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"Don't stay down there too long Hotaru, the old house isn't that sturdy." Haruka called down the stairs.

"Okay!" Hotaru yelled back. Flashlight in hand and a bag for stuff she wanted to keep, Hotaru ventured into the unknown. Or in laymen terms, the basement of her 'new' house. It was her grandparents' house, the ones on her mother's side, and they had left it all to her in their will. Which wasn't surprising considering she was their only kin. Though they had died before the battle with Chaos, the Outers had only discovered it recently because it had taken the landlords that long to find the will as well as Hotaru herself.

Nothing but a bunch of dust seemed to clutter the basement. There was some old glass junk, which was chipped, and a few burned out candle sticks, but nothing really worth keeping. Or so it seemed. Something shimmered in the darkness and caught Hotaru's attention. She made her way over to a desk with a lot of neglected…stuff on it that had been blanketed with dust, save one very interesting object.

It was a book, a book with absolutely no filth on it. Violet cover with gold and diamonds decorating it, the symbol of Saturn in a large black gem on the front with the words "Book of Silence" on the top.

'Book of Silence?' Hotaru questioned mentally. She picked the book up and examined the latch on it. It didn't have a keyhole, and didn't look like it would open without some sort of key. Oh well, down the bag it went, however questionable that action was. She'd look at it later when Haruka wasn't counting every minute she spent down here.


Some things you can hide, like pain. All you had to do was grit your teeth and smile while you're at it, act happy and content. It always seemed to work before, but she didn't know how long she could last. Maybe it was depression, maybe it was loneliness, but when the sounds of the world faded it surfaced and forced itself to be noticed and accounted for.

Candles illuminated the desk where her new book sat. She had yet to try and open it, her mind was brooding on…other things. But now her curiosity and need to escape her thoughts were ebbing and she started fiddling with the latch unconsciously. The next thing she knew, it was open. Confused, she decided to read the script written upon its pages.

"It's a world you never thought existed, a world claming a little less than half the globe. You never knew of it before, trillions will never know about it for a long, long time. But now, that world is about to come alive for you. It's a world of magic, exclusive from society for they would not accept what this world consisted of. It's a world that was made by separating Earth into two halves, magical and non-magical. A world that has been ignorant of the Solar Wars, and likewise a world that the Silver Alliance was also ignorant of. Until now.

"Your world, their world, and the others' world are all about to collide. The Massiah of Silence shall begin and end this action. You, Hotaru Tomo, will save and destroy all three of these worlds."

Hotaru gasped, how, how did this book know who she was? How did it know she was reading it? How was she able to read and understand the strange symbols and language? And what was it talking about? The three worlds were about to collide? Well, she knew that two worlds would combine in the future when Usagi created Crystal Tokyo. But what was this other world the strange book was talking about? The only way to get these answers was to read on, though she hesitated a moment, Hotaru decided to turn the page and proceed.


"Hotaru, Hotaru!!!" Called Michiru from downstairs. Hotaru jerked awake, sitting up from her desk. She had fallen asleep reading her book, ugh, and she regretted it too.

"Coming!" She called back down with as much voice as she could possibly muster in this state. Which wasn't much, but Michiru apparently heard it. She smoothed out the pages of her book and then closed it back up, locking it down with the latch. She then ran downstairs. "Did I sleep in too late?" The girl asked walking into the kitchen.

"No, not really. Something came in the mail for you, however." Setsuna said, a mischievous smile played on her lips. It was the smile she used a lot, the 'yes I do know something you don't' smile.

"They're late though." Haruka grumbled handing Hotaru a yellowish letter addressed to her in emerald green.

"Oh come now Haruka, we've been reborn 2 times, and Hotaru even more. They're downright confused." Michiru said as Hotaru opened her letter, wondering what they were talking about, though she had the sneaking suspicion that she already knew, and the letter confirmed it.

"Yeah, but still. She'll be 5th year, there's no way she can catch up!!!" Haruka exclaimed.

"Oh yes there is." Setsuna said smiling.

Haruka looked at her with his mouth wide open, "You wouldn't…"

Hotaru gasped, interrupting the would-be conversation. "H-Hogwarts?! Witchcraft and Wizardry?! What's this?" she demanded. What she actually meant was 'how in the world did that book know I was going to get a letter?! What kind of coincidence gave me the basic gist of what I was going to encounter the next day in the form of a book?!'. Her little Book of Silence had actually told her quite a bit concerning Hogwarts and the wizarding world. About a boy named Harry Potter and a man who had somehow slipped the notice of the Senshi and become known as Lord Voldamort, a name feared by all witches and wizards. It gave her a good deal of information on the systems that were worked out for the magical beings living in this 'second world'. But how did it know?!

"Remember when you were itty bitty and it was only your father taking care of you? Well, we went to Hogwarts after our last reincarnation and were just graduating when you came back around." Setsuna told her.

"And finally they've figured out that, 'Hey, little miss Sailor Saturn would make a good witch.' And they took about 4 years of their own sweet time and finally sent you a letter." Haruka added.

"Haruka!" Michiru protested. She then turned to Hotaru, "Well, shall we tell them you're coming?" She asked.

"Yeah!!! But how am I going to be able to catch up to 5th year schooling?" Hotaru questioned.

"Easy, time on the Zero Star is much slower than time on earth. And Galaxia has agreed to teach at Hogwarts so she'll be training herself as well as you." Setsuna said. A hush swept over the room, Haruka and Michiru both stared at Setsuna in disbelief and Hotaru merely looked at her in question. Ever since Chaos had been disposed of for the time being none of the senshi, save Usagi, wanted anything to do with Galaxia. Well, Hotaru had no prejudice against her, but the other senshi sure did.

"No." Haruka declared standing up.

"It's already been decided, Haruka, Serenity-hime feels it's necessary to catch her up in these studies." Setsuna said.

"Why can't Cosmos do it?" Haruka demanded.

"Cosmos is busy being Usagi-chan. Galaxia has changed, Haruka, just like Saturn." Setsuna stated. That shut the wind senshi up, but you could tell she was still unwillingly going to let Hotaru train with Galaxia.


The center of the galaxy, Sagittarius Zero Star, and home to the birthplace of stars. It was there that Hotaru would spend the next few months with all her books and equipment meant for the wizarding world. She lightly touched the glass road with her sailor boot, her angelic black wings swished to give her balance and then disappeared into her skin so that she could continue into the castle Galaxia lived in.

Hotaru was a bit nervous, though she didn't have any hate for the Golden Senshi, she wasn't certain that Galaxia would be sugary sweet to her. "Galaxia-sama?" She called gently into the castle.

"Hello Saturn-hime." Came the Senshi's deep, yet soft, voice through the hall. Hotaru found her before the universe map. "Come, child, I won't bite. Again." She added.

Hotaru giggled, feeling just a bit more comfortable she stepped lightly up the stairs towards her fellow Senshi of Destruction.

"Here, the Cauldron decided to make these for you personally." Galaxia stated, she handed Hotaru a wand and a broom. Even though the girl already had her own wand and broom, these two seemed much more suited for her. The wand looked to be made out of a black-violet crystal that seemed to glow slightly. The broom was made of the same material with the symbol of Saturn on the base and some sort of goldish material for the bristles making it look fit for some royal witch. "Shall we get started?" Galaxia asked.

Hotaru nodded.

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