Yep, it's yet another YGO/HP crossover fic, but this time with Mokuba as the one going to Hogwarts. Somehow, I always thought Mokuba was the one in the Yugi-and-Co. group that was the perfect age to start in Hogwarts, but anyhow...Voldemort is still the bad guy, but he's not after the Millennium Items this time - although the Millennium Items are involved (The Yamis do need to have some fun...).

This takes place in Harry & Co.'s sixth year, which translates into Ginny's 4th year and Mokuba is in his second year of magic learning. Just to clear up any future confusion.

WARNING: I've tried to be careful, but there still might be one or two 'Order of the Phoenix' spoilers in here, so be warned. Also a warning beforehand for OOC-ness and yes, there will be OCs (I mean, c'mon, Mokuba won't be having classes with Harry! He's a second-year...) No pairings yet though...sheesh, he's only a kid!

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh or Harry Potter. I only think I do. Humor me, please? Thanks also to all the YGO/HP fanfic writers out there for inspiring this (you guys know who you are out there, you're great~) and thanks to White Angel for the idea of the Imperial School of Magic.

And at last...the story starts....

Muggle Studies

Ch. 1 - The Mealtime Act

It was a typical Kaiba family lunch scene, minus the constantly bleeping cell phone, the ever-present laptop and the usual thick file of Kaiba Corp. documents. Never mind that the elder Kaiba was now glaring holes into his younger brother's head, or that his secretary back at the office now had to juggle all the calls and rescheduling that Kaiba himself usually handled.

Yes, the Mealtime Act was working.

"Glaring at me won't work, nii-sama," Mokuba broke the silence and popped another sushi into his mouth. "I've seen you use that too many times."

Sighing, his brother gave up on the intimidation tactic and picked up his chopsticks. "What will then? What exactly do you want from this Mokuba?" Seto Kaiba was very fond of his younger brother, but there were still limits to how much he would take from him.

"I read somewhere that it's unhealthy for a family to spend mealtimes working or being completely occupied with business. Mealtimes should be, quote, 'family time, quality time spent discussing our day'"

" - You forbade me from discussing business."

"Well, yeah, but Seto, this is just so we can spend more time together!" Mokuba jabbed a forkful of food at Kaiba. "Besides, you did sign the Mealtime Act."

"At 3:30 in the morning when you knew I would do anything to get back to sleep and when you knew that I trusted you not to abuse my signature."

"You signed it. You're not going to break your promise, are you nii-sama?"

"I'm tempted." But his brother was smiling. A ghost of a real smile, it's true, but a smile all the same.

Mokuba sighed and scrutinized Kaiba. "The company isn't everything Seto, but you're making it out to be."

"Hnh." Seto still wasn't convinced. In a way, thought Mokuba sadly, the 5-year gap between them seemed more like it was 10 years.

"So," Mokuba continued brightly, "Let's discuss what we're going to do in the near future"

"I have a business meeting with one of Kaiba Corp.'s old associates, no doubt." Kaiba rarely brought up their late adoptive father if he could help it. "To discuss something about military bases and missiles of all things, all of which I have no interest in whatsoever"

" - besides business," Mokuba cut in flatly.

Kaiba glared at his brother briefly before listing items again, as if he'd never been interrupted.

"First, I'm going to burn that Mealtime Act of yours with my signature on it "

His younger brother cracked a mischievous grin. "Too late, I have back-up copies!"

" Then, I'm going to cancel all your 'Family Life' magazine subscriptions that you've been getting "

Mokuba's grin became even wider. "Gee Seto, do you really want me to trash all the 'suspicious' reading material I find in your room? Or maybe I should just tell the media about your preferred reading preferences "

"Why you - You shouldn't even be digging around in my room And let me tell you, the only reason I signed your Mealtime Act was because I thought it was for school or something along those lines."

"It's summer Seto. There's no school" and that's why you're at the office 24/7 "But speaking of school, I've been transferred to an, uhm, exclusive boarding school in England."

"England?" Kaiba frowned. "Have you been getting in to trouble? Is that why they want to send you away? Frankly, I can sympathize."

"No nii-sama. The teachers say I'm an angel and a genius and that the elite school in England would be better for me." Funny how easy it was to lie - well, not a complete lie - to those who care about you.

Kaiba fixed his younger brother with a keen blue gaze and Mokuba tried not to fidget. "England, is it? First that private academy in China and now England. What's wrong with the schools in Japan, I wonder. Well, I suppose you could improve your English...what's this school called?"

"Hogwarts." Noting the look on his brother's face that showed exactly what Seto thought of a school with a name like that, Mokuba quickly added, "Onegai, nii-sama? I really really want to go..." Yep, the Kaiba Commandment Thou Shalt Not Beg could be bent when applied to family members.

He let out a sigh of relief when his brother reluctantly nodded. "Remember last year, Mokuba? When you wanted to go to that Chinese academy so bad, you made up some nonsense about wand-waving and magic?" Kaiba's gaze softened slightly. "You're going to be gone for most of the year and be half a world away though"

"Yeah, but think about it this way: You'll be free to spend all the quality time you want with your laptop at meal times, Seto."

"Imagine all the work I could get done for once."

Mokuba wished sometimes his conscience would just give him a break. Seto would hear the word 'magic' and then block out everything else he might have to say. Unless he was talking about Magic Cards, of course


Yugi Mutou was straightening out the order forms for the new booster decks when he heard a customer walk into the shop.

"Hang on, I'm coming right up!" He rushed up the stairs and pushed his blond bangs out of his eyes. "Welcome to the Kame Game Shop, can I help yo - oh hey, Mokuba-kun! What's up?"

The younger boy beamed back and shrugged. "Nothing much, I came over to say hi, that's all. I heard Jounouchi took his sister, Honda and Otogi to camp or something, so I thought it might be lonely with just you here."

"That's nice of you, but Anzu drops by after dance class and it's never lonely with him here with me." Yugi jerked a thumb at his semi-transparent yami. Apparently he was testing out the new RPG game in the store and merely waved before resuming his conquest of the 14th level.

"He's been at it since this morning," Yugi supplied, noticing Mokuba's glance. "It took forever for him to figure out you needed to plug it in first."

"Heard that, aibou."

"Where's your Gramps?" asked Mokuba, as soon as the desire to laugh at the Pharaoh subsided somewhat.

"Oh, he's on a date. Don't laugh, they're actually pretty right for each other - they're both obsessed, older-generation gamersstop laughing Yami!" Yugi tried to tear the game console away from his yami. "You look like you came here to tell me something, Mokuba."

When Mokuba instantly sobered, Yugi worriedly asked, "Is something wrong with Kaiba-kun?"

"Yes. His ego," Yami muttered, ducking the swipe Yugi threw at him.

Mokuba shuffled his feet. "Well, I do have something to saybut can you promise to believe me and not think I'm crazy?" When Yugi and Yami exchanged simultaneously horrified and worried looks, he quickly said, "No, no, it's not anything like that, whatever you're thinking."

Yugi relaxed and said, "We'll do our best. Tell us."

Mokuba took a deep breath and spilled the story he'd been dying to tell Seto for the past months, or even year. About how a year ago, he'd been accepted into the Imperial School of Magical Arts in China, and how Seto refused to hear any of it until he'd tweaked the story and said it was an academy for the gifted. He blurted all the stuff he'd learned that year: wands, magics, spirit energy, chiand about how he felt, lying to Seto all this time

"You've been wanting to say all this for a long time, haven't you?" Yugi commented.

Yami just nodded solemnly. "Don't feel guilty, Mokuba. You could hit Kaiba over the head with the truth and if he doesn't like what he hears, he'll never see it. I've heard about these ancient schools of magic though."

"So they exist; they're real." Yugi sat down, grinning from ear to ear. "Wowlucky you."

Encouraged, Mokuba continued, "For some reason, they've transferred me to the school in England for the next year, and I'm going to be leaving in a week or so."

"But school doesn't start until about a month from now!"

"I'll be staying with my English pen-pal who's going to the same school. You know, just to get used to England first?"

"Ah. That's wise." Yami hit the PAUSE button and looked intently at Mokuba. "There's something you want us to do, it seems."

Mokuba sighed. "Yeah, I have a huge favor I want to ask of you two"

"No, you're not giving Kaiba my god cards as a going-away present."

"No, that's not it.whoo, imagine that though! Well, you know how my nii-sama is. Always thinking he can handle the world and then getting himself stuck and he's too proud to ask for or accept helpyou know how many times he's near killed himself." Mokuba bit his lip. "Since I'll be going away to England, I won't be able to look out for him as much as I want to, and since you two are the only two people here he has any shred of respect for"

"You want us to babysit Kaiba," Yami said flatly, the corners of his mouth twitching.

"Yeah, something like," said Mokuba, not daring to meet either Yugis' eyes. "So will you? PleaseI know it'll be tough. Seto can be a total ass at times"

"You mean, all the time."

"Yeah, that toowill you?" Mokuba asked hopefully.

Yugi placed his hands on Mokuba's shoulders. "Of course we will," he said simply, "Kaiba-kun is our friend and so are you."

Mokuba looked at the older, tri-color-haired boy. "Really? You will?....uh thanksThanks, Yugi, and uhm, Yami"

He could still hear Yami Yugi howling with mirth as he left the Kame Game Shop. His conscience told him that if Seto ever found out the truth, well

It couldn't be worse than the time Seto had stuffed him in a suit and dragged him along to a whole 72-hours worth of business conventions, right?


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