Chapter 26: Elemental; Extras

"Hey! Where's my terrible doom? You promised me terrible doom next time we met!"


This 'chapter' contains all the little extras and scraps of information. It contains:

· List of different abilities and a brief description of each

· List of upcoming sequels

· Extract of next sequel


Powers & Abilities

Techno-Magic: Power over technology; also gives access to magical knowledge.

Parseltongue: Can speak to serpents.

Dractois: Ability to speak to dragons.

Seer: Can See future.

Multimagi: Turn into more than one Animagus form (usually just two).

Telepath: Can communicate through mind.

Astral Traveller: Can travel by astral-body.

Annumagi: Takes one Animagus form for each year they've been alive.

Finder: Can find any person.

Telekini: Can move objects with mind.

Instamagi: Can become Animagus without training.

Necromancer: Can speak to, bind, and bring back the dead.

Animancer: Controls life; excellent healers, and can bring back dead, but not as slaves.

Elemental: (Fire, Darkness, Earth, Water, Lightning, Plants, Magic, Music, Weather, Air, Light, Celestial, Void). Can control one of the thirteen elements entirely .

Dialector: Can speak any sentient being's language.

Alni: Can speak ANY language, sentient or not.

Movila: Can go anywhere instantly.

Chaody: Can swap bodies with another person; sometimes with animals.

Chronomancer: Can stop, slow or even go back a while in time.

Empath: Can sense emotions and feelings.

Auramagi: Can see auras.

Possessor: Can take over bodies for a while, while their own body is in a trance state.

Pastreader: Can see the past, or past lives.

Healer: Can heal, not with magic, but with mind. Instinctive knowledge of cures & surgery.

Creamagi: Can only use their own spells to effect, not normal ones.

Multielemental: Can use any Elemental magic.

Nexomancer: Kills. Not control the dead, but simply kill, either painlessly or nastily, usually just by wanting it.

Dream Walker: Can manipulate, see, and interact in other people's dreams and nightmares.

Shadowmancer: Ability to control shadows; not darkness, because there must be a light source and an object to create the shadow.

Annumancer: Every year, gets more powerful (magically speaking).

Switcher: Can cross over (or 'Switch') at will to the magical layer, or Realm. Some species can do this naturally, because this is their place of origin; ie, phoenixes, Dementors, lethifolds.


There are many more, but these are the only ones that have been mentioned, or you need to know about - for now.

(Note: Techno-Magic is an ability, technically; controlling electrical objects with thoughts, etc.

(2nd Note: Some abilities can be learned, whereas others only exist in those born with them. The ones listed here that can be learned, with hard work and study, are:

>Telepathy; (Very easy to learn; only by Wizards and Witches)

>Finding; (Reasonably easy to learn; by Wizards, Witches or Muggles)

> Empathy; (Quite difficult to learn; much harder for Muggles)

> Astral Travelling; (Quite difficult to learn; much harder for Muggles)

>Dream Walking; (Extremely difficult to learn; can only be learned by Wizards and Witches)

>Shadowmancy. (Very difficult to learn; only by Wizards and Witches)

>Auramagy; (Extremely difficult to learn; can only be learned by Wizards and Witches)

>Necromancy; (Extremely difficult to learn; can only be learned by Wizards and Witches)

>Nexomancy; (Extremely difficult to learn; can only be learned by Wizards and Witches)

>Also, Healing, Seeing and Elemental abilities can be learned, but usually only at a very weak level. Healing can be learned by anyone, though it's easier for Wizards and Witches; Seeing is easier for Muggles to pick up than Wizards and Witches; Elemental abilities can only be learned by magical people, and is extremely difficult.

(About Elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air are self-explanatory. They are also the most common of the Elemental abilities.

(Lightning is actually electricity - however, at the time of its discovery, it mostly expressed itself simply through lightning bolts, as there weren't exactly any TV sets to mess around with!

(Plants is, again, self-explanatory. The use of Music allows the user to control people's emotions, thoughts or even actions by the type of music they sing or play.

(Magic allows the manipulation of spells and magical objects naturally, without the use of incantations, wands, etc.

(Light is again obvious; users can brighten areas, reflect light to create illusions, etc, and also suffer no ill effects from bright lights - one could look straight into the Sun and have nothing happen.

(Darkness is the opposite; users can simply darken an already bright place, and can also detect illusions that have been created through the manipulation of light; they also have exceptionally good night-vision.

(Celestial allows the user more control over aspects that were said to be 'holy' by Wizards at the time of its discovery. However, it doesn't actually bestow any obvious effects. Users are generally better at healing (though they do not have the same skills that Healers exhibit), they find learning Dream Walking, Astral Travelling, Empathy and Auramagy easier. However, in return they find it near impossible to learn Nexomancy, Necromancy and Shadowmancy.

(Void is the rarest of Elemental abilities; it gives the user control over... inexistence. The user can simply eliminate anything they don't like - a rock, a house, a person's soul. Nothing remains; just an empty space. Luckily, this ability only crops up once every millennia or so, and even then it's usually very weak. It's usually relegated to myth status, but there are enough documents to show that the ability is real.

(Weather is mostly self-explanatory; it allows the user to summon various weather phenomena, including snow, hail, storms, heavy rain, winds, etc. However, it has to be a proper, extremely obvious weather difference. Whereas an Air Elemental could call up a light breeze, or a Water Elemental summon a short shower, a Weather Elemental would be forced to call up a small hurricane, or tropical storm. This is the second rarest of Elemental abilities.)


Upcoming Sequels

2) Harry Potter and the Glorious Scythe

3) Harry Potter and the Dragon's Child

Until then, have a sample extract of the upcoming sequel, Harry Potter and the Glorious Scythe, for you to enjoy.

Well, you'll enjoy it more than beating your face in with sticks, anyway.



Coming soon, to a computer near you...

- Harry Potter and the Glorious Scythe -

Rating: PG-13
Main Characters:
Surrounded by danger. Cut off from friends and allies. Guided by an old enemy. Hunted by a supernatural predator. In the Realm of the Dead, no-one lives but Harry Potter... and even he might not last much longer.

Chapter 1 » The Hidden World Of Me


July the sixth was not a happy day at the Dursley house. The horrible freak nephew had returned to the pleasantness of Privet Drive, and the boy was quickly ushered into the house before any of the neighbours could see that there was another person living there.

The boy's name was Harry Potter, and he was certainly no stranger to being thrust quickly through the front door by his panicked uncle, so he knew the routine. Grab the trunk before anyone can think to lock it in the cupboard, drag it upstairs, dash into the spare bedroom before Dudley can block the way, and lock the door.

Realising he had forgotten something, Harry put his face near the keyhole and yelled out a hello to the family.

He was done.

Harry placed Hedwig's cage on the chest of drawers, and slipped over to the window. It was still quite bright outside, as it was early evening; he unlocked the window and opened it a little, enough to allow a bizarrely coloured bird to sidle in.

"You're not going to be able to stay here," Harry whispered to it, hoping none of the Dursleys were hovering outside the door. "They think Hedwig's bad enough, and at least she looks normal and stays in a cage most of the holidays. Have you got anywhere else you can go for a while?"

Ajax ruffled his feathers and strutted across the windowsill. "Oh? Where am I meant to stay? A bloody bird-home? Nah, I'll live outside. Best hang around anyway, in case you get yourself into any more trouble."

Harry rolled his eyes, annoyed. "What trouble can I get into here? Except for if I refuse to paint the fence," he added, grumbling.

The bird fixed a beady eye on him. "I'd say you're in more trouble than before. You've got a whole host of loonies after you now - a few Death Eaters that didn't get caught and don't know their precious Dark Lord wasn't all that dark; the Five would be pretty happy to get their hands on you; we don't have a clue where that damn daemon got to - and knowing your luck, the house'll prob'ly fall down on you as soon as you're alone."

"We can only hope," Harry snapped tiredly, collapsing backwards onto the bed. "Fine, hang around the street. Just don't let yourself be seen, or we'll have the RSPB and every birdwatcher in the country up here."

Ajax looked (if a bird could do so) a little insulted. "I know better than to show my ruddy plumage off everywhere," he croaked snippily. "You just concentrate on worrying about your exam scores, and I'll handle the sneaking around."

The boy groaned. "Exams! I completely forgot about them. Do you know when we'll be getting the marks?"

"I'm not a bloody calendar," Ajax said pointedly. "Using my amazing powers of prophecy - i.e, my common sense - I guess they'd probably come with the letter for next term."

He twisted his head round to pick a loose feather from his wing. "Well, I'd best be off. Have to find a nice, dry place to hide out in, y'know. I'll see you around; you'll probably be shoved outside to do the gardening, won't you?"

Harry fixed him with a glare. "Get out then. I'll probably have to make the dinner in a moment."

"Don't forget to study Techno-Magic," the magpie said amusedly, as it turned and sauntered out the window.

The boy glared harder, and stopped once Ajax was out of sight. "Looks like it's just you and me, Hedwig," he yawned, glancing at the cooped-up bird.

"Boy! Get down here and make your cousin his supper!"

He raised an eyebrow at the sympathetic bird. "Then again..." he sighed, shoving himself off the stiff bed and making a half-hearted attempt to smooth his hair down before heading out into the landing.

… to be continued …