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Journal entry, Preparations: Ever since the announcement of the ball Kioko's been a bit edgy. I can't blame her, really, but I can't seem to figure out why she's so stressed about guys asking her out. Normally someone her age would be thrilled. Not Kioko, she takes it as an insult and it's getting harder and harder to keep her at bay, especially around Roku. Why in the world he insists on continuing after her I don't think I'll ever know. Perhaps he really is a bit insane, either that or stupid. I mean, you can't be a very smart person to think you actually have a chance with someone like Kioko when the first thing you said to her was, "Hello beautiful." Or something like that.

We haven't seen much of Liam or Kagen, but that could be because they're not really in our houses, which also goes for not being able to see Harry, Ron, or Hermione much either. Hermione especially is very busy studying and doing homework, she has a lot of N.E.W.T.s, like Kioko and I, only she doesn't feel the need to use all-nighter potions. Speaking of which, my book is warning me not to use those as excessively as we have been, it says once and a while we need to get some sleep, though I'm loath to do so. I've gotten so use to going without those horrible nightmares, having another one now might be jarring. But, it said that if we don't get some sleep soon we'll eventually drop and just go into a coma for as much time as we've been staying awake at nights. And that would be worse.

So, tonight Kioko and I have decided to get some sleep, I hope it isn't too bad.

Anyways, the ball is nearing and I was able to get Silver to find me an angel outfit, I'll be going to pick it up tomorrow. Kioko, on the other hand, has been making her own costumes, actually she's been making several for some reason. I think she plans on getting our friends into them.

"Kioko?" Hotaru asked, looking up.

"Hm?" Kioko responded.

"I was just wondering, has Aushran asked you to the ball yet?" She asked.

Kioko stopped in the middle of her stitch, looking rather stunned for a moment. "Noooooo," She said, raising her eyebrow at Hotaru, "Why would he?" She asked.

"Well…I was just thinking. If Aushran's my brother, remember what Silver said about you and—"

"I do not care what Silver said about our past! Just because Aushran and I might have been together in the past, might, mind you, we don't know for sure that he's your brother, does not mean that he and I will get together in this life time." She answered, there was a slight tinge of pink on her cheeks as she went back to the costume she was working on.

"Well…okay." Hotaru said, mentally sighing. It would be so nice to see Kioko with someone, why does she have such a fetish with being with someone? She asked herself. Ah well, perhaps Kioko just didn't like boys in that way period. It did suite her personality to be single for her entire life, but it just didn't seem good for her. "Isn't there someone you'd like to go with?" She asked.

"Hotaru, the only reason I'm going is because I just know that if I say I won't you'll use your manipulating puppy dog eyes on me and I won't have a choice in the matter. I absolutely refuse to go with anyone. Not even Harry, and especially not Roku, of all people!" She exclaimed, with venom in her voice at the mention of Roku. "There, what do you think, would Harry look good in it?" She asked, showing Hotaru the vampire costume she finished.

"It's, um, well…it's different." Hotaru said. It consisted of black leather, the type of thing you'd expect vampires in Underworld to wear. "But why for Harry?" She asked.

"Oh, because it'll look cute on him. I made an elf outfit for Draco, wanna see it?" She asked smirking.

"Really, Kioko, don't you think they'd rather get their own costumes?" Hotaru asked, sweatdropping.

"Of course I do! But I'm not giving them a choice. Now, this one is for Kagen, what do you think?" She asked, waving her wand so that the entire outfit would fit itself in the air as if someone were wearing it.

Hotaru blushed, "Kioko! He's not going to wear that!!!" She exclaimed, "He's too shy." It was an Egyptian outfit, one that a pharaoh would wear with all the gold arm bands and lining on the hat and the cloth. But the problem was that it had no shirt to it.

Kioko smirked, "He won't have a choice, Hotaru dear." She said sadistically. "Besides, don't you think he'd look just so cute?!"

"Ah, Kioko, if you don't like boys, then why do you keep talking about them in that way?" Hotaru asked, blushing.

"My policy is look but don't touch." Kioko said, she then yawned. "Well, I've finished another outfit, time to go to sleep I suppose. Ich, we're gonna wake up looking like all hell has broken loose and it won't be because we didn't sleep, oh no, it will be because we did. Sometimes I hate irony." She grumbled.

Hotaru set her book down and got comfortable in her bed. She then clicked off her light and Shiva jumped up to get comfortable beside her. Hotaru pet the albino tiger and rested her head down on the pillow, hoping that her dreams weren't too bad.


"Look, Hota! A butterfly!" Exclaimed a 6-year-old boy. Hotaru looked up at the glitter of a saturnarian buttefly and giggled.

"It's beautiful Oniisan! Will you get it for me?" She asked as it flew up into the tree, it's glitter making a trail on the magenta leaves.

"Of course. Hurk!" The boy gasped, jumping up to grab the nearest branch of the tree. He pulled himself up with amazing skill and started to climb. The butterfly landed on a limb and rested on one of the tree flowers. "Now don't move you," The boy said, gently tip-toeing on the branch towards the butterfly, materializing a crystal jar in his hand.


"Wa!" the boy exclaimed, losing his balance and falling off the tree.

"Oniisan!" Hotaru gasped, running to him.

"Don't worry, Hota, I'm alright." The boy said smiling, dusting himself off.

"Climbing trees, my word! What has gotten into you boy?!" Lee exclaimed, exasperated. "Honestly, I can't take my eyes off you for one moment!"

"Sorry Auntie, but Hota-chan wanted the butterfly up there." The boy said sheepishly.

Auntie Lee sighed, "That's all well and good, but not when you can get hurt over it. Be careful next time! You're lucky you have such a swift healing rate." She said. "Come along, now." She said.

The scene changed and now Hotaru was 9 years old, and so was her brother. They were following Auntie Lee into the gardens because Hotaru wanted to pick some flowers for her father. "I'll make a nice bouquet that he can put at the council table to make the place more cheery." She said smiling.

"Right, Hota, I'm sure the other diplomats will love it too." Her brother said, putting his arm around her shoulders.

"Now, I'd like you two to meet your cousin." Lee said, when a girl they'd never seen before appeared. She had raven blue hair tied behind her in a loose ponytail and black eyes. "This is Kioko."

"Hi, I'm Hotaru, nice to meet you!" Hotaru said, extending her hand.

Kioko looked at it a moment, but smiled and took it herself, "Likewise, princess." She said.

The scene changed again, Kioko and Hotaru were 11 and Hotaru had dragged Kioko out to some of the gardens to catch fireflies. "They're really pretty once you get some in a globe, then they blink in different places." She said.

"Why not just get one of those spheres that makes it look like there are fireflies everywhere? That way we don't have to worry about bugs and it's still pretty." Kioko asked.

"Because real fireflies have a natural beauty, and that fact alone makes it more lovely, don't you think?" She asked.

"A little poetic for my tastes, but okay sure, whatever you say Hota-chan." Kioko said shrugging.

Again the scene changes, they are now 13 years old and are meeting a boy of 15 the hallway. "Hi, my name's Riddle," He said, a myschivious grin on his face as he bowed in respect. "And this is my friend Rune." He said, motioning to the 14-year-old girl with the long copper hair who was bouncing off the walls, literally. "She found the sugar in one of the kitchens." He explained.

"So I see." Kioko said nodding, looking a bit freaked out.

"Himyname'sRuneandIliketorunaroundandscreamreallyloud!!! AAAAAAHHHH!!!" Rune said in one breath. She then started running around in circles screaming gleefully.

"It should be made a royal decree that she can no longer have anything sweet!!!" Kioko exclaimed above the noise.

"That's what I keep trying to tell my father!!!" Riddle answered. "But he just waves it off and says it isn't that important!"

"It's nice to meet you!" Hotaru said as loud as her timid voice would let her speak.

"Isn't important?! Our ability to hear isn't important?!" Kioko cried.

The scene changed again, the room was full of friends who had gotten together just to have a fun time. The inseparable pair, Draco and Harry, were looking suspicious as they watched the punch bowl. Kioko and Hotaru were talking with Riddle and Rune, who by now were a designated couple, Hotaru's brother was talking with someone else, and a young night stood at the doorway to make sure nothing went wrong in the festivities. Hotaru's eyes continued to stray towards him, wondering who he was and why his eyes seemed so cold.

Suddenly, everything seemed to collapse at once. Voices argued furiously with each other in her head, one of them was the loudest. A pain and sorrow erupted within her, it was as if her heart had literally exploded within her. She wanted to kill them, she hated them! How dare they do this to her, how dare they!!! It wasn't fair, why did this have to happen? It's all their fault!!! Kill them, kill them!!!

People screamed in terror, their voices begged for mercy, begged her to stop. How she hated it when they begged so, it only fueled her furry. They were all against her, no one ever listened to her, not really. They didn't understand. If they wanted to live, they wouldn't have killed her love, they wouldn't have taken him away from her. They must pay, they must all pay.

Hotaru's eyes shot open. She was still laying down, and she was breathing regularly, but she couldn't move. She could see the silence around the room, the darkness formed and allowed her to see what was inside it.

Eventually, she could move. So she sat up and looked around, careful not to disturb Shiva, she got out of her bed and walked over to their mirror. It seemed to beckon her, as if call her to leave and go somewhere. She could go anywhere she wanted, all she had to do was wish to go and step through the mirror. Hotaru put her hand on the surface, and then she rested her head on it. No, she didn't need to go anywhere, it was unnecessary. And besides, what if she didn't get back before Kioko woke up? She'd have some explaining to do about why she'd left.

Kioko was about to wake up, Hotaru could feel her mind stirring. She walked over to Kioko's bed and sat down at the foot. "Hey." She said when Kioko sat up.

"Hi." Kioko yawned, apparently not having as bad a dream as Hotaru had. "That wasn't so bad. We had a few memories." She said. "And I saw your brother in them, but I can't remember what he looked like. Can you?" She asked.

"No, maybe it isn't Aushran." Hotaru said, sighing. Her brother didn't really act like Aushran, but maybe that was just how he was when he was younger.

Kioko shrugged, "It still could be, I mean, nothing's impossible anymore, right? Save for Kikyo reclaiming her title as a human and not hell-spawn." She said.

Hotaru sighed, "Kioko, you just can't let these things go, can you?" She asked.

"Of course not! Why should I? If she's going to be such a ***** I might as well treat her like one." Kioko said, brightening up the mood a bit more with her usual antics. "Well, I'm not normally an early riser, but if we go back to sleep we might not be so lucky. Wanna practice levitation?" She asked.

Hotaru chuckled, feeling better after her dream. "Sure." She said. She closed her eyes and called forth the silence around her. It responded instantly to her will and lifted her into the air.

"Showoff. You're using silence, not magic. I can tell, cheater!" Kioko accused.

Hotaru shrugged, "You just said levitation, not what kind."


"I've just realized something," Liam said, approaching the library table Kioko and Hotaru were currently occupying.

"What?" Kioko asked, looking up from her book.

"I've realized that the reason you're in here on weekends is because no one in their right minds would want to visit a library on a Saturday." He said. "And it is therefore a good hiding place."

"Bravo Sherlock Homes, next why don't you try and figure out what that riddle means." Kioko said.

"Ha, ha. The sphinx couldn't figure it out." Liam grumbled sitting down beside Kioko. He took a parchment out from his pocket and smoothed it out on the table. "I have now completely mapped Hogwarts as well as I can.

Kioko craned her neck over to look at what he had. "That's chicken scratch, and you know it. If you want a correct map, ask Harry to make you a copy of his." She told him.

"Oh sure, insult my drawing. I can't get it right and be artistic about it at the same time. Anyways, I have labeled all the classrooms and what subjects occupy them, this way I'll no longer get lost on my way from one class to another." He said.

"You spent the entire morning working on that?" Kioko asked amazed. "You have a lot of will power my friend, a lot. I'd have given up and swiped Harry's map a long time ago."

"Yeah, well, no pain no gain." Liam shrugged.

"No pain no pain you mean. You can gain without having any pain, and I just told you how." Kioko said.

"But the more you work for something the more you appreciate it." Liam responded, "I'm quite proud of this chicken scratch!" He said.

"Yes, I'm sure you would be." Kioko squinted at it. "I'll say this much, you got everything right at least." She said.

"Thank you. I would bow but my head would hit the table as I am sitting." He said, making Hotaru giggle.

"Hey, Hota-chan, if that book of yours is magical and can pull up almost anything we might need to know, you think it could help us with this riddle?" Kioko asked.

"No, I tried, it just comes up with blank pages, as if something's keeping it from telling me anything." Hotaru answered.

"Maybe it's under some sort of lock." Liam suggested. The two girls looked at him. "What? It was just a suggestion."

"Liam, that's BRILLIANT!!!" Kioko exclaimed, surprising Liam. "'Pages record with words unheard/ Stars in hand unleash the past/ Too late the lesson learned/ The actions and words of the last.' It's talking about the Book of Silence, we thought of that earlier. Something, 'stars in hand unleash the past', whatever that is, is the key to opening its pages. Maybe if we got the Star Lights to touch the book, it'd tell us what we need to know!" She said.

"Star Lights? What?" Liam asked.

"The Star Lights are Sailor Senshi from another part of the galaxy." Hotaru answered. "Perhaps, maybe we should try and contact them tomorrow. I'll go ask Dumbledore if he'll grant us permission to leave Hogwarts." She said.

"Right, and if we can't I'm sure Setsuna can ask them to come here." Kioko answered. "Meanwhile, perhaps Liam has some other brilliant ideas on this riddle." She said, pulling out the parchment she had of the riddle and handing it to Liam.

Hotaru took up her books and put them in her sub-space pocket. She then walked out of the library as Kioko was getting Liam to think harder about the poem.

(A/N: Someone wanted Dumbledore to get a bigger part so, here he is! ^.^)

Hotaru shifted uncomfortably in front of the gargoyle, wondering how to get passed. She didn't know the password, and according to the amused expression on the gargoyle's face he wasn't going to move unless she gave it to him. Though, she could still try, "Um, would it be okay if I got through? It's not urgent, but I'd like to speak to Dumbledore if you please." She said. No good, he shook his head. "Is Dumbledore in an important meeting?" Hotaru asked. The gargoyle shook his head. "Is he doing anything important period?" He shook his head. "Is he in his office?" She asked, wondering if he really wasn't there. But the gargoyle nodded his head. "Oh, well then, I'll be entering then. Please excuse me." She said.

Hotaru closed her eyes and let the power of silence flow through her body. She began to float a bit, and when she opened her eyes she could slightly see through herself. She flew forward, closing her eyes so she didn't have to look as she passed right through the gargoyle and to the stairs. She set herself down behind it and willed her skin to solidify. She'd never tried doing that before, but she knew she could if she wished. It wasn't bad for a first try, though it'd be nice if she could shake off the chill up her spine that came with turning ephemeral.

"—Well I'm not so sure that's quite correct, Nilrem. You see, if Sereth Lestrang were really coming to Hogwarts, someone should have detected him. I have full confidence in the Sailor Senshi's abilities, as well as technology." Dumbledore was saying.

Oh dear, he is talking to someone. Well, the gargoyle said it wasn't important so maybe…

"I'm sure, but, I really think we should up the guard a bit. We do have a few…special people here." Professor Silverstar said.

"Special people? Special people who are special because of their astounding capabilities. Ms. Tomoe, Ms. Night, and Mr. Potter I'm sure. All of which can be considered quite capable of handling themselves." Dumbledore responded.

"I realize this, but I'm not concerned about them, I'm concerned about the other students who might get hurt in the…crossfire I suppose. It's no secret that Voldemort will be targeting Hogwarts. And think about the chaos that would occur for poor Hotaru if people found out exactly who and what she was. Having the fear of the one who's name people very much fear, it would cause suspicion, especially if such an event were to take place that showed this. I don't even want to think about it. And the other students! I'll admit we have some, senshi here, but they can't protect everyone against an attack. I think we should ask more of the senshi to come to Hogwarts. They are calling in reinforcements, mind you. There should be a few that they can spare." Silverstar said.

"Um, am I interrupting?" Hotaru asked, peeking her head into the office.

"No, no, of course not Hotaru. We were just having a friendly chat." Dumbledore said.

"A friendly chat? Albus you're not taking me seriously, you never do! Good afternoon Miss Tomoe." Silverstar nodded to Hotaru. "What do you need?" He asked.

"She's here to ask me for something, Nilrem, why else would she be in my office?" Dumbledore asked, looking rather amused.

"Very well, Albus, you can continue to act omnipotent, but it would certainly help!" Silverstar huffed.

"Um, actually, I was wondering if I could have some time, Sunday, to, um, well, I was wondering if I could go see the other Senshi for a bit. Something's come up and we think we've found something." Hotaru said politely.

"Of course, Hotaru. I wasn't about to suspect you wouldn't need to leave Hogwarts once and a while. Do you need me to write you a permission slip so you won't have to come to me every time you need to leave for a bit?" Dumbledore asked.

"Well, yes, that would be nice." Hotaru answered smiling.

Dumbledore took out a piece of parchment and started writing. "Anyway, Nilrem, I have no problem accepting another Senshi into Hogwarts, but the one you need to talk to about that is Miss Setsuna Teiho. Here you are Hotaru." He said. Hotaru waked up to his desk to take the parchment from him.

She bowed politely, "Thank you Headmaster."

Silverstar sighed and followed Hotaru on down the hall. "What do you think? Could the Senshi spare a few solders?" He asked her.

"I don't really know, I've been so busy with other things, I haven't had time to ask Setsuna-mama how things are going." She answered as the gargoyle jumped aside to let them out. It gave her an indignant look after jumping back into place.

"It appears the gargoyle doesn't much like you. How'd you get passed it? Did you know the password?" Silverstar asked.

"No, I went through it." Hotaru answered. "That's why it's a bit angry with me."

"I see. Interesting." He mused. "Listen, Ms. Tomoe, would you like to come into my office sometime and, well, show me your abilities? This subject of your powers wasn't much described in the Daily Prophet and I'd like to have a more firm grasp on what they are." He said.

Hotaru hesitated, it was a good idea to keep the public ignorant of the true nature of Silence, so it might not be a good idea to express even a few of her abilities to the Professor. "Well, if I have time I suppose." She said, hoping that if she delayed for long enough he might forget about it.

"Good, good. Well, I'm off to do some research, see you in class." He said as they parted ways.

"Okay. Sayonara Sensei." She said waving goodbye. Now to find Setsuna. The first and most obvious place to look would be the infirmary, so she walked there swiftly.

"Setsuna-mama?" Hotaru called, entering the main room.

"Not here I'm afraid, is there something broken or are you just looking for her?" Madam Pomphry asked.

"I'm looking for her. Do you know where she is?" Hotaru asked.

"Sorry, nope." She answered.

"Oh, well, thank you." Hotaru said leaving. Where could she be? She wondered as her feet automatically took her to the Slytherin dorms.

"Good afternoon Hota-chan!" Roku exclaimed, draping an arm over her shoulders like he would a buddy. "And how are you doing today?" He asked smiling like he normally did.

Hotaru smiled back, "I'm doing fine. You?" She asked.

"Fine, fine. Wondering what Lady Hex is going to mutilate my face with next." He said.

Hotaru sighed, "If you'd just stop being so…aggravating to her you might not have things thrown at you so much." She said.

"Oh I know, but I can't resist!!! She just has this sign plastered all over her that says, 'bother me Roku! Bother me!'. Besides, she's cute when she gets angry." He said. On impulse he ducked, and then looked around. "Oh good, so she doesn't have me bugged." He said, satisfied that Kioko hadn't heard him. Then suddenly he got hit in the back of the head with a metal potion canister. "Well, this isn't the first time I've been wrong." He wheezed, rubbing his head in pain.

It was so ironic, Hotaru couldn't help but start to giggle. And of course Liam, who was beside Kioko, was just rolling on the ground in laughter and Kioko herself was beaming with pride. "Actually, I have you on radar. You see whenever you make some irritating comment, whether I actually hear it or not, I get this ping in the back of my mind that says 'kiiiiiiiiilllll', unfortunately that is an action I cannot comply with while you're in Hota-chan's good graces." She told him.

"So, what will it take to get into your good graces?" Roku asked.

"Want me to give you a list? Or would you prefer me to be honest and say that, in your current state, it is impossible to do?" Kioko asked him.

"In my current state? You mean I have to get a sex change to be on your good side?!" Roku exclaimed, not serious of course.

"Perhaps." Kioko said, smirking at the idea.

"ROKU!!! KIOKO!!!" Hotaru exclaimed while Liam was still in a helpless ball of laughter.

"What?" The two asked in the exact same innocent manner. They then turned back to each other, Roku wearing a grin while Kioko had on a scowl.

"So, how'd you like to go to the dance with me?" Roku asked out of the blue.


"*Wheeze* I'll take that as a no." Roku huffed, attempting to peal himself off the wall.

"Come on Hotaru." Kioko said, grabbing the girl and dragging her on down the hall.

"Hey wait for me!" Liam said, getting himself off the floor, but before he could catch up enough to follow them Roku tripped him to keep him from it.

A/N: Okay, that was a bad ending right there, but I keep running out of stuff to write!!! So I decided that it was long enough…I think.