Title: Lonestar Author: dark skye

It was 4:00 in the morning and Chloe Lawrence was driving through Texas listening to William Jeffrey's radio show about aliens and other government conspiracies. She new what he said was the truth and she could tell when his callers were lying or not. Chloe had been taken many times, since she was five. She never remembered exactly what happened to her, just certain details and missing time. When she was a kid she quite liked her abductions, they took her away from the misery and violence of her parents fighting at home. But the older she got the angrier she became, they had no right to come into her home and take her.

Chloe paused and looked in the rear-view mirror at her three year old son, Parker curled up on the backseat. He was such a cute little boy, with raven coloured hair and bright, shinning green eyes. She had no clue who Parker's father was, she'd had no boyfriend, no drunken one night stands. All she new was a few weeks before she found out she was pregnant she'd been taken, pulled right through the bedroom wall. Chloe could vaguely remember a man staring at her but nothing more. Not that it mattered, she and Parker were fine as they were they didn't need anyone else.

Chloe had spent half of her life searching for the truth, kinda like on the X-Files but real. And the other half had been spent running and hiding, trying to stop them taking her again. Right now she was researching alien abduction, investigating sightings, basically trying to find a reason. An answer to a question that she couldn't possibly understand. And she took Parker with her. Parker was fascinated by what she did, he loved it. However recently he'd started drawing pictures of aliens and crafts and lights, almost as if he'd been there are seen them. Chloe prayed to God he hadn't