Title: Meant to be???

Author: Requiem of a Dream

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters and I co-own the plot with a friend. ;-)

The Beginning

Harry Potter could be an idiot at times. For instance when told to find a simple spell involving Animal Transfiguration he is the only one who would find a spell involving soul mates. And that was the worst and yet best thing that he could have done his sixth year.

~ * ~ Gryffindor Common Room ~ * ~

* Harry's POV *

L'Anima Gemella:

Attraverso questo fuoco me dice, dice a me che sono significato per essere con. Ho bisogno di loro qui con me, fianco a fianco insieme per sempre.

I followed the instructions to the letter. Saying the enchantment at exactly the right moment. Then I stared into the fire and collapsed on the floor after feeling a weird power surge through my body

~ * ~ 10 minutes later ~ * ~

Waking up, I was flat on my back and in the infirmary. I saw Hermione and Ron standing next to my bed.

"Harry what happened?' Hermione asked in a concerned vioce.

"Ummm good question. I was saying a spell for Professor McGonagall's class and I fell onto the floor after saying the spell. How did I get here?"

"Professor McGonagall found you on the floor when she came to make her daily rounds to check on the students."

"Leave me alone you crazy old woman. I am fine and I don't need you to prod me to make sure that I am fine." Yelled Professor Snape as Madam Pomfrey tried to get him to sit down.

I felt a sort of tug at my heart when I heard Professor Snape's vioce.

"Severus sit down this instant."


"Fine have it your way." She took out her wand and stunned him. "Now I can get my work done."

She proceeded in running a couple of tests and then said the counter curse.

"You were wrong Severus you had a concussion."

"Well that is just something minor and I would have lived with it."

Then he stormed out of the infirmary with his cloak billowing behind him as usual.

"What was all that about?" I asked.

"They found Snape collapsed on the floor too. They brought him up here and he had been fighting Madam Pomfrey ever since he woke up. It was about time she had stunned him."

"Oh!!" Hermione exclaimed as she heard Ron explain it to me.

"What is it Hermione?"

"Nothing really. Just Harry what was the name of the spell that you were saying?"

"I don't know something French of Italian. L' Ani . . . L' Ani something like that."

"Do you think the book would still be in the common room or do you think Professor McGonagall took it?"

"I bet that it's still there."

"Harry I'll see you in the common room I have to go look at something."

"Ok bye."

Then Hermione turned and left the infirmary in quite a hurry. Ron and I looked at each other then I said,

"Ron get Madam Pomfrey so I can get out of here."


Then Ron found Madam Pomfrey and she gave me a clean bill of health (something that was rare). So I got up and Ron and I headed back to the common room to find Hermione.

~ * ~ Back in the Common Room ~ * ~

"Hey Hermione did you find the book?"

"Well yes and no."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Ron asked sarcastically.

"Well it means that I know where it is but I can't get it."

"Why can't you get it and where is it?" I asked.

"Professor McGonagall has it. And she isn't giving it to me or you or Ron."


"How am I supposed to know I can't read her mind but I have a feeling that she doesn't want you to know what type of spell that you did."

"Why is that I know exactly what kind of spell I said. It was one that was supposed to turn me into an animal."

"Then why aren't you an animal right now Harry?"

"I probably did it wrong or something."

"Whatever Harry we need to get that book so I can see what you did."

"Okay in a few hours I'll use my invisibility cloak and get it for you to look at."

Then Ron and I sat down to play a few games of Wizard Chess.

~ * ~ 10 o'clock that night ~ * ~

"Okay I'm leaving. I should be back in 15-20 minutes."

"Okay we'll see you then. And be careful."

I put the cloak on and left through the portrait hole. I pulled out the Marauder's Map and looked at it. Professor McGonagall was still in her office. Soon she would be walking out of it and to the Gryffindor Common Room to tell everyone to go to sleep. So I ran to her office. I got there just as she was leaving the office and I snuck in as she was closing the door. I had about 10 minutes to find the book and be out of there when she came back.

So I began in the most obvious spot the confiscation drawer of her desk. Almost every Gryffindor knew where this drawer was because they all had had something confiscated. So I opened it up and searched through everything that was in there. Nothing. So I looked around the room and saw a bookcase. 'Well if she didn't want me to have it back why not hide it among her books.' So I walked over to the bookcase and began thumbing through the book titles Finally I saw it' One Hundred Spells. I grabbed the book and looked at the Marauder's Map. McGonagall was walking to the office and was almost there. I quickly put the cloak back on and made sure that the book and I were hidden. Then I went and stood by the door and waited for McGonagall to enter.

As she opened the door I slipped out but slightly pushed McGonagall. She stood for a minute then looked around her quickly and then dismissed it as she had tripped over something. I continued on his way to the Gryffindor Common Room grateful that McGonagall hadn't thought anything of tripping so suddenly. Reaching the portrait I muttered the password and walked into the common room and proceeded to head to the boy's dormitories. I was dead tired and needed to sleep.

~ * ~ The Next Morning ~ * ~

* Severus's POV *

I woke up the next morning with a kind of jolt. I literally felt like my heart was aching. And I couldn't think of anything that would cause it. So I tried not to think about it and continued on with getting ready for the day.

At breakfast I served myself my usual small portions of food and then I began to eat. I could hardly eat. I kept staring around the room and just looking at the students. Then my eyes wandered over to the Gryffindor Table and I saw Harry with his little group of friends. At that moment I felt his heart give a small tug. I was attracted to Harry Potter.

* Harry's POV *

I got up the next morning a little tired but for the most part refreshed. I got out of my bed and headed to the shower. I was thinking about the book and the spell that I had said. How is it that I could mess up on that spell? I am good at Transfiguration, in fact it was my best class. And yet here I am still human and not to mention that my chest hurt. I was tired of it so I grabbed the book One Hundred Spells and left for breakfast. I got to the Gryffindor table and sat down next to Ron who was shoveling food into his mouth.

"Ron you really should slow down when you are eating. It is gross to see you like that."

"Hmmmm okay."

So Ron slowed his pace a little and then I turned to Hermione and gave her that book.

"It's the spell on page 27. L'Anima Gemella. I think it means The Animal Gene. I can't tell though. There are so many languages that I only searched through about ten of them and decided that was what it meant."

"Ok thanks Harry."

~ * ~ Back at the Common Room ~ * ~

* Hermione's POV *

Then I got up and left the Great Hall and headed back to the common room. When I got there I opened the book up to page 27. Sure enough there it was and I couldn't read it. I was hoping that it was in Latin or French those at least I knew but this wasn't either one. It was a language used today and it was European. So I proceeded to go to the library and look a book on translating languages. I found one and it gave me a simple spell to cast and see the words turn into whatever language I spoke.

"Tell me your secrets, tell me no lies, what is on the inside?" Then I pointed my wand at the page and it turned from Italian to English. At the very top of the page I read the Title 'Soul Mates'. I had figured when Ron had told Harry the story of Snape that this is what the spell was but now I knew for sure. Harry and Professor Snape were soul mates. How am I going to tell Harry?

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

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Draco: No I like seeing Kirby dance. I bet I can make you dance Xochiltl. * Starts chanting a spell while keeping eye contact with Xochiltl *

Xochiltl: Begiuns to dance to Draco's singing

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