Author's notes:

1. This has some elements from X-men, I got the idea about them having powers like mutants.

2. In this story the digidestined sent their digimon back and are starting to try and get back to their lives. I am using the Japanese ages in this so Cody: 12  Tk, Ken, Davis and Kari: 14  Yolei: 15  Mimi and Izzy: 16  Matt, Tai, Sora: 17  Joe: 18

3. Tk/Ken friendship. Nothing more this is a Takari! Which also has some Taiora, Kenyako and maybe Mimato.

Disclaimer: I do not own digimon.

The Crests Within.

            "So you're having to move to Binshou?"*

"Yeah." Ken replied, brushing a lock of hair behind his ear. He was sitting on a chair in the computer room of Odaiba school with all of the digidestined.


"My parents want me to have a new start and they don't like all the Digital stuff. They think it's dangerous and want to move away from it."

"Sounds like something my parents would do." Mimi commented, as she snapped her mirror shut and pocketed her lip balm.

"What happened?"

"We moved to America." Ken's face fell and she quickly searched for something to make him feel better, "But I moved back in the end."

"You think that will happen?"

"Keep nagging them and they'll move back."

"It's soooooooo unfair!" Yolei wailed out, crossing her arms. "We're your friends you shouldn't be living in another town miles away from us, all by yourself."

"He won't be." Tk whispered.

"What are you on about Squirt?" Matt asked, his icy blue locking onto his little brother. Who was leaning backwards in his chair, eyes on the floor.

"Mum's been offered a job there, and she wants me to have a better education away from distraction." He spat out, he looked up at Ken a soft smile on his face.

"I'm guessing we're going to be having lots of fun in our new home." They could hear the sarcasm in Tk's voice. But knew that Tk was glad Ken was there, that way they wouldn't be alone.

~3 years later~

            Tai glared at Izzy from across the isle, his fiery brown eyes never leaving the red head.

"Would you stop it Tai!" Izzy cried out finally, after being glared at for half an hour. Tai smirked and continued to stare at him. A hand landed on the back of his head, cuffing him.

"Taichi Kamiya, be nice."

Sora said, as she settled back in her seat next to the brunette. Tai glared at her instead, she rose an eyebrow and smiled at him. She never was one to get annoyed with his tricks, she knew him to well.

"I didn't think that was possible." Matt said, a smirk playing across his lips as he looked at his friends from where he was standing.

"Be quiet Ishida." Tai hissed, even though the words sounded threatening they weren't. Tai and Matt were best of friends, they just teased each other a lot of the time.

"Shut up the pair of you! I'm not in the mood for this!" Sora yelled, Matt and Tai shared a knowing glance. The only thing they liked more than teasing each other was teasing Sora.

"You're never in the mood for anything. I swear the older you got the more boring you become." Tai said, Matt snorted and leaned against the wall arms crossed.

"Yeah, that's probably the reason her last date was well over three months ago."

"Matt!" Sora shrieked turning her eyes to the blonde. Matt knew very well that Sora had a slight crush on Tai, and loved to remind her of her nonexistent love life in front of the brunette. He someday hoped that Sora would have to tell Tai of her feelings. They went together. Though he would never admit it. Because he was Yamato Ishida. Cool, aloof and heavily sought after rock star who had a heart of ice. Tai laughed at the outraged look on Sora's face.

"Tai, Shut up!"

"Ah, is poor ickle Sora sad that she is having to be stuck with her annoying friends on a loooooooooooong train ride."

She snarled at Matt before turning and glaring at Tai.

"It's not my fault we're on a train that's going to stop at ten different towns before getting to where we are actually meant to be."

Tai declared allowing his eyes to slide to Izzy who had at the start of the fight pulled out his laptop.

"Actually Tai, you'll find it is your fault." Kari said as she walked over from the carriage door and sat beside Sora.


"You didn't listen to the end of Izzy's sentence if you had we wouldn't have had to follow you onto the train."

"Some little sister you are." Tai whispered as he leaned back, adopting a relaxed pose like Matt.

"What are you doing here Kari?"

"I got fed up of listening to Mimi and Yolei talk about the cuteness of every boy in our carriage."

"You didn't join in?"

"Nah. Davis was arguing with them every chance he got and World War Three was about to break out."

The others laughed at this before they fell into a comfortable silence. It was broken when a voice over the intercom sounded.

"We have arrived at Binshou."

            The group of ten made their way down the streets of the Japanese town.

"It's a lot larger than Odaiba." Mimi whispered, she shook her head causing the pink locks that had fallen into her face to move out of the way.

"That's what I said first time I came here." Matt said as he stuffed his hands into his pockets. He had come here once before in the summer holidays to check up on his baby brother in person. That had been nearly three years ago. They had kept in contact, letters, e-mails, mobile phones, but they hadn't seen the pair face to face in so long. They couldn't wait. Yolei suddenly stopped dead, staring at something over Joe's shoulder.

"What is it?"

"Is . . . Is that their school?"

Everyone turned and looked. A huge white mansion stood before them, with lush green fields surrounding it. There was a huge sign, the middle was white and it had a green trimming. In big black letters were the words 'Binshou's boarding school for gifted children.'


"They mean they only teach really smart children Yolei."

"Since when was Tk really smart?"

"Hey!" Kari cried out, putting her hand on her hips as she faced her friend, "Tk never let on but he was incredibly smart. They were going to move him up a grade when he started our school but he declined. He preferred to stay with people his own age."

"Kari's right." Joe said, pushing his glasses back up his nose, "Tk hid his brains, like everything else."

"What are you on about?" Davis asked giving them an annoyed glare.

"Tk always hides his feelings unless they're happy. He's always smiling and helping other people, he never thinks of himself."

"Bit like Ken."

"Yeah they always bottle up their dark feelings."

"Yeah the three of them always do that." Tai said turning his eyes to Kari, who blushed slightly and looked away.

"As much as I enjoy watching you discuss something interesting I'm going to have to break it up. We're here for a reason, to find Tk and Ken and have them aid us in the fight."

"You're right Izzy, we won't stand a chance if we start the battle without them. So troops let's move out!"

"Tai, we're not in the digital world." Sora commented as they wandered through the huge black gates and towards the main building.

"You'll be my troops in and out of the digital world."

"Oh great joy, being led by someone that has hair bigger than his brain."

"Shut up!"

            "I know they said it would be difficult to find them but this is ridiculous."

"Mimi's right, we've been here for an hour and still haven't found them. Let's go home"

"Davis, if it was you here and Tk and Ken were looking for you. Would they give up?"


"So are we going home?"


"Thank you. Now let's find my little brother and drag him and Ken back to Odaiba with us."

"No need."

"What is it Mimi?"

The four girls were standing on the edge of the field looking at something or someone intently.

"Somebody catch me."


"Because my knees have gone weak, look at how adorable Ken is." Yolei wailed out, her hands clasped tightly together as she followed the moves of their old friend.

"Ken? What about Tk? He's so cute!"

"You're right there Kari. Tk and Ken have gotten a lot better looking in the last three years." Sora whispered, though she said it in a more maternal way than Yolei and Kari.

"To think that our Little Tk would grown up to look like that." Mimi said, a smile on her face, as she watched the two walk across the grounds. Tk's blonde hair was messy and falling into his sparkling azure blue eyes. His skin was tanned and his body well toned, his hands were stuffed in his pockets. The blue jacket they were supposed to wear was nowhere in sight and the white shirt he was wearing was loose and undone at the top. Ken too was tanned and his eyes seemed more alight and full of laughter than they had been after the whole Digimon Emperor thing. His jacket flapping about in the wind, the tie he was wearing was loose and he had a bag slung over one shoulder. The two boys were walking across the field talking happily to each other.

            The boys were giving the girls dirty looks.

"Ladies, if you have finished your love fest. Can you stop drooling long enough to follow us so you can talk to them."

Yolei and Kari blushed while Mimi and Sora just smiled.

"I, Yamato Ishida, am not drooling over your little brother nor will I ever drool over either of them. I am just wondering if the pair have themselves a girlfriend."

Jaws dropped as they stared at Sora, who just smiled at Mimi and began to walk over to the pair.

"I . . .um . . n . . . No way does my little brother have a girlfriend!"

"You are just overprotective." Mimi said and ran over to Sora a smile on her face. Matt glared at them and muttered something under his breath. He bolted past the girls and ran across the grounds to his brother.

"Tk! Ken!"

The two turned and started when they saw who was running across the field towards them. Smiles split they faces and Ken dropped his bag as they dashed over to the group. Matt stopped and wrapped his arms round his younger brother, a huge smile splitting his face.

"You're getting to big Squirt." Matt whispered as he ruffled Tk's hair, the smaller blonde just looked up and smiled. Ken was presently being hugged tightly by Yolei and Sora.

"Matt let Tk go, I wanna hug as well."

Matt released his brother reluctantly who was then attacked by Mimi. The pink haired girl hugging Tk so tightly that she nearly suffocated him.

"Time to talk." Tai declared smiling at the pair.

            Once Ken had ran back and got his bag Tk and Ken had taken them to the room they were sharing.

"So why are you lot here?" Tk asked as Ken set down a try of drinks.

"Well, we got an e-mail from Gennai yesterday. It declared that the powers of the crests within will give us the abilities of far and beyond."

Ken and Tk both pulled a face.

"Is that supposed to make sense to us?" Ken asked sarcastically.

The others blinked wondering when had started to be sarcastic but ignored it. People really should change a bit in three years.

"We thought along the same lines. And the answer is no. Gennai also added that a great war was on the air, and soon we would all be fighting in it."


Ken whispered as he ran his hand through his hair, Yolei swooned slightly. There was a sudden crashing and the door burst open then slammed shut as a blonde ran through.

"Sakamae, what's the matter?"

The girl looked up and smiled at Ken. She had long blonde hair that was tied back in a ponytail. A pair of green eyes were set in a tanned face. She had the body of an athlete but the look of an woman. They stared at the girl as she smiled at them. Her eyes Davis noticed twinkled a lot like Tk's.

"The usual."

They nodded, and gestured for her to join them. She did, throwing herself into a armchair and propping her feet onto the table.

"So who's the group of weirdos?"

"Saka!" Ken yelled out picking a cushion up and throwing it at her. She glared and pointed a finger at him.

"Don't start on me Kenny-Boy. I may have to hurt you." He just smirked and leaned back.


The blonde girl looked up at Matt and a smile went across her face.


She turned and flung herself into Matt's arms, burying her face in his chest. Matt smiled and patted her head.

"How long has it been?"

"Four and half years!"

"That long?"

"You doubt my word?"

She asked sitting up and glaring at him, Matt laughed.

"Never, Runt, Never."

"Um, not wanting to interrupt." Mimi said, her tone icy and a red glow to her cheeks from her anger, "But who are you?"

The blonde smiled and leapt off Matt extending a hand to Mimi.

"Saka Takaishi, I'm Tk's and Matt's cousin."

"Your their cousin?"

"Yeah, my dad is older brother to their mother." She said gesturing to the other two blondes. She then blinked turned and glared at Tk and Ken, placing her hands on her hips.

"You two stood me up! We were supposed to be spray painting the teachers lounge! The lover boys found me!"


"Ken Ichijouji, If you think that saying sorry is going to stop me from killing you then you have another thing coming!"

"Lover boys?"

Saka smiled and looked over her shoulder at Cody, "The Lover Boys are the ones that chase round girls 'cos of their looks, while the Lover Girls are the girls that chase round boys 'cos they think they're hot."


She smiled at him before turning her gaze back to her friends. "What shall I do with you?"

            After Saka had chased Ken and Tk around they had sat down and chatted. It turned out that Saka was also a digidestined, she had been in America when she had seen her first digimon. Her partner had only been seen by Tk and Ken in a transmission from Gennai three years back when they had first moved to Binshou. Matt sighed as he looked through the window at the waving figures on the platform. He wanted to smiled back at his little brother, but couldn't. He wanted to protect him, but he had an odd feeling that that would be one thing he wouldn't be doing. He could no longer protect his brother from the filthiness of the world. He would see it in full colour, soon. Very soon.


            A yell pierced the quiet air, the sound ringing off the walls. It stopped suddenly, and many a person that heard it wondered if it was a monster of some sort as the scream was so tortured.


"What's the matter with you Tk?"

"Don't you recognise me?"


"Wormmon where are you? I need help!"

To be continued . . .

*Binshou is the name of a town I made up. It means smart, clever or witty.