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            Friendly Faces

It was cold, but she didn't notice.  The light from the street lamp reflected off the damp streets.  There was only one person crazy enough to be out on the streets tonight.  Her usually springy brown curls were matted down now from the rain.  Every piece of clothing that covered her body was completely saturated and hung loosely from her body, as she aimlessly ambled down the street, her honey colored eyes staring straight ahead, yet seeing nothing. 

            Any sensible person would have been indoors on a night like tonight, but she didn't even notice the rain.  Many thoughts raced through her head as she walked through the darkness that surrounded her, thoughts of a certain red haired boy.  She had given him everything she possessed, her heart, her life, her innocence.  And after five and a half years, he had discarded her like an old worn pair of socks. 

            Ron and Hermione had begun dating in the middle of their sixth year at Hogwarts, they had been so happy!  Everyone thought that the two would indeed end up like Arthur and Molly Weasley, have been great friends, get married, have numerous amounts of red headed children.  And with time, that was exactly what Hermione had come to want.  She loved Ron's family dearly, and to think of having such a large and loving family pleased her.   

            They had moved in together after Hogwarts, in a small house in the outskirts of London.  Ron became an Auror, and Hermione, as she could never really decide what she wanted to do, being so good at everything, stayed home and attended to affairs of the house.  It was a simple yet sweet life, and she adored it almost as much as she had adored her boyfriend. 

            Yes life had been bliss if only for a moment, for it had all changed that afternoon when Ron came home from work.  He told Hermione all about a girl he met at the ministry, a girl he said who awakened his spirit.  Oh, he still loved Hermione of course; he just knew that they were simply not meant to be.  Hermione was merely an obsession of his childhood, and that they would never truly be happy together. 

            He had asked her not to leave until she had a set home and steady job, but Hermione felt distraught and embarrassed and wanted to leave straight away.  She put all of her things that she could into a trunk and put invisibility and mobility charms on it; and now it was trailing her down the street unnoticed by all eyes. 

            Her tears had ceased to flow a while ago, or perhaps it was merely that with all the rain streaming down her face, who would notice tears?  She felt bitterly numb inside, and she was scared too.  The main problem was now, that she had no place to go.  She knew no one in London, and couldn't apperate anywhere and bring her trunk with her.  There wasn't exactly anyone who she could think of to go to anyways; the only logical choice was Harry, and being with him meant being with Ginny who would remind her incessantly of Ron. 

            Had Hermione been paying attention, she would have realized that she had wandered into a neighborhood, she had never seen before, and would have had no idea where she was.  She was now in a place where there were shabby cottages that almost certainly leaked in ten places each.  Paint peeled off of all of the walls of every house, and many of the houses could stand a little touching up.  The unrecognizable place would have frightened her senseless normally, but tonight was not a normal night. 

            Luckily for Hermione, a pair of pale blue eyes looked out of the front window one of the frowsy houses, and recognized the girl who stood soaked out in the street.  He dashed out to the street as fast as his long legs would take him.  Straight to the he ran and when he got there, he grabbed both her shoulders and gave her a small shake.  Her honey colored eyes began to notice her surroundings, and they glanced up to meet his blue ones as he said in a loud voice so as to be heard over the rain an wind, "HERMIONE?!  What are you doing here?!"

            "P-professor?" she began through chattering teeth, and he nodded, "I, I'mm, c-coldd."  No sooner had these words escaped her lips than she fell forward onto the now drenched man, who caught her quickly.  Good thing he had good reflexes he thought as he carried her up to his house. 

            Hermione woke up forty minutes later to find her self sitting in front of a warm fire with a hot bucket of water encasing her feet.  Her back and head had been propped up by many pillows, and there were at least two blankets covering her.  She was surprised to find herself wearing a large blue bathrobe that most probably belonged to a man. 

            "Ah! Good!  You're up!"  she knew that voice, and she turned around to verify that it had indeed come from who she thought it did.  A slight smile came to her face as she took in the site of her old Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher from third year; she had also known him as one of the members of the Order of the Phoenix.   "Would you like some tea?"  she nodded and he disappeared into the kitchen. 

            For the first time, Hermione began to take in her surroundings.  The house was small yet drier than one would guess from the outside, which probably was due to magic.  There was a hallway with that lead to two other rooms on the wall behind her, and to her left, was a room that probably served as both a kitchen and dining room.  She was now in no doubt the living room, which held a small couch and a coffee table and two arm chairs one of which she was sitting in.  It was rather dreary, yet the glow of the fire made it almost cozy. 

            Lupin reentered the room with the tea on a nice platter, and a snack tray which he set the platter on.  And he began pouring Hermione her drink.  "Umm, forgive me," he started, "for changing you, but you were soaked through to the bone and I thought it would do you good to be in dry clothing." 

He was right, being in the wet clothing could have killed her, but she was glad to notice that she still wore her bra and panties.  "no, thank you!"  she said.

Remus looked at the girl who sat in front of him sipping her tea.  No, she was no longer a girl, but a woman.  He figured her age to be about twenty one, and from what he saw of her body, she was a developed adult; although, he was a gentleman and adverted his eyen as much as possible.  He found himself now thinking about how much she had grown and changed over the years, and had grown into a beautiful young woman.   He himself being a werewolf had hardly changed at all, and now thanks to the Wolfsbane potion, he was getting more sleep and looking less shabby, and younger if that is possible. 

This brought him to the question what was a beautiful young witch doing outside in the middle of the night, during a rain storm, so far from home, with absolutely nothing with her.  "Hermione, are you okay?" Remus inquired.

Hermione nodded, but it son was transformed into a shake of the head accompanied by uncontrollable sobs, as she spilled the night events to him, finishing with, "Oh, Remus, I have nothing, no job, no where to go, and I'm scared." 

Lupin got up from his chair and went and sat on the arm of her chair; he drew her head into his lap and began stroking it gently.  "It's okay, shh, every thing will be alright.  And don't be silly of course you have somewhere to go."  She looked up at him, and he glanced around his house, "It's not much, but it's got a roof and four walls, and you are welcome to stay here as long as you like, I can't say I'd mind the company."  She began to smile at him.


"Yes of course, now come, you need rest, you can have the bedroom tonight, I'll take the couch."

"Oh, Remus no!"

"Ah!  But Lady, I insist!" he said his voice thick with chivalry.  She threw herself at the man and clung to him tightly.

"Oh Remus!  Thank you so much!  I'll return the favor, I promise."

Your presence here is more than I could ever ask for in return, he thought, but said nothing, still embracing the woman. 

When she had gone in to bed, Remus went to the living room, and wrote a note on a piece of paper.


            I have run into Hermione Granger today, and have found her in quite an unpleasant situation, with no house and no income.  I wondered if there were any other open positions at Hogwarts, that she might be able to have. 



            He attached it to a brown barn owl who flew off immediately.  Within an hour and a half, the owl had returned. 


            It is most fortunate that I am indeed in need of a charms teacher, and remembering Ms. Granger's talents, and academic record, I ascertain that she is the perfect candidate for this job.  She will receive an owl in the morning.  I will see you when the term starts. 



            Remus smiled to himself as he lay down, whether it was because he was helping a friend or because he was going to be working for a year with the girl of his dreams, it is not certain. 



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