cry, I couldn't stand it. She touched my cheek gently, and pushed me off.

"That makes Haruko happy too! Now, I'm going to make your favorite: Extra Spicy Curry!!"

I glared, and stuck my hat on.

I sat down at the table. Ninamori was sitting there alone. "Trade?" she asked, and held up a bowl of Mild Curry.

"Sure." I said, and we switched the bowls. We waited for everyone to come down. I heard the shower running. It was Haruko.

"I'm gonna tell her to hurry up. I'm hungry." I said, "And this is my first time for mild curry!" I added, and walked to the bathroom door.

I knocked on the door. "Haruko, please hurry! I'm hungry!!"

"Make me!" Came a giggly voice, and I sighed. I slammed on it.

"Get out!"

"Why don't you come in?" she yelled. I blushed.

"No!" I said, and decided to eat without her.

I sat down again, and took a spoonful of my curry. It was spicy. I looked over at Ninnamori. She smirked and happily ate her mild curry.

Haruko finally came down. "What?! You ate dinner wihtout me?!" She pouted. "Oh well, I'll just take the rest!" she said, and poured the rest into her own bowl.

"I'm taking a shower." I said, and walked out of the kitchen to the bathroom.

Fifteen minutes later, I got out. Ninnamori was waiting. She looked at me softly, and leaned in near me. I could feel myself blushing...

"My turn!" she yelled, and slammed past me. I shrugged to myself and walked into my bedroom, where Haruko was sitting.

"Come sit with me, Naota." She hadn't called me that all day. I got ready to lay down on the bottom bunk. "Please?" I gave in and climbed up to the top bunk. She put me in the same position as she did before.

"Does Ta-kun like Haruko?"

"We already answered that." I said, blushing slightly.

"Does he?"

"Yeah, I guess." Haruko smiled and teased my hair.

"Does Ta-kun love Haruko?"

I went pale. "Ummm..."


"Yeah?" I replied.

"I do." She leaned her head on my shoulder, and rubbed her cheek against mine. I turned my head to face her. She opened one eye, looked at me softly, and kissed me. Not like the kind that gets me embarassed. The kind that made me realize it.

I'm in love.

And it still feels stupid.


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