The Last Chapter.

Jean and the Professor planned the funeral. They should have known better, especially Charles. Eric could have told him. But he wanted to show the world we would not bevictimized. All the X teams were in attendance. Rogue noted Nick Fury and thought she saw Mr. Sinister. Kurt led the mass as Rogue held Ravens' hand for support. Remy sat close by, not touching, his head bowed as his body seemed to spasm sporadically. Cable and Domino stood at the back of the church keeping the thrill seekers and journalists out. Logan sat between Charles and Jean, living on a reel of the twins first steps.

Rogue had told Mystique she thought it wrong for Logan to be deprived his grief. Her foster mother had agreed but asked her to wait until after the funeral to approach Charles. As Rogue stared at the three little pink coffins, she knew this wasn't what Logan would have wanted. The girls should have been quietly laid to rest with Doug Ramsey on the mansion grounds. If Kitty hadn't been alternating between rage and grief, things might have been done properly.

Rogue rose with her family at the last hallelujah and took her place as a pallbearer with Kurt. The coffins were all so small they only needed two people to carry each of them. As the cathedral doors opened, a roar went up from the crowd outside. Cable pulled out one of his bigger guns and suggested people get out of the way, with Domino and Forge not far behind. Warren wrapped his wings around Betsy protectively as she hugged Annie close to her. Victor snarled in a feral manner, never letting go of Storms' hand though his hair stood on end from the electricity in the air. Bobby was holding his girlfriend close, telling them all to 'go fuck themselves.'

Thunderheads were starting to pile up in the sky and Rogue could hear the swish if the trees about the shouted questions by the reporters. She remembered the smell of ozone just as someone yelled "Freedom!!" Then the shot rang out. Dropping the casket and ducking instinctively, Rogue saw what looked like a rose blooming in slow motion on Charles' forehead. his face registered shock, then nothing. Someone screamed. A red beam shot from nowhere and two reporters were knocked back. Another red beam and more reporters fell back, the smarter ones trying to find a way out. Rogue could see Scott now, headlessly firing as he sought to reach Rachel where she was crying and clinging to Lorna.

But Rogue was mostly watching Logan as she took to the sky. At shot that killed the Professor his eyes suddenly focused. When Scott fired, he staggered back a step. An unearthly howl rent the air as the death of his children sank in again. Then he was lifted off the ground.

More guns fired and a bullet zinged Rogue. Cable had made his way to Rachel and they vanished in a bodyslide with Lorna. Scott was back to back with Domino, picking off Committee fanatics that had seemed to materialize from nowhere. Kurt had teleported Annie and Betsy back into the church presumably. Eric and Mystique were nowhere to be seen.

Jean had lifted Logan, effectivley preventing his revenge. Noting the strain on her friends' face, Rogue swooped in as she pulled off her gloves. The telepaths' eyes lit up to see a familiar face. "Jean!" Rogue cried, pointing over her shoulder. As she pivoted, Rogue grabbed her hand. In a blink, she could feel her suprise and sense of betrayal as she realized what Rogue was doing. Fighting for control against Jeans' protestes now in her own head, she looked to Logan who was now on the ground. There eyes met for a moment, then he was gone tearing a swath through the mob. Rogue picked up her unconscience team mate and desperatly trying to quite the voices, flew her to the church roof where Kurt was watching her.


Well, that is kinda a cliffhanger. I'll wrap it all up before the end of the month, hopefully.