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---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------

Kurt collapsed onto the ground. Bowing his head, he breathed hard, cold from the inter-dimensional travel. Jean knelt on the ground and held onto Scott as he kissed the ground, laughing maniacally.

"I. . .have never. . .been so glad to be home!" Evan shouted.

"No shit." Marie said. "Tha' place flat out sucked."

"Children. Language." Hank said, smiling at his own private joke. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I must return to the Mojoverse for some more of the others. I suggest that you vacate the premises immediately, since I wouldn't want to see the others appear within pieces of you all."

"You're a good man, Mr. McCoy!" Evan said, pointing his index finger on his right hand at the blue, furry mutant. "You're a good man, and absolutely right. Everyone, move."

The others got up and began to move to the side of the large clearing that they had landed in as Hank McCoy used the device and disappeared again.

"Ooooh." Marie said. "Listen to Evan. He led the New Mutants into the Mojoverse and he suddenly thinks he's Scott."

"Jah, Scott! I'd vatch him if I vere you. He's after your job." Kurt said, walking with the support of Kitty.

"He's welcome to it, if it means that he gets to traipse through other dimensions with your fuzzy butt, Kurt." Scott joked.

"Scott, I can zink of no one else I vould razzer haff had by mein side." Kurt said, his joking demeanor dropping away as he put his hand on Scott's shoulder.

"Me neither, man." Scott said, and the two injured teens embraced each other.

"Aw. How sweet. Ya'll gonna get married now or somethin'?" Marie asked, a rare smile gracing her face.

"I don't think so." Jean said, grabbing Scott by the shoulder, pulling him away from Kurt and into a deep kiss.

The other teens "ooohed" and "aaahed" appropriately, and the surprised look on Scott's face was falling away as he fell into the kiss. Jean finally let go of him and sat back down on the ground. Kurt and Kitty were still laughing at the look on Scott's face as the two of them and Evan joined Jean by her side. Scott was still standing there, looking at Jean with both confusion and happiness on his face.

"So. . .does this mean. . .that we. . .we're. . ." Scott began to ask.

"Scott, if you have to ask, I'm taking the kiss back." Jean said, resting her elbows on her knees.

The others laughed as Scott grinned sheepishly and joined them on the ground, sitting next to Jean.

Kurt laughed and then looked over at Kitty. She was smiling sweetly at him, and then frowned slightly and cocked her head, as if questioning him. Kurt ran his tongue over his lips, nervous in the anticipation of what he was about to tell her. Kitty smiled at him again, but she still looked confused. Kurt moved closer to her, his mouth next to her ear, and was about to tell her something when suddenly there was a loud noise and shimmering light in the middle of the clearing. Hank had just reappeared with Sam, Rahne, Jamie, Roberto, Ray, and Amara. The younger teens ran up to their older compatriots, all of them happy to be back together.

"Hey! Hey! Did we miss anything?" Jamie called out as the New Mutants ran toward the X-Men.

"Naw. Not much. Just Jean sucking face with Scott." Evan said.

As the teasing of Scott and Jean began, Kurt caught Kitty's eye again. She shook and cocked her head again, as if not understanding something Kurt had said. Kurt smiled softly, and reached toward her with her hand. He gently poked her nose with one of his fingers, and she sat there silent before grinning and hugging him again.

"It can wait for later." Kurt thought to himself, not knowing that his thoughts were echoed in Kitty's voice within her own head.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------

Soon, Hank reappeared with Bobby, Logan, Ororo, Longshot, and the Professor. The troupe took a while to get a bearing on their surroundings, but soon found that they were some ten miles outside of the town of Bayville. A call later, several cabs were returning them to the mansion. Longshot had decided to return to his world, but only after a little bit of rest. He would have to return later, when it was not expected, hopefully then Mojo would not be looking for him full-time.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------

Kurt opened his eyes to the sound of an alarm going off. Rolling over, he hit the "snooze" button on his clock and began to drift off, back to sleep. He was close to actual slumber when Kitty's head phased through the door.

"Thought I heard your alarm." Kitty said.

"Kitty? Vhat is it?" Kurt yawned, sitting up. His sheet fell past his bare chest as he rubbed his eyes, and Kitty blushed slightly, averting her eyes as she entered his room.

"Nothing. You've just been, like, sleeping a lot lately." Kitty said, sitting down next to him on his bed.

Kurt snorted. He found it funny how Kitty would revert to her "Valley Girl" lingo after surviving a life or death situation.

"What's funny?" Kitty asked.

"Nozzing. Is Longshot still here?" Kurt asked.

"Yeah, but I think he's supposed to leave today." Kitty said.

"I vonder vhy he doesn't stay here."

Kitty settled back against the headboard and laid her head on Kurt's shoulder. Kurt blinked in surprise, but then he smiled gently and dropped his shoulder lower so she could lie there comfortably.

"You know, Kurt. I really missed you." Kitty said.

"Jah. I missed you, too, Katzchen." Kurt said.

"I was really scared for you, too." Kitty said.

"Um, zank you." Kurt said, feeling himself falling asleep again.

Kitty watched him from the corner of her eye, and then reached up and kissed the snoring Nightcrawler on his cheek. Keeping her eyes on his sleeping face, she slowly bent her neck forward again, and her lips set softly against his. Feeling the warmth from his mouth, she gently kissed the sleeping young man, hoping that he wouldn't wake up, and at the same time praying that he would. When she opened her eyes again, Kurt was still asleep.

"I don't know what I'd do without you, Fuzzy." Kitty whispered. "You're, like, so important to me. More than you know."

Settling back down, she fell asleep as well. A few moments after she closed her eyes, however, the sides of Kurt's mouth lifted into a beautiful smile.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------

Kurt woke up and found that Kitty was gone. Getting out of his bed, he got dressed as quickly as he could and walked down the stairs to the front entryway. There seemed to be a lot of people gathering at the door, and Kurt joined them there, standing next to Rahne.

"Vhat's going on?" Kurt asked.

"Oh, Kurt! Didn't see you there. Oh, but you don't know! Longshot's leaving." Rahne said.

"What? When?" Kurt asked.

"Now." Longshot said as he entered the room. He had a pack on his back and he looked completely rested and restored from his battle-induced injuries. "But I'm glad you're here, Kurt. Kurt, Scott, I just wanted to tell you both how impressed I am, by the both of you. I don't even know if I could have stood up to what you two had to, and. . .well. . .I just wanted to congratulate you. Most people don't make it that far in Mojo's little games."

"Thank you." Scott said, slightly bowing his head in acknowledgement.

"Jah. Zank you." Kurt replied.

"All of you. . ." Longshot said, addressing the young mutants gathered in the hall. ". . .you all have reason to be proud of yourselves. I've never seen anything or anyone fight like you all do, and I think this world is lucky to have you on the side of good, whether it realizes it, or not."

The group all murmured their "thanks" and "you toos" as Longshot turned to face Xavier.

"Are you sure that you wish to return, Longshot?" Xavier asked. "You are more than welcome to stay here and make this world your home."

"The offer sounds appealing, Professor Xavier. But I cannot give up hope for those who are fighting Mojo in my world. He needs to be stopped, and if I can have a hand in it, then I'm all the better for it." Longshot said, extending his hand to Xavier.

"Well, remember, if you are ever in need of assistance. . ." Xavier said, shaking Longshot's four fingered hand.

"I'll come running." Longshot said, smiling.

"The area safest for you to return to your world is about five miles away from here." Hank said. "Logan and I would be more than happy to drive you there."

"Thank you, Hank, Logan." Longshot said, bowing his head in their direction. "Well, I guess this is it. Thank you all so much. Goodbye."

The mutants all said goodbye to him as he walked outside with Logan and Hank. They watched until the car drove off, and then they separated into different areas of the mansion. Kurt continued to watch as the car drove off into the distance, and then disappeared, reappearing in the kitchen. He was in the midst of making himself a very large sandwich when Kitty walked in.

"How did I know that I'd find you here?" Kitty asked.

"I don't know." Kurt said, grinning.

Kitty sat down and watched him for a few moments. He continued to look over at her and get a huge grin on his face.

"What's the shit-eating grin for?" Kitty asked.

"Kitty! Language!" Kurt said.

"Okay, well, what's the grin for? What's, like, so funny?" Kitty asked.

"Nozzing." Kurt said.

"What is it?" Kitty whined. She hated being left out of the loop. "Come on! I'd totally tell you if I were you and you were me, Kurt!"

"Nope. Not telling." Kurt said, taking a bite of his sandwich.

Kitty phased through the table she had been sitting at and grabbed his tail, phasing it and her hand into the wall behind them.

"If you don't tell me, I'm leaving it there." Kitty said.

Kurt actually laughed.

"I'll do it!" Kitty mock threatened.

"No you von't!" Kurt said, dragging his tail back through the wall. "You know vhy?"

"Why?" Kitty asked, giving him a "baby must play" look.

"Because you don't know vhat you'd do vizout me." Kurt said.

Kitty looked confused, and then, slowly, mortification spread across her face.

"As a matter of fact, I'm really important to you." Kurt said, leaning in closer to her face. "More zan I know."

Kitty's face was as red as a fire truck.

"You. . .you were awake when I. . ." Kitty began.

"Yup." Kurt said, and then leaned in further and kissed Kitty. Kitty stood frozen and then returned the kiss, but only for a second, because as soon as she began, Kurt disappeared.

Kitty looked around the kitchen as he hand traced over her lips. He had been awake! That dirty, little, fuzzy. . .

Kitty smiled suddenly, and ran from the room. She didn't know where Kurt was, but she had some ideas. She also had some ideas of what she would do to him when she found him. She was sure that Kurt wouldn't complain.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------

A clicking sound could be heard at the end of the hallway. Water dripped into small, oily puddles on the ground. In the middle of the hallway, a light swung from an extension chord which had been stapled to the ceiling. The clicking sound began to grow in volume, and so did the voice. The voice was high-pitched and screechy. The swinging light in the hallway threw off enough light that an observer would be able to make out a huge, hulking mass being carried on a metal platform that was making its way to the end of the hall.

"Well, that was just about everything but good!" Mojo yelled.

"I am sorry, oh Corpulent One, that it did not work out for the better." Major said. "We did, however, manage to video tape them. We can make some great ratings from reruns."

"I suppose so. But its difficult for me. . .not getting what I want." Mojo said.

"I know it is, Sir. And I think you are holding up marvelously well. And remember that we do have the DNA samples of the outworlders known as Kurt and Scott. That should help us to. . ."cultivate". . . some new talent." Major said.

"Yes, yes, yes. But I will hold my promise to the teacher. That old man, and all of his students, will pay for humiliating me. One day, they all will."

And with that, they walked down the hallway, toward Mojo's private office through the back entrance.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

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