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"What is up?" Melody asked when the two girls had reached the bedroom.

"Here's what I'm thinking," Brownie said. "Ok, the next time the newsies decide to go to Medda's, we've gotta sing!"

"Ok," Melody said slowly, "But what's the big deal?"

"Grrrr,"Brownie said frusterated. "C'mon."

"Were are we going now?" Melody laughed.

"To Medda's I have to show you the song for you to understand." Brownie explained as they started toward the door.

They walked to Medda's and went in the back way. Medda wasn't around so they greeting the hands working backstage and went to the shelf were Medda kept the music for the shows.

"Where is it? It was here last week," Brownie mumbled to herself as she searched the multitude of books and sheets of paper.

"Here it is!'' she finally declared as she pulled out a folder with parts for the song, You've Got a Friend in Me. *Authors note-You've Got a Friend in Me is a relatively new song, I know. But it just goes well with the story and the tune is kind of western so it could have worked for the time period. *

"You've Got a Friend in Me," Melody read.

"It has kind of a western-cowboyish tune see." Brownie explained as she went over to the piano and played the basic tune. "It's for two people, and I think that if we're clever, we could have a lot of fun with this!" she continued.

"Great!" Melody exclaimed getting caught up in Brownie's excitement. "Let's get started!"

After hours of choreographing, singing, and brainstorming, the girls had a finished product. The paper they had been planning on looked like this:

music starts. Brownie walks in from back, swaying to the music, steels Jack's hat and runs up on stage. B-You've got a friend in me Melody, apearing in upper balcony replys- You've got a friend in me. When the road looks, rough ahead. and your miles and miles from your nice warm bed. B-You just remember what your old pal says, boy you've got a friend in me. M-Yeah you've got a friend in me. while music is playing, melody climbs down from balcony and joins Brownie on stage. B-you've got a friend in me M-you've got a friend in me. If you've got troubles, B-then i got 'em too. Both-there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you M-we stick together we can see it through both-cause you got a friend in me yeah you've gotta friend in me! M-some other folks might be a little bit smarter than i am B-bigger and stronger too, baby M-But none of them, wil ever love you the way i do, it's me and you boy---- hold---- B-and as the years go by M-our friendship will never die Both-your gonna see it's our destiny M-you got a friend in me B-you got a friend in me both-yeah you've got a friend in me

"Man, this is gonna be great!" Melody exclaimed as Brownie finished writing on their paper. "I'm assuming dat they'll go ta Medda's tomorrow, since dey didn't go last week"

"I hope so," Brownie replied. "This is gonna be fun!" _________________________________________ "C'mon guys, we're gonna be late!" Mush said as the newsies were walkin out the door on the was to Medda's the next day.

"Jeeze, dose goils are up ta somthin, I can feel it," Spot said. he was frequently suspicious of the girls.

"jack, C'MON!" Race yelled up the stairs. jack came running down.

"I couldn't find my hat!" Jack said. "Brownie said she soak me if i didn't wear it!"

"lets go,'' Mush said __________________________________________ "Oh my gosh,'' Brownie said to Medda backstage. '' This is really gonna knock their socks off! They've never hoid Melody sing before."

''They're in for a surprise," Medda said. "Oh, I'm on, here we go..."

"Ladies and gentlemen, or should I say, newsies what's new? Well, my opening act tonight is special performance for all you newsies out there. enjoy!"

the curtain rose, yet no one was there. The music started. Brownie swayed in just as planned and stole Jack's hat.

"Hey! gimme dat!" Jack yelled, but Brownie was already on stage. They went through the entire song. It was a hit. The guys were eating it all up. Brownie and Melody were great together and their voices blended in perfect harmony. It was great. All of the newsies cheered. When they were down they bowed, then went and sat with the newsies.

"oh, here's your hat back Jack," brownie smiled. Jack took the hat and threw Brownie and Melody each a smirk.

"Thanks, ya know, youse are both very good singahs!" Jack said.

"Thanks Jack!" Melody replied.

"Melody, you were awesome!" Mush said as he grabbed his sister and hugged her. "And you were great too Brownie!" he leaned over and planted a kiss on Brownie's cheek.

"Mush!" Brownie said, but she obviously didn't object. Her eyes showed her approval and flirtation. _____________________________________________________ While they were walking back to the Lodging House all of the newsies were exclaiming over Melody. "Gee, Ise neva knew ya could sing like dat!" Race commented.

"Well, no one eva asked ta listen," Melody smartly yet jokingly replied.

"Aw, shoot!" jack exclaimed. "I forgot my hat back at Medda's. She's probably locked up for the night by now too!"

"Hey, I'll go back with you," Melody offered. "I know where Medda hides her emergency key."

"k, you guys go on ahead," jack said to the newsies. "We'll meet ya back at the lodging house."

"Kay Cowboy, whateva youse says." replied Race. -____________________________ "here we are," Melody said as she took the brick out beside the door to Medda's, revealing a key. She opened the door and she and Jack walked inside.

"I dunno where I left it," Jack said stumbling over a box. It was pitch black inside and impossible to see.

"I'll turn on the stage light." Said Melody as she stumbled to the wall. she ran her hand along the wood until she found the switches. She turned them on. Immediately the stage was illuminated with colorful lights. "Is that better?" she asked.

"Yeah, I gotta look out in the audience though. Be right back."

Melody stood on the stage and watched Jack walk out into the dark room. After a minute she called out, "did you find it yet."

Jacks voice, coming from far away replied, "no, but it's gotta be here somewhere!"

Melody, bored just sitting there started to sing. Hum actually, then mumble, then sing.

"I found it!" Jack called out. But just then the lights turned off.

"Darn it!!" Melody cried hitting her forehead with her hand. "Medda told me not to turn on all the lights at once, that I'd blow a fuse. She's gonna kill me!"

"Melody, this is gonna sound stupid, but I'm kinda lost."

"Follow my voice to the stage." Melody said as she began to sing.

"There's somethin sweet and almost kind but he was mean and he was coarse and unrefined. But now he's dear, and so unsure. I wonder why I didn't see it there before."

"Keep singing Melody, I'm almost there!"

"new, and a bit alarming who'd have ever thought that this could be. true, that he's no prince charming but there's something in him that I simply didn't see..."

"Jack?" Melody called, but there was no answer. Suddenly he grabbed her from behind and yelled, "Gotch Ya!"

"Jack!!" Melody screamed as she spun around. She found herself in his arms looking up to where his face WOULD be, if she could've seen anything that is. Suddenly they were both engulfed in a very awkward silence. Then, with out warning, Jack leaned down and kissed Melody. She melted into his arms. She now knew why Sarah was so upset when she and Jack broke up.

jack pulled his head back and said, "I found my hat."

"I think I figured that out..." but she was cut off when Jack leaned back over and kissed her again. When they were through (he he) they stumbled their way out of Irving Hall hold hands. The walk back to the Lodging House was too short for Melody. When they got there, Melody and Jack found that everyone had gone to bed.

"Goodnight Melody," Jack said as he gave her one final kiss.

"Good night Cowboy." ______________________________________