Chapter 3: Park Meetings

Michiru checked her watch for the millionth time, hoping that the last class would be over soon. She couldn't wait to meet Haruka again as soon as school was over; all she wanted was to hug and kiss the blonde again, to run her hands through the blonde strands of her lover…Letting out a sigh, Michiru leaned back in her seat, trying to concentrate on what the teacher said. The last fifteen minutes of class seemed like eternity to the aqua haired girl; when the bell finally rang, she jumped up so fast that her chair nearly fell over and started to pack her things with surprising speed. The teacher gave her a surprised look, but didn't comment on her behavior; she just told the students that class was over and allowed them to leave. Michiru was the first one to hurry out of the class room and out of the school building; Haruka had told her where they could meet after the period the blonde had held in Michirus class, and now the aqua haired girl wanted to get to the meeting point – a calm little park in another district – as fast as possible. While she made her way over to the bus stop, she didn't notice that Hikari was following her.

"Finally." Was the only word Haruka brought out before she pulled the aqua haired girl close to her, capturing her lips in a passionate kiss. Michiru wrapped her arms around the blonde, deepening the kiss even more, feeling how her heart skipped a beat. When the two women broke the kiss, both were a little out of breath, and their hearts were racing. "I missed you so much…" Michiru whispered, gently running her hands through the blondes hair, tousling it. Haruka gave her a lopsided smile and replied: "We only were departed for a few hours…but…I missed you too." With that, Haruka kissed her girlfriend again, but the kiss got interrupted rudely when a male voice called out: "Tenoh-san!" Haruka and Michiru nearly jumped apart, staring at the owner of the voice – the school's headmaster, accompanied by his wife – in horror. "Ka-Kagano-san!" the blonde stammered out, taking a step back while the principal took one closer to the shocked couple. "What do I have to see?" he cried out, his cheeks reddening in what Haruka hoped was embarrassment and not anger. "She's one of your students, Tenoh-san!" Haruka blushed deeply and looked down at her feet, mumbling something inaudible. "What was that?" Kagano demanded to her, stepping even closer to the blonde. "I said that I know that, Kagano-san." Haruka repeated, louder this time, looking up and facing the headmaster. "You know it and still stand here in a public park, making out with her!" the principal's wife piped up, her voice filled with something that could be disgust. Haruka just opened her mouth to defend herself when Michiru spoke up, her soft voice gaining the attention of both Kagano and his wife. "It's not Tenoh-sans fault, Kagano-san. It…it was me who kissed her without warning her." Kaganos eyebrows shot up until they almost met his hairline while he answered: "…good. If you say so, I'll believe you. This time. But if I catch you in a situation like that again, you will have to face the consequences, Tenoh-san. You know that this is illegal." Haruka nodded, suddenly a thick lump in her throat. The principal looked once more at the two women, then sighed and walked off with his wife, leaving the couple behind. As soon as they were out of sight, Haruka let out a heavy sigh and covered her eyes with one hand. "Thanks for saving my butt right now." The blonde then spoke, dropping her hand again to look at her girlfriend, who smiled at her. "It was the first thing that came to my mind…but now we have a problem." The aqua haired girl then added, leaning against the taller Haruka who nodded. "Seems like we have to keep our meetings very private in the future." The blonde then spoke, looking down at her girlfriend, who nodded. "Yeah…your apartment or mine?" she then added with a wink. Haruka chuckled and shrugged. "Mine, I'd say…it's closer to the park." Michiru nodded, and the two women quickly hurried over to Harukas car and drove off.

"You want something to drink?" Haruka asked while she stepped aside, allowing Michiru to enter her apartment, and closed the door as soon as the aqua haired girl was in. "No." Michiru replied, giving the blonde a seductive look. "I want you." Haruka gave her a slight grin and, without saying anything, grabbed her girlfriend and sealed her lips with a passionate kiss. While they were kissing, Michiru already started to work on the buttons of Harukas shirt, ignoring the fact that they were still standing in the blondes hallway. "Into the bedroom." Haruka whispered hoarsely into her ear, and before she had time to react, the teacher had scooped her up on her arms and carried her over into her bedroom, kicking the door close behind her.

"I can't believe that we barely get out of bed when we meet." Haruka mumbled, snuggling up to her girlfriend halfway asleep. Michiru giggled and gently stroke the blondes hair. "That's one of the advantages of having a younger girlfriend." The aqua haired girl whispered into her lovers ear. "They have a lot of stamina." Haruka chuckled slightly before she drifted off to sleep, Michiru lying awake next to her and watching her for quite a long time.