Author: Kain

Title: New York Minute

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The character's of Buffy, Angel, and any other show that are unfortunate enough to be used here belong to other people.

Setting: Season Four Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Episode Doomed and after. The comic Spider-Girl never existed in this reality of Buffy.

Summary: Attempting to get back to her time, May Parker is pulled of course by the near apocalypse and winds up in Sunnydale.

Pairings: B/S, W/T, A/X

Rating: PG-13

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Chapter One: The Third Hoorah

The entire base shakes, from the latest in a series of earthquake aftershocks, as if it sits on top of a giant mix master. People are tossed to the floor alongside folders and files and pieces of heavy equipment with almost as much chance to resist.

Soldiers and technicians brace themselves as best they can while the tremors begin to subside. It was the third time in the last few minutes that an aftershock, had rocked them. Although aftershock wasn't an accurate term since they continued to gain in intensity.

Just as everything begins to settle down and orders are being given to verify the bases integrity; checking the power, verifying that cells are still stable, and making a visual inspection of the cells occupants- a streak of grayish lightening flashes across the ceiling.

A fingernail size speck of darkness coalescing upon the concrete surface.

An instant later a second and a third, a fourth and a fifth, a sixth and seventh zip and zap along the ceiling. One right after another as the speck elongates, flexing and rippling. Looking like a dark maw gaping wide open.

For a bare instant everyone; soldier, technician, support personal- stand transfixed by the bulging hole of nothingness hovering above their heads. Just as quickly, as if snapping out of a spell, everyone breaks rushing this way and that. To the casual observer it would appear that chaos has broken out in the base and everyone is running hither dither when in reality everyone is going to were they need to be.

All non essential personal make a bee line to get out of harms way while soldiers rush to arm themselves with the latest high tech weaponry that the United States Government has provided for their use.

Shouts and orders ring throughout the vast underground complex as command try to restore order to the pandemonium. A sense of uncertainty, fear, and dread lance through nearly everyone as the dark hole seems to pulse with a life of its own.

While the soldiers arm themselves and most everyone rushes to get away before the action explode a single being is spit out of the dark whole, hitting the hard concrete floor with a solid thud, while the patch of darkness snaps close upon itself with a thunderous crack.

The person is small, lithe, and dressed in a red and blue form fitting head to toe bodysuit with a silver web pattern criss crossing the material. They lie on the floor unmoving, moaning, or possibly mumbling softly, but no is close enough to hear.

A dozen hard face men, with guns at the ready, spin around- some dropping to a knee, some standing tall, as all of them easily hone in on the petite figure lying on the ground. Several of the men blink. One of them muttering, "is that a Spider-Man costume?" Others begin moving closer to the creature lying on the floor trusting their fellow soldiers to take appropriate action if the thing should make any sudden or threatening moves.

"Next time I'll remember to avoid the Time Square chilli dogs," a soft feminine voice murmurs sarcastically as May Parker begins to shift slowly, painfully.

"Don't move!" A harsh voice commands as several of the commandos fingers tighten on the trigger of the weapons.

The slight tingle that May had been feeling in the base of her skull kicks up half a dozen notches with the soldiers readiness, perhaps even eagerness to open fire. Her reactions are as instinctive and natural as they have always been, if a little sluggish from the strain of travelling back up the temporal shoot.

With only a minimal concentration her fingers latch onto the floor like only her, her father, Kane, and who knows how many others can. She pulls her body up into a hand stand a moment before shoving herself seven feet in the air. Spinning in a tight circle she shoots a thin web line to the ceiling high over head. Use the momentum she created she easily swings upwards attaching herself to the ceiling.

By the time the guns have been re-trained and their burst of high voltage energy fired at the spot in the air she had occupied for a brief instant, she's already on the ceiling being able to move faster then they can follow. "I don't want to seem critical here, but you guys are way too tense. You should try to relax a little," she quips as the rifles are once again brought to bear on her position.

Waiting until the energy streams are more then half way to her before springing out of the way she covers nearly twenty-five feet in a single bound.

"Where is it?"

"Over there."

Looking down at them May playfully remarks, "maybe you guys should think about cutting back on the caffeine. Only have one cup in the mornings, or maybe switch to decaff."

"Get it!" Another soldier shouts. "I want that hostile in a cage now!"

"Hostile?" May murmurs worriedly as half the commandos rush towards her while the other half continue to lay down their long distance fire that she easily skips and skitters away from. Its a term she has never heard before to describe a mutant, but it does fit with other racist remarks hurled by small minded bigots whose wardrobes consist of olive green military fatigues.

Trusting her spider-sense to keep her ahead of the barrage May searches for a way out. "If someone would just point me towards the exit I'm sure we can forgot all about this little incident."

The chamber was a vast circle at least the size of a football field with a pit in its center. Several doors line the wall to her right, but without any indication as to what lay beyond she was hesitant to try them. On the left was a open corridor that she couldn't see down, but her spider-sense was doing nearly as many flips as she was so she thought she would steer clear of it if at all possible. Ahead of her, all the way across the chamber was a stairwell, a solid steel door at the top of the stairs, with a sign over head proclaiming it the emergency exit.

"Never mind," she calls out to the soldiers below, "I think I can find my own way out."

She didn't know whether this is a legitimate Government sanctioned installation or not. If it was then she figures she is probably breaking about a hundred or so different laws; local, state, and federal just being inside the building and she didn't really feel like adding assault charges as well.

Then again she didn't feel like getting zapped either. It didn't look like it would be all that pleasant of an experience. Fortunately she had plenty of webbing thanks to her father. It wasn't quite as good as what she is to, but she couldn't really show her father the improved formula he was suppose to come with in a few more years all on his own.

Now that she was back in her own time though getting more would be easy.

Continuing to be guided by her spider-sense May weaves her way through the hail of high voltage fire with a dazzling display of ariel acrobatics that would have left most people stunned witnessing them, if they could follow her movements, as she crosses the eighty feet to the door in high speed spurts and starts that change direction for no reason that anyone below can discern.

During the course of her zigging and zagging five guns, and the hands holding them wind up incased in webbing. Two commandos have their feet glued to the floor by the incredibly adhesive webbing.

Seeing her destination three men quickly race towards the emergency exit in an attempt to block her escape. Even with their chemically enhanced body's and her sporadic movements they can't keep up with her.

Landing on the steel hand rail facing the soldiers below she smiles under her mask. "I'd say it's been a blast guys," she says then back flips. Sticking to the wall above the door, "but my parents would ground me for lying," she adds before yanking the door open and bolting through it as only she can.

Not having to worry about blaster fire May bounds up the stairs bouncing off the walls, floors, and ceiling to equal effect.

By the time the door burst open less then ten seconds later she has already cleared six floors. As the soldiers sweep the first landing with a cool, but hurried efficiency and the precision of trained professionals. Without hesitation they quickly, but cautiously race up the stairwell. Just because the hostile hadn't attacked anyone below didn't mean it would hold back when it couldn't find the hidden exit.

As they reach the second floor landing they hear the slow screech of metal from above. Abandoning caution they rush up the stairwell knowing that just about everyone who lives in Lowell Hall is down below and that anyone who is up on the upper floors has clearance. Reaching the tenth floor landing, the fourth and top floor of Lowell Hall, they find the door crumpled slightly, pulled in towards them. Not a lot but enough for the slim hostile to fit through.

"Figures," May mumbles from not very far away. Her surprise at finding out she was in a collage dorm, a male dorm, didn't last very long. Her view through the rooms sole window was of the quiet country side cloaked in darkness.

If I'm in New York I'm a long way from the city which means I'll probably be able to travel a lot easier as May Parker then Spider-Girl. Unfortunately I'm wearing my only set of clothes. Looking around the room she sighs, I hope the guy isn't a giant.

Making a quick search of the room she finds she seems to have caught a break. The guy has a girlfriend that keeps a small over night bag here with a fresh change of clothes. Nothing fancy a simple desert brown blouse, faded jeans, and pair of white open toe sandals. Feeling only a little bit of guilt she slips the shoulder strap over her head and settles the bag across her back.

Pushing the window up she shoves the screen out, but makes sure it doesn't fall to the ground. She slips out the open window, then slides it back down, replaces the screen, and scampers up the side of the building. Reaching the lip she turns, spots a target, and shoots off a strand of webbing.

Swinging down several people spot her as she sweeps past. Pointing her out to their friends they stare and gawk as she fires off another web line and swings in a wide looping arc. Reaching the apex she releases her web line flips high into the air. Gliding another ten feet she lands on the side of a flag pole.

With a quick scan of the area she jumps high into the air, shoots another web line to the lip of the closest building heading in what looks like the direction of the city. As she swings across she spots a box trailer heading the same way she's going. Deciding to save on webbing she does a little flip and drops onto its roof.

Buffy grimaces slightly at Spike's lame reply to Riley's question and his bad Texas accent. She was mildly surprised that Xander hadn't vehemently denied Spike's claim at being an old pal. The very last thing she wants to do is explain Spike's presence here to her boyfriend.

Not that she had an explanation. At least not a good one.

"Hey, um," Xander mumbles as he runs his fingers through his hair. "We're going to get going. Have to make sure Billy Bob doesn't stay out past his curfew."

Riley nods still trying to look inconspicuous. "It was nice to meet you Billy Bob. Willow, Xander," he finishes stiffly.

"I'll see you later," Buffy whispers to Willow as she walks past followed closely by Xander and Spike.

Riley watches them go, standing back out of their way. He gives a deep sigh as he turns back towards Buffy. Before he can say anything he feels a little jolt as his beeper goes off. "Damn," he grumbles pulling the annoying piece of equipment off his utility belt. Taking a quick look at the small, lighted screen he sighs again. "I gotta go," he says looking up at her.

Buffy frowns slightly wanting to spend a little time alone with her boyfriend. "Anything you need help with?" She asks hopefully.

"I wish I could but..." He starts off hedging slightly.

"Its classified," Buffy finishes for him.

Riley nods again as he says, "yeah. Are you sure you're going to be okay?" He inquires slipping the beeper back into its holster.

Buffy shrugs saying, "I'll do a sweep."

He blinks at her response slightly surprised by her answer. "After that?"

"Just because there was an apocalypse scheduled doesn't mean the vampires went on vacation," Buffy jokes lightly.

"And you're just going to go kill them? Like that?" He questions skeptically.

She rolls her eyes at him lightly. "Sorry, my cape and leotards are at the cleaners."

"That's not what I meant," Riley replies.

"I know," she responds with a little quirk of a smile on her lips. Turning she takes a few steps in the direction of the exit.

Riley follows suit while asking, "don't you ever use any gear, body armor, or anything like that?"

Buffy shakes her head. "Its just me and my stakes, sometimes a sword or a crossbow. An axe every now and then. There was this one time I got to use a rocket launcher. That was pretty cool," she finishes in an excited voice.

They walk a little ways in silence while Riley looks down at her warily as they continue to make their way out of the ruins. "Sounds like an interesting story. You'll have to tell it to me sometime."

"But you gotta go?"

"Right," he says with a nod as they come to the entrance. "I'll call you as soon as I can," he adds leaning in for a quick kiss. Pulling back he turns and heads off towards the campus moving with the quick stride of someone in a hurry that shouldn't be trifled with.

Buffy watches him go with a wistful look. She wishes they could have spent a little time together, but like she said the vampires weren't just going to go away because there was an almost apocalypse. So it was probably better this way.

She wouldn't feel guilty in the morning.

"You said it was small?" Professor Welsh asks her hip leaning against the front side of her desk.

"Five two to five four," Bradley answers with a sharp nod of his head. "A hundred and fifteen pounds. Trim, athletic..."

"And wearing a Spider-Man costume," Welsh states.

He nods again just before saying, "plus it had the ability to cling to smooth surfaces. The walls, the ceiling."

"Just like the comic book character. Can I assume you're going to blame your inability to capture the hostile on some preternatural ability it has to sense danger and avoid it?" She inquires too sweetly.

"No, mam. We weren't able to respond quickly enough. It was fast, swift, extremely agile and acrobatic. It could wait to the last possible second before reacting to an attack. It was also able to expel some type of adhesive the technicians are studying," he responds. After a moment he adds, "it felt like it was toying with us mam."

"Or testing our defenses," she wonders to herself despite speaking out loud.

May slumps on the concrete bench outside an open air coffee shop dubbed the Expresso Pump. A discarded newspaper held loosely in her slack hands

It hadn't worked. Possibly her one chance to get back home, get back to her time and it was a bust. Instead of being back in New York she finds herself in California. Instead of being in twenty nineteen it was six days before Christmas nineteen ninety-nine.

Reed Richards told her it might not work. That she might become stranded between the two points in time. He had never said anything about her being dropped off in California though.

Her only option was a cross country trek back to New York and having the good doctor try to get her back to her time once again.

Then again she could probably just give the Fantastic Four a call and see if one of them could come out and pick her up. After all they had to be listed in the yellow pages, and they had the cool transportation.

She snorts derisively as she imagines all the jokes being made at her expense if it ever got out. She would be the laughing stock of crime fighters the world over.

It wasn't like she should care. She isn't planning on staying in the business anyway.

Crumpling the paper into a ball she shoots it at the trash can some twenty feet away. It drops in dead center.

With a regretful sigh she stands up as she pushes the sleeves of the light colored blouse up to her elbows. Like she had thought the clothes were a little big on her, although the jeans are a little snug. Which she finds a little surprising considering her own lithe, athletic frame. Unless the girl who owned them was built like a twig she couldn't see how someone could wear these pants.

Basketball. That was what she should be doing. It is the one thing she truly loves. It is the one thing she is good at, better then good.

She excels at the game. Never makes a mistake. When she was on the court she was in a world all her own and nobody was even close to her.

And that had been before the emergence of her powers.

Or had her powers always been there, guiding her, giving her that little extra spurt when she needed it. Allowing her to always hit the open shot or person or navigate her way through traffic without ever getting touched.

In the end it didn't matter. She had given it up. Walked away from the game she loves without an explanation or a backward glance.

Her actions had upset a lot of people, but it was the right thing for her to do.

May looks up at the night sky as she walks down the sidewalk. Her eyes taking in the Christmas lights hanging from the lips of the store awnings or framing the windows along with taking in any number of other decorations reminding the people of the festive season. As if people need to be reminded.

Then again she was having a hard time accepting the fact it is the middle of December and its not even what she would call nippy. For a girl used to winters in New York this is almost balmy.

Of course she still need to find a place to spend the night. Plus the grumbling in her stomach was letting her know it was past feeding time.

Her spider-sense kicks back up alerting her of a nearby threat. Nothing aimed directly at her, but something that is dangerous.

There is something about this town which had her spider-sense constantly buzzing in the back of her skull. At first she thought it was from being surrounded by a bunch of gun toting commandos, but it hadn't gone away after getting out of their whacky frat house.

It had stayed with her wherever she went in this freaky Mayberryesque town.

She should just keep going. Ignore it. Walk on by. Let somebody else handle it. She was giving up the whole crime fighting, superhero gig anyway.

With a quick look around to make sure nobody is looking May lets out a disgruntle breath before leaping nearly twenty feet to the side of the building, slipping her sandals off while in the air. She latches onto the brick surface with ease and scales to the top of the six story building in only seconds.

By the time she slips over the edge of the building she already has her recently acquired overnight bag open and shoving the sandals inside while pulling out her gear. It takes less then thirty seconds to change into costume and settle the over night bag on her back once more.

Using her spider-sense like radar she quickly hones in on the danger. An alley away one a building away. Only there wasn't anything dangerous in the alley between the two buildings. Just some couple making out.

The guy looks like he was trying to give the girl a serious hickey. Nothing dangerous in that.

She looks around the alley again but there wasn't anything. It actually looks clean when she compares it to what she's used to in New York.

And her eyes just keep drifting back to the couple making out. Only making a closer inspection the woman looks more like she is trying to push him off, not pull him closer. Her eyes seem to be filled with pain.

"Excuse me," She calls out from above them as she slips over the edge of the building and begins to scale down the side head first. She needs to draw the man's attention away from the woman before she can make her move. "I was wondering if either of you could tell me if there's a... Holy shit," she blurts as the man lifts his disfigured, blood smeared face to gaze at her with a pair of baleful amber eyes.

Seeing a new, and possible dangerous threat the large, dark hair vampire shoves his dainty morsel into the wall.

May tries to remember if her dad ever mentioned anything about vampires to her, if that was even what this guy was. More then likely he's just some pour screwed up mutant in need of some serious help. Or a serious butt kicking.

Not for the first time she wishes the two of them hadn't spent most of their time fighting with each other about her choice to use her powers, to become a crime fighter like he had. Unfortunately they had and even after he finally accepted her decision he never really talked about his own exploits.

So she was stuck with what she knew about vampires from horror movies. Supernaturally strong, fast. Some can turn to mist or fog or bats, control the weather, wolves, rats. They can mesmerize people.

The only way to stop them are wooden stake through the heart, decapitation, fire, sunlight, holy water. None of which are readily available for her use. Not that she would use most of them anyway, considering what she is facing is a mutant with a sick blood fetish.

In which case could she kill him? Should she? He is human, according to the courts if not most of the people. What right did she have deciding if someone should live or die.

"Move on if you want to live a long life," he growls savagely as he stares up at her.

May shakes her head slightly as she says, "but then you'd kill the girl and I'd feel guilty and I really don't do guilt well. Leads to blemishes and blackheads and I'd have to wear a bag over my head. I'm thinking I wouldn't look to good with a bag over my head. Nobody would be able to pick out my natural highlights."

"Hell," The vampire snarls as he grabs a trash can lid and whips it at her. "You talk more then the damn slayer," he adds as May leaps out of the way, "and say less," he finishes while watching her land on the building opposite the first one.

"Slayer?" She says questioningly as she rebounds off the building to land crouched at his feet wondering why the term slayer sounds so familiar to her. He goes to swing down at her, but she springs up faster then anything he has ever seen before as she slugs him with light uppercut.

He staggers back a step as he gives his head a rough shake. A moment later his lips form a vicious leer. "I actually got a huge collection of Spider-Man comics. I'm gonna love adding that costume to it once I've stripped it from your corpse," he shouts taking a massive swing at her.

May easily ducks under the wild haymaker. She shoots a web line from each wrist shooter sneering both his feet. Flipping backward just as he tries to drive her into the ground she pulls his feet out from under him. He hits the ground as she lands on her feet.

With another growl he easily shreds the webbing on his feet then flips back up to his own feet. He turns reaching for one of the fire escapes support beams. Another web line latches onto his wrist and she yanks his arm back.

He grabs hold with his left hand as she pulls him around. The piece of steel snaps like a rotted two by four with the force he exerts on it. "I'm going to knock your head clean off!" He shouts taking another swing at her head.

"Don't you think its a little early in our relationship for death threats?" She inquires doing a series of back flips to avoid his wild swings making note of his increase in speed compared to his first swipe at her.

Then while he's overbalanced from his last strike towards her, she springs forward. Her right foot hitting the top of his head and pushing off, sending him sprawling face first to the hard pavement, while she lands on the fire escape.

"Couldn't we start off with something easy and work our way up to the whole I want to suck your blood?" She questions with little air quotes and a bad accent as he rolls back to his feet. "Like maybe we could insult each other's fashion sense. You could tell how red and blue spandex isn't in, which is kind of hard to believe considering the season, and I can tell you how retro that outfit is, like something someone back in the nineties would wear. Oh right, we're still in the nineties," she murmurs hating how easy the jokes just slip out.

He hurls the chunk of steel at her hoping something would shut her up. As she slips out of the projectiles way he jumps back to his feet. As he looks up at where she had been he doesn't see her.

"You don't really think you're a vampire do you?" She asks from directly behind him. He jumps forward and up covering about ten feet as he manages to turn himself around to face her. "Because I'm just not seeing it," she continues. "I mean where's the fog and the mist and turning yourself into a bat? How about a wolf?" She finishes excitedly.

"You've read Dracula too many times," he snarls cautiously stalking her.

May shudders slightly as she says, "actually I've never read it. Don't really care for the whole horror genre. Give me a good Sci-fi flick any day of the week, I mean Locus totally out did himself with the last Star Wars block buster."

He stops moving, Giving her a slight frown as he says, "really. I didn't care for the Phantom Menace that much." She sighs softly realizing it would be just her luck to come across a Sci-fi buff.

Her spider-sense goes off a bare moment before he launches himself at her. Without hesitation she ducks and punches at the same time driving her fist into his stomach. He staggers back a step but doesn't fall and May wonders just how much she is going to have to hit him with to stop him.

Obviously the guy, mutant she supposes, has deluded himself into believing he is a vampire. Dangerous as that might make him she still has a responsibility not to hurt him too much while bringing him in.

He growls as he rushes back at her throwing a straight punch at her face. May avoids the punch doing a simple handless cartwheel. He lashes out with a roundhouse kick while she is still in the air. She twist slightly, her hands slapping onto his thigh and knee propelling her upward, flipping over his head.

Becoming more frustrated with each passing second he whirls around. His fist passing through where May's head had just been. She blocks his follow up kick with ease and he lets out an animalistic roar.

Still holding back most of her strength she slams both fist into his chest into his chest pushing him back a step. She fires off a series of rapid fire, high impact punches; jabs, hooks, crosses, uppercuts as her spider-sense guides her movements with unerring accuracy. All the while she continues to avoid his counter attacks.

It becomes obvious to her that while he can't match her speed and agility she can't match his physical strength. She drives him back or wherever she wants him. Knocking him around as she wails on him to seemingly no effect. As the minutes drag by May holds back less and less. With a hard left hook she sends him flying into a stack of wooden crates.

With a quick glance at the unmoving form lying in the pile of debris May gives a brief sigh as she mumbles, "about time." A moment later she leaps to the other end of the alley where the girl was still lying slumped against the buildings back wall.

"Damn," she murmurs as she silently curses herself for getting so caught up in dealing with Fang-Man she supposes, she had nearly forgotten about the girl he had been drinking from. Squatting down she checks her pulse and looks the wound over. All and all it wasn't that bad.

From behind her she hears the clatter of the debris as its pushed aside. May whirls around just in time to see him brushing off his clothes. As he finishes dusting off his sleeve he looks at her with a cruel smile. "So you can fight, but you still hit like a girl," he informs her.

May stands up, a scowl under her mask as she mutters, "God. What's it gonna take to keep you down?"

Suddenly his face contorts in a mask of startlement and pain. A heartbeat later his body begins to disintegrate before her eyes, turning to powder and falling to the hard pavement. Again it nags at something in the back of her mind.

His body turning to dust reveals the presence of a petite, blonde hair woman no taller then herself. She's wearing a white turtleneck sweeter, brown suede jacket, light blue jeans, and black platform boots.

She had the look of someone doing a chore. Like taking out the trash or washing the dishes. Like she was doing something that was mundane.

There's something about her that looks so familiar, like she has seen her all over the place, but she can't remember where or when.

Keeping a careful eye on her May sees the sudden curiosity flicker in the blonde's hazel eyes. A second later Buffy says, "most of the time a nice sharp piece of wood, generally referred to as a stake by those of us in the trade, through the heart does the trick."

"You killed him!" May suddenly blurts out as she overcomes her shock. She couldn't believe the blonde had just shoved a stake through his heart or that she was so blase about it. Or that he turned to dust either. As far as she knew people, even mutants, didn't do that.

"Its why I get the nifty title slayer," Buffy remarks casually. The fight between her and the vampire had been an extremely one sided affair. He couldn't touch her and she was able to hit him at will. Buffy wasn't even sure if she could match that kind of speed and agility. Fortunately the girl had no killer instinct. "And for the record. vampires are already dead, or undead actually," she finishes with a little shrug.

"You're not buying into that whole vampire crap too?" May demands incredulously looking Buffy over. "Next thing I know you're going to say you're Buffy the Vampire Slayer?"

Buffy's somewhat inquisitive gaze turns into an icy scowl. "You got some problem my name Ms. I'm in the middle of an identity crisis?"

"Whatever," May mutters with a quick little back flip on to the wall. She lands some ten feet up facing Buffy. The tiny slayer stares at her with wide eyes as she wasn't expecting her to rally be able to stick to walls. "Guy took a bite of the girl. She could probably use a doctor," she finishes. With a quick look around she spots her next target. "And for the record. The name's Spider-Girl," she tells Buffy as she leaps into the air. She shoots out a web line that connects with the lip of the building.

She swings up and over with a high arc and a tight flip that sends her even higher. Buffy sees her shoot out another web line and disappears swinging further downtown.

Her eyes are still wide as she looks back down. She thought she could follow her, maybe even catch up with her. Find out what the hell is going on.

All she would have to do is leave an unconscious and bleeding woman in an alley. During the middle of the night. In Sunnydale. It would be tantamount to murder and that was something she wasn't prepared to do.

Besides Buffy has a feeling that she'll be seeing more of this Spider-Girl in the days to come. People who run around wearing red and blue form fitting spandex body suits usually aren't the type to blend in very well.

They tend to stick out like sore a thumb.

May slips into the house through the unlocked, second floor bathroom window. Being as small as she is comes in handy for her more often then not. Like being able to fit through a window half the size of a standard one.

The house was empty. She knew that even without searching it. Her instincts, her spider-sense, told her that much.

Pulling her mask off her head she wonders about her spider-sense. She hadn't even noticed it around blondie, but the constant buzz she had been that had been ringing in her head wasn't there.

Everything had been blessedly silent.

It wasn't until she had gotten a good fifty feet away from her that it had kick back in like a light switch being flipped on. It was almost like she's the calm in the center of the storm. A flame that burns away the night.

She gives her head a small shake wishing her father had talked to her about stuff like this. Not the time travel, but whether there are people who can effect her spider-sense. If simply being in certain person's presence can just turn it off?

Unfortunately her dad isn't here. She has no way of getting in touch with him and even if she did its not like she can come out and ask him. Its still a good two years before she was going to be born and she isn't going to do anything that could possibly affect that.

There was something more to it then that though. A nagging feeling tugging at the back of her mind. From the name of the town, to the underground military base with the frat house for a blind, to the vampire, to the blonde with the pointy stick and the killer fashion sense.

There is something so familiar about it all that she can practically taste it.

Pulling open the bathroom door she steps into the hallway. There was a short banister directly in front of her, a wall on its right and a flight of stairs to its left. There was an open door to her left on the short end of the hallway.

A quick look inside reveals a made queen size bed pressed tight over against the short wall. The room is neat and tidy. A stationary bike was back against the far wall. The room had the air of belonging to an older woman.

Turning the other way she walks down the length of the hall.

She already knew what is going on even if she doesn't want to admit it. Its the reason why she is here in this house in the first place. She had made a reference to it to the blonde back in the alley.

But that couldn't be it.

That was just some old television show that ended before she was even born. If she was really in that reality it means she did more then just travel up the temporal shoot. It means her train hopped its tracks and landed on a different set of rails.

Which means she is really screwed.

Only that shouldn't have been possible. True she wasn't the scientist that Reed Richards, or even her dad is, but she understood enough of what Richards was saying to know she should have just traveled straight up the shoot.

Which is why she won't acknowledge the truth. She would rather convince herself that there is a town called Sunnydale in southern California. That in the town of Sunnydale there is a sixteen thirty Revello drive.

Pushing open the first door she peers inside the room. Its full of crates and paintings and other works of art all in a jumble making it look more like a store room then a bedroom.

Moving on to the next room she pushes that one open as well. From the way the room is decorated its easy for May to tell the room belongs to a girl. It could almost be hers. Aside from there being far too many stuff animals, the color scheme, and the boy band posters tacked to the wall.

Stepping inside the room she gives it a closer inspection. It almost has the feel of being abandoned. Like the person who lives here hasn't occupied the room in awhile.

A picture on the dresser catches her eye. Four people caught in a still shot. Every one of them with a carefree smile plastered over their faces. Two guys, two girls, one of whom was the blonde from earlier tonight. Her hair was straight in the picture as well as having more of a golden shine compared to the curly, dirty blonde style she is sporting now.

The other girl is a redhead. She has her arms draped over the shoulders of a young man with blue hair. Despite his bright, laughing eyes she could almost see something feral in his face.

Either that or she is projecting again.

The last person in the picture is a tall brunette. Everyone looks happy even with a touch of anxiety lining their face.

Not for the first time she wishes she knew more about the show then its name. She had never watched much t.v. though and when she did it was either a police drama or the latest Sci-fi epic. Old horror shows that live on in syndication just never popped up on her radar.

The only reason she knew what she did was because she had the misfortune of answering a trivia pursuit question wrong when she was thirteen. Then got lectured the rest of the night, and for weeks that followed, by a rabid fan of the show. Who just happened to be her best friend at the time.

So she knows little tid bits like sixteen thirty Revello drive. Best friend was named after a tree; Oak or Birch or maybe it was Pine. Her other friend had a weird name as well but the only part she can remember is Lavelle or Laville or something like it. One of them was dating a werewolf. Buffy herself had dated two vampires, had a kid with one of them. There was something about a soldier in there as well, not a very well like character from what she can remember. There was a sister that wasn't a sister with a god chasing after her. Someone had a brain tumor that could have been cured any number of ways; a demon whose blood has rejuvenative properties. A meditation technique that allows a person to heal their own body.

Again she wishes she had actually paid attention to her friend back then. Or that she could remember more then just a handful of meaningless facts.

May places the picture back on the dresser. Turning slightly she notices the alarm clock on the night stand by the bed. It reads 2:05 a.m.

Which meant five o'clock on the east coast. Still too early to call anyone up. She didn't see any reason to irritate the people she was going to be asking, pleading with, begging is probably the more accurate term, to help her get back home.

A few hours that she has nothing to do.

She gives the bed a longing look. It was only a few hours. Four at the most. Get a little sleep. Take a fresh look at things in the morning.

Sitting down on the bed she turns the radio on. Adjusting the tuner she brings in a station playing music that resembles what she likes. Turning the volume down so it sounds like a soft whisper carried on the wind she lays back on the bed.

After a few deep breathes her eyes slip close, her body loses most of the tension it has been holding, as she almost relaxes falling into a light sleep.


New York Minute - Don Henley

Harry got up dressed all in black
Went down to the station and he never came back
They found his clothing scattered somewhere down the track
And he won't be down on Wall Street in the morning

He had a home the love of a girl
But men get lost sometimes as years unfurl
One day he crossed some line
And he was too much in this world
But I guess it doesn't matter anymore

In a New York Minute
Everything can change
In a New York Minute
Things can get pretty strange
In a New York Minute
Everything can change
In a New York Minute

Lying here in the darkness I hear the sirens wail
Somebody going to emergency, somebody's going to jail
If you find somebody to love in this world
You better hang on tooth and nail
The wolf is always at the door

In a New York Minute
Everything can change
In a New York Minute
Things can get a little strange
In a New York Minute
Everything can change
In a New York Minute

And in these days
When darkness falls early
And people rush home
To the ones they love
You better take a fool's advice
And take care of your own
One day they're here;
Next day they're gone

I pulled my coat around my shoulders
And took a walk down through the park
The leaves were falling around me
The groaning city in the gathering dark
On some solitary rock
A desperate lover left his mark,
"Baby, I've changed. Please come back."

What the head makes cloudy
The heart makes very clear
The days were so much brighter
In the time when she was here
But I know there's somebody somewhere
Make these dark clouds disappear
Until that day, I have to believe
I believe, I believe

In a New York Minute
Everything can change
In a New York Minute
You can get out of the rain
In a New York Minute
Everything can change
In a New York Minute


The Third Hoorah - Jethro Tull


WarChild, dance the days and nights away ---
Sweet child, how do you do today?

WarChild, dance the days and nights away ---
Sweet child, how do you do today?

When your back's to the wall,
and your luck is your all,
then side with whoever you may.
Seek that which within lies waiting to begin
the fight of your life that is everyday.
Dance with the WarChild, the WarChild --- Hoorah.
Dance with the WarChild, the WarChild --- Hoorah.

WarChild, dance the days and nights away ---
Sweet child, how do you do today?

WarChild, dance the days and nights away ---
Sweet child, how do you do today?

WarChild, dance the days and nights away ---
Sweet child, how do you do today?

WarChild, dance the days and nights away ---
Sweet child, how do you do today?

In the heart of your heart, there's the tiniest part
of an urge to live to the death ---
With a sword on your hip and a cry on your lips
to strike life in the inner child's breast.
Dance with the WarChild, the WarChild --- Hoorah.
Dance with the WarChild, the WarChild --- Hoorah.

WarChild, dance the days and nights away ---
sweet child, how do you do today?

WarChild, dance the days and nights away ---
sweet child, how do you do today?

WarChild, dance the days and nights away ---
sweet child, how do you do today?

WarChild, dance the days and nights away ---
sweet child, how do you do today?