I'm In Love.

Written by: Kristi

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I woke up the next morning. It was cold, and Haruko wasn't there. A note was though.


I went shopping for junk since I feel like it. There's stuff in the pantry to eat, but you should know that since you've lived here longer than me.


I put the note down and sighed. Someone knocked on the door. So I opened it. "Hi Naota." It was Ninnamori. "Come in." I said, and she smiled.

"No, I just wanted to say I'm sorry for over-reacting last night. I shouldn't of been so obsessed in your personal life. So, just, sorry." I smiled.

"There's nothing to be sorry about, Eri. I shouldn't have...yelled at you..or whatever else I did." She blushed.

"Thanks. Bye." she said, and started to walk out, but suddenly turned and kissed me hard. I blinked, and as soon as she let go of me, she ran away. I was red hot, I could tell.

I felt really bad when that happened, because I felt like I had cheated on Haruko. But...it was Eri that kissed me....I didn't return it or anthing....I sighed and got up. "'ello Ta-Kun!" Haruko yelled as she entered. I smiled a pathetic excuse for a smile. Haruko put down the groceries and things. "What is wrong, my Ta-Kun?"

I felt like I needed to tell her. "Ni-Ninnamori...k-kissed me." I said fast.

Haruko blinked a bit. "Oh." she said, and sat down next to me. "I don't care."

"What?" She was taking this well. "You-you aren't mad?"

"Of course not. You didn't return it or anything."

"I guess not." I said, happy again.

Later that day I walked to the underpass with Haruko. Her Vespa broke down on her way back so she had to take it to a shop. We sat down and watched the waves for awhile. It was so peaceful. Finally, we could be alone. Until the teenagers decided to party. So we left. "That was exciting..."

"Yeah..." Haruko said dreamily as we walked. "What's wrong?" I asked, and she shook her head.

"What? Oh sorry, the sky was so beautiful."

I looked up. It was beautiful. It was a mixture of blue and purple and orange and red and yellow. She started climbing up the underpass's poles.

"Come on Ta-Kun! I'm bored! Let's climb!" I tried to stop her, but she just kept on sliding up the poles like a snake. She was almost at the top, a tiny dot, and then she fell.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" she yelled, and was falling very close to the ground now. She was about to land on me, so I put out my arms and felt something wierd click inside me. She was about to fall into my arms, when she suddenly slowed down and fell into them softly.

Haruko stared at me, wide-eyed. "H-how did you do that?"

I was amazed at myself, and set her down. "I..don't know."

Haruko smiled. "Well, you broke my fall, atleast. We'd better get going it's getting late......"

I looked up and saw the moon beginning to appear slowly. She turned around.

"...unless you want to stay here." She smiled. I was getting tired. I smiled. "Let's go on home." I said, and we started walking. I was ready to sleep.

I climbed into bed and added one thing to my list.

12. Found out I have wierd powers.

And then fell asleep.

I was dreaming...of that time...when Haruko first came. "You're the one I saw first, Ta-Kun..." Rewind. "You're the one I saw first, Ta-Kun..." Fast forward. Haruko and my father. Fast forward. Atomsk. Me. "I love you." Haruko's face. Right then I noticed. Disgust. Flash. Ninnamori. Flash. Mamimi. Flash. Haruko. Someone screaming. Me.

I woke up. My chest was rising, and I tried to catch my breath. I was dripping sweat and my eyes were wide, my mouth dry. I was cold. Haruko was looking down at me. "Are you okay?" I closed my eyes.

"No. Nothing is wrong." I said through gritted teeth. She didn't love me. I was a pawn in her sick game again. "Get out of my house."

Haruko looked surprised. "What?"

"Get out!" She looked as if she was going to burst out crying, but slowly got up and jumped down from the top bunk. She looked back at me with hurt eyes, then took her guitar and raised it. I winced, but she put it behind her back and left.

I was hurt. Why had I believed her? Why had I let her....I couldn't think.

[Author's Note: From now on, I will use different POVs!]


Haruko's Pov ________

I stood outside with my guitar over my shoulder, just..standing. I didn't get it. Why had he kicked me out? I felt rain coming down on me, and got on my Vespa and drove off. Thoughts rushed through my head that never came in before. 'I want to kill the brat.' 'What am I saying?! I would..never..want to hurt him!! ARGH!' I stopped at a small section of stores that looked old and never used. I was surprised to see people inside. They looked as if no body had gone in for a long time, yet they actually bought stuff there.

I sat inside an old abandoned drug-store, full of dust, used cigarettes, and empty packs of cocaine. I was empty inside. There were no feelings. I stood up and dusted myself off before leaving the abandoned store. I stopped and turned around. I went back inside and grabbed a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. It would be dangerous, these had probably been out for more than 20 years, but I would probably die soon anyway.

I leaned against the wall of the drug store and lit one, giving a fiery glow to my face. It was Mamimi's kind. "Never knows best." I read aloud, and stuck it in my mouth. I let a puff of smoke escape my lips and fill the air with its ashy smell. The ashes fell from the tip to the ground. I took the cigarette from my mouth and dropped it into a puddle. I had left all of my other belongings at Naota's house, so I had no shoes to put it out with. I walked along the sidewalk to the Vespa, stepping on hard rocks and glass, not even feeling the pain, as I was feeling so much mental pain from Naota already.

I was still driving, driving, letting the wind carry me wherever. I had gone a few days without food, and I was getting weaker and paler and thinner every day. I couldn't sleep for those 3 days. I felt my eyelids closing on me while driving. I don't know what happened, but all I remember was feeling pain. Lots of pain. Lots of blood from my head escaping me. I think I crashed into a glass object, but I'm not sure.


Naota's POV


I hadn't seen Haruko for several days, and I was starting to get worried. For five days I looked out the window, expecting her to come back to me. But that never happened. I forgot about her. I wasted two years when she was gone, trying to find her, and then, a year later, she comes back, and doesn't even care about me, just...faking it. I winced as something popped out. A horn. "Argh!!" I cried, holding onto my head and feeling something coming out.

The next thing I know, I'm hanging off a giant spider/robot/thing. I could barely see, except for it's legs. I couldn't stand up, I was just dangling from the thing, my bare feet scraping the floor. It suddenly let me go, and scuttled down the stairs to the porch. I ran after it. I got outside and saw Canti fighting with the wierd spider/robot/thing. No Haruko to help. Something clicked inside me. The guitar Haruko gave me. It might work. I ran upstairs and grabbed it.

I climbed up onto the roof and jumped, banging the spider thing on its what- you-might-call-a-head. It froze for a second, and I knew it worked. It moved again, and brought up a leg and scratched me. I ran up and tried to hit, but missed, and just dodged a whip from a wire coming out. I hit it again, and yelled, "LUNCH TIME!" and hit straight into Canti's gigantic jaws that had appeared. I looked at the guitar. It was still in perfect condition. I was sweating. I looked up at Canti. "Where's Haruko?" his screen read. I shook my head. "Out on some..errands." I didn't know if she would ever come back. I think I hurt her so much.