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Breaking The Rules

Prologue: Surprising Meetings

"I really don't know if this is a good idea." Michiru mumbled, looking over to her best friend Hikari with slight doubt written over her face. "Of course it is!" Hikari replied, beaming at her friend. "Now that you finally had your coming out, we need to find you a girlfriend ASAP!" Michiru sighed and closed her eyes for a second, leaning back in the passenger's seat of Hikari's car. "I don't know." She then continued, opening her eyes again to look at her friend once more. "I just came out to everyone…I don't know if I want a girlfriend yet." Hikari shrugged and stopped her car in front of the lesbian bar she had picked, turning the engine off. "Even if you don't find a girlfriend tonight, you will have lots of fun. Now come on, let's get it!" the brown haired girl then cried out. Michiru finally gave in with a sigh, and both girls climbed out of the car and entered the bar.

Twenty minutes later, Michiru and Hikari sat at the bar, drinking their cocktails and looking around. The bar was filled with women of all ages, Michiru and Hikari being the youngest though. "And? Seen anyone you like?" Hikari asked, giggling. Michiru rolled her eyes and shook her head. "No, Hikari. But if so, you will be…the first…" The aqua haired girl trailed off when the door of the bar opened once more and a new customer entered, a tall blonde woman with athletic built and surprisingly intense teal eyes. Michiru could tell that blonde was much older than her; a few strands of her hair were already grey, and first wrinkles started to appear around her eyes. "What are you staring at?" Hikari now demanded to know, nudging her friend with one elbow. Michiru looked at her as if she had just awoken from a trance. "Huh? Oh…the blonde over there." Hikari looked at the said woman and frowned slightly. "She's old!" Michiru glances over at her friend, giving her a disapproving look. "Not that old, Hikari. She's definitely not older than forty." "Thirty-eight, to be exact." The barkeeper now threw in, gaining the attention of the two girls. "You know her?" Michiru demanded to know, leaning towards the young woman, who nodded. "Yeah…her name's…" Before she had a chance to tell, a low, husky voice came from the right, causing Michiru to jump slightly: "Haruka." Upon looking to the right, the aqua haired girl found herself face to face with the handsome blonde, who now flashed a smile at her. "Haruka Tenoh, to be exact." "Michiru Kaioh. Nice to meet you." Michiru replied, smiling at the elder woman while Hikari rolled her eyes in the background. "I have never seen you here before, are you a new one?" Haruka now asked, sitting down next to the aqua haired girl. Michiru nodded in reply, still smiling from ear to ear while Hikari made up a quick excuse and left the bar, heading for one of the couches that stood scattered all over the room. "I just had my coming out last week." Michiru then informed the blonde, who grinned and nodded in reply. "I see. Well…may I invite you for a drink?" she then asked, and Michiru gladly accepted.

When Hikari and Michiru left the bar two hours later, Michiru had Harukas phone number in her pockets and was practically floating over to the car. "I can't believe that you like that old one!" Hikari informed her friend while she started the car, driving off. "Who cares about her age? She's cute, intelligent, and has such a great sense of humour…" Michiru gushed, getting starry eyed once more. Hikari just laughed and shook her head. "You're right, who cares about age?" she then agreed before speeding off.

The next morning, Michiru and Hikari sat in class, Michiru annoying her friend with her gushing about Haruka. "I can't wait to come home and call her! Too bad she didn't kiss me yesterday, I so want to know if she's a good kisser…and…" The bell rang, signalling the beginning of the first class, and Michiru finally shut her mouth. All the students in class were surprised when the door opened and the principal came walking in, instead of their regular teacher. "Good morning to all of you." The elderly man spoke, smiling at his students. "You probably wonder why I'm here and not Hanoshi-sama. Well, the answer is easy: Hanoshi-san decided to leave our school and start teaching at another one. That's why you are getting a new teacher." He made a motion towards the door, and Michiru could feel how her blood turned into ice and her heart skipped a beat when she saw who walked in. "May I introduce your new teacher  - Haruka Tenoh." The principal now spoke while Haruka stood next to him, her eyes glued to Michiru filled with a mixture of shock and surprise.