Note: this story could be very disturbed me enough that I had to put it on paper. I don't own anyone except the twins, Lynn and Becca. Thanks to Emily for all the beta reading and endless encouragement.

She'd never imagined he , the confirmed cigar smoker, would one day smell like baby powder. It was a running joke, you smelt him before you saw him. She guessed it was a by product of being the only place the twins would sleep in th efirst year of there lives. He'd lay on the couch in the den, the TV muted so anyone who wanted to catch a show could read the captioning as they sat on the floor cushions. It was a common thing to find Bishop sitting in front of the couch, his rifle disassembled in front of him, cleaning it as he watched Franklin the Turtle learn the value of sharing. Lynn, not older than 6 at the time, would be comfortably leaning against him absently twirling one of her red locks into knots. Walking in on this idyllic scene, Logan with his mouth wide open in his sleep, his arms wrapped around his twin daughters and oblivious to the world, nobody had thought to ask Lynn about Bishop or Bishop about Lynn. Nobody had thought to ask...and now it was too late.

When Logan had phoned from Vegas and announced he'd gotten married everyone welcomed the news with cautious optimism. The Professor quickly gathered everyone from vacations and make work assignments. Warren swooped in just as Logans' Harley came into the drive, red hair spilling out from under the helmut of his rider. Of course, Jean was a little put off by having her status as first married snatched (her wedding was set for the next week) but got over it quickly when she found out the poor thing was married in the jeans she was still wearing. Her name was Becca and she was very excited to be at a school for mutants. Jean instantly took her under her wing.

A year later Jean, fairly glowing, announced that there would be not one but two babies born in the next nine months. Bobby promptly slapped Scott on the back, calling him a big stud. Logan cleared his throat loudly and we all looked at him. "I'm not expecting twins." smirked Jean, pulling a blushing Becca to her feet. Hearty congratulations where passed around then and cigars passed around and the guys all shooed out. Needless to say, Cable and Bishop carried Scott and Logan (and Bobby) home from Harrys' Bar just as the sun was kissing the horizen.

Lynn beat Rachel into the world by mere seconds. As a beaming blue Beast bounded from the infirmary, his arms full of baby a great cheer went up from the assembled X Teams. Licorice cigars went around as Cable and Jubilee argued Rachels' lusty cries to Lynns' indifferent sleep. Storm called them fools and snatched Rachel to return to her mother for feeding. I caught Betsy lingering near Logan, looking almost wistfully at his peaceful daughter.