Alternative Universe Piper and Leo are both kids. Age:14

Leo's POV

I just moved in next door to this big burgundy house. I think that's the name of the color. Oh, well. I've seen three girls outside of it. They all look alike and I bet they're sisters. Brilliant deduction Leo. God, I'm so stupid sometimes. They have names that all start with P. I'm only sure of the older sisters' names. Prue and Piper I think. The younger sister is a few years younger than I am. Piper, the middle sister is the same age as me and really pretty. I've heard her talking to her sister, Prue the oldest, about how no one ever talks to her at school. When I first heard it I was really surprised. I think I'm gonna go over there and introduce myself.

Piper's POV

Leo, a new kid next door, just left. He said he just moved in. He's really cute. Of course Phoebe was all over him, fluttering her eyelashes, puckering her lips. God, she is so obvious. I really like him and I think we could be friends. We liked a lot of the same stuff. I'm more into sports and boyish stuff than Prue and Phoebe are. Phoebe tried to pretend that she knew about sports but I ended up correcting her. Oh well, it's most likely that he'll fall for Phoebe. Too bad, she'll end up dumping him. He's really cute, and nice, and funny.

Leo's POV

I figured out the younger sister's name, even though it wasn't that hard. She didn't seem at all offended when I told her I knew who her sisters were but not her. Phoebe was her name. I think she had something in her eye the entire time I was over there. She kept fluttering her eyelashes. I ended up connecting with Piper the most. Prue and I talked a bit, but then she had to leave to visit the other next-door neighbor, Andy. He's cool. Piper knows the coolest things. She's really smart, funny and pretty. We had this instant connection. I could totally fall for her. I actually think I am.

Next day


I went over to Leo's house this afternoon and he seemed glad I was there. He had a lot of catch up work to do and it was all stuff I aced on the final. I helped him and then we ended up just talking about whatever came into our heads. He kept smiling at me. He was really nice. He probably wants to figure out if Phoebe likes him or not so that he can ask her out. I would love to date him but there is no way in hell that would happen.


Piper came over today. I was really glad to see her. She seems really nice and she helped me with all the extra work I had. Then we started talking. I noticed she has really nice lips. They weren't all thin or way too- dammit Leo, shut up. Well, we talked about everything. One time, she went up to go to the bathroom and I noticed that she had a really nice body. I mean she dresses all innocent- god, I'm such a pervert. She was really- no just shut up now Leo. I have a dirty mind. I'm going to be quiet now because my brothers are coming. I forgot to tell you about them. Luke and Louis are so annoying. Luke is older and Louis is younger. Gotta go.

:End Chapter:

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